New Jersey: Albanian Immigrant Confirms Her Son is ISIS ‘Senior Commander’ Who Grew Up on the Jersey Shore

"Liberate yourself from hellfire by killing a kafir," Zulfi Hoxha (aka Abu Hamza al-Amriki) said in ISIS propaganda video.

Texas: Muslim professor goes on ‘frightening Islamic rant’, students call 911 (VIDEO)

Muslim professor: 'I do not answer to your standard. I am not a Christian. I am not a Jew. I'm a Muslim.'

Vermont: Machete Attacker is Foreign-born Muslim Chain Migrant

Somali Muslim migrant “willfully, deliberately and with premeditation, and with intent to kill” assaulted his victim.

Chicago: Muslim refugee’s defense claims ‘combatant immunity’ – fought with Obama’s Syrian “rebels”

"The United States' support of ... rebels is evidence that it believed the belligerency against Assad was legitimate warfare..."

California: Muslim killed patrol officer, charged with 2nd degree murder

On Christmas Eve, officer Andrew Camilleri was killed after Mohammed Abraar Ali drove “directly into the path of the patrol vehicle,” at a speed of approximately 120 miles per hour.

UK: Muslims get sharia-compliant home insurance

Creeping. InsureHalal partners with now4cover to launch a sharia-compliant home landlord insurance policy

Maine’s first Somali Muslim police officer arrested, facing five charges

First Somali Muslim police officer has been charged with five misdemeanors, including assault and battery, trespassing, resisting arrest, disorderly conduct and disturbing the peace.

3 of Every 4 Convicted of Int’l Terrorism were Foreign-Born, DOJ/DHS Report

"...we currently have terrorism-related investigations against thousands of people in the United States, including hundreds of people who came here as refugees."

Netherlands: Mohammed is Most Popular Name For Newborn Boys, Dutch Media Covered it Up

The second year in a row that Mohammed is the most popular name for baby boys: In 2016 there were 724 baby’s named Mohammed (or one of it’s Arabic alternatives) in the Netherlands.

Top Islamo-pandering stooges of 2017

Winner: Georgetown's apologist for Islamic slavery, defender of Koranically sanctioned child marriage, and whitewasher of the sharia-imposed death penalty for gays.

Kansas: Company Launches Line of Halal-Certified Sliced Meats

Will a portion of halal sales fund zakat and jihad as required in Islam?

Canada: 11-year-old Muslim girl faked hijab attack; police confirm ‘did not happen’

#HijabHoax 11-year old Muslim girl Kwawlah Noman blatantly lied to police and the media for an attack that she knew never happened.

San Diego: Brother of ISIS jihadi lied to FBI, gets 10 years in prison

The 35-year-old pleaded guilty to being a felon in possession of firearms and lying to the FBI as they probed his brother’s terrorism ties.

Oregon: Quran instructor arrested on 7 counts of sex abuse on underage girls; police suspect more victims

Muhammad L. Hasan, 50, of Corvallis, was indicted on seven counts of sex abuse.

Egypt’s Segregated Muslim and Christian Villages

“Christians can live among Muslims, but Muslims cannot live among Christians. We are merciful and we forgive; they do not...”

9 of Top 10, and Majority of Top 50 Countries Most Dangerous to Christians are Islamic

2018 World Watch List report ranks the top 50 countries Where It’s Most Dangerous to Follow Jesus. Most are Muslim countries.

Muslim Woman Gave Christmas Gifts Filled with Poison to Christian Neighbor Who Left Islam

Muslim neighbors have started taunting Madina’s children by calling them infidels.

Creeping Sharia’s Islam in America, 2017: Part 4 (Oct – Dec)

Another quarter full of jihadi plots, Muslim immigrant perpetrated frauds, Islamic infiltration in public schools and more.

Hungarian PM: Europe’s Migrants Aren’t Muslim Refugees, They’re ‘Muslim Invaders’

“We believe that a high number of Muslims necessarily leads to parallel societies, because Christian and Muslim societies will never unite,” the Hungarian PM.

The Islamization of Germany in 2017: Part I

@SoerenKern reviews the rapid spread of Islam and submission to sharia in Germany during the first six months of 2017.