Maine: Supposed anti-Muslim crime ends with no evidence, no witnesses and no suspect

Almost all supposed anti-Muslim hate crime investigations end with no evidence and no suspect. But a lot of taxpayer resources wasted and police catering to the invaders.


Source: Investigation of anti-Muslim hate crime in Westbrook ends with no answers – The Portland Press Herald

With no new evidence and no suspect, the Westbrook Police Department has closed an investigation into anti-Muslim threats found at an apartment complex in August.

Despite the apparent dead end, however, the police department’s response has quelled some of the fear that rippled through the local Muslim community after the discovery of the typewritten messages that read: “All Muslims are Terrorists should be Killed.”

“They tell all the people in Westbrook Pointe, ‘Don’t worry, you are safe here,’ ” said Ahmed Ali, an Iraqi immigrant who lives in the apartment complex.

The unresolved case fits a national trend, as experts say many hate crimes are not prosecuted and few cases result in a conviction.

The Westbrook case began Aug. 17, when an Iraqi resident of Westbrook Pointe reported finding the anti-Muslim message. The words “All Muslims are Terrorists should be Killed” were typewritten on a strip of paper roughly 2 inches high by 8½ inches wide. Officers found another, identical message on the ground in the complex and learned two others were found by Iraqi residents there who did not immediately report them to police.

At the time, Police Chief Janine Roberts said there was no evidence the threat was credible. Still, the department called a community meeting with Muslim residents to answer questions and worked overtime shifts in the neighborhood for three weeks.

“During these three weeks, no further similar incidents were reported or discovered,” Roberts said. “The officers did report proactive contact with a variety of residents, furthering our relationships and problem-solving approaches.”

The state crime lab could not identify fingerprints or DNA on the papers. Interviews with nearby residents did not turn up clues, and no witnesses came forward. The chief, who meets regularly with leaders in the city’s immigrant and Muslim communities, told them in November she had no evidence to proceed.

“At this point, it is closed pending additional information,” Roberts said.

Faysal Kalayf, vice president of the Iraqi Community Association of Maine, said the officers’ presence calmed the residents at Westbrook Pointe.

“They were working almost 24 hours to make sure the Muslims and the Iraqi community were safe,” Kalayf said.

Ali, 51, moved to the United States in 2013 after working with the American military in Iraq. When he heard about the threatening notes found in his apartment complex, he felt afraid for his three children and his wife.

“I think for one week, no one goes out, the children or the women or the big men,” Ali said. “All the people who have to go to work go fast to work in the car and come back.”

Ali attended the meeting where the Westbrook police promised Muslim residents their support. Even though the department has not found the person who left the threats, Ali said many of his neighbors and friends felt reassured after that gathering.

“All the people now feel like they can trust the police,” he said.

Mahmoud Hassan, president of the Somali Community Center of Maine, said the police department’s response made residents of Westbrook Pointe feel protected. Even though many Muslims and immigrants still worry about harassment in their daily lives, Hassan said they now know they can approach local officers with a problem.

Wasn’t that the end-goal all along?

Go here to see how Muslims are affecting the daily lives of non-Muslims in Maine.

Canada: Peel school board bows to Muslim supremacists on Islamic prayers

It’s no longer an argument about turning the schools into a mosques every Friday. The Islamic supremacist’s have already won that battle.

Now, not only do Muslims get Friday prayers in public school, they can pretty much pray about anything they want – like cursing the non-believers, making Canada more Islamic, praising jihadis in Palestine and elsewhere, etc. 

Source: Peel school board changes controversial decision on Muslim prayers – The Globe and Mail

The Peel District School Board is reversing its controversial decision that forced Muslim students to use a limited number of pre-approved sermons for their Friday prayers.

A revised procedure released on Friday allows students either to deliver their own sermons or choose from several pre-written ones approved by local imams. School trustees will vote on the new proposal at their meeting on Tuesday.

“We have listened to the voices of Peel students and principals,” the board’s director of education, Tony Pontes, wrote in the revised report. “Peel students have spoken respectfully about the importance of their faith.”

The issue at Peel raises questions about religious accommodation and how much influence a secular school board should have over prayer. Some school boards in the Greater Toronto Area, for example, have allowed students to be exempted based on religious beliefs from classes, including music and art, but only as a last resort and after failing to reach a compromise with parents.

In the fall, the Peel board brought in new procedure that required Muslim students to choose from six pre-written sermons at the Jummah prayers, the communal worship in which devout Muslims participate every Friday. That means students leading Friday prayers for their Muslim peers at their high school could use only the sermons (khutbahs) approved by the school board.

Before, students wrote their own sermons or could one that was approved by a school administrator. Continue reading

North Carolina: “No evidence” that teacher assaulted Muslim kindergartener

Muslims faked another hate crime.

Muslims and terror-linked CAIR are going after the most vulnerable in American society – our youth. In this case – FIVE-YEAR OLDS and their teacher! They don’t care if there is evidence, the mere fact it made the news and the District Attorney was called in are enough to silence and submit the North Carolina elementary school. This is the second Muslim in a North Carolina elementary school in as many months to wage the fake hate jihad on Americans.


h/t Jihad Watch who asks:

Will the FBI or the establishment propaganda media ever pause to ponder the implications of the fact that so many “anti-Muslim hate crimes” turn out to have been faked by Muslims themselves?

Source: Teacher cleared of assault allegations |

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — A local elementary school teacher has been cleared of wrongdoing following allegations of religious-based mistreatment of a student.

Celeste Spears-Ellis, the principal of David Cox Road Elementary School, said in a letter home to parents Friday that the teacher, identified only as Ms. Simpson, will be returning to the classroom after a thorough investigation found the claims to be unfounded.

The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) alleged a Muslim kindergarten student was harassed and assaulted by his teacher, Ms. Simpson.

Just before Thanksgiving, CAIR sent a letter to North Carolina State Board of Education’s superintendent saying the 5-year-old was subjected to relentless bullying and harassment by both his classmates and teacher.

Examples listed in the letter included the teacher making the kindergarten student wear a heavy backpack throughout the day, repeatedly called him a “bad Muslim boy,” bullying by fellow students and harsh treatment.

The Mecklenburg County District Attorney’s Office reviewed the findings of the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools Investigation and concluded that “there is no evidence of an assault other than the complainant’s report.”

The sooner Americans come to terms with the fact that Islam is here to conquer America, the sooner they will demand that Muslims be banned from emigrating to the U.S. 1,400 years of history are evidence enough that it won’t end peacefully for one side.

Obama sends 10 jihadis from Gitmo to Oman (UPDATED)

Muslim nations have accepted zero Syrian “refugees” but have no problem taking in Gitmo jihadis as Obama replenishes the ranks of those fighting for a caliphate.


Source: Oman says it accepts 10 Guantanamo Bay detainees

DUBAI, United Arab Emirates (AP) — Oman said Monday it accepted 10 detainees from the U.S. prison at Guantanamo Bay ahead of President Barack Obama leaving office, part of his efforts to shrink the facility he promised to close.

Oman’s Foreign Ministry said in a statement that it had accepted the prisoners at Obama’s request. It did not name the prisoners.

“In consideration of their humanitarian situation, 10 persons have been released from detention and arrived in the sultanate today for a temporary residence,” the statement said.

The U.S. Defense Department did not immediately respond to questions about the transfer.

A U.S. defense official, speaking on condition of anonymity as the transfer had yet to be publicly announced by the U.S., confirmed the prisoners had been sent to Oman. The official declined to elaborate.

The Omani Embassy in Washington said it had no other information about the transfer. The U.S. Embassy in Muscat declined to immediately comment.

The sultanate of Oman, on the eastern edge of the Arabian Peninsula, previously accepted 10 Guantanamo prisoners from Yemen in January 2016. Oman also took another six in June 2015. Neighboring Saudi Arabia took four prisoners earlier this month and the United Arab Emirates took 15 in the largest-single transfer during Obama’s administration in August.

Oman, ruled by Sultan Qaboos bin Said since 1970, has served as an interlocutor between the West and Iran. It also has negotiated a number of prisoner releases in recent years for Western countries.

Yemen, the Arab world’s poorest country, remains in the grip of a civil war and a Saudi-led military offensive against the rebels — making returning Guantanamo detainees there impossible.

Days earlier, authorities said 19 of the remaining 55 prisoners at the U.S. military base in Cuba were cleared for release and could be freed in the final days of Obama’s presidency.

Obama has been unable to fulfil promises to close the facility in part because of congressional opposition to transferring any of the detainees to U.S. prisons. Congress ultimately banned the transfer of prisoners to U.S. soil for any reason.

Oman is one of the top persecutors of Christians so Obama’s Muslim terrorists should fit in perfectly there.


via Detainee Transfers Announced

The Department of Defense announced today the transfer of 10 detainees:

  1. Ghaleb Nassar Al Bihani,
  2. Mustafa Abd al-Qawi Abd al-Aziz Al-Shamiri,
  3. Karim Bostam,
  4. Abdul Sahir,
  5. Musab Omar Ali Al-Mudwani,
  6. Hail Aziz Ahmed Al-Maythali,
  7. Salman Yahya Hassan Mohammad Rabei’i,
  8. Mohammed Al-Ansi,
  9. Muhammad Ahmad Said Haider, and
  10. Walid Said bin Said Zaid

from the detention facility at Guantanamo Bay to the government of Oman.

Check out the backgrounds of the al Qaeda terrorists via The Guantanamo Docket.

San Diego: Another faked Muslim hate crime, hijabi drops charges, refuses to cooperate


Source: SDSU Police: No Suspect in Attack on Muslim Student | NBC 7 San Diego h/t

A San Diego State University student who initially reported being pushed and verbally assaulted by two men in a parking garage has decided not to pursue charges, SDSU Police said Tuesday.

A Muslim student wearing a hijab told police she was confronted by two men in a stairwell in the Parking Lot #12 structure on November 10.

She told investigators the men, described as in their early 20s, made comments about President-elect Donald Trump and the Muslim community and then took her purse and backpack.

SDSU Police confirmed the report and launched an investigation into what they described as a hate crime. Eight weeks later, the student was not willing to testify and decided she no longer wanted to pursue the matter criminally, according to police.

In the initial report, police said the men took the woman’s car keys and ran off. The student’s vehicle was missing from the parking garage.

The student’s report of a stolen vehicle was unfounded since the student forgot where she had parked, SDSU Police Lt. Greg Noll said.

“The remaining portion of the investigation included looking at all surveillance video, re-contacting the victim on several occasions and attempting to verify statements related to the entire case,” Noll said.

Although the woman has indicated she was attacked, police have suspended the case because the victim no longer wants to cooperate, Noll said.

The Daily Caller notes:  SHOCKER: Muslim College Student Drops Post-Election Hate Crime Claim

“The student wearing a traditional headscarf and full Islamic clothing was in a stairwell when two men — 20 to 25 years old, one white, one Hispanic — stole her purse and backpack. They ran off with her car keys,” the station matter-of-factly reported.

The unidentified woman said the two men denounced her for her Muslim beliefs and taunted her about Trump.

“They were saying things like, ‘Now that Trump is president, get ready to start fleeing,’” the alleged attack victim’s friend, Alisha Sharif, told San Diego Fox affiliate KSWB-TV. They proceeded to push her around and she wrestled with them,” Sharif described.

Now, eight weeks after the attack, the woman has decided she doesn’t want to press charges after all.

In 2015, the Muslim Student Association at San Diego State demanded that school officials develop a formal policy outlawing certain political speech including “Islamophobic speech” and, in fact, “bigotry towards any other identity group.”

She should be charged with the hate crime and incitement. She should also be financially liable for wasting taxpayer resources on the faked incident.

SDSU is a hotbed of jihadi activity. Jihad preacher Anwar al-Awlaki was an alumni of the same school.

And what is the likelihood that this unnamed Muslim supremacist was among those Muslim Students Who Trapped and Terrorized San Diego State’s Jewish President?



New Jersey: Muslim teacher’s legal jihad against Hunterdon school district continues


Our second post in recent weeks coming out of rural Hunterdon County in central New Jersey. A few weeks ago we told you about the area getting its first mosque. Previously we told you about the town’s high school made the mistake of hiring a Palestinian Islamic supremacist. Her legal jihad against the school continues.

via: Muslim teacher’s lawsuit against New Jersey school district gets ugly

NEW JERSEY – A lawsuit between a Muslim teacher who claimed she was fired for mentioning Islam to her students is getting ugly with her former school district.

The legal fight is between Hunterdon Central and Sireen Hashem, a former teacher at [sic] Ridge High School who claimed she was told by former Superintendent of Schools, Christina Steffner, that she had “caused trouble because she was Palestinian.”

In the meeting with Hashem, Steffner referred to Hashem’s classroom use in October 2013 of a video about Malala Yusufazi, the teenage Pakistani activist who was awarded the Nobel Peace prize for her human rights campaign after being targeted for assassination by the Taliban.

Hashem showed the video in her class after she saw another history teacher, Lindsay Warren, using the video. When Hashem asked why Warren was allowed to use the video, Steffner said, “You’re not Lindsay,” the suit said.

After she showed the video, Robert Zywicki, her supervisor, told her the school had received a complaint about the video from a parent.

Zywick then told her “she could not teach current events in the same manner as her non-Arab, non-Palestinian and non-Muslim colleagues,” the lawsuit claimed.

Furthermore, the district claimed that she was not sticking to the curriculum, and questioned her about her teaching and accused her of “discriminating against Jewish students.” Continue reading

Virginia: Terror-linked mosque adding new location in Prince William County

Source: Muslim group seeks ‘win-win’ for debated Pr. William Co. mosque | WTOP

WASHINGTON — Public debate over a proposed mosque in Prince William County has focused on whether waste should flow into a public sewer or a septic system, but some wonder whether the controversy stems from anti-Muslim bias.

In 2014, the All Dulles Area Muslim Society (ADAMS) purchased land in Nokesville, with plans to build a 22,400-square-foot mosque.

Rizwan Jaka, chairman of the board for ADAMS, said that Muslims in the area have been using rented space in Manassas for prayers.

“Our American dream has always been to have a location in western Prince William County,” Jaka told WTOP.

In December, the county planning commission voted 6-2 to approve the project, with the caveat that the building would use a septic system.

“We appreciate it was approved,” said Jaka. “We would like to advocate for public sewer, which we believe would be more environmentally friendly.”

Many houses in the area are required to use septic systems, but Jaka said larger facilities are better-served by the public sewer system.

Jaka said many of the properties near the proposed mosque are connected to the public sewer.

“The county did approve a public sewer for the church across the street. We would like to have that same treatment,” said Jaka.

Opponents have expressed concern about the building height, parking lots, increased traffic and development in what’s known as the Rural Crescent area, which lies between rural Fauquier County and the more urbanized eastern half of Prince William County. Jaka said an elementary school and high school are nearby.

One neighbor in opposition to the mosque, Tammy Spinks,  said ADAMS “knew the property they bought was in the Rural Crescent and that sewer is not allowed.”

“They bought it anyway because the property was cheaper than the developed area,” Spinks said.

Jaka said the group is dedicated to being good neighbors, and has made several concessions to promote cooperation.

However, Jaka said 30 proposed mosques around the country have been hampered by anti-Muslim bigotry, disguised as land-use issues.

“We do not see as much explicit bias as we’ve seen in those other cases around the around the country,” said Jaka.

In December, the Justice Department sued Culpeper County alleging discrimination after the Virginia county denied a request for a permit to build there.

Jaka doesn’t believe that will be necessary.

“We hope we can work with the county to come up with a win-win solution for Prince William County, our community, and the neighbors to make this a great addition to western Prince William County, said Jaka. “But obviously we want to advocate for our rights under the Constitution of the United States and equal protection under the law.”

Jaka is hopeful the Prince William County Board of Supervisors will agree, when it takes up the issue at a still-unscheduled, upcoming meeting.

Notice the veiled threat of legal jihad? Any win for this group is a loss for non-Muslims in the area.

More on the terror mosque from a piece that exposed DHS doing the same, via Mosque Tied to Muslim Brotherhood:

Federal agents raided the ADAMS Center during a 2002 terrorism investigation into organizations tied to the Muslim Brotherhood, according to court documents published by the Clarion Project.

“A government affidavit said the group is ‘suspected of providing support to terrorists, money laundering, and tax evasion through the use of a variety of for-profit companies and ostensible charitable entities under their control, most of which are located at [the ADAM Center’s offices at] 555 Grove Street, Herndon, V.A.,” according to the report.

Additionally, several accused terrorists have allegedly spent time at the ADAMS Center, including Farooque Ahmed, who was arrested for planning to bomb the Washington-area subway.

Patrick Poole, a terrorism analyst and national security reporter who has written about the ADAMS Center, called the DHS secretary’s scheduled appearance concerning.

“The ADAMS Center has been a documented hub of extremism that even in the most generous interpretation has a poor record of dealing with terrorists in their midst,” Poole said. “It was no coincidence that the Attorney General of the United States was canceling outreach meetings due solely to the presence of Mohamed Magid.”

The fatwa mentioned in the invitation to the event was signed by at least one individual “who is currently in prison in Egypt convicted of terrorism charges,” Poole noted.

There goes western Prince William County, down the sewer.

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