Virginia: Judge Vacates Terrorism Convictions of Muslim Who Trained with Pakistani Jihad Group

Clinton-appointed judge Brinkema issued the order to free Chapman some 14 years after she found him guilty in a 2004 bench trial, and previously cutting his sentence short in 2005.

The Arabian Nightmare of the West

In a desperate attempt to escape from admitting to The Arabian Nightmare, the ruling elites use all conceivable methods of escapism.

The Cancer That is the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA)

Americans are dead because of jihadis who were taught and trained at Islamic Societies in the U.S.

U.S. Muslim Leaders Mourn Jordanian Muslim Brotherhood Leader

This outpouring serves as a reminder of the loyalty that many leading U.S. Muslims have to foreign Muslim Brotherhood leaders.

The Mosque At Basking Ridge: A Morality Tale? (Part 1)

Mosque planner was allowed to have not two, but 39 hearings to modify his application so as to meet the N.J. town's zoning requirements.

Soft Jihad in America

While generally a very few people recognize soft Jihad for what it is; it continues to progress in almost every location, both in America and abroad.

Missouri: Presbyterian Church USA Rejects Resolution to Condemn Terrorist HAMAS; Activist Gets Death Threat

The denomination has been steadily losing members as it has moved to the left theologically.

New Jersey: Mosque Opens in Former Synagogue – Hires Imam From Egypt

Neighbors rejected a rescue squad for the property...and instead got a mosque...with just 11 parking spaces.

Appeals Court Affirms Dismissal of Clock Boy’s Defamation Lawsuit and Award of Lawyers’ Fees

The appeals court not only affirmed the dismissal but affirmed the award of nearly $200,000 for attorney’s fees and costs...

Washington, DC-Area Mosques Rally for Jailed Muslim Rape Suspect

Ramadan is the grandson of Muslim Brotherhood founder Hassan al-Banna.

How Islam Apologists Like John Esposito Dupe Americans About Sharia

Contrary to its title John Esposito’s and Natana J. Delong-Bas’s Shariah is not “what everyone needs to know.”

The Two Faces of Suhaib Webb

Koran-teacher Suhaib Webb pulled out the hanger and threatened to hit the boy. He told Mohammed that Mohammed’s father had okayed a beating

Random House refuses to sell book on Islamization, sued by German writer

...sources at the publisher revealed there had been concerns it could "seize on and amplify anti-Islam sentiments."

Teaching about Islam in U.S. schools

Thanks to years of miseducation about Islam, students and graduates are ill-prepared to understand or cope with the threats to our society.

Minnesota: Did Muslim Rep. Ilhan Omar Violate House Ethics Rules With CAIR Cash?

Unfortunately, for her to be referred to the Ethics Committee two members must sign any complaint.

Orlando: 2 Years After 49 Killed at Gay Nightclub, Hyatt Hotels Hosts Muslims Who Preach Killing Gays

“The punishment for homosexual men…the easiest one maybe is to chop their head off..."

Europe: “The Vision is an Islamic State” (VIDEO)

Video: "the vision for twenty years from now is for sharia law to be part of Germany, that sharia will be institutionalized in the state itself".

Video: Canada Is Funding Terrorism

Will Canada be identified as a national security threat to the United States?

Canada to Combat “Islamophobia”…by Funding Terror Front Groups with Taxpayers’ Money

Canada plans to funnel $23 million in taxpayer monety to combat "Islamophobia" to groups accused of supporting terrorists.

DOJ Agrees Not To Prosecute Dem’s Pakistani IT Admin For House Cybersecurity and Theft

Capitol Hill officials involved in oversight of the case stated the reason the DOJ was not pursuing the case was because the Democrats were refusing to press charges.