Tennessee: Williamson school board divided…on banning terrorist-linked material

WhosFundingCAIRDivided? Divided? WTF? via: Williamson school board debates proposal on terrorist-linked material  h/t Islamist Watch

The Williamson County school board was divided Monday night over a proposal that would prohibit teachers from using supplementary material linked to terrorist organizations.

Some school board members said the policy revision was unnecessary and demeaning to teachers, while others said the revision was simply an extra precaution.

“I respect teachers as much as anyone in this room,” said school board member Beth Burgos, who introduced the policy revision. “I adamantly disagree that this ties their hands or in any way disrespects them. It’s the opposite.”

Burgos added: “I just want to safeguard our district and our parents and our teachers and our students.”

Burgos said there have been incidents — locally and nationally — where at least one group with known ties to terrorism has attempted to “infiltrate” classrooms.

Burgos said a teacher in Bristol used a PowerPoint in class provided by the Council on American-Islamic Relations. CAIR is a national Muslim advocacy group. Although not convicted in court as a terrorist organization, some believe the group has connections to terrorist organizations.

“I believe it’s a real threat,” Burgos said, referring to terrorist groups interested in influencing the American education system.

The policy revision says supplemental instructional materials, including online resources, must not be provided by or associated with known terrorist groups or organizations with known ties to terrorist groups.

A terrorist group is defined as “any Foreign Terrorist Organization as designated by the United States Department of State.” An organization with known ties to terrorist group is one “comprised of or including members who have, in a court of competent jurisdiction, been convicted of or found to be conspirators in providing material support to terrorist organizations.”

The policy revision also says parents are entitled to review supplemental instructional materials used in class.

“None of our teachers are going to knowingly look for materials provided by terrorist groups,” said school board member Anne McGraw. “I don’t think our teachers are going to Hamas and pulling down supplementary materials.”

Hamas is a designated foreign terrorist organization, according to the U.S. Department of State.

McGraw and school board members Jay Galbreath and Bobby Hullett questioned who would monitor teacher selection of supplemental materials.

School board members Dan Cash, Candace Emerson and Susan Curlee said they supported Burgos’ proposal.

“We’re not doing any harm to add to this policy,” Emerson said.

School officials said they do not see a need for the policy revision. They also said they do not object to the policy.

“I don’t have any objections because we don’t do any of these things,” said Tim Gaddis, referring to using supplementary materials linked to terrorist organizations. Gaddis is the district’s assistant superintendent of teaching, learning and assessment.

Gaddis added: “Our parents are entitled, and always have been, to review all supplementary materials.”

School board chairman Gary Anderson and WCS Director of Schools Mike Looney will decide whether to put Burgos’ proposal on the board’s agenda.

Burgos’ proposal follows several months of statewide concern about how Islam and other world religions are taught in public schools.

Anderson said in an interview that the board’s instructional materials policy has not been changed in 15 years.

Earlier this school year, Burgos introduced a resolution to enable parents to review classroom materials for religious bias. She later pulled the resolution before the board could vote on it.

Some information for the Williamson County Board of Education.

CAIR is HAMAS, according to a federal judge.

CAIR is also a designated terrorist organization, according to the United Arab Emirates.

The terrorist front for HAMAS has been in the classrooms in Texas, Florida and Tennessee among other states and they’ve harassed and bullied schools all over America. Scroll through these archives for years of examples.


Lawmakers File Bill “To Stop Islamic Religious Indoctrination In Tennessee Schools”


It’s come to this. via Northeast Tennessee Legislative Delegation Files Bill “To Stop Islamic Religious Indoctrination In Tennessee Schools” – Chattanoogan.com  h/t Shoebat

The Northeast Tennessee legislative delegation, including Rep. Matthew Hill (R-Jonesborough), Rep. Timothy Hill (R-Blountville) and Rep. Micah Van Huss (-Johnson City)  announced they have filed legislation “to officially stop Islamic religious indoctrination in Tennessee schools.”

They said the decision comes “after intense public outcry from parents, students, and school administrators that current school textbooks overemphasize Islam while excluding other religions like Christianity and Judaism.”

Rep. Hill said, “I have heard from people all over our community who share my deep concern about the leeway that is allowed in the current standards. “We have been working on this issue for almost two years now, with no clear solution. My colleagues and I in the General Assembly see there is now a direct need to file legislation on behalf of citizens across Tennessee if we hope to solve this problem once and for all.

“No one has a problem with world religions being taught from a historical perspective. The problem is that right now in Tennessee, the standards are so broad they open the door to proselytizing our public school students. While other bills have been filed in an attempt to fix this problem, this piece of legislation has real teeth, and we believe it will be a giant step forward in fixing this important issue.”

“I did not fight radical Islam in Iraq just to come home and find our children being indoctrinated,” Rep. Van Huss said.

They said, In 2015, middle school parents in Maury County were up in arms after learning their children were being instructed to recite and write “Allah is the only god” as part of a world history project. In another section of their work, students were assigned a Five Pillars of Islam project that included the translation of the pillar of “Shahada” as being, “There is no god but Allah; Muhammad is his prophet.” Similar situations have been reported across the state, including multiple instances in the tri-cities area, the legislators said.

Under the newly filed House Bill 1905, any inclusion of religion in textbooks, instructional materials, curriculum, or academic standards can only be for educational purposes and are strictly prohibited from being used to promote or establish any religion or religious belief.

In addition, the legislation places into law several key measures that they said constituents have requested, including:

  • Requiring local school boards to adopt a policy regarding the appropriate inclusion of religion in local curriculum and instructional materials, with the opportunity for public comment before adoption;
  • Requiring local education agencies to make publicly available a syllabus for all grade 6-12 social studies, science, math, and English courses. The syllabus must include a course calendar detailing standards, objectives, and topics covered, major assignments required, and procedures for parents to have access to all instructional materials to be used;
  • Requiring the state board of education to initiate a revision process for the Tennessee social studies standards adopted in 2013 to ensure new standards do not promote religion and do not amount to indoctrination or proselytism in any way.

The war has been raging in the classrooms and in the media. Propaganda in it’s purest, most vile forms. It’s now spilling onto the streets of America. Eventually, as history has proven, we will have to fight back…or lose it all.

More than 170 posts on Tennessee in the our archives. Read’em and weep.


Tennessee: Nashville Opens ‘Office of New Americans’ to help Muslims, illegal invaders


Vanessa Lazon – Office of Foreign Invasion

And maybe some legal immigrants. Aiding and abetting the destruction of America, with your tax dollars. via: Metro’s Office of New Americans to help foreign-born residents – WSMV Channel 4

Nashville’s stunning growth of 80 people a day is matched by an important group within that group.

The latest figures show that 12 percent of Nashville residents are foreign born.

With that in mind, an Office of New Americans was established in Nashville.

That office is now a little more than a year old and has a new director.

Just one example of Nashville’s diversity is Charlotte Pike, which could be considered the epicenter of Vietnamese food with three highly-regarded restaurants within a mile of each other.

If you take a drive down Nolensville Road, for instance, you will be transported from Ishtar in the Middle East to a classic Mexican grocery store and butcher.

When you have 76,000 foreign-born people living in your city, it’s going to have an impact, and even its own government entity.

Nashville has an Office of New Americans, a kind of government welcome center.

“Moving into the county, I think, is just finding yourself welcome and finding allies and whether people see you as a human being or not, and then finding the resources and the support,” said Vanessa Lazon, who was appointed on Monday as Director of Community Inclusion within the Mayor’s Office of Neighborhood and Community Engagement.

Lazon is the brand new single employee of a program that just reached its first birthday.

It has graduated its first class of 30 from the MyCity Academy, which takes foreign-born people and immerses them in everything Nashville.

“They get to learn basics of Nashville history, recycling water, Metro services, all kinds of stuff that is helpful when you come from another country,” said Lazon. “Some of those things aren’t on your radar.”

Then they are able to become leaders of their respective communities.

The second program is the Parent Ambassador Program where 20 foreign parents who navigated Metro schools help new foreign parents.

The third role is to help individuals like Hilda Cruz, who needs a lawyer to help finalize her citizenship.

“It’s important, she says. That’s safety for family and being a permanent resident provides her more chances to go to work,” said Lazon.

Lazon herself is an immigrant. She came to Nashville in 1997 from Peru, straight to Glencliff High School.

“We are all in this together and we are working together,” said Lazon. “You benefit, I benefit, we all benefit. It’s not you versus them or us versus them.”

80 new foreign born invaders every day! It’s them versus us.

They take our tax money as does Lazon. They rely on taxpayer-funded services. 90% or greater are on welfare. Most will be for life. They don’t assimilate – as the video and article points out. They don’t respect American laws or culture. Lazon – unclear if she came legally or illegally – can spout platitudes all day but she can’t provide facts. Remember, ‘…it will be many years, if ever, before this population will cease to be a net fiscal drain on American taxpayers.’

Show us the massive invasion of elderly, poor, uneducated foreigners is benefiting Americans.

178 Creeping Sharia posts on the growing problem in Tennessee.

PS: A quick internet search for “Office of Neighborhood and Community Engagement” indicates these offices are set up in cities all around the country. The invasion is well-planned and orchestrated.

The Nashville mayor is not even from Nashville but was as an advisory board member for the Tennessee Immigrant and Refugee Rights Coalition.

After the terror attacks in Paris, Barry stated:

“Our Islamic community makes us stronger and better, too. We are proud to be a city where Muslims can live and work, a city where Muslims can play and pray, a city where Muslims can start families and start businesses.”


Elsewhere, Alabama sues federal government over refugee program.

Navy Concludes Chattanooga Jihad That Killed 4 Marines Was Terrorism

Although they have a hard time saying it like that. via Navy Concludes Chattanooga Shooting Was Inspired by Foreign Terrorists – Breitbart

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (AP) — After determining a shooting at a Chattanooga reserve center this summer was inspired by foreign terrorists, the Navy will award the Purple Heart to the four Marines and one sailor who were killed and the one Marine who was injured there.

U.S. Navy Secretary Ray Mabus announced the decision Wednesday in a news release. He said the finding that the shooting was terrorist-inspired came after an extensive investigation by the FBI and Naval Criminal Investigation Service.

“This determination allows the Department of the Navy to move forward immediately with the award of the Purple Heart to the families of the five heroes who were victims of this terrorist attack, as well as to the surviving hero, Sgt. Cheeley,” Mabus’ statement reads.

The FBI earlier labeled shooter Muhammad Abdulazeez, a naturalized U.S. citizen, a homegrown violent extremist but declined to say what might have motivated him. His family said he had problems with drugs and depression that prevented him from holding on to a job. He was also in debt, and considering bankruptcy at 24.

But investigators also found writings from Abdulazeez that reference Anwar al-Awlaki, a U.S.-born cleric who encouraged and inspired attacks on the homeland and was killed in a U.S. drone strike in 2011.

Earlier Wednesday, FBI Director James Comey told reporters the July 16 attack was “inspired and motivated by foreign terrorist propaganda.”

Abdulazeez first fired shots from his car into a military recruiting center in a Chattanooga strip mall before driving about 7 miles to a Navy-Marine reserve center where he killed four Marines and a sailor and wounded a fifth Marine before Chattanooga police killed him.

Those killed were Navy Petty Officer 2nd Class Randall Smith, and Marines Staff Sgt. David Wyatt, Sgt. Carson Holmquist, Gunnery Sgt. Thomas Sullivan and Lance Cpt. Squire “Skip” Wells. Sgt. DeMonte Cheeley was injured.

To witness the absolute dhimmitude that took place after the Chattanooga jihad attack, read some of the Creeping Sharia headlines that followed, here.

Tennessee: City of Oak Ridge employee kept wife virtual prisoner under Sharia law


Attorney Channing Miller, left, meets with Madina Sall in a hallway of the Anderson County Courthouse following a Chancery Court hearing Friday. (BOB FOWLER/NEWS SENTINEL)

Attorney Channing Miller, left, meets with Madina Sall in a hallway of the Anderson County Courthouse following a Chancery Court hearing Friday. (BOB FOWLER/NEWS SENTINEL)

Immigration and diversity is speeding the rise of sharia law in the U.S. via Court records: City of Oak Ridge employee kept wife virtual prisoner under Sharia law – News Sentinel Story

CLINTON — A city of Oak Ridge employee paid the bride’s father $2,000 for his daughter in a forced marriage in Africa, court records allege, and then kept her as a virtual prisoner in their Oak Ridge home.

Documents filed on behalf of Madina Sall state she and Ardo Isma Ba were married in Senegal in May 2007, but Ba didn’t register the marriage with the Senegalese government. The couple are natives of Senegal.

The divorce papers filed on Ba’s behalf in Anderson County Chancery Court state their marriage occurred in Knoxville in August 2012.

Ba is the city of Oak Ridge electric project manager and has been employed by the city since May 2009. He is also a reserve officer with the Knox County Sheriff’s Office. Court records state he is also in the Army Reserve.

Documents filed in the pending breakup include allegations that Ba essentially kept his spouse captive for three years under Islam’s Sharia law in their Oak Ridge home.

Sall and Ba are second cousins, according to records, and she “did not consent to the marriage but was forced to follow through with the marriage due to her families’ (sic) Islamic beliefs.”

Neither Ba nor Sall, nor their respective attorneys, are discussing the case, and Chancellor M. Nichole Cantrell is overseeing the divorce. Ba filed for divorce last month, with that legal action alleging irreconcilable differences and “inappropriate marital conduct.”

Cantrell during a hearing Friday called a recess to allow a courthouse hallway conference, where an agreement was hammered out by the respective attorneys about temporary child support. The chancellor then rescheduled a hearing seeking to revisit an order of protection Sall sought against Ba that was first dismissed.

That order alleges Ba kept his wife from leaving their home for the past three years, kept her passport and other legal documents, allowed her visa to expire and became “physically abusive” when he found her at a neighbor’s house using the computer to apply for a green card.

That card, attesting to the permanent resident status of an immigrant, is needed before Sall could obtain immigration benefits or legally get a job.

“She was extremely concerned about living in the country illegally,” according to court documents filed on Sall’s behalf.

Since she arrived in the U.S. in 2009, Ba “essentially held the defendant (Sall) captive in the parties’ home,” records filed on her behalf s…

More to come on this story. In the meantime, if anyone has a subscription to knoxnews.com – please post details in the comments.


Muslim processions take over Nashville & Houston (videos)

…and New York…and things get bloody in Detroit. Diversity alert (and warning).  h/t Iron Burka

Nashville, Tennessee

Houston, Texas

What has Ted Cruz been doing to protect the border and stop the influx of Muslims to Texas? It’s a top destination for illegals, legals and Muslim refugees.

Detroit, Michigan – where it’s about to get bloody, like it has in previous years in Georgia, Missouri and New York.

New York City

When the jihad comes, whose side will you be on?

Readers, if you find more videos – link to them in the comments.



Tennessee: Terror-linked CAIR Wants to Force Islam on 7th Graders

Tennessee Introduces New Bill to Stop ‘Islamic Indoctrination’ in Public Schools. The terrorists at CAIR oppose.CAIRdiorama32

Source: CAIR Wants Islam For Tennessee 7th Graders | The Daily Caller

The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) is calling on people in Tennessee to oppose a bill that would prevent public schools from teaching the principles of Islam and every other religion until students reach the 10th grade.

Tennessee state legislator Sheila Butt, a Republican, proposed the bill late last week in response to a grassroots campaign across the state by parents — primarily evangelical parents — against what they perceive as an inappropriate focus on Islam in history and social studies courses in taxpayer-funded middle schools.

House Bill 1418, if it becomes law, would prevent the teaching of all “religious doctrine” until students reach the last three years of high school.

CAIR labeled Rep. Butt’s bill “an anti-Islam bill” which is “tied to Islamophobic claims” in a statement sent to The Daily Caller.

“The introduction of the bill is being fueled by rising hysteria over the false claim that middle schoolers are being subjected to ‘Islamic indoctrination’ because the basic tenets of Islam and Muslim world history is being taught as part of a state-approved curriculum about the impact world religions have on history,” the Muslim civil liberties group said. “Islam is only one of the many world religions being taught in the curriculum that includes Christianity, Judaism, Buddhism, Hinduism, among other religions and belief systems.”

CAIR government affairs manager Robert McCaw also weighed in.

“Islamophobes like Rep. Butt fail to recognize that there is a big difference between teaching students about religion as an important part of world history and promoting particular religious beliefs,” McCaw declared. “The education of children in Tennessee should not be delayed because of anti-Muslim bigotry.”

Complaining parents from across Tennessee have expressed alarm in recent weeks because their children in a public middle school are learning about the Five Pillars of Islam in a world history class. (The first and most important pillar is roughly translated as: “There is no god but God. Muhammad is the messenger of God.” At the same time, the parents say, the course material pointedly ignores Christianity.

Rep. Butt, the majority leader in the Tennessee House and a longtime Christian Sunday school teacher, noted that her bill does not seek to prevent kids in junior high from hearing about religion in their curricula. The goal is to avoid any instruction specifically about doctrine. (RELATED: Tennessee Bill Would Ban Teaching ‘Doctrine’ Of Islam To Seventh Graders)

“I think that probably the teaching that is going on right now in seventh, eighth grade is not age appropriate,” the Republican said on Friday, according to the Chattanooga Times Free Press. “They are not able to discern a lot of times whether its indoctrination or whether they’re learning about what a religion teaches.”

Since the fracas about Islam in middle school erupted across Tennessee earlier this school year, state education officials have insisted that the Islam curriculum is purely secular and designed to inform students about history.

Last month Maury County Public Schools middle school supervisor Jan Hanvey told The Daily Herald, a newspaper out of Columbia, Tenn., that students learn about the Five Pillars of Islam during a one-day segment of the seventh-grade curriculum.

Students also study Buddhism and Hinduism, the former social studies teacher noted.

However, at no point do Tennessee middle school students study Christianity per se. There is not, for example, one class day dedicated to the basic Jesus story.

Hanvey promised that Maury County students would eventually come across a reference to Christianity when history teachers reach the “Age of Exploration” in eighth grade. Then, students will hear about Christians persecuting other Christians in some countries in Western Europe.

For reasons that are not entirely clear, Tennessee appears to be an epicenter for America’s encounter with Islam.

In July, lone Muslim gunman Mohammad Youssuf Abdulazeez, a 24-year-old naturalized citizen from Kuwait, brutally murdered four Marines at a military recruiting center and a Naval reserve center in Chattanooga, Tenn.

Back in February, leaders of ISIS took to the group’s propaganda magazine to urge followers to assassinate Houston, Texas-born Yasir Qadhi, a professor who teaches at Rhodes College in Memphis.

In 2013, officials at Sunset Elementary School in the affluent Nashville suburb of Brentwood rescinded a ban on delicious pork just one day after it went into effect because parents complained. The parents and other locals believed that the prohibition on pork had been an attempt to defer to the sensibilities of unidentified Muslim students. (RELATED: Tennessee Elementary School Lifts Fatwa Against Pork After Parents Complain)

Over percent of the residents of Tennessee identify as Christian, according to a 2014 Pew poll. About one percent of Volunteer State residents call themselves Muslim.

Tennessee lawmakers recently decided to expedite a review of the way Islam and other religions are taught in the state’s public schools, The Tennessean notes. The review, which had been slated for 2018, will now occur in January.

In 2014, the United Arab Emirates officially designated 83 groups as terrorist organizations, including CAIR, which the largest Muslim civil rights and advocacy group in the United States.


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