Video: Exposing the Truth about Common Core Islamic Teaching

Exposing the truth about the Common Core curriculum which is being taught in our Tennessee public school system and what you can do about it.

Presented by guest speaker Craig HoneycuttHosted by Sumner United for Responsible Government – Hendersonville, TN March 5th, 2015

Tennessee middle school accused of Muslim indoctrination scheduled Islam test…on 9/11

Considering we are just a few weeks into the school year, that means someone though Islam should be the first history lesson taught. No coordinated indoctrination here folks. via Pastor Tells Students ‘Take an F’ to Protest Against Islam ‘Indoctrination’

The Tennessean reports that Pastor Greg Locke, of Global Vision Bible Church in Mt. Juliet, posted a video on Facebook last week that he recorded on the grounds of West Wilson Middle School where he explains that there’s growing concern within his congregation that Wilson County Schools’ middle school world studies curriculum unfairly favors Islam.

Locke asserted that the history book includes roughly 28 pages on Islam, while it includes only about “a half-page of watered down Christianity.”

“We have a number of our families at our church that are really upset and up and arms over all of this new Islamic indoctrination in our public school system,” Locke proclaimed. “That is nothing more than absolute brainwashing of religion and we’re not going to stand for it.”

In light of Locke’s claims that the school system is indoctrinating middle school students with Islam, Wilson County Schools Director Donna Wright posted a statement on the Wilson County School District’s Facebook page chastising Locke’s comments for being uninformed and an attempt to incite the community.

Locke also pointed out the fact that the school had scheduled a test on the Islamic unit for Friday, Sept. 11 — the 14th anniversary of the the infamous terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon — and labeled such scheduling a “slap in the face.”

“You need to tell your kids take an F for the class because I’d rather fail in man’s class and get an A-plus in God’s class,” Locke told parents. “We need some kids that have some character and stand up.”

Wright admitted that it was “unfortunate timing” for the test that was scheduled for Sept. 11, but stated that it was not done “deliberately as part of some plan to indoctrinate students.”

“It is not unusual for teachers to test on the last day of the week the material covered the week before,” Wright explained.

Despite the school district’s defense, Locke stood by his comments in an interview with the Tennessean last Friday and again stated that the history curriculum is “straight up indoctrination.”

Straight up. Tennessee: 7th graders made to write “Allah is the only God,” learn Islam

allah pillars

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After Chattanooga jihad attack, USMC will allow Marines to…take cover or run

First to flight (as in run)? Obama is radically changing the U.S. military and now, won’t even allow Marines to protect themselves from Muslim terrorists in the U.S. It’s no wonder why according to a recent YouGov Poll: 29% of Americans Would Support a Military Coup.

via After Chattanooga shooting, new security for Marine recruiters.

MARINE CORPS BASE QUANTICO, Va. — Marine officials have ruled out arming recruiters following this summer’s deadly shooting rampage in Tennessee that killed five service members, but other security measures to better protect troops are in the works, the head of Marine Corps Recruiting Command told Marine Corps Times.

When a lone [MUSLIM] gunman opened fire on a Chattanooga Armed Forces recruiting office and a Navy Reserve center on July 16, some politicians were quick to call for military recruiters to be armed. But none of the military services are interested in arming recruiters, said Lt. Gen. Mark Brilakis, MCRC’s commanding general, during a Tuesday interview here.

“The arming piece is one of those things on the recruiting side that myself and [Commandant Gen. Joseph Dunford] still have great concerns over,” he said. “All the services … said they don’t want to arm their folks.”

The Marine Corps has worked hard to build strong relationships with members of the communities in which they recruit, Brilakis said. That isn’t something leaders want to jeopardize.

“Whichever way you stand on the Second Amendment, recruiters showing up armed is not going to make either educators or parents comfortable.”

Instead, the service will implement security measures that will allow Marines to take cover or evacuate in the event of an attack, he said. Changes being considered include more security cameras, remote-locking doors, and better ballistic protection, such as movable shields or desk partitions that could protect troops from bullets.

While bullet-proof glass at military recruiting offices was being considered in the wake of the attack, Brilakis said it has already been ruled out because of the immense costs associated with installation.

Most recruiting offices are leased in locations like strip malls. Any modifications the Marine Corps makes to the facilities have to be removed when those leases end, he said.

“We looked, and to put ballistic glass in in every one of the recruiting sites that we have — over a thousand — would be almost in excess of $100 million,” he said. “So we’ve taken many lessons learned and we are pursuing a number of different opportunities to improve … security.”

H/t and commentary via

I’m sorry if I think this excuse is rather pathetic. It sounds like you’re saying to Marine families around the world, “sorry some Marines will just have to be collateral damage in the contingency operation against terror because the U.S. government can’t afford to protect them.” But lets just see what the U.S. government CAN afford:

From Fiscal Year 2008 to the present, annual Economic Support Fund (ESF) assistance to the West Bank and Gaza Strip has averaged around $400 million.

The overall Fiscal Year 2016 President’s Request for foreign aid accounts controlled by USAID is $22.3 billion of which $10.7 billion is in core USAID accounts: Development Assistance, Global Health Programs, International Disaster Assistance, Food for Peace Title II, Transition Initiatives, Complex Crises Fund, and USAID Administrative Expenses.

The Department of Homeland Security’s Office of Inspector General found the agency is wasting millions of taxpayer dollars each year to lease warehouse space to store old office furniture and obsolete computers that are worth less than the space they are piled up in.

U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) leases a 54,000-square-foot warehouse in Northern Virginia for about $934,000 per year. Inside the warehouse, auditors found mostly broken office furniture and stockpiles of printer/copier paper.

The Navy has spent the last 16 years and invested $706 million in taxpayer dollars on a program intended to help Navy ships find and destroy sea-based mines, but that has consistently performed poorly in testing and yielded no results for the military.

Congress has allowed government employees to spend tax dollars on iPods, jewelry, gambling, exotic dance clubs, and $13,500 steak dinners.

The truth is, I suspect, that the Commander in Chief, in his never-ending attempt to turn the United States Military into the Peace Corps is refusing to allow our troops to be armed. He has yet to rescind the order that originally disarmed them. We are in this stinking situation because President Obama has decided it’s better to fight them over here than fight there over there. Now we (and by we I mean military families and military personnel) are paying the price for his naiveté’ and incompetence. Rather than taking up a fight to protect their own troops who are now engaged in war on our own turf, Pentagon officials have put on mom jeans and poodle skirts and want men like Chesty Puller,Dakota Meyer, Robert E. O”Malley, and Duayne E. Dewey to respond to an attack by cowering behind desks or running for the back door. While I have no doubt that our Marines will die for their country if necessary it’s far better to have the bad guys die for theirs.

More: Donald J. Trump on the Right to Keep and Bear Arms

MILITARY BASES AND RECRUITING CENTERS. Banning our military from carrying firearms on bases and at recruiting centers is ridiculous. We train our military how to safely and responsibly use firearms, but our current policies leave them defenseless. To make America great again, we need a strong military. To have a strong military, we need to allow them to defend themselves.


Tennessee: 2 Muslims arrested for firing pellet gun near girls soccer game

Source: 2 MTSU students accused of firing pellet gun near soccer game – WSMV Channel 4

MURFREESBORO, TN (WSMV) -Two MTSU students have been arrested for allegedly firing a pellet gun near a crowd watching the girls soccer game at Riverdale High School on Thursday night.

School Resource Officer James Coots heard the pellet gun go off and turned to see the gun sticking out of the passenger side window of a Toyota, according to the Rutherford County Sheriff’s Office.

The driver sped off, and Coots pursued the car until he and other deputies were eventually able to stop the vehicle. During a search of the car, Coots said he found a pellet gun lying on the floorboard.

Mohamad Nasoah Al-Dahan and Khaled Mahfouz, both 21, are charged with felony reckless endangerment with a weapon. They are being held on a $25,000 bond.

Rutherford County Schools officials said no one was injured and all students are safe.

“We take our responsibility seriously of protecting students both during classes and at after-school events,” said Sheriff Robert Arnold in a news release.. “SRO Coots, other responding deputies and the detectives did an outstanding job in quickly apprehending the suspects and charging the suspects. We are happy no one was injured during this unfortunate incident.”

In Nashville, 2 Muslims on Terrorist Watch List Seen on Trevecca Nazarene University Campus.

Tennessee: 7th graders made to write “Allah is the only God,” learn Islam

A foldable assignment given this week to seventh-graders at Spring Hill Middle School to list the five pillars of Islam. PHOTOS SUBMITTED BY BRANDEE PORTERFIELD.

Islamic supremacists in the U.S. and around the world are laughing at Americans. via Maury parents angered over Islam unit – Spring Hill Home Page

Maury County Director of Schools Chris Marczak has asked parents concerned about a seventh grade social studies class on the history of Islam to discuss their questions in a Sept. 17 meeting with district teachers and administrators.

“If we are truly going to Grow Maury County together, then we need to openly talk and discuss about what we want to emphasize in our county,” Marczak said in a noon Thursday statement to district parents.

I encourage you to talk with your children, talk with your teachers, and talk with your principals. We are here to help your children be prepared for Life.”

The issue arose over new state-mandated standards on middle school social studies about early American history. The standards were developed two years ago and implemented in the 2014-2015 school year.

A Spring Hill Middle School parent complained after seeing a school project her daughter had created featuring the Shahada, or Five Pillars of Faith in Islam: prayer, almsgiving, fasting, pilgrimage and creed.

The creed pillar is known in Arabic as “Shahada,” and in transcribing it students were instructed to write, “Allah is the only God,” said parent Brandee Porterfield.

“These [papers] belong to my daughter in seventh grade at Spring Hill Middle. They have studied Islam for three weeks, but skipped the whole chapter on Christianity because it’s not in the state standards.”

Porterfield said her daughter’s teacher “was not happy about it,” but told the parent she must teach to the standards.

“She said this will be on TCAPs. Both her teacher and Principal Shanda Sparrow said students would not have to write the Shahada again.

“The teacher approached my daughter before class and was very understanding. My daughter told her she would not recite or write the Shahada or anything saying ‘Allah is the only God.’ The teacher said she wouldn’t have to.”

During class time on Tuesday, Porterfield said the teacher verbally asked students about the five pillars, “And the students were reciting the Shahada.”


The 6th pillar of Islam is JIHAD – fighting against non-believers.

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Tennessee: Woman fired for saying Muslim who killed 5 was ‘a piece of shit scum’

via Woman banned from Northgate Mall: “I will Sh** on your Quran.” – WDEF News 12.

CHATTANOOGA, Tennessee(WDEF) – A Chattanooga woman with strong views about Islam finds herself out of a job and banned from Northgate Mall.

Heidi Grubbs was gainfully employed at the Belk department store inside Northgate Mall until a customer overheard her conversation about domestic terrorist Mohammad Abdulazeez, the shooter who killed five servicemen in Chattanooga last month.

I made a comment specifically towards the terrorist Mohammad and his family by stating that he was a piece of sh** scum and his family was too for killing our men. And then I was fired because I refused to apologize for it,” Grubbs said.

But losing her job wasn’t the only thing she was faced with.

“Two officers in the loss prevention office told me I was to be banned from all properties of CBL because of a sign that I have on my car.”

The sign is an anti-Islamic message that she proudly stuck on her window.


“The original sign on my car states that I will sh** on your Koran; I’ll spit in the face of your Mohammad; and that Islam is a lie.”

In a previous interview with Writer Joe Newby, Grubbs said she has been very outspoken about Islam since moving to Chattanooga from Memphis. “What happened to our soldiers” is more offensive than anything she might have written on paper, she added. Continue reading

Tennessee: Woman Weds ISIS Militant She Met Online; Celebrates Chattanooga Terror Attack


via Former Homeschooled Pentecostal Woman Weds ISIS Militant She Met Online; Celebrates Chattanooga Terror Attack. h/t boudica

A Tennessee woman who identified as a Pentecostal Christian during her teenage years has allegedly started a new life in an Islamic State-controlled territory where she married a member of the terror group whom she met online.

Ariel Bradley, 29, of Chattanooga, fled the U.S. and has lived with her IS husband and two children for more than a year, according to BuzzFeed. She also celebrated the recent shooting and killing of five servicemen by a Muslim in her hometown via Twitter shortly after the incident.

“Gifted this morning not only with Eid but w/ the news of the brother puttin fear n the heart of kufar [non-believers] n the city of my birth. Alhamdullilah [thanks be to God],” wrote Bradley before making her Twitter feed private.

She now goes by the name Umm Aminah on Twitter and many of her friends have not heard from her for some time.

via How One Young Woman Went From Fundamentalist Christian To ISIS Bride – BuzzFeed News.

CHATTANOOGA, Tennessee — On July 17, the city of Chattanooga woke to the sober reality that the events of the past 24 hours had not been some sort of nightmare — a young man named Mohammad Abdulazeez had attacked a military recruiting center and military base, killing four Marines and bringing fears of Islamist terrorism to the place known as one of the most “Most Bible-Minded” cities in America.

Halfway around the world, however, one woman saw the news on Twitter and posted her joy: “Gifted this morning not only with Eid but w/ the news of a brother puttin fear n the heart of kufar [non-believers] n the city of my birth. Alhamdullilah [thanks be to God].”

BuzzFeed News has confirmed that this woman, who calls herself “Emarah bint Aljon” or “Umm Aminah,” is Ariel Bradley, a 29-year-old American from the Chattanooga suburb of Hixson — where shooter Abdulazeez also lived — who has been living in ISIS-controlled territory in Syria for more than a year, with her Iraqi-born husband and their two children. The couple’s first child, a daughter, was born in Chattanooga in 2012. Their son was born in Syria late last year.

“May Allah accept [the Chattanooga shooter] as shaheed [a martyr],” she wrote from her recently restored Twitter account @aminah_umm. “in sha Allah [if God wills] this will make the camps of Emaan [believers] and Kuffr [non believers] known within Chattanooga.”

Ariel’s mother, Dianne Bradley, said she did not know the daughter she raised and homeschooled as an evangelical Christian had willingly joined ISIS until BuzzFeed News approached her on the steps of the family home in Hixson. With an anxious scan of the front yard, lip trembling, Dianne Bradley said her daughter told her family last year that she had traveled to the Middle East with her husband, Yasin Mohamad, on “a mission trip” to help her husband’s family. She said she was concerned when she received a photo of her two grandchildren — 2-year-old Aminah, dressed all in black, holding her infant brother, Yaqub — in March and worried that her daughter was involved with extremism, but she told BuzzFeed News the family had not approached the U.S. government about their concerns about the missing 29-year-old and her family.

When first contacted by BuzzFeed News in late May, Ariel responded to emails and various messages posted to her social media platforms to confirm her identity and location. But she declined subsequent requests to be formally interviewed. Ariel’s relatives, who have been in contact with her as recently as June, also declined to sit down for a formal interview.

BuzzFeed News spent weeks in Chattanooga talking to nearly 20 of Ariel’s friends, ex-boyfriends, and former employers, many of whom spoke on the condition they only be identified by their relationship to Ariel because they fear reprisals from ISIS and negative attention from the Chattanooga community. Despite personal concerns and their confusion over Ariel’s situation, most of the friends who spoke with BuzzFeed News emphasized their affection for Ariel. Nearly all — including the Muslim man she fell for in early 2011 before her conversion but who didn’t return her affection — were puzzled by the same question: How did the bubbly, caring, self-described feminist, who lived and partied with them, who got tattoos and dropped acid, become someone who would embrace a radical ideology that calls for the subjugation of women and the destruction of her home country?

“The thing about Ariel that was just so weird was that she had such a clearly segmented life,” said a female friend who dated one of Ariel’s housemates in 2009. “It was like, when I first met her she was a Christian, and then she was a socialist, and then she was an atheist, and then a Muslim. As far as I could tell it was always in relation to whatever guy she was interested in, so if she meets a guy that’s an atheist then she’s an atheist, falls into that for a year. Then the guy leaves and she meets somebody new, and it starts all over again.”

Throughout her time in Syria, Ariel remained active on social media. Using variations of “Umm Aminah” or “Emarah bint Aljon” (a nod to her beloved father) she created different Twitter accounts to tweet about her life in Syria. “Dua’a [prayers] plz.. Being a muslimah,mommy,non Arabic speaker n Sham [Syria] & wife of a mujahid [the word ISIS fighters use to describe themselves] brings heavy trails [sic]. in sha Allah I pass this test,” she posted on Feb. 11, 2015.

 Much more detail at Buzzfeed, including the fact she worked for Palestinian Muslim where she met another Muslim man and began attending mosque on her path to jihad.


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