Texas: At Least 24 Bangladeshi Nationals Caught at Border in March; 160 Since October

“The arrest of these people from Bangladesh shows there is a clear pipeline from the Middle East through Mexico to the southern border of Texas,”

Texas: Muslim chiropractor molested woman just days before she gave birth

Farooqui was previously charged with 3 counts of sexual assault and arrested again in December on charges of indecency with a child by sexual contact and sexual assault.

San Antonio: Muslim teen who refused arranged marriage endured nearly daily beatings

The suitor, Mohammad al-Taie, who lives outside San Antonio, already had offered her gold jewelry and gold bars in exchange for her hand in marriage

Texas: Muslim parents arrested – beat teen daughter, poured hot cooking oil on her for refusing arranged marriage

"Several times it was reported to us that this young lady was abused with hot cooking oil being thrown on her body. She was beat with broomsticks. At least one point, she was choked almost to the point of unconsciousness.”

Texas: Muslim “Clock boy” father loses Islamophobia lawsuit against city, school, and police

Winning: The judge also ordered the family to cover all of the costs of the lawsuit.

Texas-born Muslim Student Association (MSA) Leader Gets 45 Years for Conspiring to Murder U.S. Soldiers for Al-Qaeda

“Farekh, a citizen of this country, turned his back on America by joining al-Qaeda and trying to kill American soldiers in a bomb attack"

Texas: Moore County had 5th-highest per capita Muslim population in the US

Moore County at one point had the fifth-highest per capita Muslim population in the United States

Texas: Councilman Pressured to Quit for Wanting Islam Out of Public Schools

Watch for him to be driven from office and disgraced utterly for his “Islamophobia.”

Texas: National Guard Exploited with Food Photo-Op by Terror-Related Islamic Groups

Troops were used as embarrassing photo ops for radical Muslim institutions (IST, ICNA, ISNA).

Texas: Muslim parents get light sentence for lying to FBI about son’s jihad activities

Sumaiya Ali communicated regularly with her son's about their whereabouts and desire to fight for ISIS. She told one son to "Do what u need to do."

Texas: Muslim substitute teacher sent his resume to, then joined ISIS

The George Washington researchers believe that Abu Muhammad al-Ameriki successfully joined ISIS in Iraq, where he is still believed to be alive.

Texas: Muslim professor goes on ‘frightening Islamic rant’, students call 911 (VIDEO)

Muslim professor: 'I do not answer to your standard. I am not a Christian. I am not a Jew. I'm a Muslim.'

Texas: School district says teacher did not call police on 6-year-old Muslim boy

Pearland ISD Superintendent posted a blog on Dec. 5 blasting media coverage and social media response to various events in the school district, including the incident at C.J. Harris.

Texas: Immigrant Imam Preaches to Muslims About Killing Jews

"My brothers, the Prophet Muhammad brought the good tidings, when he said: 'Judgment day will not come until...The Muslims will kill the Jews'

Univ of Houston Muslim professor jailed; transferred drug ring money to Jordan

After completing his prison term, Omar Maher Al Nasser, will serve two years of supervised release and pay a $10,000 fine.

Texas: Convert to Islam died fighting for ISIS, court papers say

His mother was sent an electronic message that said her son had died and suggested he was killed while fighting.

Texas: Just released Muslim terrorist now facing ISIS charges in Beaumont

Prosecutors said that they believed that the defendant was a citizen of Eritrea and a resident of Sweden.

Houston: Muslim Refugee Given 16 Years for ISIS Support

Al Hardan, a Palestinian who came to the U.S. as a refugee in 2009, had stated, "I want to blow myself up... I am against America."

Texas: Muslim college student pleads guilty to conspiracy to support ISIS

Khan is at least the sixth person in Texas to plead guilty to attempting to provide support for ISIS

Texas: Muslim Arrested For Attempting to Provide Material Support to ISIS

Damlarkaya allegedly shared his intentions to travel overseas to fight for ISIS or, if unable, to commit an attack in the United States.