Dallas: Outfront Media Refuses Billboard Offering Help to Muslim Girls at Risk of Honor Violence, Runs Ads Promoting Hijab

It is quickly becoming impossible to criticize any aspect of Islam in the public square. @OUTFRONTMEDIAUS sides with sharia over freedom.

Texas: Terrorists in the “Best Small Town in America”

Today, Denton and Denton County are home to several terrorist front organizations, including the Islamic Society of Denton.

Student-housing deal structured to comply with Islamic sharia law includes 911 units in five U.S. cities

In all, the purchase includes 911 units with 2,059 student housing beds in Alabama, Florida, Michigan, New York, Pennsylvania and Texas.

Texas: Houston getting new mega mosque for first Ismaili center in U.S.

The center will be located on the corner of Allen Parkway and Montrose Boulevard.

Former U.S. Air Force and Counterintelligence Agent Converted to Islam, Gave Classified Info to Iran

Monica Elfriede Witt, aka Fatemah Zahra, converted to Islam then betrayed her colleagues and America.

Texas: 18-year-old charged with recruiting for Pakistani Islamic terror group LeT

Michael Kyle Sewell, of Arlington, Texas has been charged with conspiring to provide material support and resources to LeT, a Pakistani-based terrorist organization.

Texas: Muslim convert who tried to become English teacher for ISIS indicted

The FBI has said about 300 Americans have left or tried to leave the U.S. to join ISIS.

Texas: Muslim couple convicted of keeping African girl as slave for 16 years

Mohamed Touré, the son of Guinea’s first president Ahmed Sékou Touré, and his wife arranged for the child to travel to the US when she was only 5 years old.

Two American jihadis captured fighting for ISIS in Syria, militia says

Warren Christopher Clark (Abu Mohammad al-Ameriki) and Zaid Abed al-Hamid (Abu Zaid al-Ameriki) captured fighting for ISIS in Syria.

Texas: Teacher arrested trying to sell underage relative for sex in Morocco

Woman was conspiring to traffic her underage relative online to multiple men in Muslim nation of Morocco.

Texas: Muslim Leader Accused of Sexually Grooming Teen Girl Also Faces Polygamy Allegations

...two decades before Imam Zia Ul-Haq Sheikh arrived in Texas, he was dismissed from a mosque in Richmond, Virginia where he’d secretly married a second wife - a young convert the imam had been teaching.

Texas: Turkish Non-Profit President Guilty in Scheme to Conceal Foreign Funding of 2013 Congressional Trip

Oksuz lied on disclosure forms filed with the Ethics Committee prior to, and following, a privately sponsored Congressional trip to Azerbaijan.

Terrorist Lawfare and the Dallas Morning News

"The paper [ @dallasnews ] just really rolled over, very timid and frightened about the whole thing. They just wanted it to go away."

Report: At Least 15 Suspected Terrorists Captured Enroute to and at U.S.-Mexico Border Since 2001

But DHS reports it prevented 3,755 known or suspected terrorists from traveling to or entering the U.S. in FY 17.

More Bangladeshis Apprehended at Texas Border, Six in 12 Hours

During the month of October, the first month of the new fiscal year, Laredo Sector agents apprehended at least 75 Bangladeshi nationals.

Texas: Police Chief Goes to Notorious Irving Mosque, Tells Them Legality of Reporting Child Sexual Abuse

Spivey said he went to the Irving Mosque to discuss the duty residents have to report child sexual abuse...

Texas: Notorious Mosque Covered Up Abuse of Children, Allowing Suspected Pedophile to Flee Country

The accused man, who was visiting from abroad, is a relative of a member, the mosque said, and he left the United States days after being identified to mosque leaders.

Texas: Prominent Imam Forced Out of Mosque After Grooming Teen Girl for Sex

Zia Ul-Haq Sheikh was forced out of an Irving mosque but is now working as an imam in Grand Prairie, Texas.

650 Bangladeshi Illegals Arrested in Single Texas Border Sector in 2018

“When you have countries like Bangladesh that have had potential ties to terrorism in the past, what is their intent when they are crossing into the United States illegally?”

Texas: Plano Library and Terror-linked CAIR Enforce Sharia, Remove Graphic Novel that Takes on Al-Qaeda

Banning books that may offend Muslims is enforcing sharia law.