Video: New book exposes Qatar and the Muslim Brotherhood’s financing and Islamization network

An in-depth and eye-opening investigation on Qatar’s religious activism in the West and financial links to Muslim Brotherhood groups.

California: How did a Muslim refugee – arrested for ISIS cop killing – get into the U.S.? (VIDEO)

Omar Abdulsattar Ameen lied multiple times on his refugee application and was later arrested for killing on behalf of ISIS.

Minnesota: Bill Will Ban Driving With Mobile Phone…Unless Phone is in a Hijab or Scarf

"No one should be exempt under the guise of cultural sensitivity." ~State Rep. Jeremy Munson

Houston: Muslim Children Sing: ‘Allah Akbar, Khamenei Is Our Leader…We Are Your Soldiers’ (VIDEO)

...young boys wearing scarves and green headbands sang a song for Khamenei: "We are your followers, you are our Leader… We are your soldiers, and together we can all be your power…"

New Zealand: Mosque targeted in shootings has produced at least two Muslim terrorists

New evidence is emerging that several people may have been converted to radical Islam at the Al Noor mosque in New Zealand.

Kansas: Overland Park Planning Commission Approves Muslim Brotherhood Mosque Expansion Next to Public Schools

'If this facility were sponsored by a private developer seeking to build a school and other amenities the city would say “absolutely not'

‘ISIS brides’ vow revenge when returned to the West

"We will seek vengeance, there will be blood up to your knees."

Refresher on Ilhan Omar, CAIR & the Muslim Brotherhood in US Govt (VIDEO)

Ilhan Omar worked for, raises money for, and accepts donations from terror-linked CAIR aka HAMAS.

Activist to Americans Who Visit Ilhan Omar’s Minnesota District: ‘You Won’t Think You’re in America’

“Americans truly need to understand that this will affect you one day if you don’t make a change right now,” she said of sharia, adding she knows the early signs of genocide.

Video: Making Islamophobia a Crime

via Bill Warner, PhD: Making Islamophobia a Crime The APPG is a group of members of the UK Parliament who have issued a document that defines Islamophobia. Their goal is to make Islamophobia a crime. Islam is defined as whatever Muslims want it to be. The APPG says that free speech will not be affected … Continue reading Video: Making Islamophobia a Crime

Arizona: Bodycam footage shows ISIS suspect attacking police officer, then shot (VIDEO)

"My name is Ismail Hamed," he said. "I live in Fountain Hills, and I'm owing my allegiance to the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria."

Cleric: Non-Muslims Must Convert to Islam, Pay Jizya, or Be Killed; Don’t Be Ashamed of Our Religion

'If we kill him [non-Muslim], he goes to the Hellfire, and if we capture him, he becomes a slave.'

Michigan: 3 Muslim immigrants arrested for plan to join Islamic State (ISIS)

All three Muslims who are immigrants from Kenya pledged their allegiance to ISIS.

New York Imam: Wife-Beating Is Permissible…But Only To Hurt Her Dignity (VIDEO)

Flushing, Queens mosque where immigrant imam teaches Muslims when and how to beat their wives according to sharia law.

Indiana’s Muslim Congressman Envisions 35 Muslim Reps in Congress by 2030

“Then we’re talking about...Governor Ilhan, President Fatima, Vice President Aziza. Inshallah.”

Central American Countries Are Helping Middle Easterners Illegally Enter The United States

Terrrorists Know the U.S. Border Is Not Secure [Governments, Cartels & Smugglers Know Too]

Egypt: Christian sentenced to 3 years prison for Facebook post comparing Jesus with Muhammad

He was arrested and soon afterward, a mob attacked the homes of Coptic Christians. Police arrested 90 Muslims in the mob, then released most of them

December 21, 1988: Muslim terrorists blow up Pan Am Flight 103 killing 189 Americans, 270 in all

The bombing killed 270 people, including 189 Americans on board - 35 were Syracuse University students heading home for Christmas.

New York Imam: Islam Without Jihad – Like Honey Without Sweetness (VIDEO)

Imam in NY, Muhammad "Mufti" Ibn Muneer, said that a martyr killed fighting for Allah holds the highest status of martyrdom...

California: Video shows Muslim bragging of plot to bomb gay bars and UC Berkeley

According to court records, Amer Alhaggagi told informants he wanted to plant a bomb in a gay club in San Francisco and had a goal to kill 10,000 people.