Video: Debunking the “small minority of Muslims” MYTH

Source: Islam and terror: Destroying the “small minority of Muslims” MYTH – The Rebel

Tonight’s program will shatter the “small minority of Muslims” misconception peddled by the mainstream media, Hollywood and the Left in general.

Using hard facts and statistics, we show that the carnage the world has been experiencing at the hands of terrorists is VERY much about Islam, the religion, and that the number of radicals is not a “tiny minority,” as we’re told by the Ben Afflecks of the world.

Truth told, hundreds and hundreds of millions of Muslims, including many in the West, hold radical beliefs. Author Raheel Raza, a practicing Muslim, is honest and open about this on the show.


Video: Bob Graham Still Shining Light on Uncle Sam’s 9/11 Saudi Cover-Up

Source: The Death of the Grown-Up | Diana West   h/t EuroNews


Obama blasts Saudi 9/11 bill

Saudi’s Pull Mafia Moves Over 9/11 Role

Paul Ryan won’t back bill allowing 9/11 victims sue Saudi Arabia

Even Bernie Sanders backs bill to let 9/11 families sue Saudi Arabia


Canada: CBC won’t name swimming pool sex assault suspect – because he’s Muslim migrant



Source: CBC won’t name swimming pool sex assault suspect — because he’s a Muslim migrant – The Rebel

Terrible mass sexual assault in a Lethbridge hotel swimming pool on Saturday. Two young girls, and a grown woman, were attacked in the Holiday Inn.


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VIDEO: Muslims in UK demand sharia: “Islam Will Conquer the West”

Source: Pamela Geller

Watch the video. These Muslims make clear their goals. “There is only one Islam. There is no extreme Islam, there is no moderate Islam. Islam is Islam.”


Related: Arabic-speaking aid worker warns Britain many migrants have ‘no intention of living under Christian law’ (presumably that’s Western law).



Video: European Elites Conspired to Lie about the Islamic Enemy Invasion

Source: European Elites Conspired to Lie about the Islamic Enemy | Islam vs the West | Limits to Growth

It’s hard to figure exactly how Europe became so dangerously insane. Certainly extreme liberalism has created a cascade of bad ideas, like all diversity is wonderful and mistrust of Islam is evil racism (even though a person of any race can be a Muslim).

However European culture went off the tracks, its survival is dangling by a thread now. Elites and the press conspired to welcome a dangerous enemy tribe inside the gates in huge numbers. The crimes committed by the newbie Islamics were willfully covered up, even as public safety has been destroyed in the unopposed hijrah (conquest by immigration). Hundreds of women were attacked in Cologne and beyond on New Years and the latest response from government is to create gender-segregated trains rather than keep out the feral Muslims. Women are warned to stay home after dark, and swimming pools have become dangerous places for both sexes.

Dale Hurd reports on the depth of the cover-up:


The Basics of Islam: The “Islamophobia” Scam (Video)

Jihad Watch director Robert Spencer explains the “Islamophobia” scam. h/t EuropeNews

Trump v. Cruz on Islam (audio)

Not “Islamism” or “radical Islam”. Source: Ted Cruz Versus Donald Trump on Islam: A Discussion With Audrey Russo | Dr. Andrew Bostom  h/t Europe News

In the wake of the Brussels jihad carnage, Audrey Russo and I discussed the divergent views on Islam of GOP POTUS candidates Ted Cruz, and Donald Trump. Much of this material was covered in depth in two recent PJ Media essays of mine published in March (here; and here).

Trump understands viscerally Islam’s animus toward non-Muslims: “Islam hates us” in his apt if blunt assessment. But Cruz has denounced Trump’s clear and irrefragable insight, while camouflaging this harsh reality with weasel word descriptors like “radical Islam,” and “Islamism,” and gushing about faux “reformer” Egyptian military despot el-Sisi, a Caliphate romanticizing, virulently anti-secular consensus Sharia advocate, or worse still, the Shiite Soylent Green Movement of Iran, whose odious political and “spiritual” leadership remain najis [infidel “impurity”]-inspired jihadists, and Islamic Jew-haters. The Green Movement “spiritual guide” the late Ayatollah Montazeri [d. December, 2009], summed up this najis Weltanschauung: infidels must be regarded as both spiritually and physically impure to inculcate Muslim hatred of them, and their ways—the very hatred emanating from Islam which the “un-sophisticated” Donald Trump senses in his gut!

We made a further comparison between Cruz’s foreign policy advisers, and Trump adviser Dr. Walid Phares—an Arabic speaking Maronite Christian refugee from the jihad in Lebanon, and a very astute Political Scientist, who has long advocated the need for protected enclaves for non-Muslim minorities chronically oppressed by jihad depredations, and enforcement of the Sharia

We also discussed Trump immigration adviser Stephen Miller’s remarkably bold insight on one horrific effect of Muslim immigration to the U.S. (for which Miller was decried on CNN by his idiotic clitoral relativist co-panelists!): since 1990, a 300% increase in the misogynistic barbarity of female genital mutilation [FGM], driven by Muslim immigrants from Egypt, Somalia, and the Muslim population of Guinea, as described in a March 2016 Centers for Disease Control report.

Finally, we talked about YouGov polling data released this week, which reflect common sense attitudes shared by Donald Trump and a broad swath of the American public based upon the daily realities of mainstream, authoritative Islam’s “religious” pronouncements, and concurrent Muslim behaviors, across Islamdom, and within the Muslim “diaspora”:

  • 59% of Americans (39% of Democrats, 65% Independents, and 83% of Republicans) believe Islam is “more likely to encourage violence” than other faiths
  • 61% of Americans (46% of Democrats, 55% of Independents, and 83% of Republicans) view Islam unfavorably
  • 51% of Americans, 32% of Democrats, 52% Independents, and 81% Republicans agree with Donald Trump’s rational call for a moratorium on Muslim immigration to the U.S.

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