Mayor of Alexandria, Virginia “raced” to celebrate Ramadan with terror-linked Islamic group

Mayor Allison Silberberg tweeted that she left the Democratic debate and raced to a Ramadan feast with terror-linked Islamic group.

Virginia: Muslim ‘tried to poison his estranged wife and kids with donuts’

Test conducted on the donuts found that they contained the chemical naphthalene.

Virginia Mosque Declares: Politics is Our Weapon

"You get involved because politics are a weapon to use in the cause of Islam"

Virginia: DC Metro cop who converted to Islam & tried to aid jihadis gets 15 years

‘Nicholas Young swore an oath to protect and defend, and instead violated the public’s trust by attempting to support ISIS...’

The Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR) is Hamas

“The Government has produced ample evidence to establish the associations of CAIR, ISNA, and NAIT with the HLF, the Islamic Association of Palestine (“IAP”), and with Hamas.”

Virginia: Muslim who wanted jihad tried to join military, pleads guilty

Shivam Patel pleaded guilty to charges he hid information from military recruiters.

Video: FBI Asst Director for DC Field Office Lauding Terrorist Mosque and its Leaders

FBI Assistant Director for the Washington (DC) Field Office lauding the terrorist mosque and its leaders.

Virginia: FBI conducts terrorism related raid at Sterling home, Muslim arrested

Neighbors said the man, Sean Andrew Duncan, would wear a long black robe and had a long beard, while the woman wore a burqa.

Virginia: Muslim gets 20 years for supporting Islamic State terrorists

After his arrest, Williams reiterated that he “stood with ISIS” and his belief that he was part of a “holy war.”

Virginia: Pakistani Muslim cleric defines America as “The land of Infidels”

At a Holiday Inn in Springfield, Virginia, speakers included an Islamist from Pakistan and radical Imams from Maryland, Virginia, and Texas.

Virginia: Palestinian Muslim who left U.S. to join ISIS gets 20 years prison

Mohamad Khweis also said he had not told U.S. officials about another American who had trained with ISIS to conduct an attack in the U.S.

Virginia: Man Who Lied to FBI About ISIS Friend Gets Two Years

Queen told Qamar, “I’m never going to throw a Muslim underneath the bus to try to do the right thing.”

Video: Muslims takeover streets of Chicago, Houston, Dallas, New York

Muslims take over the streets in cities across the U.S. for their bloody Ashura procession.

Virginia: Jailhouse convert pledges allegiance to ISIS, arrested weeks after prison release

While incarcerated, Spain swore a pledge of loyalty, commonly known as bayat, to Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, the leader of ISIS.

Virginia: DOJ Subpoenas Christian Pastor For His Views on Islam, Fed Court Dismisses

Outlandish effort to shake down a Christian pastor about his views on Islam by the Justice Department in an Obama-era holdover case.

Virginia: Muslim pleads guilty to funding Islamic terrorists

After his arrest, he told agents he supported ISIS and believed he was part of a “holy war.”

Terror-listed Muslim group CAIR wants all Confederate memorials in U.S. removed

Terror-linked Muslim group wants to erase American history...and continue the process of replacing it with Islam.

Virginia: School lesson – ‘create poster about 5 Pillars of Islam to be displayed in classroom and around the school’

"Instruct each pair to create a poster about the Five Pillars to be displayed in the classroom and around the school to help educate their schoolmates about Islam."

FBI Seized Hard Drives From Home of Democrat’s Muslim IT Aide

Police have not examined its contents because of the invocation of the Constitution’s “Speech and Debate clause.

Terror-linked Mega-Mosque in Rural Virginia Exempt From Zoning Laws

The mosque will be built and allowed a sewage infrastructure no other resident could acquire because it was never about equal treatment; it was about special treatment. For Muslims.