Amazon bows to terror-linked CAIR, removes products with Islamic writing

An Amazon spokesperson confirmed that the products are being removed. (per sharia law)

Seattle: King County Pays $200K in Attorney Fees for Violating Anti-Jihad Group’s First Amendment Rights

King County (Seattle, Washington) violated the First Amendment when it rejected a “Faces of Global Terrorism” ad

Seattle: Court Unanimously Rules that King County’s Rejection of “Faces of Global Terrorism” Ad Violates 1st Amendment

'Rejection of the ad based on its disparagement standard was viewpoint discrimination and that its rejection of the ad based on its disruption standard was unreasonable'

Law Firm Sends Letter to Seattle Public Schools Regarding Pro-Muslim Program

CAIR is not infiltrating the District as a wolf in sheep’s clothing—this wolf comes as a wolf.

Washington: Muslim immigrant attacked woman on bridge, held on $100,000 bond

The victim says her attacker grabbed her and pointed a bb gun at her head.

Washington: King County schools accommodate sharia, as Muslim population grows

A school in Seattle rescheduled its prom and senior breakfast to avoid disrupting Ramadan, another rescheduled finals so teachers could excuse students who needed to pray.

Jammal Harraz charged with bomb threat “prank” at Univ of Washington

“Attention,” the audio message said. “C4 has been successfully activated. Bomb detonation countdown successfully started.”

Univ of Washington professor on probation for mentioning her Christian faith in front of Muslim student

'My Director asked me, “Do your read your Bible on campus?” In the final warning letter, the administration forbade me any mentioning of “God”...'

West Virginia: Government ‘Fusion Centers’ spying on patriots concerned about Islam

"...the intimidation tactics used by fusion centers are similar to the East German Stasi and other secret-police agencies."

New Jersey: Seattle Muslim accused of terrorism standing trial in 1 of 4 jihad killings

Ali Muhammad – who was on a terrorist watch list – confessed that his jihad killings were ‘“vengeance” for the loss of innocent lives killed as a result of American military operations’.

Washington: Muslim refugee attacks cop with sword, then shot dead

Hussein Hassan was a refugee from Somalia - Sunday's sword attack was not his first assault of a policeman.

Editor at Portland State Univ Fired for Reporting Muslim’s View on Killing Apostates

"in a country based on the Koranic laws, disbelieving, or being an infidel, is not allowed"

Washington: Muslim who killed 5 in deadly mall shooting hangs himself in jail

The Hillary Clinton-supporting Muslim mall shooter was found dead in his jail cell.

Muslim Women in Virginia & Washington Sentenced for Funding Islamic Terror Group

The Muslim women were recorded as they laughed at the then ongoing Westgate Mall massacre and at the Boston Marathon Bombing

Seattle: The costs of Muslim sharia-compliant swimming

"It has already been a challenge to hire only female staff for our existing women-only swim times."

Army appoints Muslim chaplain to 7th Infantry Division’s 14,000+ mostly Christian troops

A Muslim spiritual leader for more than 14,000 mostly Christian soldiers.

Seattle Mayor Holds State of the City address… at Mosque

In doing so, Seattle Mayor Ed Murray forced every non-Muslim in attendance to submit to the sharia - as seen in the picture. He proceeded to announce his vow sue the feds for enforcing federal laws which he also vowed not to enforce. Treason anyone? State of the Caliph, via Seattle mayor Ed Murray delivers … Continue reading Seattle Mayor Holds State of the City address… at Mosque

Washington: Lynnwood police chief goes to mosque service, bows down to Islam

The Lynnwood police chief also announced that members of the police force will be allowed to wear hijabs.

Virginia: 2 Somali Women Convicted for Funding al-Shabaab Terrorists

Jama and Dhirane were recorded as they laughed as the carnage at the Westgate Mall in Nairobi was still taking place; they were also recorded as they laughed at the Boston Marathon Bombing

Muslim Immigrant Who Killed 5 at Washington Mall Voted…Illegally (for Hillary)

Mass murder suspect Arcan Cetin voted in presidential primary earlier this year and on Twitter announced, "I vote for Hillary Clinton."