Texas: Muslim burial grounds plan meets resistance in Farmersville

via Islamic cemetery plan meets resistance in Farmersville.

FARMERSVILLE — Farmersville, population 3,400, is normally a quiet town in eastern Collin County.

It was a loud community on Tuesday night.

More than 100 residents packed into City Council chambers to share their disapproval of a proposal that would bring an Islamic cemetery within city limits.

“It is my duty and my right to warn when there is a danger,” said one resident during the 30-minute public comment portion.

The standing-room-only crowd even had some residents waiting outside, hoping to hear the comments.

“That is not the right land use,” one resident said. “It’s going to be a great big issue and it’s going to kill Farmersville,” said another.

The disputed piece of land is on 34 acres and runs along Highway 380, Audie Murphy Highway. As of Tuesday, the land was owned by the Islamic Association of Collin County.

The cemetery is proposed by a group of five Islamic centers in Collin County.

This is why stopping Muslim immigration is of the utmost importance. Once there are five Islamic centers in your county, you are screwed. They will only keep multiplying and history paints a bleak picture for territory overtaken by Muslims.

“This is not an issue about religion; this is an issue about human dignity,” said the Islamic Association’s resident scholar Khalil Abdur-Rashid. He said all this anger stems from misinformation and confusion.

“Some thought it was a mosque going to be built; others thought it was a training ground,” Abdur-Rashid said. “We want to be very clear that this is a cemetery.”

It would be a final resting place primarily for Muslims, he said, but added the board is working on a special application process that would allow interfaith burials.

“I’ve seen this highway when it was just two lanes,” said Patricia Bosnell, pointing to Highway 380.

She has been a Farmersville resident for 61 years; three generations of her family have called the town home. She she said mystery surrounds the Islamic group and its intentions. Her family has questions about Islam, and specifically about burial practices.

Abdur-Rashid told News 8 there are strict traditions, like burying the dead immediately.

“What do you think they’re going to do to someone who is not buried properly?” Bosnell asked.

The proposal still needs to be signed off by the town’s planning and zoning board; only then will the City Council hear the proposal.

If this is like other Muslim burial sites in the U.S., they may have already started burying people there and residents should prepare for the zoning jihad.

“There is something about it that ya’ll are missing,” said one angry resident who feels the city hasn’t done enough research.

Abdur-Rashid calls Farmersville the perfect place for the Islamic cemetery. It is a town that prides itself on home-town hero and one of the most decorated war veterans, Audie Murphy. Abdur-Rashid said that connection played a role in the Islamic Association choosing the area.

What connection? Murphy fought the Nazi’s and Muslims fought with the Nazi’s. Abdur-Rashid is blowing smoke up someone’s tail pipe. It’s called taqiyya.

“We wanted our community to be able to visit their loved ones in a place that is known to provide honor and dignity, and fond memories of those of the past,” he said.

The opposition feels the Islamic Association chose Farmersville because they thought it was a small town and no one would fight it. Some even alleging that the organization’s proposal had been denied by other Collin County cities.

Abdur-Rashid tells News 8 the other locations in Collin County simply didn’t make economic sense, and the options weren’t viable.

Farmersville residents should take a look at the IACC constitution (pdf), that includes the following:


 It’s all for the benefit of Muslims and Muslims “shall strive to propogate Islam and shall actively engage in Islam Daw’ah work through all means of communication.” Including taqiyya.

Update via NPR, who spoke to the city manager: (h/t Debbie)

SILVERMAN: To find out how city officials are handling all this, I walked a few blocks – past Lovey’s Cafe, the town’s old onion shed and an antique shop with a speaker out front.

SILVERMAN: City manager Ben White is in no dancing mood, though he says the controversy has made his head spin.BEN WHITE: I’ve always felt like when you have knowledge, it helps a lot. And I’m always recommending to people that they talk to the – directly to the people involved.

SILVERMAN: Which is why White met with the Islamic Association. He says so far the proposal, which includes an open-air pavilion and small retail space, has met all development and health requirements. Still, some members of the planning and zoning commission have received threats.

WHITE: Certainly is unnerving to the people that it’s happening to. In the city of Farmersville, we take that very, very, very seriously.

Talk is cheap Ben White. Why not do your due diligence as city manager?

Michigan: 2 new mosques proposed within 2 miles of each other in Ypsilanti Twp

If you lived here:


How would you like this mega mosque going up in your back yard?


Ypsilanti, Michigan (85,000 sf)

via 28,000-square-foot mosque proposed in Ypsilanti Township | MLive.com.

A 28,000-square-foot mosque and Islamic community center is being proposed for a 6.8-acre parcel near the Ellsworth and Golfside roads intersection.

As we noted in a previous post, the architect’s rendering clearly states that the mega mosque is going to be 85,000 sf., not 28,000. Residents should start asking questions ASAP.

The group proposing the project, the Hidaya Muslim Community, provided preliminary site plans for feedback purposes to the Ypsilanti Township Planning Commission at its April 28 meeting.

Township Planning Director Joe Lawson said Hidaya’s architect and leaders were given suggestions for changes and revised plans will be back before the commission soon, though the proposal won’t be on the agenda for the first May meeting.

The mosque would be built on a parcel around 500 feet east of Golfside on the north side of Ellsworth. Plans call for a building large enough to hold 800 worshippers that would be busiest in the afternoon on Friday, which is the traditional Muslim day of worship. The building would also include a community center and gymnasium.

800 today, thousands in the coming years and for busy events that host jihad and sharia-preaching Muslims.

Lawson said the proposed site layout meets all the township’s design requirements, though there’s an issue with the sanitary sewer lead’s location. The township is also awaiting results of a traffic impact study by the Washtenaw County Road Commission.

Zoning jihad. Muslims will ignore this and cry racism. The feds will then force the mega mosque with bad sewers on citizens.

“If we can get those issues resolved, then I don’t see anything else standing in the way,” Lawson said, adding that the mosque’s officials said there’s a growing population in that area that they are looking to serve.

But many neighbors stand opposed to the prospect of living near the development. Around 60 residents spoke against the project at the April 28 meeting, mostly raising concerns about traffic, Lawson said.

Neighbors will be ignored. Eventually they will flee. Muslims will then scoop up the properties at much lower values.

Residents in the same area were vocal in their opposition to an Islamic school proposed for the south side of Ellsworth just west of Golfside. The Pittsfield Township Planning Commission and Board of Trustees rejected those plans in 2011 over issues with items like lighting and landscaping.

The group proposing the school, along with Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), alleged the plans were rejected because it was an Islamic school and sued Pittsfield Township over alleged RILUPA violations. That case continues in federal court.

Lawson said Ypsilanti Township is aware of that case and will carefully consider the plans without the type of religious use factoring into the decision.

“We’re following the letter of the law in our ordinance and keeping the emotional aspect out of our decision. We’re just keeping in mind the rules and regulations in place,” he said.

Residents who will have that monstrosity viewable from their back yards will be ignored.


Masjid Bilal Ypsilanti is pleased to make the following announcements:
2. Al Hamdulillah, Masjid Bilal Ypsilanti has received one year construction permit extension from Pittsfiled Township Board for construction of a new masjid at their current location.  All brother are requested to make special dua for this project soon we will start with the project Inn- Sha- Allah
Masjid Bilal Ypsilanti is located on 4891 W. Michigan Ave. in Ypsilanti. 2 Jum’a salats are offered at the Masjid.


PS: The last day is when there are no more non-Muslims left on Earth and everyone is under the sharia.

A reader comments:

2 new proposed mosque constructions within 2.2 miles of each other in Ypsilanti, Michigan Note that the masjid bilal shows capacity of 1400 per hall, while mentioning separate halls for Men and women—the proposed new construction by the Hidaya Muslim Community shows Prayer capacity of 800—however, the Hidaya project is larger than the Bilal project— Article says 28,000 sq. ft. for Hidaya, Masjid Bilal shows mens hall 12,000 sq. ft., women’s hall 10,000 sq. ft. See webcache for Seerat.net that shows another group called Medani Memorial sharing same Address as Guidestar shows for the Hidaya Muslim Community—in Ann Arbor—Medani soliciting donations for the Habib Bank in Pakistan, and this Medani indicates it does not seek government assistance because it wants to be independent. ———————— men’s hall area 12,000 sq. ft. women’s hall area 10,000 sq. ft praying capacity 1,400 people per hall —————————— Roundtree Apts. is directly across street from proposed new mosque/school construction On Ellsworth Rd. (500 ft. E. of Golfside) in Ypsilanti Twp. Mapquest shows 2.2 miles distance between the 2 site locations

Webcache of Seerat.net site shows a group called Medani Memorial, at the same address, 3085 Rosefield, Ann Arbor—same address as Hidaya Muslim Community Ann Arbor— Shows they choose not to seek government support and shows them soliciting donations To be sent to Pakistan to the Habib Bank http://www.manta.com/c/mmlhxny/madani-memorial-inc shows Medani Memorial Inc., Ann Arbor 2133 Glencoe Hills Dr., Ann Arbor (734) 971-1999

that new proposed school, mosque or center in Michigan here’s the 2013 990 form for the moslem group listed in the article the members include the issas–mohammed and said of the Global Educational Excellence Schools– the Gee schools management company for public charters–they now manage schools in Jordan and I have seen an ad for a position of principal at their new school in Dubai http://www.guidestar.org/FinDocuments/2013/201/596/2013-201596932-0b08f173-9.pdf photos of mohammed issa and said issa http://www.gee-edu.com/about-gee/ and GEE academies http://www.gee-edu.com/gee-academies/ help wanted ad shows first school located in Ann Arbor, MI and now one in Dubai!


Fun times coming to Ypsilanti.

Update: Readers have sent in more information.

Masjid Al-Hidaya will serve as a focal point for the community in the area. Masjid will provide religious atmosphere to practice Islamic faith and beliefs. The main Masjid has been designed to accommodate enough space for Friday’s Prayer (along with parking) for Muslims in the area. The Masjid will be open for five daily prayers. In combination with the Gymnasium the total capacity will exceed 2000 ppl which should be sufficient to cover our needs for Eid prayers and large gatherings.

3 board members have run-ins with the law

Proposed new mosques Masjid Bilal and Hidaya shared a common officer:

From Guidestar 2005 Form 990 Masjid Bilal Page 3 Officer Walayat Khan, 196 Fairhills Dr.

From State of Michigan Business Filings Hidaya Muslim Community Association Articles of Incorp. Page 3, Director/VP Walayat Ali Khan, MD, 196 Fairhill (see case at very end here)

Also note Khallil I Jassemm, Director/President (see Militant Islam Monitor—Hidaya of Ann Arbor mentioned near top, all article is about Jassemm http://www.militantislammonitor.org/article/id/2398) And Wahid Kouider, Director/Vice President, 2904 Mazin Court (note it’s near proposed mosque site—look at his record with same address)—  charged http://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/michigan-attorney-general-charges-ypsilanti-internet-child-pornographer-54958802.html?$G1Ref

In 2001 someone named Wahid Kouider had said to Toledo Blade about jail, Maybe the next day, it will be me.  ———— Dr. Walayat Khan of the mosque’s boards—(and internet archives links referenced above for Hidaya shows yet another mosque he was on board of, called Ibraham) He could be the same Dr. Khan of this case (the Fairhill address is owned by another name listed and could be the same in the case, Amer Ahsan) Indictment $ 7 million Medicare fraud case United States v. Khan, et al.

Indictment shows Khan a pediatrician, page 8 196 Fairhill (the mosques’ Dr. Khan’s address) owned by Amer Ehasn https://secure.ewashtenaw.org/ecommerce/property/showSummary.do?uniqueKey=K -11-07-455-102@2016

IMPORTANT especially last item! Here’s the ad for the GEE school job in Dubai https://www.teachaway.com/teaching-jobs-abroad/elementary-principal Issa Foundation donated most of Hidaya’s REPORTED income 2013 (nearly 13,000) see schedule after 12 page return Also see all orgs people are funding who rent from Issa Properties (page 2 schedule B of Issa Foundation) http://www.guidestar.org/FinDocuments/2013/383/379/2013-383379607-0b0408e3-F.pdf ———————- IMPORTANT TO NOTE: State of Mich. Shows Hidaya under “Automatic Dissolution” 10-1-2014! http://www.dleg.state.mi.us/bcs_corp/dt_corp.asp?id_nbr=790592&name_entity=HIDAYAMUSLIMCOMMUNITYASSOCIATION

Ypsilanti Township information here:  Contact Departments & Services

Michigan: Mega-mosques v. mini-churches

Sent in by a reader. It’s happening all across the U.S.

St. Toma Syriac Catholic Church – Farmington Hills, Michigan (23,000 sf)



Hidaya Mosque/Community Center – Ypsilanti, Michigan (85,000 sf)



Brown Chapel – Ypsilanti, Michigan (15,000 sf)



Chaldean Nun’s Convent – Farmington Hills, Michigan (20,000 sf)



Proposed Church – Southfield, Michigan (10,000 sf)



Interfaith Community Center – Dearborn, Michigan (70,000 sf) [mosque]



Proposed Church – Genoa Township, Michigan



More pics via Assembly Architecture — GAV & Associates, Inc.

Notice not only the size of the mosques being built, but the churches with few exceptions are barely recognizable as churches while the mosques are quite obvious. The Ypsilanti mosque alone is larger than all the churches combined. Who is funding it?

Through a combination of immigration, zoning jihad or using a flawed religious land act to force mosques in residential areas and shopping malls, Muslims are colonizing and creating enclaves all across the U.S.

Build it, and they (kufr) will leave.

‘Ground Zero mosque’ developer sued over illegal NYC gallery rental used as mosque

via ‘Ground Zero mosque’ developer sued over illegal rental | New York Post.

The developer behind the “Ground Zero mosque” has been told to hit the road. Again.

Sharif El-Gamal, who sparked global controversy with plans for a 13-story mosque and community center less than two blocks from the site of the World Trade Center attacks, illegally rented a Tribeca gallery for months, racking up safety violations from the city and causing at least one resident to leave, the landlord alleges.

El-Gamal and his brother Adham El-Gamal are “sophisticated” real-estate players who should have known better, landlord GG1 LLC claims in a Manhattan Supreme Court lawsuit.

Instead, the El-Gamals “knowingly” used the ground-floor retail space at 69 Leonard St. for religious gatherings and “loud parties,” and even stuffed “religious classes” for children into a basement that didn’t have proper fire exits, prompting the FDNY to issue violations, GG1 charges.

In the past, hundreds of worshipers would gather for Friday prayers on Park Place, the site of El-Gamal’s planned mosque and community center, which was known as Park51.

But that space has been boarded up as El-Gamal prepares to demolish it and build a 39-story condo tower and downsized mosque.

In their pursuit of a temporary worship space, Park51 sublet an empty storefront at 49-51 Warren St. last August. But by Sept. 18, the building’s condo board issued a ­legal notice telling them to leave by month’s end.

The condo contended that Park51 wanted to use basement space at the building that was off-limits for gatherings.

Park51 gave up on Warren Street and the El-Gamals rented the space on Leonard, under the name “Prayer Space Inc.”

GG1 claims it is nothing more than a “front” company “to shield their own personal liability with respect to their illegal conduct,” according to the legal filing.

GG1 says it was never informed a religious group was using its building until the El-Gamals were there.

Gallery 69 owner Steve Cornell, who held the original lease for the space, was paying less than $5,500 a month rent when he sublet to the El-Gamals for a whopping $9,000 a month, according to the lawsuit.

The group “frequently caused unreasonably large and loud gatherings . . . to convene at all hours in and near the premises” for “late-night parties,” “large prayer groups and other social gatherings,” uses that violated
the lease, the building’s certificate of occupancy and fire codes, GG1 says.

At least one resident of the five-story mixed-use building, where a three-bedroom apartment rents for nearly $8,000 a month, “abruptly terminated” his occupancy “due to the excessive noise,” GG1 claims.

The El-Gamals finally left 69 Leonard St. last month, after GG1 declined to let them lease the space directly. Now the landlord wants more than $372,000 in damages for back rent, safety violations and other costs.

Sharif El-Gamal denied renting space in the building. Cornell did not return a message seeking comment.

Minneapolis mall now boasts one of state’s largest mosques

Minnesota has “Somali malls” and now at least one of those malls has a large mosque. Muslims forced a mosque into a retail mall in Georgia too. America is losing its identity as Muslim colonizers take over entire areas.


via Growing Somali mall in Minneapolis now boasts one of the state’s largest mosques | Star Tribune.

Construction of the metro area’s newest mosque involved a shopping trip to the Middle East, some back-and-forth with the city of Minneapolis and a reported $3 million investment.

But developer Basim Sabri says setting out to build one of Minnesota’s largest mosques at his Karmel Square mall wasn’t a vanity project. Instead, the space — part of a major expansion at Karmel — was meant as a goodwill gesture to the local Somalis who rent and shop at the south Minneapolis mall.

The expansion has tested Sabri’s famously tense relationships with the city and the mall’s neighbors, who have voiced concerns over parking and traffic issues. Part of the construction collapsed in May, cutting off electricity to the neighborhood and briefly stalling the project.

Since it opened earlier this year, the mosque has gotten rave reviews from a growing cadre of worshipers, who cover the sun-filled, 5,000-square-foot prayer hall completely when they kneel at Friday prayer.

“This mosque is not about showing off,” said Sabri. “It’s about need.”

The new mosque replaces a prayer room on the second floor that could not handle the crowds; worshipers spilled out into the mall hallways and, during the holy month of Ramadan, even the mall parking lot.

The space is on the newly added third floor of the state’s oldest Somali mall, where shops sell long skirts and scarves, henna tattoos, jewelry, handbags, rugs and Somali specialties such as savory sambusa pastries.

Sabri is also building a fourth floor and a three-story parking ramp.

He claims the new mosque is the largest in Minnesota, possibly even the Midwest. But the imam of another new Twin Cities mosque, Darool-Uloom, which moved into a former Catholic church on St. Paul’s East Side last summer, says it handily surpasses Karmel’s square footage to claim that distinction.

There, Imam Sheikh Hassan says the men’s prayer hall alone covers about 15,000 square feet.

Metro Islamic centers such as [jihad-recruiting] Al-Farooq Youth and Family Center in Bloomington and Abubakar As-Siddique in Minneapolis are larger overall, but their prayer spaces are more modest than Karmel’s.

In any case, says Abubakar Director Ismail Haji, the services offered are more important than the square footage: “We’re not in competition with each other.”

Sabri, a Palestinian immigrant, says the mosque at Karmel was a labor of love he designed and financed with his own money.

Like some of Sabri’s other projects across Minneapolis, the mall expansion has drawn a measure of controversy. When newly installed trusses collapsed and knocked down a third-floor wall in May, some neighbors said they had raised concerns in vain about what they saw as shoddy construction. Nobody was hurt.

“When the accident happened, I was so angry because it could have been prevented,” said Raymond Hoffner, the outgoing president of the condo association.

Hoffner gives Sabri props for taking steps to address traffic issues, but he said problems with illegal parking in the condo lot and nearby businesses persist.

He wishes the city had called for completion of the new ramp before the rest of the project.

Sabri, who has previously tussled with the city over starting projects before officials signed off on them, lined up a permit for the expansion in February 2014. But last summer, city staff pointed out that he needed an additional assembly occupancy permit for the mosque.

“It’s fair to say there have been some concerns on both sides of the fence,” said district supervisor Bill Smith, though he and Sabri both say the process was more cooperative this time around.

We’ve covered this mall before in Minneapolis: The City That Offers Sharia-Compliant Loans to Muslims.

And we know it’s a place that Muslim terrorists hang out, meet and possibly recruit via Islamic Terror Starts Small in St. Louis.

Update: Reader Martin found a video of the mosque:

Georgia: Muslims file another lawsuit against city after scaring city into approving mosque in mall

The city is already ****ed. Will some brave citizen please file the challenge!! via The Marietta Daily Journal – Lawsuit filed in Mosque application. h/t Islamist Watch

KENNESAW — A federal lawsuit was filed against the city of Kennesaw on Tuesday in relation to one resident’s application to use a retail shopping center suite as a mosque, said Doug Dillard, the applicant’s attorney.

Dillard said the lawsuit was filed as a precaution in case anyone challenges the City Council’s Dec. 15 vote to approve the mosque application.

“If the opposition to the mosque filed a lawsuit and for some reason the vote that they took on December 15 was declared null and void, then all we’ve got to fall back on is their actions on Dec. 1,” Dillard said.

On Dec. 1, the council voted 4-1 to deny the mosque application, but then reversed that decision on Dec. 15.

However, Dillard said if the Dec. 15 vote is successfully challenged within 30 days of the vote, then the denial from Dec. 1 still stands.

Dillard said the lawsuit is there as a safety net until those 30 days run out. Then, the applicant can know for sure that the Dec. 15 approval stands.

“If the 30-day appeal period goes by and there is no appeal, we can always dismiss the lawsuit, but we had to file it as a preventative measure just in case someone challenged the December 15 action,” Dillard said.

A council member, a resident or anyone could challenge the vote, Dillard said.

Kennesaw Mayor Mark Mathews said he has not heard any indication from council members that there could be a challenge to the approval.

“As for the decision made by council, I have not heard any comments or discussions regarding any changes to the last action taken. The permit was approved unanimously,” Mathews said.

The lawsuit filed Tuesday in the U.S. Northern District Court references the First, Fourth, Fifth and Fourteenth amendments to the United States and Georgia constitutions as well as the Religious Land Use and Institutionalized Persons Act, a federal law protecting religious institutions from discriminatory zoning laws, Dillard said.

“Obviously, we hope we don’t have to litigate against the city. We hope the Dec. 15 vote is (upheld),” Dillard said.

Meanwhile, the applicant is beginning to get the retail space ready to become a mosque, Dillard said.

“They’re going forward with more requests for the permits and that kind of thing. They’re going full speed to make use of the property,” Dillard said.

As noted in a previous post, Georgia: Legal jihad terrorizes council members to approve mosque in retail shopping center:

Council member Debra Williams, who voted against the mosque the first time, changed her vote, as did council members Leonard Church, Tim Killingsworth and Jim Sebastian. Cris Eaton Welsh was the only member who voted in favor of the mosque both times.

“We denied a nightclub there a few months ago and we argued the same thing – traffic, noise and parking,” she told WND. “And it would have operated at night when all the other businesses were closed and they were willing to put in sound-proof walls. They should sue our pants off.”

Yes they should.


Minnesota: Feds force city to accept mosque, and only a mosque, in St. Anthony business center

Zoning jihad run amok. By terrorist-named CAIR’s count, it’s one of at least 28 mosques being forced on Americans by it and the DOJ. The city states it will not allow any other religious group to do the same. Laws for Muslims and laws for the rest of us. via Under pressure from feds, city of St. Anthony agrees to Islamic center | Star Tribune.

An Islamic worship center once rejected in St. Anthony will open after all under a settlement reached between the city and the U.S. attorney’s office.

“The city’s decision will be reversed and soon members of Abu Huraira will be able to hold prayer services in this building,” said U.S. Attorney Andy Luger Tuesday, standing outside the office building that has been the focus of a two-year battle.

Luger said he was “proud” of the agreement, which settles a lawsuit his office filed against St. Anthony in August. Eight local imams, four from the new center, stood behind him along with other Somali worshipers.

Not-so-happy looking mayor, Islamo-bidding Luger and his Muslim pals

Not-so-happy looking mayor, Islamo-bidding Luger and his Muslim pals

“God bless you and God bless America,” said Sheikh Abdirahman Omar, vice president of the center. He thanked the Justice Department and “all the neighbors who have reached out to us and offered your support and encouragement.”

St. Anthony Mayor Jerry Faust also praised what he called a “compromise” and predicted that the City Council will approve the settlement. That would undo its 4-1 vote in 2012 to reject the request by Islamic leaders to place the worship center in the building. “We welcome the Islamic Center to the city of St. Anthony,” he said.

The council will vote on the deal at its Dec. 23 meeting and if approved, it is subject to a public meeting to take place no later than Feb. 10, 2015.

The settlement was hammered out in a 12-hour meeting last Thursday before U.S. Magistrate Judge Jeffrey Keyes.

It specifies that the office building, which is owned by the Islamic group, will house the worship center in about 12,940 square feet in the basement. The group will also have use of the atrium on the first floor. The building, located at 3055 Old Hwy. 8, is the former Medtronic headquarters.


Under the agreement a Planned Use Development is created, and the remainder of the building, about 90 percent of the floor space, which is zoned for light industrial use, will be rented out to businesses, as the Islamic Center had originally planned. The agreement will not allow the Islamic Center to expand the worship center into the other parts of the facility.

The deal will not change the character of light industrial land use zoning for that portion of the city, so it will not open the door to other religious groups opening worship centers there, city officials said.

“It is still our position that a light industrial zone is not an area for religious assembly,” said Jay Lindgren, the city attorney. “We don’t admit to any liability.”

The proposed center, which is expected to draw 1,500 Somalis had drawn intense opposition from some people in St. Anthony. The case is one of about 28 nationally in which federal officials are investigating local refusals to allow mosques and Islamic centers, said the Minnesota chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations.

After the council’s 2012 vote, the Minnesota Chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations asked federal authorities to investigate whether the city had violated the federal law on religious land use.

And even after the council’s vote, the Muslim group proposing the Islamic center bought the former Medtronic Inc. headquarters for $1.9 million.

Ellen Longfellow, the group’s civil rights attorney, said, “We applaud this decision in support of religious freedom and hope for a speedy resolution to the case so that the local Muslim community may have access to the facilities required to meet its needs.”

Who in their right mind would buy a $1.9M building if they thought even for a second that they’d never be able to use it? Who advised them to buy it? Where did they get the money and where did they get the money for attorney’s who are embedded with the DOJ?

As we noted in our previous post on this legal jihad: Minnesota: Obama DOJ Sues to Force Another Mosque on America, City Fights Back

City Attorney Jay Lindgren said. “They are just not allowed in the roughly 5 percent of the city reserved for industrial uses. … An industrial zone is designed to create jobs and be an economic engine.”

What company will want to operate a business in a building that houses a mosque in the basement and atrium? Who would want to work there?

We suggest a pork processing or sales operation, a liquor store, an adult bookstore, a Christian bookstore, or maybe a gay operation of some kind for starters.


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