Texas: Terrorists in the “Best Small Town in America”

Today, Denton and Denton County are home to several terrorist front organizations, including the Islamic Society of Denton.

Report: “11 Christians Killed Every Day for Their Faith”

“Islamic oppression” is responsible for the persecution Christians in 7 of the 10 worst nations, and 38 of the 50 nations making the list are Muslim majority.

Pennsylvania: Federal Judge Dismisses Lawsuit Filed By Islamic Group Against Lutheran Pastor

Pastor Leonatti was sued by an Islamic organization for exercising his First Amendment free speech rights.

Minnesota: Muslim immigrant who raped 10-year old girl gets just 12 years prison

With credit for time in jail since his arrest, Ahmed H. Abdi will serve a little more than seven years in prison.

Dutch Prof Warns No Western Society Has Managed to Fully Integrate Muslims

A professor of sociology at Humboldt University in Berlin, has arrived at the conclusion that Muslims are more difficult to integrate than other immigrant groups.

Kansas: Muslims seeking to build mega-mosque complex next to public school in Overland Park

The massive Islamic complex, next to a public school, is being planned and funded in conjunction with the terror-linked and UAE terror-listed Muslim Brotherhood-founded MAS.

Islamic Terrorism Accounts for 91 Percent of European Terror Victims

In total, 91 percent of the victims were killed by Muslim terrorists, 20 percent of whom were murdered by suicide bombers.

A Month of Islam in America: February 2019

Democrats removed the monthly report on terror, so read and share Creeping Sharia's monthly report for February, 2019 to understand the growing threat of Islam in America.

Amazon Bans Tommy Robinson’s Book, ‘Mohammed’s Koran’, Mein Kampf Still Available

Hitler's Mein Kampf remains for sale on Amazon. As are books like the terrorist manual called The Anarchist Cookbook.

Illinois: Chicago imam says Islamic caliphate our ultimate aim

A sheikh in Illlinois chastised Islamic groups for not declaring the ultimate aim for Muslims is the establishment of an Islamic caliphate.

Student-housing deal structured to comply with Islamic sharia law includes 911 units in five U.S. cities

In all, the purchase includes 911 units with 2,059 student housing beds in Alabama, Florida, Michigan, New York, Pennsylvania and Texas.

New Jersey: Muslim Sentenced to 16 Years Prison for NYC Bomb Plot on Behalf of ISIS

Lepsky, aka Allah Abdel Rochmad, pledged allegiance to Allah and said he stabbed the family dog because the dog was “dirty” in his view of Islam.

Federal judge strikes down request to expedite case of ISIS bride who wants to come to U.S.

"Muthana is not and has never been a U.S. citizen, and her son likewise is not a U.S. citizen,” Pompeo’s legal team wrote in the filing.

Wisconsin: Muslim convert in Milwaukee who tried to join ISIS gets seven years

Ludke committed the crime while on supervision for threatening to kill a federal judge and bomb a Green Bay courthouse.

“There is no sugarcoating America’s long-term forecast,” Malkin on immigration at CPAC

The divide in this country is between decent people who stand up for America and dastardly people who want to bring America to its knees.

At Least 40 Christians Killed in Two Attacks by Muslims in Kaduna State, Nigeria

“The armed herdsmen are shooting anyone they see and are setting fire on houses and church buildings...”

Virginia: Anti-Semitic Tweeting Muslim Democrat with Hamas-linked Donors Wins Special Election

Democrat Ibraheem Samirah easily defeated Republican Gregg Nelson, a U.S. Air Force veteran, but all 140 seats in the General Assembly will be up for election in November.

US offers $1 million bounty in hunt for Osama bin Laden’s son

Hamza bin Laden married the daughter of Mohammed Atta, the lead hijacker and a mastermind of al-Qa’ida’s September 2001 terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center.

Arkansas: Public high school teacher uses art project to indoctrinate students in Islamic faith

Fayetteville High School students in Ashley Grisso's classes went to mosques, interviewed Muslims in the community, then told their stories through art.

Florida: Somali Muslim Illegals Sue ICE for Sharia Compliant Detention

Five Muslims in the U.S. illegally, who the U.S. attempted to deport once already, are suing ICE for Korans, Muslim prayer mats, 5 daily prayers and sharia-compliant food. WTF?