New Jersey Papa John’s robbed by hijabis

No calls yet for banning Islamic headgear in NJ and elsewhere in the liberal wastelands of America. via Four charged in armed robbery of East Rutherford Papa John’s | Four people have been arrested and charged with robbing a Papa John’s restaurant on Paterson Avenue last week, police said Monday. East Rutherford Police charged […]

Tennessee free weekly targeted for exposing Islam and sharia

An update on this previous post: Kroger, KFC and others submit to sharia, yank newspaper that discusses Islam. via Who Hates Free Speech? – TCUnation. h/t @counterjihadRp Once again ‘The Rutherford Reader’ is under assault by Leftists, islamofascist sympathizers and the Associated Press over its defense of our First Amendment from Sharia Law corruption and […]

Plaintiffs challenge federal ruling on illegal Tennessee mosque

The good fight is not over yet. We will not submit. via Mosque plaintiffs challenge federal ruling | The Daily News Journal | MURFREESBORO — Plaintiffs opposed to the government’s approval of a Rutherford County mosque seek to challenge federal rulings that overturned their local court victory. A motion from the plaintiffs seeking to […]

DOJ sues, forces illegally-approved Tennessee mosque open in time for Ramadan

The Dept. of Jihad, legal jihad. Waged on local municipalities on behalf of sharia-wanting Muslims. Including terrorists. via Justice Dept. sues over Tennessee mosque – NASHVILLE, July 18 (UPI) — The U.S. Justice Department filed a lawsuit Wednesday seeking to force a Tennessee county to act promptly on a new mosque’s application for an […]

Tennessee mega-mosque proselytizing in public school curriculum

via EXCLUSIVE: Murfreesboro Mega-Mosque proselytizing in public school curriculum – Atlas Shrugs. In response to my recent article for Atlas Shrugs, which exposed the Islamic Center of Murfreesboro for making demands on the School Board to have “Muslim Authorities” review all text books, I received a lot of emails.  One of them was from a […]

Mysterious Money and Motive Behind Murfreesboro Mega Mosque

via Mysterious Money and Motive Behind Monster Mosque in Murfreesboro. Why is it such a big deal that a Muslim community is simply trying to build a house of worship? Let’s start with a little math. Murfreesboro, TN has just over 100,000 residents. According to estimates provided by the Islamic Center of Murfreesboro, there are […]

Judge blocks occupancy permit for Murfreesboro mosque

And as we noted the judge did not order a halt to construction. via Judge blocks occupancy permit for Murfreesboro mosque, doesn’t order halt to construction. MURFREESBORO, Tenn. — A Murfreesboro judge has blocked local officials from issuing an occupancy certificate for a new mosque. The move comes about two weeks after Rutherford County Chancellor […]

The Murfreesboro Mosque: Built on a Foundation of Lies

An in-depth piece by a man who was for the Tennessee mosque before he was against it. via The Murfreesboro Mosque: Built on a Foundation of Lies | A huge grassy field in Murfreesboro, Tennessee – summer, 2010. My video camera was set on its tripod, ready to film the first shot in what […]

Judge did NOT stop Tennessee mosque construction as media reported

An update on the small victory announced last week that was apparently misreported. Sloppy reporting by MSNBC and others or did the media intentionally misreport it to make Muslims who violated the law look like the victims yet again? via Judge voids Tennessee mosque approval but doesn’t stop construction | Fox News. NASHVILLE, Tenn. – […]

Victory! Judge rules Murfreesboro mosque construction must stop

It’s a tactic we’ve told you about numerous times. Muslims either don’t give residents adequate notice, sometimes they print the wrong date or address on the notice, they deceive, they connive. This time they were caught. This is why we bring you the news. The local stories about mosques and schools. So citizens can spread […]

Judge in Tenn. mosque trial says expert witnesses on jihad cannot testify

The fix has been in in Murfreesboro for some time now, but this should seal the deal. via WTVC NewsChannel 9: Chattanooga News, Weather, Radar, Sports, Lottery. MURFREESBORO, Tenn. (AP) — A lawsuit that seeks to void the approval for a Rutherford County mosque will go to trial next week in Murfreesboro. On Thursday, Chancellor […]

Tennessee Bureau of Investigation turns to Muslims for anti-terrorism training

More like indoctrination. The infiltration continues unabated. via TBI Anti-Terrorism Training Includes Local Islamic Leaders – NASHVILLE, Tenn- TBI officials believe local law enforcement can and should be the first to stop homegrown terrorism. But that can only happen if they know what to look for. Tuesday marked the second day of a two […]

More shilling for Tennessee mosque forced on locals

An update on the Tennessee Muslims who forced a huge mosque and Islamic center on the local population. Winning hearts and minds. Background posts here. via Islamic Center survives bill, barbs, court battles | The Daily News Journal | (cut to the interesting part and skip the victimhood) It took a ruling by Rutherford County […]

Tenn: Judge allows claim against county for improper notice on mosque hearing

The judge also allowed the mosque construction to move forward but the folks in Murfreesboro are still exposing the underhanded Muslims and country officials pushing this mosque on citizens. via Judge affirms ruling allowing mosque construction » Knoxville News Sentinel. MURFREESBORO, Tenn. (AP) — A Rutherford County judge reaffirmed his ruling in May that allowed […]

Tenn: Why video cameras not allowed at Shariah Law 101?

Excellent question. Why? An update on this previous post: Muslim Brotherhood student group to give “Shariah Law 101” presentation at Middle Tennessee State University. via Letter: Why video cameras not allowed at Shariah 101? | The Daily News Journal | I am writing this letter in order to inform the wonderful citizens of Rutherford […]