Flight 93 hijacked again – blogburst updates

Flight 93 - hijacked by Islamic terrorists on September 11, is now being hijacked again. This time it is the Memorial which has become a memorial to the Muslim terrorists complete with a giant islamic crescent and star pointing to Mecca, and much more disturbing design flaws.

Has Obama, or anyone else, read the 9-11 Commission Report?

Has Anyone Read the 9-11 Commission Report? Barack Obama purports to have read it or at least quotes quaint phrases from the report, like "failure of imagination". But Obama continues to deny the facts of the bi-partisan report presented by one of his own supporters. So, has anyone actually read the report? Creeping Sharia elaborates.

Dept of Homeland Security bowing to Islam

The list of words we aren't supposed to use keeps growing. Jihad, mujahideen, Hussein, etc. Charles Allen, the senior intelligence official at the Department of Homeland Security, says the phrase [war on terror] is counter-productive because it creates “animus” in Islamic countries. “[It] has nothing to do with political correctness,” Mr Allen said in an … Continue reading Dept of Homeland Security bowing to Islam

Pennsylvania’s police prepare for radical Islam – CAIR counters

Wherever the police are trying to counter Islamic terrorists and train officers to recognize and prevent terrorist activities, you are sure to find CAIR doing their best to reveal police tactics to the public and therefore to the same terrorists who have the most to benefit from knowing those tactics.

No Signs of Al-Qaeda at Mexican Border?

Leave it to al-Reuters...but of course an American official said this: "We know of no trained al Qaeda operatives who have crossed over our southern border," said Charles Allen, Homeland Security Undersecretary for Intelligence and Analysis. Did it occur to Mr. Allen that AQ "operatives" might not identify themselves to DHS when sneaking into the … Continue reading No Signs of Al-Qaeda at Mexican Border?