Amazon partnered with terror-linked Muslim group for fictional Christmas ad

"Indeed Islam came to tear down the pillars of kufr and replace them with the pillars of Islam." Sabeel Ahmed, ICNA

Diocese of San Jose partners with terror-linked CAIR

Source: Muslim-Catholic Community Event Produces Partnership Between Two Faiths - Diocese of San Jose - Diocese of San Jose By Diocese of San Jose on January 18, 2017 (SAN JOSE, CA, 01/17/17) Over 750 Muslims and Catholics from the surrounding area gathered at the SABA Islamic Center on Monday, January 16, for a community event … Continue reading Diocese of San Jose partners with terror-linked CAIR

Canada: Peel school board bows to Muslim supremacists on Islamic prayers

students leading Friday prayers for their Muslim peers at their high school

Virginia: FBI Top Official Panders to Muslims at Notorious Terror Mosque

Fort Hood killer Major Nidal Hasan, as well as 9/11 hijackers, attended the mosque while Awlaki was the imam

Michelle Obama’s final speech tells Muslims “this is your country”

Michelle Obama final speech tells young Muslims "this is your country"

Want to see Islamic taqiyya in action? ‘Meet a Muslim’ at Milpitas Public Library Jan. 4 7PM

Islamic proselytizing at U.S. taxpayer-funded public library in California - Milpitas Public Library Jan. 4 at 7PM

California: Long Beach police submit to sharia, allow Muslim criminals to wear hijabs

Conversely, mosque director says, "wearing a hijab, or Islamic headscarf, is not a mandatory religious practice for women."

Harvard Law School Paying to Advance Sharia and Sway U.S. Policy

A nation can survive its fools, and even the ambitious. But it cannot survive treason from within. ~ Marcus Tullius Cicero

Muslims Attack Christmas, Europeans Abolish It

Europe is already mutilating her own traditions "to avoid offending Muslims". We have become our own biggest enemy.

Prince Charles Urges Brits To Think of Muhammad This Christmas

Source: Prince Charles Urges Brits To Think Of Muhammad This Christmas, Speaks Out Against 'Aggressive Populism' Britain’s Prince of Wales has spoken out on national radio in an appeal for persecuted Christians and minorities across the world, but the Royal also moved to criticise “populist groups”. Speaking on Thought for the Day, a short early morning … Continue reading Prince Charles Urges Brits To Think of Muhammad This Christmas

Belgium: Nativity scene removed over fears it will offend town’s FOUR Muslims

A NATIVITY scene has been 'banned' in case it offends one of the FOUR Muslims living in a Belgian town.

Univ of Maryland Muslims demand prayer rooms in every major building, shuttles to mosques

They also want bus shuttle services to local mosques

Univ of Kansas opens women’s only lunchroom as ‘safe space’…for Muslims

"... it’s about creating a safe space for [3-5] Muslim women on campus," said KU's Muslim Brotherhood-founded MSA secretary.

Utah: BYU students wear hijabs to support ideology that doesn’t accept them

Conversely, Muslim women may be killed if they were to participate in No Hijab Day or Bikini Day to show their support for freedom and individuality.

Italy: Priest CANCELS Nativity Scene Because it Could Offend Muslims

Fr Braggiè’s predecessor, said: “Seriously? I can’t believe it. We cannot renounce our culture and traditions. That would be an unpardonable weakness.”