New Jersey: Judge refuses to dismiss case against public school’s Islamic indoctrination

"The motion to dismiss was a further attempt by the school district to bully and silence Mrs. Hilsenrath."

Brooklyn: Jewish councilman gets $1M taxpayer funds for halal, kosher meals in NYC schools

City Councilman Chaim Deutsch has been a vocal advocate pushing for a kosher and halal lunch option

Why are ‘Iftar dinners’ being promoted by schools, churches and official government offices?

The city flyer for the Iftar dinner explicitly states that participants will “learn about Ramadan,” and even admonishes non-Muslim women to “please cover

Washington: King County schools accommodate sharia, as Muslim population grows

A school in Seattle rescheduled its prom and senior breakfast to avoid disrupting Ramadan, another rescheduled finals so teachers could excuse students who needed to pray.

Video: UConn Muslim prof requires students to remove shoes, say “Bismillah” on entering his office

Muslim professor @UConn forces students to say, "In The Name of Allah", before entering his office.

Jammal Harraz charged with bomb threat “prank” at Univ of Washington

“Attention,” the audio message said. “C4 has been successfully activated. Bomb detonation countdown successfully started.”

Oregon State Univ’s library asks students to “avoid eating in shared spaces” during Ramadan

In addition, the University Housing and Dining Services at Oregon State is also making concessions for those observing Ramadan.

Michigan: Public university organizes Muslim religious celebration, claims it’s ‘cultural’ (and secular)

University of Michigan-Flint-organized event “violates federal and state laws and UM’s own policy of not using university resources to promote” a religious event.

Pennsylvania: Sale of 143-acre State Property to Shady Islamic Org Terminated, Lawsuit Filed

The company claimed only one employee in an apartment in Newark, New Jersey, had virtually no income and had its non-profit status revoked in NJ.

Public school emails teachers Islamic propaganda, suggests “Educating our non-Muslim students about Ramadan”

Email to teachers began, "Hi all, Ramadan begins tonight!"

West Virginia: Public-school students urged to ‘try fasting’ during Ramadan

“This teacher is so into the Islam thing that many of her students assumed she was Muslim.”

Yes, “Italy Must Remember Its … Past” with Islam

Exposing Muslim attempts to rewrite history.

Muslim Professor at Kent State Fired, Pleads Guilty to Lying to the FBI

Pino affectionately referred to his students as his “little Jihadists” and his “beloved Taliban.”

West Virginia: School Gives 7th Grade Students Assignment to Write Islamic Declaration of Faith

"...calligraphy was invented in China 3,000 years prior to Muhammad. The fact that they were trying to get my daughter to write that disturbed me.'"

New Jersey: School board member calls police chief ‘skinhead’ during traffic stop

Lawson-Muhammad is married to the great-grandson of Nation of Islam founder Elijah Muhammad.

Arizona: Muslim student jokingly names self ‘most likely to bomb the U.S.’ in school yearbook

‘After speaking with the student and the student’s parents, it is apparent the comment was a misguided attempt at humor.

Iowa: Catholic university opens gender-segregated mini-mosque for Muslim students

Some of the features include sinks for ritual foot-washing, and separate areas for male and female worshippers (to comply with sharia law).

Canada: Muslims (and sharia) take priority over LGBT at Islamized Peel public school (video)

Which identity group occupies the pinnacle of the human rights hierarchy? In Canada, the answer is clear.

Kansas City: FBI investigating likely fake hate crime reported by Muslim woman

No evidence. No witnesses. Just an unnamed Muslim who claims she was attacked.

San Diego Schools Still Give Terror-linked CAIR Preferential Treatment

Officials in the San Diego Unified School District (SDUSD) continue to give CAIR unconstitutional preferential treatment in an "anti-bullying program"...