Cal State Muslim Professor: Bin Laden’s Ideological Inspiration is ‘Misunderstood’

An Islamist ideologue credited with inspiring Al Qaeda founder Osama bin Laden is “misunderstood,” a California State University professor claimed in a speech last week.

Missouri: High school student suspended for debating Islam with Muslim…in debate club

A Missouri high school that suspended a student for making critical comments about Islamic extremism says he’s not allowed to appeal the finding of wrongdoing.

Report Details Links Between Georgetown Univ’s Islamic Studies Dept and Radical Islam

ACMCU has been criticized as a “magnet for Arab and Muslim money,” as the Center developed ties to individuals and organizations directly involved in Islamic terrorism.

Scores of U.S. state lawmakers took int’l trips subsidized by Islamic cleric’s movement

It’s puzzling that state legislators who rarely get involved in foreign policy matters have been courted with international trips.

Britain: Books saying it’s OK to beat wife found in Islamic schools

Library books claiming hell is mostly full of women because they are 'ungrateful to their husbands' have been found in British Islamic schools.

Drexel University’s Muslim Student Association And Stealth Jihad

@DrexelMSA hosts jihad preacher and unindicted coconspirator in the trial of the 1993 bombing of the World Trade Center.

Video: UC-Berkeley Students React to the U.S. Flag Versus the ISIS Flag

@UCBerkeley students hate on the American flag and America but silent on ISIS flag flown on campus.

Ohio: Mosque gives University of Cincinnati $1M to teach more Islam

A year to the day of Muslim terror at OSU comes news of Islamic infiltration at the University of Cincinnati.

Norway: Elementary school forces Koran verses into Christmas festivities

A whole generation of Norwegian children will grow up thinking "that Allah and the Koran have something to do with Christmas."

Islamic indoctrination creeps into school curriculums (video)

Liberals used to preach the need to tolerate Islam, now their making Islam mandatory.

Univ of Illinois instructor arrested for attacking conservative students

Tariq Khan is a PhD candidate and is also involved with anarchist and communist organizations including Black Rose Anarchist Federation and Antifa,

Tennessee: Nashville Middle School Students Visit Mosque for Religious Indoctrination

Meigs Middle Magnet School visited the Islamic Center of Nashville.

Kansas: Fan Confronts Muslim Who Shot Hoops During National Anthem

The following day the Muslim was dismissed from the team.

Connecticut: Middle school forced to cancel CAIR-linked Islamic indoctrination speaker

The letter that went out to our parents stated that they were actually going to be sharing it looked like their faith.

NYU College Republicans disinvite anti-sharia speaker over fake ‘hate’ label

Speaking rhetorically about future campus Republican leaders, he asked: “Will they value free thought and speech?”