California State Univ-LA Muslim professor says genocide (of whites) sometimes “morally required”

@CalStateLA ‏professor Mohammed Abed reasons, it’s sometimes “morally required” to commit genocide...against whites.

Virginia: School lesson – ‘create poster about 5 Pillars of Islam to be displayed in classroom and around the school’

"Instruct each pair to create a poster about the Five Pillars to be displayed in the classroom and around the school to help educate their schoolmates about Islam."

San Diego School District Rescinds Anti-Islamophobia Initiative After Citizen’s Fight Back

Organization warns it will sue any public school district throughout the country that partners with CAIR in a similar "anti-bullying" program.

UK’s 1st State-Funded Muslim School Taken Over by Gov After Pro-Rape Books Found

England’s first state-funded Muslim school had books promoting domestic violence and marital rape.

Austria: City Bans Pork in Kindergartens to Appease Muslim Invaders

Austrian city imposes sharia law on non-Muslim kids, just like California, Washington, Minnesota, Tennessee....

Illinois: Peoria high school makes private space for Muslim prayers, teachers don hijabs (video)

The Muslim Brotherhood-founded MSA is now proselytizing and pushing sharia in American high schools.

UK: Salford U’s Muslim student prez wants Islamic takeover and to “oppress white people”

The student union at the college is where Manchester Arena bomber Salman Abedi attended.

Connecticut: Islamic School Didn’t Prevent Sexual Assaults on 3-Year-Old Girl

The parents say their daughter was a 3-year-old kindergarten student at the Islamic Center's school when she was sexually assaulted by the boy several times.

Parents Ramp Up Challenge Against San Diego School District Over ‘Anti-Islamophobia’ Initiative

FCDF is asking the Court to halt the Initiative and stop SDUSD’s longstanding partnership with the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR).

Syracuse Univ professor urges students to ‘finish off’ anti-sharia protesters

Was Syracuse University professor Dana Cloud inciting violence to "finish off" anti-sharia protesters?

Report: Hundreds of Saudi’s and Kuwaiti’s Living in US Have Joined ISIS

Approximately 400 Saudi and Kuwaiti nationals living in the United States mostly on government scholarships have joined terrorist groups, mainly ISIS

ISIS, “Lady al Qaeda,” and the Muslim Students Association

Replace the word Islamist with Islamic or Muslim as you read. Source: The Muslim Brotherhood Connection: ISIS, "Lady al Qaeda," and the Muslim Students Association by Thomas Quiggin In August 2014, ISIS tried to secure the release from a U.S. federal prison of Dr. Aafia Siddiqui -- a Pakistani neuroscientist educated in the United States … Continue reading ISIS, “Lady al Qaeda,” and the Muslim Students Association

New York City high school won’t serve prom food until 9PM due to Ramadan

Principal met with the Muslim Student Association to make sure the prom never happens again during Ramadan.

Univ. of Chicago students demand segregated housing and Islamic courses

UChicago United includes groups such as the Arab Student Association, the PanAsia Solidarity Coalition

New York: Shenendehowa High School sets aside classrooms for Muslim prayer

A school spokesperson says the decision was made after the high school principal met with the leader of a local mosque.