Virginia: Judge Vacates Terrorism Convictions of Muslim Who Trained with Pakistani Jihad Group

Clinton-appointed judge Brinkema issued the order to free Chapman some 14 years after she found him guilty in a 2004 bench trial, and previously cutting his sentence short in 2005.

California: Muslim who wanted to bomb San Fran gay club pleads guilty to helping ISIS

Prosecutors say Alhaggagi boasted about his plans saying he was confident he could kill 500 people but his real goal was to kill 10,000.

Oregon: Suspect in murder of Harris County veteran arrested at Portland airport

U.S. Customs and Border Protection officers arrested Naim Muhammad Abdullah, 31, at the Portland International Airport.

USA: At least 9 would-be jihadists arrested or convicted of terror plots in June

The terrorists listed were in New York (2), Ohio, Florida, Wisconsin, California, Colorado, Texas and Alabama. But there were others not listed.

Virginia: Muslim Gets 20 Years for Obstructing Counterterrorism Investigation, Child Porn

Duncan admitted to his involvement with ISIS and production of child pornography.

New York: 8 Pakistani nationals arrested in $2.4M medical cab scheme to defraud Medicaid

Muhammad Jahangir, 23, and Waqas Nauman, 36, from Queensbury were among those arrested.

Ohio: Muslim who tried to help ISIS gets 80-months, lifetime court supervision

His mother stated, ‘He linked up with a Masjid in our neighborhood and attended regularly.’

Chicago: DOJ moves to rescind US citizenship of Muslim immigrant convicted in terror case

Khaleel Ahmed was intentionally deceptive and hid his criminal behavior during his naturalization proceedings.

Texas: Mother of man slain by Muslim in ‘honor killing’ relates threat

“We knew who was responsible, but we didn’t know who all had helped him,” said mother of honor killing victim.

Ohio: Muslim arrested in plot to bomb July 4th event in Cleveland

Pitts, aka Abdur Raheem Rahfeeq was arrested yesterday after a months-long investigation prompted by statements made on social media.

Pennsylvania: Woman reunited with sons kidnapped by Saudi husband and second U.S. wife

An arrest warrant remains active for Majed Sayed, should he return to the United States from Saudi Arabia.

Texas: Muslim arrested, hired hit man to kill Houston police officer

Mohamed initially wanted to attack the officer with acid but then agreed to pay a hit man $2,000 to kill the officer.

Long Island family busted for $25M counterfeiting scheme

Mahmood, Ramish, and Rubail Nasir were arrested and charged with counterfeiting and/or conspiracy.

New York: Judge gives leniency to Muslim immigrant who joined Islamic State

The Muslim immigrant from Bangladesh was sentenced to 10 years of supervised release.

Texas: Univ of Houston engineering student who tried to join ISIS in Syria gets 18 months prison

Khan is the sixth Muslim in Texas to plead guilty to attempting to provide support for ISIS. Three others are awaiting trial.

Maine: Muslim brothers sentenced in $1.4M welfare-for-cash scheme at halal market

Federal prosecutor called the case “one of the largest, if not the largest, fraud cases involving [Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program] benefits in [Maine].”

Ohio: Muslim gets 16 years for providing material support to the Islamic State

"...he wanted to stage terrorist attacks in the U.S., including the derailment of a train"

Colorado: Uzbek refugee found guilty of supporting Islamic terror group

Jamshid Muhtorov came to the Denver area in 2007 through a refugee resettlement program.

Wisconsin: Arab-Israeli arrested – used social media to encourage ISIS terrorist attacks on U.S. soil

She used Facebook and Twitter to give advice to those affiliated with ISIS, saying an attack "should be something that would devastate and kill more than one person."

New York: Lackawanna Muslim gets 15-year prison sentence for supporting Islamic State terrorists

Someone told the FBI that Nagi was talking about a "violent jihad" to people in the community.