Obama pledges $890M more US taxpayer dollars to Muslim “refugees”

egypt-obamaSource: US pledges $890 million to Syria aid effort

The United States added another $890 million to the Syrian humanitarian aid effort Thursday, pledging increased support for refugee aid.

Addressing a summit of donor nations in London, Kerry said that $600 million (537 million euros) in new funding would go on urgent aid to refugees and beleaguered populations in and around Syria.

Another $290 million will go on development assistance for schooling for refugee children in Jordan and Lebanon.

The figure covers the current US fiscal year, which runs until August, and is in addition to previous contributions.

“The United States has provided over $4.5 billion to help Syrian refugees and those displaced within Syria, and I’m proud that that makes us the largest single external donor in the world,” Kerry said.

Obama To Visit Maryland Mosque Tied to Muslim Extremists, FEMA Grants & State Dept


Taxpayers have unknowingly been contributing to this mosque. Source: President Obama Will Visit A U.S. Mosque For The First Time | The Daily Caller

The Baltimore mosque President Obama has chosen as the first U.S.-based mosque to visit during his presidency has deep ties to extremist elements, including to the Muslim Brotherhood.

The White House announced on Saturday that Obama will visit the Islamic Society of Baltimore (ISB) on Wednesday. He has visited several mosques overseas as president but has resisted visiting one in the homeland. The purpose of the trip, according to the White House, is to “celebrate the contributions Muslim Americans make to our nation and reaffirm the importance of religious freedom to our way of life.”

But ISB is a curious choice for Obama’s first domestic visit.

The mosque is a member of a network of mosques controlled by the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA), a Muslim civil rights group named as an unindicted co-conspirator in the 2008 Holy Land Foundation terror case. Several executives with that organization were convicted of sending money to aid the terrorist group Hamas.

An imam who served at ISB for a total of 15 years has also been a leading member of the Muslim Brotherhood network and has worked for an Islamic relief group that was designated as a terrorist organization by the Treasury Department in 2004.

Mohammad Adam el-Sheikh, who served two stints as ISB’s imam, from 1983 to 1989 and from 1994 to 2003, was a member of the Muslim Brotherhood in Sudan in the 1970s. He also co-founded the Muslim American Society, a Falls Church, Va.-based group that is controlled by the Muslim Brotherhood. Continue reading

UK: Govt lease enforces sharia law, MPs could lose access to alcohol

Source: If MPs move to Department of Health building Sharia Law will ban bars | Daily Mail Online h/t Jihad Watch

MPs could be forced to stop drinking alcohol when they move out of the Palace of Westminster while it undergoes much-needed repairs over the next decade – because of Sharia law.

Earlier this week plans were revealed for MPs to be rehoused in a temporary chamber in a courtyard in the Department of Health, but it has emerged that the building is governed by Islamic law.

The building, located at 79 Whitehall, was quietly transferred to finance an Islamic bond scheme in 2014.

Under terms of the lease, alcohol is one of the activities banned on the premises, according to The Times

A Whitehall official told the newspaper: ‘It’s true. If MPs want to use Richmond House they’d better give up any hopes it will include a bar.’

Tory MP Andrew Bridgen said he was outraged to discover that parts of Whitehall was being ruled by Islamic law.

‘I do find it unbelievable government buildings are governed by Sharia law,’ he told MailOnline.

‘I don’t see the bars as being an essential part of Parliament but it’s the principle that matters.

‘Most of our constituents will be absolutely amazed that the principle could ever have been authorised.’

Richmond House is one of three Whitehall buildings that were transferred to the £200million Islamic bond scheme, which switched their ownership from British taxpayers to wealthy Middle Eastern businessmen and banks.

The Treasury refused to tell MailOnline which other two Whitehall buildings were transferred to the bond scheme.

George Osborne announced the move in June 2014 as part of an effort to make the UK a global hub for Islamic finance.

But critics say the scheme would waste money and could undermine Britain’s financial and legal systems by imposing Sharia law onto government premises.

The Treasury agreed to make the sukuk fully compliant with Sharia law to ensure investors were not put off investing in the scheme, meaning each of the buildings used to finance the products must meet the terms of Sharia law, including the ban on alcohol.

It is the latest stumbling block encountered by Parliamentary authorities as they search for a new home while a £4billion worth of repairs is carried out on the building, which is riddled with asbestos, leaking ceilings and rodents and was described as a ‘death trap’ by one close to the refurbishment plans. 

A spokeswoman for the joint committee on the Palace of Westminster said: ‘The committee is looking at a range of options and no final decision has been taken.

‘It is aware that Richmond House is under a bond.’

The Palace of Westminster has dozens of bars and restaurants, where MPs, peers, staff and other passholders can enjoy pints for as little as £2.90 – 70p cheaper than the average price of a pint in London.

Taxpayers subsidise the sale of alcohol in Parliament to the tune of £4million a year.

Muslim invaders to receive extra benefits for multiple wives

Child brides and multiple wives. via: Migrants: extra benefits for polygamous marriages | UK | News | Daily Express h/t TROP
Polygamous marriages, largely confined to Muslim families, are recognised in Britain only if they took place in countries where they are legal.

At present additional wives can receive reduced individual income support, meaning the husband and his first wife receive up to £114.85. Subsequent spouses living under the same roof receive a reduced allowance of about £40 each.

Under the new system of universal credit, polygamous marriages are not recognised at all.

But a House of Commons library paper, published earlier this month, has highlighted a loophole that will allow additional wives to claim a full single person’s allowance while the husband and his first wife still receive theirs.

This could mean some polygamous households will receive more under universal credit than under the present benefit and tax credit system, the paper said.

“The Government decided that the universal credit rules will not recognise additional partners in polygamous relationships,” the paper states.

“This could potentially result in some polygamous households receiving more under universal credit than under the current benefit and tax credit system.

“Treating second and subsequent partners in polygamous relationships as separate claimants could in some situations mean polygamous households receive more under universal credit than they do under the current rules for means-tested benefits and tax credits.

“This is because the amounts which may be paid in respect of additional spouses are lower than those which generally apply to single claimants.”The news comes as universal credit, introduced in April 2014, is applied to more Jobcentre areas, including Kent and Leicestershire, from tomorrow. More, including Cambridge and Hull, are set to introduce it before April this year.

Although there is no official estimate of the number of polygamous marriages, it has been suggested there could be as many as 20,000 in the UK.

That means it’s at least 50,000.

Idaho: Muslim yogurt billionaire: ‘Hire more Muslim refugees’

Not Americans.

Source: American yogurt billionaire: ‘Hire more Muslim refugees’

Ever wonder why the federal government would be sending hundreds of foreign refugees to a relatively small town in Idaho?

Wonder no more.

They’re sent there, many of them, to work in the world’s largest yogurt factory.

As WND previously reported, Twin Falls is in line to receive about 300 refugees this year, many of them Muslims from Syria. And the state of Idaho, despite its reputation as a mostly white, conservative farm state, has been a popular destination for refugees in recent years.

The U.S. State Department has shipped more than 11,000 refugees directly from the Third World to Idaho since the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks. Just in the past year, 989 refugees have arrived in the rural state, most of them landing in either Boise or Twin Falls. Nearly half have come from some of the world’s nastiest jihadist hot zones, including 95 from Iraq, 94 from Somalia, 47 from Sudan, 39 from Afghanistan, 31 from Iran, 28 from Syria and 11 from Pakistan, according to the federal refugee database.

[CS: One of them, a Muslim Refugee Received a 25 Year Prison Sentence for a July 4th Boise Terror Plot.]

But despite growing protests by local residents against the refugee arrivals, the Twin Falls area can count on being a prime spot for refugees for years to come, thanks to one man’s rising business enterprise.

That man is Hamdi Ulukaya, a Kurdish Muslim and immigrant from Turkey who created the billion-dollar U.S.-based Chobani yogurt empire.

Ulukaya opened the world’s largest yogurt factory in Twin Falls about two years ago, and the plant now employs 600 people with about 30 percent of those jobs filled by foreign refugees shipped to the U.S. from United Nations camps in the Middle East and Africa.

But now Ulukaya is upping the ante.

At the World Economic Forum meeting this weekend in Davos, Switzerland, he will call on other CEOs to join his campaign to throw corporate cash, lobbying initiatives, services and jobs to refugees.

Six companies have already taken him up on the idea. Ikea, MasterCard, Airbnb, LinkedIn, Western Union and UPS have all agreed to hire more refugees or provide free services to them.

In an op-ed for CNN, Ulukaya writes:

“Some business leaders have stepped up. Airbnb is offering travel credits to relief workers on the ground. LinkedIn will run an innovative pilot project in Sweden that uses data to match refugees with job openings by comparing the skills they have with the skills employers are looking for. Other companies are providing refugees with free computers, access to online education, and packages filled with essentials like soap and sunscreen.”

Ulukaya wants more companies to join the effort of hiring and helping refugees. He started a new foundation, the Tent, for this purpose.

“The Tent Pledge asks companies all over the world to step up and do more. We’re asking them to provide refugees with job training, employment opportunities, and the kind of direct assistance that experts have identified as a priority – everything from blankets and water, to debit cards and Internet access,” he writes.

Ulukaya’s efforts appear spurred by his own cultural background as a Kurdish Muslim and by a personal visit to the refugee camps in Turkey and Greece.

Ulukaya has told several media outlets that he was horrified by the human suffering he witnessed.

But he said the fact that he shares a cultural affinity with many of the refugees — he grew up near the Syrian border in Turkey, before moving to the U.S. as a student – made an even bigger impact.

Ulukaya has also been critical of the bureaucratic red tape involved in the refugee resettlement industry, which starts at the top with the United Nations.

“The refugee issue is being dealt with using [methods from] the 1940s and it’s in the hands of the U.N. and mostly government and you don’t see a lot of private sector and entrepreneurs involved,” he told Gillian Tett of the Financial Times magazine last week. “I decided we have got to hack this — we have got to bring another perspective into this issue, there are technologies that can be used.”

The Tent initiative will funnel money and technology into refugee work. Ulukaya personally made a $2 million donation last year to the U.N. High Commissioner on Refugees.

What about Americans who need jobs?

And he has stepped up efforts to hire as many refugees as he can at his yogurt plants, where they currently account for 30 percent of the total workforce. That means about 600 of Chobani’s 2,000 employees in the U.S. are foreign refugees.

“There are 11 or 12 languages spoken in our factories,” Ulukaya told Financial Times. “We have translators 24 hours a day.”

Refugee watchdog Ann Corcoran said the strategy being pushed by corporate America is done in the name of compassion but actually leaves jobless American citizens and veterans further behind.

“Take UPS, for example. Almost every county has a UPS depot, and it’s a really nice job for people who are low skilled, loading the trucks,” said Corcoran, author of the blog Refugee Resettlement Watch. “It’s kind of a job that people are willing to do. You don’t have to ship people here from the Third World to fill those jobs.”

Last summer, as WND reported, the company made a TV commercial featuring two lesbian women, naked and in bed eating the company’s signature Greek-style yogurt.

After graduating from Ankara University, Ulukaya came to the U.S. on a student visa in 1994 and studied at the University of Albany. He founded a feta cheese company called Euphrates in a suburb of New York in 2002. He bought an old yogurt factory in 2005 and started Chobani. He began making Turkish-style strained yogurt in 2007, which became popular in the U.S. as “Greek” yogurt.

In 2009, Ulukaya was named one of the “forty most successful entrepreneurs under 40” by the Business Review. Ulukaya’s net worth in 2013 was $5.4 billion, according to Bloomberg, and Chobani was named the top-selling yogurt brand in the U.S. Ulukaya was also named “Ernst & Young World Entrepreneur of the Year” in 2013.

Note: Readers wishing to contact Chobani Yogurt can do so by clicking here.


Wisconsin: Muslim prayer breaks result in declining production, company now has to enforce policy

Two Islamic prayer breaks and an Islamic prayer room are not enough for Muslim invaders. The want sharia law in the U.S. workplace and they want it now.

via Ariens Co. policy enforcement affects Muslim employees (PS: Note the one-sided headline. It affects the non-Muslims too, and by the way, when Muslims take breaks while the entire production line is halted and non-Muslims have to wait around for them to come back – that affects non-Muslims too.)

More than 50 Muslim employees at Ariens Manufacturing must decide by next week if a change that prevents them from praying on the clock is worth losing their jobs over.

The CEO of Brillion-based Ariens, says the company’s break policy is nothing new but that because it was not being enforced up until now, Muslim employees have been able to pray during breaks at their traditional prayer times.

Muslims are required to pray five times a day and the timing of the prayers is linked to seasonal things like sunrise and sunset.

“Anyone who doesn’t pray is not a Muslim,” says Green Bay Masjid Imam Hasan Abdi.

That’s why up until now, 53 Muslim employees at Ariens Manufacturing would leave the production line twice a shift to pray two of the five prayers their faith requires of them daily.

Starting next week, that will change for any Muslim employees who chose to stay at Ariens.

“If I’m on a team of assemblers of ten and two clock out, all ten of them have to stop, not just the two,” says Chairman and CEO of the company, Dan Ariens.

Ariens says a dip in productivity on the production line has prompted the company to start enforcing a 25-year-old break policy.

Employees will still be allowed to use prayer rooms in the plant, but will have to do so during two company scheduled, ten-minute breaks during a shift.

Abdi is skeptical that the affect of prayer breaks on the assembly line, may not be the reason for the new enforcement of breaks.

“I don’t think that’s the main reason why they changed their policy,” says Abdi.

Ariens admits that non-Muslim employees weren’t comfortable with the unscheduled breaks.

“When the team sees that some are getting unscheduled breaks, paid or unpaid, it just doesn’t seem fair to the rest,” says Ariens.

While Abdi says he and his fellow Somali Muslims have not had any trouble adjusting to life in Wisconsin, he hopes more Americans will take time to learn about his faith and how important the specific prayer time is to Islam.

“And we consulted with them to say, ‘hey here’s what we need to do,can this work for your team for your group?’ and the answer when we talked to them was adamantly, ‘yes we can make this work’,” says Ariens.

But, because of the change, the company says only 10 of the 53 Muslim employees plan to stay.

The policy will be enforced starting Monday, Jan. 25th.

More via Ariens to hold news conference on employee prayer break policy

Ariens Company tells Action 2 News they “put a considerable amount of effort into finding a solution that allows for employees of Muslim faith to pray during work hours.”

“We met with members of our Somalian employee group to better understand their needs and consulted with local representatives of Muslim faith,” a spokesperson wrote.

Dan Ariens, President and CEO of Ariens, released this statement:

A letter from Dan Ariens:

I understand that the headline and story featured on WBAY appears to be alarming news about Ariens Company. It is alarming to me as well. Unfortunately this headline does not tell our story very well. As many of you know, my family has operated manufacturing businesses in Northeast Wisconsin for more than 80 years. You also may know that we have only been successful by operating under a set of Core Values. We will: Be Honest, Be Fair, Keep our Commitments, Respect the Individual and Encourage Intellectual Curiosity. We work very hard as a team to accommodate all employees with our vision of Passionate People who Astound our Customers. In our manufacturing plants we work as a team to build the best power equipment product. Like any accommodation, we put a considerable amount of time into finding a solution that would work for both the employees and the company. Our staff is committed to providing a great place to work for all employees and have met with members of our Somalian employee group to better understand their needs. We consulted with local representatives who are of Muslim faith to help provide sustainable solutions. We want to be clear that no one was terminated here. We are asking employees to use two scheduled breaks for religious observation, and are offering designated prayer rooms. Additionally, we are also offering to look for positions on other shifts that might better accommodate prayer obligations. This change affected 53 employees. More than ten of the employees have contacted Ariens Company to say they will return to work under the new policy. And we welcome their return. We continue to be open to any of the employees returning to work under the new policy and I have sent a letter to each of them re-stating that offer. Let me be clear: we respect their faith, we respect the work they have done at Ariens, and we respect their decision regardless of their choice to return to work or not. Headlines do not make a story. If you want more details, please let me know.


Dan Ariens

It should be noted, like the so-called reported in the video above, terror-linked Islamic group CAIR blatantly lied about Muslims being fired. No Muslims were fired. Not one. But that didn’t stop UAE-listed terrorist group CAIR:


More Blatant Lies by Terror-Named CAIR

Philadelphia: Muslims Want Two Paid Islamic Holidays Added to City’s Municipal Calendar

philly-jihad2The city of brotherly burka bank robbers and cop killers for Allah wants the city to close on Islamic “holy” days.

Source: New Push To Add 2 More Holidays To City’s Municipal Calendar To Honor Islamic Faith « CBS Philly  h/t Islamist Watch

Raheemah Shamsid-Deen-Hampton is one of over 200,000 Muslims living in Philadelphia.

“When you are growing up as a child in Islam, you’re not really clear, or have a clear understanding of why you can’t, and there are things that are celebrated but you are not.”

Michael Rashid, of Philadelphia EID Coalition says, “We already recognize the Christian holidays. Christmas is like a no brainer, Easter is a no brainer, the Jewish holidays are recognized and by recognized we mean there is a city holiday for the school system, city workers are let off and get holiday pay for that.”

Starting this year, New York City public schools will have two additional days off to account for the Muslim observance of Eid.

This week, hundreds in Philadelphia will be rallying around city council to do the same.

Rashid says, “I hope these people come out and they wear their uniforms… police, fire, nurses. I’ll have on my business suit and even though I’m retired, I’ll put on my suit again to show, ‘hey, we are Americans just like you, born and raised in America.”

The political climate for those of the Islamic faith has been undoubtedly polarizing as of late, so the community is prepared for some pushback.

The two holidays, which would mean a day off for all, fall on different days each year. A five-year calendar has been presented to the city.

Raheemah Shamsid-Deen-Hampton, “There are a number of people who have the wrong idea of what Islam is and we just have to be reminded of what our pillars are and what we stand on, and that some of the things happening is not Islam.”

Osama Al-Qasem, President of the Counsel of American Islamic Relations says, “We have pain and joy and sorrow like them, like everybody, so all these myths and misinformation can be dispelled by simple conversation over dinner.”

Wrong idea? The Muslim in the video below helped dispel the notion that Islam is a religion of peace when he tried to kill a Philadelphia police officer in the name of Allah, for Islam. CAIR is also a terrorist organization.



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