Dearborn: Muslims jailed in $29 million Medicare fraud scheme

An update on this case. via 3 receive prison, restitution in $29 million Medicare fraud scheme – Crain’s Detroit Business. h/t Dee

An adult day care center operator and two former home health care company owners face prison and more than $10 million in restitution payments after a federal judge sentenced them for their roles in a $29 million Medicare fraud scheme.

Felicar Williams, 51, of Dearborn, received five years in prison and more than $2.4 million in court-ordered restitution after a jury conviction for conspiracy to commit health care fraud and conspiracy to receive health care kickbacks. At issue were Medicare billings from Haven Adult Day Care Center LLC, a business that was registered in Madison Heights. Prosecutors contend Williams billed Medicare through the company for psychotherapy services that were not provided.

Meanwhile, Abdul Malik Al-Jumail, 54, owner of ABC Home Care Inc. and other companies, received 10 years in prison and nearly $8.4 million in ordered restitution, and daughter Jamella Al-Jumail, 25, received four years in prison and $589,516 in restitution.

All three were sentenced by U.S. District Judge Denise Page Hood in Detroit following a 12-week jury trial that ended Sept. 30. The three were among more than a dozen co-defendants in a $29 million Medicare fraud prosecution that began in 2012, and several others have previously entered guilty pleas in that case.

In some instances, federal officials contend Williams billed Medicare for services to patients who were already deceased. Williams also sold private medical information of patients to Abdul Malik Al-Jumail, who in turn caused Medicare claims to be submitted for home health care and physical therapy services that were never provided.

Jamella Al-Jumail also allegedly submitted false Medicare billings for home health care and physical therapy. She was also accused of telling an employee the day her father was arrested to retrieve falsified records, which she and others later burned.

The elder Al-Jumail was convicted of health fraud conspiracy and conspiracy to pay and receive health care kickbacks, while Jamella Al-Jumail was convicted of health fraud conspiracy and destroying documents in connection with a federal investigation.

In unrelated Dearborn cases where Muslims robbed taxpayers:

Southeast Michigan physician pleads guilty to $4.2 million Medicare fraud.

Owner of home health agencies in Oakland County pleads guilty to $22M in Medicare fraud

U.S. ‘Prepared to Play Leading Role’ in Absorbing Muslims from Burma, Already Imported 1,000+

Taxation for Islamization. via U.S. ‘Prepared to Play a Leading Role’ in Absorbing Muslim Refugees From Burma.

( – The United States is “prepared to play a leading role” in resettling Muslim refugees from Burma and Bangladesh, known as Rohinga, a State Department spokesperson said on Wednesday.

We’ve already resettled, I think, more than 1,000 Rohinga, and we said we’re prepared to take a leading role in any (United Nations)-organized effort,” said spokeswoman Marie Harf. “It has to be a multicountry effort. We obviously can’t take this all on ourselves. But we are prepared to play a leading role in this effort.”

Harf spoke one day after the United Nations refugee agency warned that time was running out for thousands of people stranded at sea and urged governments in Southeast Asia “to urgently rescue and disembark these vulnerable people.”

“We estimate that nearly 4,000 people (Rohinga) from Myanmar and Bangladesh remain stranded at sea with dwindling supplies on board,” the U.N. High Commissioner for Refugees said. “This includes some 2,000 men, women and children stranded on at least five boats near the Myanmar-Bangladesh coasts for more than 40 days. Unconfirmed reports suggest the number could be higher,” UNHCR spokesman Adrian Edwards told journalists in Geneva on Tuesday.

On Wednesday, Harf said the U.S. resettlement of 1,000 Rohinga in the current fiscal year “has been an ongoing process.”

“I’m not sure there’s been some new decision,” she said.

“If there are more migrants, would the U.S. be willing to resettle some or provide military assets to help with the moving people around?” a reporter asked Harf.

“Yes, so we’re actively considering our options right now on two pieces of that, though. I’ll start with financial assistance. If the UNHCR and ION indicate the need for additional funds to assist governments to establish things like reception centers and ensure protection screening procedures, we’ll consider those requests. We will encourage other governments to respond quickly and generously, and we’ll be ready to respond to an appeal if and when they make one.

“In terms of resettling, I think the Malaysians and the Indonesians have requested some help resettling people. We’re taking a careful look at the proposal. We’re prepared to take a leading role in any UNHCR-organized multicountry effort to resettle the most vulnerable refugees.

“I’d note that more than 1,000 Rohinga have already been resettled to the U.S. so far this fiscal year. And we’re also providing assistance, this year we provided nearly $109 million in humanitarian assistance for vulnerable Burmese since the beginning, again, of this fiscal year.”

We’ve taken in more than 1,000 Muslim invaders that taxpayers are forced to subsidize AND…AND taxpayers have been robbed of $109 MILLION dollars to fund Muslims over there.



Minneapolis: Somali Muslim terror suspects used college loans to finance jihad travels

They should have done what Democratic Congressman and Muslim Keith Hakim Ellison did, let the Muslim Brotherhood pay for the trip.

via 2 Twin Cities men in [Islamic] terrorism case now face fraud charges –

Hanad Mustafe Musse, 19

Two Twin Cities men charged with conspiracy to fight alongside terrorists now face financial fraud charges for allegedly using their college loans to purchase airline tickets to fly to the Middle East.

In a superseding indictment unsealed Tuesday by the U.S. attorney’s office in Minnesota, Hamza Ahmed and Hanad Mustafe Musse were charged with using more than $1,000 of financial aid provided to them.

Ahmed, 21, from Savage, and Musse, 19, of Minneapolis, are among seven young Somali-Americans from Minnesota who face charges of planning to leave the United States and fight alongside Islamic extremist groups. Six of them were charged in April.

During the last two years, more than 20 Somali-Americans from Minnesota have left to fight alongside terrorists with the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant, or ISIL, according to the FBI.

The new indictment says that Ahmed and Musse bought airline tickets on Nov. 8, 2014 from New York’s John F. Kennedy Airport to Europe, using more than $1,000 in federal college financial aid. Hamza used his aid money to purchase a flight to Istanbul, Turkey, authorities say. Musse used similar funds to buy a ticket to travel to Greece. From those two destinations, authorities say the pair then planned on heading to Syria. Hamza had actually boarded his flight when he was ordered off the plane by officers from the U.S. Customs and Border Protection.

In a related matter, Abdurahman Daud, 20, another alleged conspirator, made his first appearance in federal court in Minneapolis on Tuesday morning before U.S. Chief District Judge Micheal Davis. Daud was arrested by the FBI in San Diego in late April, along with alleged conspirator Mohamed Farah, after they drove from Minneapolis to California. They were accompanied on the trip by a confidential informant who was working for the FBI.

Daud and Farah allegedly planned on acquiring false documents in San Diego in order to cross into Mexico. From there, they planned on flying to the Middle East with the intent of entering Syria to fight, authorities say.

Daud, who is charged with providing material support to terrorists, is scheduled to appear for a detention hearing Friday afternoon in front of Davis. Farah is charged with conspiracy and is expected to be returned to the Twin Cities later this week. Farah’s brother, Adnan, was arrested last month in connection with this case and is charged with providing support to terrorists. He is being held in the Sherburne County jail.

Ayan Farah, their mother, attended Daud’s hearing along with about three dozen men, women and children from the Somali community in the Twin Cities. She said she spoke to Adnan recently and said he appeared to be doing well. “It’s very difficult,” she said.

Three dozen Somali Muslims went to court? Don’t they go to work or school? That means you – the American taxpayer – are subsidizing these terror supporters.


Iowa: 4 Muslims arrested for smuggling guns to Syria in halal food container


Halal food firm Midamar in the middle of more criminal activity.  via US Charges 4 After Intercepting Gun Shipments to Lebanon – ABC News.

Four relatives were charged in Iowa on Tuesday with conspiring to smuggle guns and ammunition to Lebanon that were hidden with equipment exports and supplies for Syrian refugees.

Federal agents intercepted cargo containers in March and again last week that were bound for Beirut carrying a total of 152 firearms and 16,000 rounds of ammunition, according to a criminal complaint unsealed Tuesday.

The suspects were identified as Ali Herz, 50 and his 22-year-old son, Adam Herz; Ali Herz’s younger brother, Bassem Herz, 29; and Bassam Herz’s wife, Al Sarah Zeaiter, 24. All four live in Cedar Rapids, where they were arrested Tuesday as local, state and federal officers executed search warrants in the city.

During initial court appearances Tuesday, U.S. District Judge Linda Reade ordered them jailed pending a detention hearing set for Friday.

“We believe there is immense risk to public safety,” said Assistant U.S. Attorney Rich Murphy.

The four said little in court, where they appeared in street clothes, their wrists handcuffed and legs shackled. Their attorneys declined to comment on the allegations following the hearing.

The complaint says the four came under suspicion as they stockpiled more than $100,000 worth of guns and ammunition legally purchased from dealers in eastern Iowa over the last 17 months. A gun store owner in February expressed concerns to authorities after the group twice purchased all of his store’s 5.7 millimeter ammunition. One of the men also requested accessories for military-style rifles after reviewing a text message written in a foreign language, the owner reported.

On Tuesday, agents searched a pizza shop linked to Bassem Herz; a Cedar Rapids address tied to Adam Herz; and Midamar Corp., a maker of halal foods whose shipping service the alleged conspirators used to transport the firearms.

No one with Midamar was charged in the alleged plot. Midamar attorney Michael Lahammer said company employees were unaware the weapons were in the containers and weren’t involved with packing them. He said a company named in the complaint, Herz Enterprises, contracted with Midamar to use its shipping facility, which is made available to other exporters.

Midamar was “used to facilitate this illegal activity by Herz Enterprises, if what the government says is true,” he said.

The firearms found in March were hidden inside of a container that had three skid loaders that were being exported and Midamar boxes marked “Syria” that were filled with clothing, shoes, honey and household supplies.

Midamar made arrangements to ship the container after its founder, Bill Aossey, promoted a clothing drive for Syrian refugees stranded in Lebanon, the complaint says. In an online posting seeking donations, Aossey wrote that the supplies would be added to an equipment container already scheduled for export.

After the container arrived by train at a seaport in Norfolk, Virginia, investigators found 53 guns and 6,800 rounds of ammunition during a March 26 inspection.

Last week, agents searched a container the suspects had brought to Midamar for shipment that had 99 firearms, over 9,500 rounds of ammunition and firearms parts and accessories that were hidden in skid loaders and inside suitcases and boxes that contained clothing.

The four suspects, who are in the United States legally, are not licensed to sell or export firearms, the complaint says. An earlier shipment wasn’t intercepted, and investigators cannot account for dozens of weapons they purchased.

The Herzes previously caught attention for their ties abroad.

Ali Herz, who was born in Lebanon, had $61,400 in cash on him when he returned to the U.Ss from overseas in December and has sent and received $160,000 in wire transfers over the last two years, the complaint says. Adam Herz, a college student born in the United States, was questioned after returning to the U.S. in 2012 and 2014 from what he said were lengthy visits to Lebanon. Bassem Herz, who was born in Kuwait, has made many trips abroad and previously exported other equipment to Lebanon. Zeaiter said she is a citizen of Lebanon who is a college student.

More via Officials carry out raids at Midamar.

Firearms seized by authorities

Name First purchase Last purchase Firearms purchased Firearms seized
Adam Herz 12/18/2014 2/27/2015 26 16
Ali Herz 12/18/2013 3/12/2015 51 34
Bassem Herz 12/18/2014 2/25/2015 32 15
Sarah Zeaiter 7/14/2014 2/23/2015 4 1
Total 12/13/2013 3/12/2015 113 66

About: Listed are the four individuals believed by authorities to have purchased firearms with the intention of shipping them to the Middle East. The table shows how many firearms each individual purchased, as well as how many of those have been seized.

h/t and more via Daniel Greenfield.


St. Louis: Bosnian Muslim died fighting with Islamic State in Syria

via Allegations of St. Louis terrorism support rooted back in Bosnian War. h/t Money Jihad

In one picture, Ramo Pazara is the picture of casual cool.

He straddles a gleaming Suzuki motorcycle, wearing torn jeans, a long-sleeved black T-shirt and a necklace. He sports a scruff of hair on his chin, and his collar-length blond hair is tucked beneath a black stingy-brim hat.

But something changed. Dramatically. After his marriage and trucking business in Michigan both failed, Pazara cut his hair short and grew his beard long. He began wearing a white Arabic-style thawb and head covering, and moved to St. Louis.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

After 17 months here, in 2013, Pazara left to fight in Syria, where he reportedly would rise to be a deputy to a top commander of the murderous, apocalyptic Islamic State terrorist group.

He was one among a tiny number of Americans fighting with extremists in Syria, perhaps a dozen by one FBI estimate in September.

What Pazara did is the linchpin of a federal criminal case here that led in February to the arrest of six people — three of them current or former St. Louis-area residents — on charges of supporting overseas terrorists.

The indictments claim they knowingly provided funds for Pazara and others in Syria, Iraq and elsewhere who engaged in violence “with and in support of” the Islamic State group, al-Qaida in Iraq and the Nusra Front.

Ramiz and Sedina Hodzic, a married couple living in south St. Louis County, also bought uniforms, rifle scopes and other gear, the indictments say. Nihad Rosic, of Utica, N.Y., allegedly was stopped on his way to Syria.

It is unclear what motivated Pazara, believed to have died last fall in Syria at age 37 or 38. His Facebook postings from overseas are gone. Friends, relatives and employers won’t talk. Court hearings for the others revealed little.

The Bosnian news magazine Slobodna Bosna reported after the charges that Pazara, who they dubbed an “Islamic fanatic,” briefly fought for the Serbs in the war before coming to the U.S.

His deep past is murky. He pops up in available records in 2003, living in an apartment just north of Detroit. He registered a company called R&A Express Trucking, and with his then-wife, Amela Pazara, bought a small brick house.

The company made just $10,000 in 2006, and $4,000 in 2007, records show. The couple divorced and lost the house. Pazara filed for bankruptcy in 2008, listing more than $36,000 in debts. He claimed his only income was money from his family, and that his ex-wife was taking over the company.

Pazara spent some time in New York, where he has relatives. On Dec. 15, 2011, he rented a one-bedroom, $520-a-month apartment in the Oakbrook Gardens complex in south St. Louis County. By then, his beard was long, and his clothing ethnic.

Lisa Albert, Oakbrook’s former manager, said Pazara was late several times with his rent but “always very, very friendly.” She added, “You never would have suspected anything.”

She said the news about him “gave me chills.”

A former Oakbrook maintenance worker, Izet Fejzic, said Pazara stood out because of his clothing. Fejzic, also Bosnian, speculated that Pazara might have fallen for a pitch from foreigners who fought for Bosnians during their war, something like: “We helped you guys, now you have to help us.” Or, he said, Pazara might have gone to help a different group and ended up on the wrong side.

Pazara left Oakbrook at the end of April 2012. It’s not clear where he stayed then.


On May 17, 2013, Pazara became a U.S. citizen and changed his name to Abdullah Ramo Pazara. Yara Holt, who also became a citizen that day, remembered Pazara as someone who came alone, was perhaps the only one who didn’t get a picture with the judge and “kind of took his certificate and ran.”

Eleven days later, according to the indictment, Pazara traveled to Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina before arriving in Syria that July.

According to court testimony, Pazara posted Facebook pictures of himself in military clothing, holding a rifle in front of the black flag associated with Islamic State.

Authorities began tracking him, using social media along with wiretaps, search warrants and other tactics authorized by the secret Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act court process.

The indictments claim that on March 20, 2014, Pazara told an unidentified person about a mission in which he and others killed 11 people and captured one, whom they intended to “slaughter” the next day. Pazara also allegedly said Islamic State was “spreading every day.”

Media reports say that at the time Pazara died, he was a deputy to Omar al-Shishani, one of Islamic State’s top commanders.

The FBI briefed some St. Louis-area Muslim leaders shortly after the arrests. Agents claimed that some images from an infamous Islamic State massacre of Iraqi soldiers were traced to Pazara, indicating he was there, Imdad said.

“That was pretty alerting — shocking to me that he was standing right there … as the massacre was happening,” Imdad said.

Hayat said she left the briefing with the impression that Pazara was the leader of the group that included the Hodzics and that there was a recent “ideological” change in Pazara and the Hodzics.

The FBI declined to comment about the briefing.

The indictment claims Hodzic was a conduit for money and supplies to Pazara and others.

The FBI should be arresting Muslim leaders and briefing everyone else. Not working with those who share the same ideology, preach jihad, recruit and fund jihadists.

Read it all for more on the Six Bosnian Muslim immigrants in U.S. charged with supporting Islamic State terrorists.

Also read this Twitter exchange on the now dead jihadi.


Canadian school board spends taxpayer money to buy hijabs for Muslims

Islamization of Canadian schools via Blazing Cat Fur

And in the UK: School officials publicly humiliate students because parents refused permission for mosque visit.

Rhode Island: Muslim wants $32K in student loan interest wiped out because sharia forbids

Not sourced from The Onion. via Muslim Student Loan Interest Discount | The Daily Caller. h/t TROP

Steve Rhode, the Get Out of Debt Guy, has advised a Muslim man seeking financial advice not to try to use Islam as a crutch to get out of paying half of what is now a $64,000 student loan debt.

“Dear Steve,” the Seattle, Wash. man going by the name Amir wrote to Rhode in a missive published this week, “I had two citi-student loans and at some point in time within the last 5 years they went to Navient.”

Amir explained that he had unsuccessfully asked the loan servicing company to lower his payoff amount to $32,000, even though the actual amount he owes is $64,000 “because of deferment and interest.”

The dismayed student loan borrower also noted that he “was born into Islam” but only took a serious interest in the religion in 2012. One thing he has learned since then, he said, is that “dealings with interest” are “strictly forbidden” under Islam.

“I am offering to pay off the original amount I owe,” Amir graciously offered. As for the rest, he wants his creditors to acknowledge that his “awareness and conditions have changed” since he accepted the loan.

“Can I get the interest wiped out and close this account and case with just paying the original amount borrowed?” Amir asked.

Rhode then responded by having exactly none of Amir’s plea for a religion-based student loan discount.

“Asking any lender to adjust their terms and conditions after the fact for religious reasons is just not going to happen,” the Get Out of Debt Guy bluntly declared.

Rhode told Amir that the lesson to take from the situation is that “the damage caused by deferment is enormous” because accruing interest “just puts the debt in turbo.”

He also noted that Navient (formerly Sallie Mae) will settle loans but achieving a settlement typically requires either intercession by a debt expert or grave delinquency.

Noting that he has previously written about Islam and debt, Rhode also suggested that Amir’s mosque might be able to provide funding for his loans from Zakat, “obligatory charity for Muslim followers.”

Rhode also explained that an imam advised him that Muslims who choose to borrow with interest “are obligated to repay their entire debt and if they don’t they will prohibited from entering paradise when they die.”

A few threats of jihad or calls from terrorist CAIR and who knows what could happen.



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