Florida: Appeals court unanimously affirms jury conviction of Miami terror imam

Your daily Florida jihad article, via Terrorism conviction of Miami imam upheld | Miami Herald.

A three-judge panel of the 11th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals unanimously affirmed the jury’s conviction of Hafiz Khan, 80, on four terrorism support-related charges in 2013. He was sentenced by U.S. District Judge Robert Scola, who called the evidence “overwhelmingly clear.”

The case against Khan, an imam at a Miami mosque before his 2011 arrest, was built on hundreds of FBI recordings of both telephone calls and Khan’s face-to-face conversations with an undercover informant. In the calls, Khan discussed details of numerous wire transfers to Pakistan over a three-year period that totaled about $50,000.

Khan also was overheard praising deadly attacks by the Taliban in both Pakistan and Afghanistan, including a 2009 bombing at a CIA base in Khost, Afghanistan. In another call, Khan was heard wishing for the deaths of 50,000 U.S. troops in Afghanistan.

In his appeal, Khan’s lawyers claimed the judge erred three times at trial, including allowing a U.S. government translator to add certain words to translations of intercepted phone calls and permitting an FBI agent to testify as an expert witness. Khan also claimed Scola abused his discretion when he denied a trial continuance after an Internet connection supporting a live video feed of defense witnesses from Pakistan failed.

The Atlanta-based 11th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals, which noted that the 29-day trial in Miami was “challenging,” rejected the defense claims.

The “Santa” imam was sentenced to 25 years in prison for sending money to finance the Taliban.



Abercrombie & Fitch forced to pay $25,000 to Muslim litigation jihadist

She’s a culture jihadist too…as many Muslims are, working to change American culture to be more Islamic. via Abercrombie & Fitch pays $25,000 to settle headscarf lawsuit 

Clothing retailer Abercrombie & Fitch has agreed to pay approximately $25,000 to a woman who was denied a job because she wore a Muslim headscarf during her interview.

The settlement follows a June Supreme Court ruling saying that the popular clothing chain was required to offer an accommodation to employees who wear headscarves for religious reasons, regardless of whether or not they ask specifically in advance.

Abercrombie defended its “look policy” during oral arguments, saying that questioning an applicant about religious beliefs was overly personal and the burden of seeking a religious accommodation under Title VII on the 1964 Civil Rights Act should have fallen on the applicant.

Justice Antonin Scalia, writing for the majority in the 8-1 decision, said that “an applicant need only show that his need for an accommodation was a motivating factor in the employer’s decision” for it to be unlawful.

“An employer may not make an applicant’s religious practice, confirmed or otherwise, a factor in employment decisions,” Scalia added.

Reuters reported that on Monday the 10th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals, pursuant with the Supreme Court’s decision, dismissed the retailer’s appeal.

Abercrombie & Fitch amended its “look policy” before the court’s decision to allow employees to wear headscarves.


The Refugee Resettlement Scam in Minnesota (video)

via Gates of Vienna.

The following video was recorded at a town council or board of supervisors meeting in Kandiyohi County, Minnesota on July 7, 2015. The gentleman speaking — a concerned local citizen — has a good handle on the “refugee” scam being foisted on Minnesota by the federal government.

As he notes, the Somalis being unloaded on the state bring no skills and will generally be unable to support themselves for the indefinite future. Local welfare agencies will be picking up the tab, yet the “stakeholders” — unelected citizens, mainline churches, and NGOs — are making big money off the deal. After a few months the federal subsidy will expire, leaving the state holding the bill. In ten years or so the municipalities of Minnesota will be facing bankruptcy as their culturally enriched neighborhoods slide into Third World conditions:


Seattle: Dem mayor introduces sharia law plan for Muslim home buyers

Muslim immigration leads to sharia. via Seattle mayor offers plan to help followers of Sharia law buy houses – Puget Sound Business Journal. h/t Jane

Creepy:  Sharia law introducing Seattle Mayor Ed Murray.

For some Muslims, it can be hard to buy a house, and Mayor Ed Murray plans to do something about it.

On Monday, Murray’s housing committee released its recommendations for ways the city can increase housing in the city. Most ideas were what you’d expect, including increasing the city’s housing levy and implementing new rules and regulations to foster development of market-rate and lower-income housing.

One suggestion would help followers of Sharia law buy houses. That’s virtually impossible now because Sharia law prohibits payment of interest on loans. The 28-member committee recommended the city convene lenders and community leaders to explore options for increasing access to Sharia-compliant loan products.

More and more lenders are offering Sharia-compliant financing, according to a USA Today report. The sector has grown to more than $1.6 trillion in assets worldwide over the past three decades, and analysts see potential for continued growth as the number of Muslims in the United States and Europe grows.

It’s unclear how many Muslims in Seattle would benefit from Murray’s plan. The Washington state chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) estimates more than 30,000 Muslims live in the greater Seattle area, and Chapter Executive Director Arsalan Bukhari on Tuesday said it’s “fairly common” for some not to seek loans.

CAIR has been identified as a terrorist organization by the UAE. Many of CAIR’s leaders have been jailed or deported on terror crimes. [see Gallery of Terror-Linked CAIR Leaders]

Based on what he called “rough anecdotal evidence,” Bukhari estimated a couple hundred people aren’t borrowing money for houses due to their religion. He said this includes even high-wage earners, such as the more than 1,000 Muslims who work for Microsoft (Nasdaq: MFST) and more than 500 Amazon.com (Nasdaq: AMZN) employees.

They could easily qualify for home loans but opt not to apply “simply because they don’t want to pay interest,” Bukhari said.

So called sharia mortgages are a scam and Muslims are still leveraging the tax benefits of the mortgage interest payment.

Murray will send legislation based on the committee’s ideas to the City Council for consideration. During a press conference, he said he wants to help Muslims.

“We will work to develop new tools for Muslims who are prevented from using conventional mortgage products due to their religious beliefs,” Murray said.

 Their religious beliefs also call for killing those who leave Islam, killing gays (another of Murray’s favorite groups), having four wives, marrying children, and waging jihad. Is Murray going to help Muslims enjoy those aspects of their religion too?

Iowa: First Muslim to join Peace Corps found guilty in halal export scheme

via Midamar founder Aossey found guilty of conspiracy, false statement, wire fraud charges | TheGazette.

CEDAR RAPIDS — Convicted Monday of most charges in a halal beef exporting scheme, Midamar Corp. founder William Aossey Jr. was put in jail while a federal judge considers what to do with the 73-year-old until his sentencing.

Aossey was convicted by a jury on 15 of 19 federal charges involving the sale of misbranded “halal” beef products and falsifying export documents and certificates.

The founder of the Cedar Rapids company, at 1105 60th Ave. S.W., was accused in October 2014 of falsely representing that the beef he was exporting to Malaysia and Indonesia met strict slaughtering standards.

After a trial last week, the jury acquitted him Monday of four charges of money laundering but convicted him on other charges including conspiracy and wire fraud. He could face years in prison when sentenced.

Aossey, who was free during his trial, was taken into custody by U.S. Marshals after the government asked for him to remain in jail pending his sentencing. He appeared in leg chains for the detention hearing.

During that hearing, U.S. District Chief Judge Linda Reade heard testimony about Aossey’s relationships with others charged with crimes — including Ali Al Herz and three of his family members, accused of trying to smuggle guns to Lebanon — and his international ties that pose a flight risk.

Haytham Faraj, Aossey’s attorney, argued his client isn’t charged in the gun smuggling case. Aossey didn’t know that weapons were in a shipping container so it’s “guilt by association” to try to link him to that case, Faraj said.

Months ago, Midamar initiated a clothing drive to collect items for refugees in Lebanon.

Midamar employees testified Monday they boxed up some items for the shipment but didn’t know about the guns and said the container belonged to Ali Al Herz, not Midamar or Aossey.

Cedar Rapids Police Det. John Matias, who is working the gun smuggling investigation, testified Aossey and Ali Al Herz were good friends and that Al Herz had worked at Midamar for several years in the past.

He said Aossey called the freight company, upset, when he learned the container was being searched by authorities. Matias said Aossey called it “my” container.

Matias then identified a photo from a surveillance video that showed Aossey looking in the container that was at Midamar in May. He also walked inside of it.

However, the guns were found hidden within Bobcat skid loaders in the shipment and couldn’t easily be seen.

Michael Hare, an IRS special agent, testified that Aossey showed up after authorities arrived with a search warrant at Midamar in May and was “disrespectful” and “belligerent,” demanding to have agents’ names.

Reade said it was odd Aossey would be so agitated if he didn’t think anything was wrong.

Faraj said it was understandable from Aossey’s perspective because he was trying to do something good by sending relief items to refugees, and being stopped by authorities for an unknown reason.

Assistant U.S. Attorney Richard Murphy admitted there wasn’t direct information tying Aossey to buying or smuggling guns. But he argued it was difficult to believe Aossey didn’t know about it.

Murphy said Aossey couldn’t be “trusted to abide” by the law. He said Aossey had worldwide connections and could leave the country.

Murphy added that Aossey admitted during the beef export trial to breaking the law by telling employees to remove required USDA labels and directing others to falsify export documents.

Faraj argued Aossey’s entire life is in Cedar Rapids — his work and family — and he wouldn’t risk it by leaving the country.

Reade, however, said Aossey will remain in jail until she makes a ruling on whether to release him pending sentencing, which could be, at least, a few months away.

Aossey was found guilty of 15 counts — one count of conspiracy to make false statements, sell misbranded meat and commit mail and wire fraud; seven counts of making or causing false statements to be made on export applications; and seven counts of wire fraud.

Each count of the wire fraud alone calls for up to 20 years.

Aossey’s bio claims he was the “first Muslim-American to join the Peace Corps”. More on the halal fraud, via Understanding Halal Certification Schemes.


Saudi prince pledges $32B to spread Islam in America and the West

via Arab Bill Gates Could Turn ‘Shariah Creep’ Into Full Trot – Investors.com.

Saudi Prince Alwaleed bin Talal, a senior member of the Saudi monarchy, says he’ll pledge his $32 billion fortune to charity. In light of his past donations, this is a highly concerning development.

Alwaleed says he will model his endowment on the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, only with a twist: Much of his philanthropic work will help “foster cultural understanding” of Islam in America and the West.

That means promoting the kingdom’s brand of Islam, while censoring criticism of Islam.

Published reports and books reveal Alwaleed already has pledged millions to radical Muslim Brotherhood front groups that have a secret plan to Islamize America and spread Shariah law throughout the West. These pro-jihad groups can now count on a massive and virtually endless infusion of cash to their war chests.

Alwaleed has extensive ties to Brotherhood leaders. For example, he tapped “tele-Islamist” Tariq Al-Suwaidan, widely reported to be a leader of the Muslim Brotherhood in Kuwait, as the channel director of his Islamic religious TV outlet Al Risala.

The network’s “Supreme Advisory Committee” has included Abdullah Omar Naseef, whom ex-federal prosecutor Andrew McCarthy says is “a major Muslim Brotherhood figure” who has helped raise funds for al-Qaida.

Alwaleed made headlines after 9/11 when he donated $10 million to the World Trade Center fund only to have then-New York mayor Rudy Giuliani return the check. After presenting the money, the Saudi billionaire issued a press statement blaming the terrorist attacks on U.S. support for Israel while “our Palestinian brethren continue to be slaughtered at the hands of the Israelis.”

The next year, Alwaleed donated a whopping $27 million to a Saudi telethon for the violent Palestinian intifada against Israel, according to the Clarion Project.

Also in 2002, he gave $500,000 to the Washington-based Council on American-Islamic Relations, which federal authorities have linked to the Muslim Brotherhood and Hamas.

In 2005, moreover, he spent $40 million to expand Islamic studies at U.S. colleges — donating $20 million to Harvard University to create a campuswide Shariah law studies program, while pumping another $20 million into Georgetown University for a “Muslim-Christian understanding” program run by notorious Islamic apologist John Esposito.

Despite fawning press reports, Alwaleed’s charitable pledge is no cause for celebration. It’s cause for alarm. His billions will finance Islamist pressure groups who exist to force Western civilization to yield to Islamic no-go zones, Shariah courts and blasphemy laws.

If unmatched by patriotic philanthropists, the Saudi prince’s huge endowment could be a major setback for state and local efforts to push back against Islamization.

Michigan: Muslim doctor gets 45 years for poisoning 500+ victims, netting $35M in medicaid scheme

The Muslim Chemo Doc Called ‘Most Egregious Fraudster’ in U.S. History should have been facing manslaughter or murder charges. via Dr Farid Fata who scammed millions of cancer patients is jailed for 45 YEARS | Daily Mail Online.

A doctor who netted millions of dollars by putting more than 500 patients through unnecessary and grueling cancer treatments and then billing insurers has been sentenced to 45 years in prison.

Dr Farid Fata, who worked in suburban Detroit, Michigan, poisoned around 550 victims – many of whom did not actually have cancer – by giving them excessive chemotherapy and other treatments.

His actions wrecked his patients’ health, with many sustaining chronic health problems such as brittle bones and fried organs. Other victims lost their homes and jobs, and were forced into bankruptcy.

‘He preyed on our trust, our exhaustion, our fears,’ said Ellen Piligiam, whose late father, a doctor, was administered powerful drugs he didn’t need for a tumor in his shoulder.

Federal prosecutor Catherine Dick had asked for a 175-year prison sentence. ‘It is not mob justice. It is appropriate for this crime,’ the prosecutor told the judge, referring to the extraordinary request.

However, Fata’s defense team had sought 25 years for the disgraced doctor, saying he had been abandoned by his family – who are no longer in the U.S. – and had not been visited since his arrest.

Outside court, many former patients were disappointed with the punishment, deeming it too short.

‘Prosecutors did a fantastic job – and he got 45 years. It’s a lifetime sentence for the rest of us,’ said Monica Flagg, 53, who was treated for cancer before doctors examining a broken leg found she had no cancer. ‘What about all the grave markers out there that all the victims’ families have to look at?

Liz Lupo, meanwhile, held a picture of her mother, Marianne Lupo, who died in 2007 at age 62.

She believes Fata’s treatments hastened her death. ‘It’s not justice at all,’ Lupo said.

Another woman tearfully told ClickOnDetroit.com: ‘It just wasn’t enough.’

The government identified 553 victims of Fata’s crimes, including one man who lost both of his legs due to excessive treatment. Meanwhile, Medicare and insurance firms paid out millions.

Fata’s clinic, Michigan Hematology Oncology, had seven offices in the Detroit area and a related business that performed tests to look for cancer. Testifying for the government, two experts from Harvard medical school said they were troubled after looking at a small portion of patient files.

The court heard Fata administered ‘stunning’ doses of a powerful, expensive drug to his patients, exposing them to life-threatening infections. According to Dr Dan Longo, a Harvard medical professor, a drug called Rituximab can weaken the immune system if overused on patients.

It’s typically given eight times for aggressive lymphoma.

One patient got it 94 times. Another got it 76 times.

There were more than 9,000 unnecessary infusions or injections.

‘There is an aggressive approach to treating cancer,’ said Dr Longo.

‘This was beyond. This was over the top. It’s a stunning number of injections of that drug.’

According to federal prosecutors, Dr. Fata, of Oakland Township, ‘systematically defrauded Medicare by submitting false claims for services that were medically unnecessary.’ He apparently defrauded the federally funded healthcare program out of roughly $35million over a two-year period.

Fata will get credit for about two years served in custody since his arrest in 2013.

His stay in the federal prison system also could be shortened with good behavior.

He actually pled guilty to $91M Medicare fraud.



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