Kansas: Muslim group sued for forcing woman into “involuntary servitude” (ie, slavery)

The group, formerly known as the United Nation of Islam forced the woman into involuntary servitude without pay for a decade — beginning when she was 11.

Michigan: Refugees – mostly Muslim – behind unusually robust Obamacare enrollment

Taxation for Islamization. Paid for by Americans.

U.S. Muslims Claim Win Over Withdrawal of Legislation Banning Funds to Terror-Tied Islamic Charity

Legislation seeking to ban federal funding to a UK-based Hamas charity was withdrawn Thursday after Islamist groups advocated voting against the measure.

Michigan: Yemeni Muslims Suing KFC… For Serving Bacon

Yemeni-American Muslim couple from Dearborn, Askar Abubaker, and his wife, Hasinah Saeed, who wears an Islamic face veil, wage legal jihad.

Linda Sarsour: Without my hijab, I was “just some ordinary white girl” (video)

Meet Linda Sarsour - @lsarsour - a self-described "ordinary white girl from New York" who put on a hijab and instantly became a "woman of color."

Illinois: Uzbeki Muslim Arrested, Paid For People in U.S. to Join Jihad in Syria

Khusanov belonged to a network of Uzbeki Muslims who provided financial support for Muslims in the U.S. to travel to Syria to join terrorist groups.

Indiana: Taxpayer-funded Univ Course Giving Credits to Meet Muslims, Go to Mosque

The taxpayer-funded course at Ball State is a seminar titled “Muslims In Muncie.”

Congress Seeks to Cut U.S. Taxpayer Funded “Aid” to Terror-linked Islamic Charity

Obama awarded IRW another $270,000 in 2016

Florida: Public libraries still pushing Islam

The Bridging Faiths series is sponsored by the Friends of the Palm Beach County Library System.

MGM Resorts International to match employee donations to terror-listed Islamic group

@MGMResortsIntl to match funds to terror-linked Islamic group and group tied to domestic terrorist.

Michigan: Muslim doctor prescribed more than 500,000 opioid pills since January, arrested

Mohammad Derani ranked among the most prolific prescribers of controlled substances in Michigan in 2015 and 2016.

Virginia: Muslim pleads guilty to funding Islamic terrorists

After his arrest, he told agents he supported ISIS and believed he was part of a “holy war.”

Democrat’s Pakistani IT Aides Indicted for Conspiracy Against U.S.

A federal grand jury Thursday indicted two Pakistani-born, former information technology (IT) aides of Democratic Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz.

Florida: Terror-linked mosque buys $4.9M, 19-acre plot in Delray Beach

“We bought it for future expansion — maybe in 10 years, 15 years...”

California: Muslim shoplifter gets $85,000 after hijab removed for mugshot

Laws for Americans and laws for Muslims. Step by step, it's becoming an Islamic state. Source: Long Beach to Pay $85,000 to Muslim Woman Whose Hijab Was Forcibly Removed by Police | KTLA The city of Long Beach will pay $85,000 to settle a 2016 federal lawsuit filed by a Muslim woman after an officer … Continue reading California: Muslim shoplifter gets $85,000 after hijab removed for mugshot