Colorado: Uzbek refugee found guilty of supporting Islamic terror group

Jamshid Muhtorov came to the Denver area in 2007 through a refugee resettlement program.

Brooklyn: Jewish councilman gets $1M taxpayer funds for halal, kosher meals in NYC schools

City Councilman Chaim Deutsch has been a vocal advocate pushing for a kosher and halal lunch option

Cummings Foundation grants $100K to CAIR so it can sue American businesses to comply with sharia law

Did Cummings Foundation officials know about CAIR’s terror linked history and its plans to use the grant money to harass American businesses to comply with sharia law?

France: $40M walls, fences built around Eiffel Tower to stop Muslim terrorists

Bullet proof glass walls form two sides of the square, the other two blocked off by 10.6ft high metal barriers, and 420 blocks to fend off car bombers.

Canada: Muslim charged in Edmonton robbery ordered extradited to U.S. on terrorism charges

Abdullahi Ahmed Abdullahi, 33, is accused of being part of a January 2014 jewelry store robbery in Edmonton to fund the Syrian trips [for jihad].

Austria to shut down mosques, expel foreign-funded imams

“Political Islam’s parallel societies and radicalising tendencies have no place in our country,” said Chancellor Sebastian Kurz

Treason: Attorney General refusing to charge Dem’s Pakistani IT workers who hacked Congress (VIDEO)

h/t Infidel Bloggers What the Democrats did here was treason. They allowed the United States to continue to be hacked by these guys so they could spin this Russian narrative… …  The DOJ under Jeff Sessions is covering up a scandal that exposes the entire Russian narrative as a hoax. It is in Jeff … Continue reading Treason: Attorney General refusing to charge Dem’s Pakistani IT workers who hacked Congress (VIDEO)

Texas: Slaughterhouse to be built in Tyler County, despite citizen opposition, claims it’s no longer halal (updated)

The estimated $7.6M "religiously designated" (i.e., sharia) meat processing facility is backed by the Javed family [immigrants from Pakistan].

Photos Show Islamic Relief USA’s (IRUSA) Chairman’s Muslim Brotherhood Support

Terror-linked Muslim group @IslamicRelief that partners with @StateDept seen flashing Muslim Brotherhood salute.

Pennsylvania: Sale of 143-acre State Property to Shady Islamic Org Terminated, Lawsuit Filed

The company claimed only one employee in an apartment in Newark, New Jersey, had virtually no income and had its non-profit status revoked in NJ.

Maine: Muslims arrested for Medicaid fraud, received health care kickbacks for more than 2 years

More than two dozen men and women from the Somali community sat in the gallery to show their support for the two men.

Minnesota: Somali Muslim daycare fraud costing taxpayers as much as $100 million a year

This fraud is suspected of costing Minnesota taxpayers as much as $100 million a year. Watch video for more.

Judge orders Iran to pay families of 9/11 victims

A US court has ordered Iran to compensate the families of the victims of the 9/11 attack, though the ruling is considered largely symbolic.

Michigan: Another church becomes a mosque…run by an imam who wants U.S. to enforce sharia blasphemy laws

Shady imam has a new mantra he intends to spread especially to non-Muslims.

U.S. Funds Scandinavian “Humanitarian” Group that Helps Islamic Terrorists

NPA claims it mistakenly used American taxpayer dollars to help terrorists and that doing so was “an unintentional breach of a clause in an agreement.”

Muslim group wages legal jihad against DOJ and DHS, want report on immigrant terrorism deleted

Report included info on the number of Foreign Nationals charged with or convicted of terrorism-related offenses, or removed from the US based on terrorism...

Carter Center Sued for Providing Support to Hamas Terrorists, Defrauding Taxpayers

Former President Carter's ongoing and well-documented interactions with Hamas and PFLP are tantamount to material support for terror groups...

Michigan: Muslim Pharmacists, Doctor, and Patient Recruiter Charged in $5M Insurance Fraud, Opioid Racket

The fraudulent billings netted the pharmacies combined profits in excess of five million dollars, which the co-owners then converted to their own personal use.

Muslim Brotherhood and allies lose important mouthpiece as Huffington Post Arabic closes

As the Arabic proverb says: "The ass who goes looking for horns returns without ears."

Michigan: Feds raid suspected Dearborn pill mill, Muslim doc at large

Dr. Fares Yasin, who is accused of over-prescribing opioids and other drugs is nowhere to be found.