Stop Importing Muslim Terrorists to the United States

Poorly titled probably for political reasons, it should simply read stop importing Muslims. via Stop Importing Terrorists To The United States h/t RRW

According to DHS, there are 87 deportable alien fugitives from Kazakhstan still at large in the U.S. That’s in addition to the 50 from Afghanistan, 164 from Egypt; 101 from Iran; 94 from Iraq; nine from Libya; 384 from Pakistan; 79 from Somalia; 45 from Sudan; 77 from Yemen; and 126 from Saudi Arabia — a number that has almost doubled during the Obama administration.

Enough is enough.

It’s time for Washington to put a moratorium on immigration from these violent regions, and step up apprehension of dangerous immigrants living illegally in the U.S. It’s clear they pose a real and present threat to Americans — including law enforcement officers.

Deportation is key to getting rid of plotting jihadists inside the U.S. Round them up and kick them out. And, while we’re at it, pull up the welcome mat to high-risk Muslim nations. By inviting more visitors from countries that harbor resentment against us, we’re simply inviting more terrorist attacks.

Europe opened its borders to Muslim immigrants and now deeply regrets it.

Parts of Sweden’s suburbs are now in flames, as hundreds of Muslim youths riot against police.

We can avoid the same fate by stopping churning out visas, and letting law enforcement absorb the many threats already inside our borders.


NYC Subway Killer a Devout Muslim

You probably heard of this story and saw this photo, Suspect confesses in pushing death of Queens dad in Times Square subway station:

NY Post cover

NY Post cover

The picture was snapped by New York Post freelance photographer R. Umar Abbasi — who chose to run toward the train firing his flash to warn the operator and caught the image.

We read multiple stories but it wasn’t until perusing Atlas Shrugs did we find this nugget via Huffington Post of all places.

Naeem Davis, 31, an immigrant from Sierra Leone, said during an interview at Rikers Island Friday morning that he had no intention of killing Han, a 58-year-old Queens dad who was crushed by a Q train at the 49th Street and Seventh Avenue station Monday.

“I didn’t mean to push him that hard,” said Davis, who wore a bright orange jumpsuit and had a scraggly black goatee, “I just wanted him to get away from me.

“God was testing me. I failed that test.”

After Han was struck by the train, Davis ran from the station, but turned himself in the next day once he knew police were searching for him.

Davis said he is a devout Muslim who usually visits a mosque daily. He said he regretted Han’s death.


Back to your regularly scheduled propaganda news.

Holy Islamville: a Muslim village in South Carolina

Founded by a militant Muslim.

Holy Islamville is a Muslim village in South Carolina, established by His Eminence, El-Sheikh Syed Mubarik Ali Shah Gilani, in 1983 as Islamville, SC. Upon the event of miraculous manifestations (Karamaat) of Allah Ta’ala, the Baitun-Noor Holy Khanqah (the very first Islamic shrine in America) was erected and the village renamed to Holy Islamville in the holy month of Ramadan al-Mubarak, 1423 AH (2002 AD).

Details via Family Security Matters.

A radical Pakistani cleric named Sheikh Mubarak Ali Gilani and his followers testify to the holiness of a shrine where miracles allegedly prove his supernatural powers. The shrine isn’t in Pakistan, Saudi Arabia or anywhere in the Islamic world. It’s in York County, South Carolina, inside a commune about 36 acres large called “Holy Islamville,” located on a street named Islamville Way.

It was founded in 1982 by a group called Muslims of the Americas (MOA), led by the aforementioned Gilani. The Department of Homeland Security says it is linked to Jamaat ul-Fuqra, a Pakistani militant group also led by Glani. The State Department describes ul-Fuqra as “an Islamic sect that seeks to purify Islam through violence.”

Fuqra was behind many assassinations and bombings between 1979 and the early 1990s. Its biggest plot aimed to kill 4,500 Indians in Toronto during the Festival of Lights in 1991. Its destructive capacity first caught the FBI’s attention in 1989 because of a raid on a storage locker in Colorado Springs. They discovered weapons and plans for various attacks, including a scheme to murder Imam Rashad Khalifa in Arizona in 1990. They succeeded, killing him exactly as the seized papers said they would. Two Fuqra members were allegedly involved in the 1993 World Trade Center bombing and dramatic plots against New York City.

In October 1992, Fuqra’s 101-acre compound at Buena Vista, Colorado was shut down. The authorities discovered it was a full-blown terrorist training camp. The members financed their efforts through a web of fake companies and various criminal activities. A poem by Gilani was found that reads: “Come join my troops and army/Says our Sheikh Gilani/Prepare to sacrifice your head/A true believer is never dead/Say ‘Victory is in the Air’/The kafir’s blood will not be spared.” That’s the sheikh who the residents of Islamville and the other MOA compounds view as a representative of Allah that meets with Jesus in heaven, heals diseases, transforms into animals, instantly transports and leaves his body at will.

The MOA says it has 22 “villages” around the country, with its Islamberg headquarters in Hancock, New York being the most notorious. In a secret recruitment tape made by Gilani, he states the purpose of these villages: “We are establishing training camps.” He tells viewers that they “are most welcome to join one of the most advanced training courses in Islamic military warfare” by contacting the group’s offices in Pakistan or several locations in the U.S., including South Carolina. That’s Islamville.

The video then shows the type of training being offered: Hijacking vehicles, use of firearms, hijacking vehicles, setting off explosives, etc. Gilani makes it clear that he isn’t just focused on Kashmir. “We are fighting to destroy the enemy. We are dealing with evil at its roots and its roots are America,” he says. Excerpts from the tape were first released in a film titled Homegrown Jihad and later in The Third Jihad.

The tape was dismissed by some because of its old age and the fact that it was filmed in Pakistan. A law enforcement source later provided me with two more of the MOA’s films. The first showed women living at Islamberg in New York training in guerilla warfare, complete in military fatigue. The second is a propaganda tape where MOA leaders declare America a Muslim country and vow to defend it from foreign and domestic enemies. I gave the films to the Christian Action Network to release to the public.

More at link above.

Bonus below the fold: Continue reading

Geert Wilders Trial To Restart After Biased Judges Dismissed

Can Wilders ever receive a fair trial when every media outlet that comments on him describes him in a biased, guilty manner?

(RTTNews) – An appeals panel at the Amsterdam District Court on Friday ordered judges in the hate speech trial of controversial anti-Muslim Dutch MP Geert Wilders to step down and ruled that the trial must be restarted with a new panel of judges.

Friday’s ruling follows Wilders’ demand that the present judges panel at Amsterdam District Court presiding over his trial be dismissed as they created “an impression of partiality” by their decision to reject a defense request to recall a witness.

Wilders’ lawyer Bram Moszkowicz had insisted at an earlier hearing that the court decision to reject the request for recalling the witness would “make it impossible for the defense to substantiate a crucial part of its case.”

In its ruling made Friday, the independent appeals panel said it found the trial judges’ decision to be “incomprehensible in the absence of any motivation,” and added that the fear of bias due to the judges’ decision result was “understandable”.

“Under the circumstances, the request (for the judges’ removal) is granted,” the panel said in a statement. “Another chamber will handle the rest of the case.”

The ruling implies that Wilders’ trial will now restart from scratch with a new panel of judges. The trial had opened on October 4 at the Amsterdam District Court after a lengthy legal process that began in January.

via Dutch MP’s Hate Speech Trial To Restart With New Judges.

Meanwhile, when will the Muslims who threaten and call for Wilders death ever appear in court?

Future of Western civilization at stake as Geert Wilders goes to court

From Forbes, Democracy on Trial: Geert Wilders Goes To Court:

It may well become the trial of the century: this week, Dutch MP Geert Wilders stands before the judge on charges of “sowing hate” through his speeches and writings about Islam.

But it is not Geert Wilders who really is on trial here: it is, rather, that sacred principle of free speech on which democracy and the Enlightenment are born.

This, of course, is what makes the Wilders case so ironic – and so tragic: in speaking out to defend the free democracy of the Netherlands from the incursion of oppressive, Islamist influences and attempts to exercise power, he has been silenced by the very government he is struggling to protect.

Go figure.

The trial has been repeatedly postponed since it first opened in Amsterdam last January, after an earlier high court ruling dismissing the charges was appealed in the lower Amsterdam courts.   For Wilders, however, its timing could not come at a more strategic moment. As the founder and leader of Holland’s far-right Freedom Party (PVV), Wilders is not only Holland’s most controversial politician, but also its most-favored, ranking higher in the polls now than it did after a sweeping victory in parliamentary elections this past June.  Moreover, just last week, after months of debate, the Dutch parliament finally settled on a new coalition government that will include support from the PVV under Wilders’ leadership.

The lawsuit itself centers around Wilders’ statements comparing of the Koran to Mein Kampf , as well as other anti-Islam remarks he has made in recent years. Also at issue is his film, “Fitna,” which includes newsreel footage of terrorist attacks perpetrated by Muslim extremists.  The charge – that he is inciting hate and has insulted Muslims – carries no small cost: if he loses, the 47-year-old Wilders could face a prison term of up to two years.

Yet the whole case bespeaks, in fact, the very viability of Wilders’ accusations; for not since the founding of the Third Reich have the principles of our democracy been so at risk as they have been during the nine years since 9/11, challenged at every turn by followers of Salafism and other strains of fundamentalist Islam – and by the West’s efforts at responding to radical Islam within its borders.  Hence the threats against cartoonists who draw images of Mohammed; hence the censorship of television shows and theater productions; hence the brutal murder of filmmaker and commentator Theo van Gogh by a Muslim extremist on the streets of Amsterdam, not far from the courthouse where Geert Wilders is being tried.  Now, it is speech itself we stand to lose. It is our ideas that may be stifled and suppressed.
And so it is not just Wilders whose future is as stake, but that of Western civilization, of the ideals which are our guiding light. Agree with Mr. Wilders’ views or not, one can only hope, then, that the judges whom he faces will uphold his right to speak them; and from the courthouse steps out onto the streets, across the canals of Amsterdam and beyond, that they will defy those who try to silence him, with the sound of freedom ringing.

PS: The author of the piece left a comment below, asking people to comment on the original piece at Forbes, please do so if you have a chance.

Murder, Mayhem & Self-Censorship: A Timeline

Following up on Fox News’ “awakening” on the submission to censorship of Islam in the media, of which Fox plays a major role, we thought it a good time to cite examples that clearly indicate this is not a new phenomenon.

This list is a supplement to a picture book entitled ‘Muhammad: The “Banned” Images.’ While it is likely incomplete, it is extensive. Read our interview with the book’s creator, read through and share the list below, and get yourself a copy of the book because at the current rate of submission to Islam and sharia law, the book will be illegal soon – unless Americans lead the way in vigilantly and vigorously defending the freedom’s of our birthright.

Murder, Mayhem & Self-Censorship

Muhammad: The “Banned” Images, which includes the Danish cartoons, 30 other images of Muhammad, and an essay calling for free speech unfettered by fear, appeared in print shortly after 2 men were arrested for planning to kill Flemming Rose, the editor who first published the cartoons. The book includes a brief survey of the reaction of Western intellectuals to Muslim violence and threats, from the Rushdie fatwa to Yale University Press’s recent spineless self-censorship of Klausen’s Cartoons that Shook the World. Muhammad: The “Banned” Images is available from Amazon.

The list below includes only news stories relating to images of Muhammad. If you know of other examples, tell us, citing a published news story, and we’ll add the example to the list. This list could easily be expanded – and eventually may be – to include suppression of painting, sculpture, and art for the sake of multiculturalism and the religious sensibilities. See, for example, the Christian and Sikh examples cited in the “Statement of Principle” in Muhammad: The “Banned” Images, pp. 47-48.

1955 – April: Eight-foot sculpture on the Appellate Division of the First Department of the New York State Supreme Court (at Madison Square Park), in place since ca. 1900, is identified during renovation as Muhammad, and removed after the Egyptian, Indonesian and Pakistani ambassadors to the United Nations protest its presence. See Muhammad: The “Banned” Images p. 13.

1988 – September 26: Publication of Salman Rushdie’s Satanic Verses

1988 – October (early): Satanic Verses banned in India

1989 – January 14: Satanic Verses publicly burned by Muslims in Bradford, England

1989 – February 14: Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini issues fatwa against Salman Rushdie

1989 – March 1: Cody’s Books and a branch of Waldenbooks in Berkeley, CA, are firebombed after their managers assert that they will continue to sell Satanic Verse

1989 – April: Collets and Dillons in London are firebombed for stocking Satanic Verses; bombs also at High Wycombe, on London’s King’s Road, in the Liberty department store, and the York Penguin bookshop. Unexploded devices discovered at Nottingham, Guildford, and Peterborough

1989 – August 3: Unidentified 21-year-old Lebanese man dies priming a book bomb he intended to use to kill Rushdie

1991 – July 3: Ettore Capriolo, the Italian translator of the Satanic Verses, is beaten and stabbed in Milan, after death threats by Muslims

1991 – July 12: Hitoshi Igarashi, professor of comparative culture and Japanese translator of the Satanic Verses, is stabbed to death at Tsukuba University, near Tokyo

1993 – July 2: Attack targeting Aziz Nesin, a translator of the Satanic Verse, kills 37 Alewi intellectuals at the Madimak Hotel in Sivas, Turkey

1993 – October 12: William Nygaard, publisher of the Satanic Verses in Norway, is shot and injured

1997 – Council on Inter-American Relations (CAIR) objects to the figure of Muhammad in Adolf Weinman’s frieze of lawmakers in the Supreme Court, Washington, D.C. Chief Justice Rehnquist replies that it is unlawful to remove or injure any architectural feature of the Supreme Court, but that the Supreme Court will change its tourist literature to be more sensitive to Muslim religious beliefs. (See Muhammad: The “Banned” Images, p. 13 and no. 28.) Continue reading

Dutch court rejects 15 of Geert Wilders’ 18 witnesses

The outcome of this disastrous,  faux trial against freedom of speech and expression is becoming easier, and easier to predict. Follow the case on Geert Wilders new website at Wilders on Trial, also added to our blogroll on left.

via Court rejects Wilders’ extremist witnesses.

Mohammed Bouyeri and other Muslim extremists will not be allowed to testify in the case against Freedom Party leader Geert Wilders, an Amsterdam court has ruled.

Mr Wilders had called a total of 18 witnesses, 15 of whom have been rejected by the court. He wanted to put Islamic extremists in the witness box to illustrate what he sees as the danger of Islam, and justify his criticism of the religion. However, the court accepted only the three Islam experts [Hans Jansen,  Simon Admiraal, Wafa Sultan – and they will have to testify in private] whom Mr Wilders had called, rejecting all the lawyers and Islamic extremists.

Mohammed Bouyeri is convicted of murdering filmmaker Theo van Gogh In 2004. He shot the outspoken Islam critic in the street and cut his throat.

The court also rejected a plea by the politician’s defence that the case should be transferred to the Supreme Court, because Mr Wilders is an MP.

More from Radio Netherlands Worldwide:

They have also ruled that other ‘Muslim extremists’ on Mr Wilders’ ‘wishlist’ will not be allowed to testify. The list includes Fawaz Jneid, imam at the Soennah Mosque in The Hague, and Ayatollah Ahmad Jannati, chairman of the Guardian Council in Iran.

…two ex-Muslims called by his defence team – in part to give their personal view about the impact of Islam – were also rejected.

Reacting to the rulings later, Mr Wilders told journalists outside the courtroom, “This court doesn’t seem to be interested in the truth. I can only conclude that the court is not going to let me have a fair trial. I have no respect for this.”

Also check Gates of Vienna for video from the courtroom.

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