Florida: St. Augustine Beach billboard exposes reality of Islam

What’s controversial about it? 1,400 years of history are quite clear. Source: St. Augustine Beach billboard’s anti-Islam message prompts online petition | StAugustine.com

A controversial billboard posted along State Road A1A on Anastasia Island has led to the creation of a petition aimed at its removal that’s attracted support from all over the world.

But the billboard’s message — “Islam Bloody Islam, doomed by its doctrine” — is especially disturbing to some members of the St. Augustine community who think the sign misrepresents the city as a whole.

Becky Williams, 31, created the petition Saturday on Care2’s petition website after noticing the billboard on her drive home from work the night before.

“Many of us feel like someone has taken the voice of our entire community and blasted it on a billboard in a way that has nothing to do with our own beliefs or feelings,” Williams said.

Since when did a billboard of any kind represent the entire community? Do Planned Parenthood billboards mean the entire community supports abortion? Did this billboard represent the entire community? Billboards claim “Jesus is Muslim” and “Mohammed is in the Bible”

Williams said the petition is meant to rally support for the Muslim community.

Now we get to Williams real goal. Does she support the wife-beating Muslims in the community? The jihad-waging Muslims in the community? Those who want sharia to replace the Constitution? Even if there is just one, like one billboard, would that represent the entire community? (Even if it is permitted by sharia law?)

“We didn’t want all of this to get lost in a debate over freedom of speech,” Williams said. “Whether or not the billboard gets removed, there’s at least been a feeling of support and community and showing that love and tolerance has a more powerful voice.”

There is no free speech in Islam, and they are waging a war on it here too.

The billboard is owned by St. John’s Outdoor Advertising, but it’s unclear who paid to have the message posted and owner Robert Harry Jr. did not respond to interview requests.

The company’s phone number was out of service on Monday and no one answered the door at the business during repeated trips to its Riverview Drive address.

The petition has already gathered thousands of signatures of support from those in the U.S. and beyond. New Zealand, South Africa, Turkey, the United Kingdom and Spain are just some of the many countries represented among those rallying for the billboard’s removal.

“I knew there would be support, but I had no idea it would grow to this level,” Williams said.

People like Williams would rather side with foreigners and those who will kill Americans in an instant. Dhimmitude.

Ayman El-Sawa, 50, a member of the Islamic Center in St. Augustine, said the threat isn’t just against Muslims, it’s against all communities.

“Because we don’t want someone tomorrow to put up a sign against Christianity or Judism or white or black,” El-Sawa said. “We don’t want this to happen not only to Islam, but to anyone. We don’t want this to happen to our country.”

The Islamic Center has tentative plans to meet next weekend with other local churches and groups to organize peace and unity rallies.

El-Sawa said they also hope to meet with local government and St. Augustine Beach Mayor Rich O’Brien to discuss the billboard.

“I believe as an activist, we should work with our local government,” El-Sawa said. “I believe every great thing that has happened in this great country happened because people came together and worked with the government.”

A Muslim activist who will quietly work to submit the local government to sharia.

O’Brien did not return calls to confirm whether a meeting will take place.

Florida House Speaker Kills Counter-terrorism Law That Passed Full Senate 35-0

Source: Florida House Speaker Steve Crisafulli Kills Key State-Level Counterterrorism Measure Known as Andy’s Law | Terror Trends Bulletin

State legislation known as “Andy’s Law” stiffens criminal penalties for terrorism and material support for terrorism.

It is needed on the state level because our bureaucratized counterterrorism apparatus on the federal level is routinely reluctant to bring terrorism charges in cases that are clearly terrorism. The law also creates a civil cause of action empowering victims of terrorism to sue in state court those who provide material support and aid those who commit acts of terrorism. Andy’s Law has already passed into law in Louisiana, Arkansas, Kansas, North Carolina and Tennessee.

It is called Andy’s Law after Private Andy Long, who was gunned down on June 1, 2009 by a Jihadist named Abdulhakim Muhammed outside an Army Recruiting office in Little Rock, Arkansas, as reported in the documentary, “Losing Our Sons.”

One state in which Andy’s Law will not be passed into law in 2016 evidently is Florida.


Crisafulli killed Andy’s Law

That’s because the state’s House Speaker, Steve Crisafulli, killed the Andy’s Law bill that was authored by Senator Joe Negron and Representative Mike Hill.

Prior to Crisafulli’s action, the bill had passed 3 committees in the Florida Senate, 2 subcommittees of the House and a full committee of the House without a single opposing vote.

It then passed the full Senate 35-0.

At the 11th hour, at Crisafulli’s specific direction, the bill was blocked from a vote on the House floor.

Crisafulli is a prime example of a generation of establishment Republican politicians who have failed the nation in terms of making national security a top priority as President Reagan did.

The question remains: why did Crisafulli block a measure that has sailed through state legislatures elsewhere and had unanimous bipartisan support in the Florida legislature?

The only known opponents of Andy’s Law are Muslim Brotherhood groups, as identified in the largest terrorism financing prosecution in U.S. history, the U.S. v. the Holy Land Foundation.

In that trial, groups such as the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR), the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA), the North American Islamic Trust (NAIT) and others were named as Muslim Brotherhood fronts and unindicted co-conspirators in that prosecution.

All of these well-funded groups and their allies are active in Florida. They are the only known opponents of Andy’s Law. This raises serious questions about the political terrain in the Sunshine State to say the least when a prominent Republican leader would unilaterally kill a popular counterterrorism measure opposed by nefarious elements of the Muslim Brotherhood.

Florida: Terror-linked, ex-CAIR Thug Addresses Catholic School Kids

Source: Family Security Matters


The infamous founder and past executive director of the Tampa chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), Ahmed Bedier,  was given unfettered access to St Petersburg Catholic High School school children to spew and spread his vile hate. If a religious school not only sanctions this deceptive propaganda, but gifts these terror-tied CAIR operatives their own school assembly, what shot do our kids have?


Despite the continuing Muslim genocide of Christians in the Middle East and Africa, American Catholic leaders continue not only to turn a blind eye to jihad terror and the persecution of their fellow Christians, but are actively aiding and abetting the forces that are persecuting them. Last month, the entire student body of St. Petersburg Catholic High School in St. Petersburg, Florida, was called together to hear a deceptive presentation on “Islamophobia” from the notorious Ahmed Bedier, who openly supports the jihad terror group Hezbollah and has worked for the Hamas-linked Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR).

Bedier’s address was ostensibly about fighting the supposedly rising level of “Islamophobia”; he also offered what he presented as a primer on Islamic culture. In it, he blamed the U.S. for ISIS, claiming that the bloodthirsty caliphate arose because we bombed innocent civilians in Iraq. He also called out Fox News, Rush Limbaugh, white people, Jews, Ted Cruz, Donald Trump and Ben Carson – all as examples of Muslim-haters – while proselytizing for Islam.

Bedier compared a Jewish podiatrist with Osama bin Laden, claiming that this podiatrist had weapons in his house and was planning to attack an Islamic center. He didn’t address the disparity between this one alleged attacker and bin Laden’s worldwide terror network. He dismissed the jihad terror group ISIS, which controls a territory larger than Great Britain and has attracted 30,000 foreign jihadis to its ranks, as “a few people.” He blamed the rise of ISIS on Syria’s Assad, claiming that when people demonstrated for freedom, Assad bombed the protesters and insisted that we are overstating the threat of Islamic terror groups, especially ISIS. We are spending too much on security and war, he said, and declared that we should be spending that money on alleviating poverty.

The real problem, said Bedier, is anti-Muslim bigotry. “Islamophobia,” he said, is all over TV, and no one is challenging it. He said that “Islamophobia” is just like anti-Semitism and the same thing will happen: We’ll have a Holocaust. He didn’t mention that FBI statistics show that anti-Semitic attacks are much more common than attacks on innocent Muslims. Nor did he address the Islamic texts and teachings jihadis use to justify violence. Continue reading

Miami Muslim leader denies Holocaust, praised KKK leader

In fairness, Hillary Clinton also praised a KKK leader.


Zakkout, middle

Source: Miami Muslim leader denies Holocaust supports KKK  h/t thereligionofpeace

A local Muslim leader in Miami, Florida, has been exposed for posting virulently anti-Semitic material online, including Holocaust-denial and support for the KKK.

Sofian Abdelaziz Zakkout, the Director of the Miami, Florida-based American Muslim Association of North America (AMANA), posted his rantings on his Facebook page, which were then picked up by Frontpage Magazine.

In one post last February, Zakkout posted an article from the White Supremacist Realist Report website entitled “How the Holocaust was faked,” which begins: “The alleged ‘Holocaust’ of ‘6 million Jews’ at the hands of Adolf Hitler and National Socialist Germany during WWII is the biggest lie ever foisted upon humanity.”

As is common with most Holocaust denial sites, the same website has in the past celebrated Adolf Hitler as “the greatest leader in modern Western history, and offer unparalleled inspiration and guidance to us all,” while simultaneously claiming the Holocaust never happened.

Later in February Zakkout took to Facebook to praise notorious anti-Semitic polemicist and former KKK Grand Wizard David Duke, hailing him as “David Duke, a man to believe in!”

More recent posts seen by Arutz Sheva have also included anti-Jewish conspiracy theories, including that Jews were behind the 9/11 attacks.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, Zakkout has also repeatedly voiced praise and support for Hamas, celebrating Hamas leaders as heroes and posting pictures of armed Hamas terrorists to his Facebook page.

He has previously arranged anti-Israel demonstrations during which protesters chanted “we are all Hamas!”

According to Frontpage Magazine, in August 2015 he posted an Arabic Facebook status reading: “Hamas is in my heart and on my head.”

Later, in December, he described Israel’s Chief of Staff Gadi Eizenkot as “a Jew, the grandson of a monkey and a pig.”

His hatred isn’t purely reserved for Jews either. In February of that same year he called to murder ex-Muslims, writing: “It is an obligation to kill those who left our religion. It is an obligation to kill those who fight our religion and to intimidate our enemies and the enemies of the religion. Everything is from the Quran, not from me.”

Despite his extremist position, Zakkout – who is an immigrant to the United States from Gaza – is a member of the boards of Miami-Dade Crime Stoppers and Miami-Dade Citizens’ Crime Watch.


U.S. Commission on Civil Rights severs relationship with Hamas-linked appointee

Muslim Leader in Miami Boasts about ‘Conquering’ American Jews

Miami: Suspicious Muslim Women Probing Jewish Temples (video) 

Source: South Florida Jewish Community Concerned Over Bizarre Encounters « CBS Miami  h/t @cristinalaila1

MIAMI (CBSMiami) – South Florida’s Jewish community is on edge over the odd behavior of two women.

“These two people came into one of the temples in the community. One, if not two, walked inside the temple,” said Yona Lunger of the two Middle Eastern women in question.

A police report shows two women pulled up in silver Nissan Altima to Beth Israel at 770 W 40th St.

The driver remained silent while the passenger was standing just outside the car.

The woman that was standing outside the car asked, “Did you have services already?”

The people they engaged replied, “Yes.”

Then the woman asked, “When are you saying Yizkor?”

The men found the question unusual because Yizkor is a prayer that is only used a few times a year such as Yom Kippur.

They replied, “We only use it a few times a year.”

The woman then asked, “Do you also get together during the week?”

They replied, “Yes, in the evenings.”

The man questioned didn’t think anything of the whole incident until the following evening when his mother told him about a similar incident occurred.

Lunger, who is involved with the independent security agency that patrols the heavily Jewish neighborhoods of North Miami Beach, is very concerned about the women’s actions.

A picture of what appears to be two Middle Eastern women who walked into several temples and engaged with temple members has circulated in community websites and newspapers.

“Showing the Koran, asking certain questions that raised concerns, enough to alert the police department,” said Lunger.

A similar incident occurred in Miami Beach.

Again, two women pulled up in a car and asked similar questions about meeting times and services.

The police department issued a statement on the issue:

“North Miami Beach Police are in receipt of a suspicious incident at a temple in North Miami Beach. We ae working with multiple agencies to identify the people involved.”

Lunger said it has set off alarms.

“Yeah, especially with what is going on in the Middle East, worldwide, international, London, France, Paris, everywhere,” he said.

More: ‘Harmless Curiosity’: Media Downplay Muslim Women Casing Florida Synagogues

NASA Bans the Word ‘Jesus’, Previously Made Muslim Outreach Top Priority

In 2010, Barrack (aka Barry Soetoro) Hussein Obama cut the US space program and ordered NASA to work with Muslim countries. That cost thousands of Americans their jobs. As we noted then, NASA Chief Revealed Muslim Outreach Plan to Al Jazeera Before Congress.

At the time, Michael Griffin, who served as NASA administrator during the latter half of the Bush administration stated, “There is no technology they have that we need.” Later that year, NASA hired a Muslim as chief scientist.

Now this, via: NASA bans the word ‘Jesus’

The name of Jesus is not welcome in the Johnson Space Center newsletter, according to a complaint filed on behalf of a group of Christians who work for NASA.

The JSC Praise & Worship Club was directed by NASA attorneys to refrain from using the name ‘Jesus’ in club announcements that appeared in a Space Center newsletter.

“It was shocking to all of us and very frustrating,” NASA engineer Sophia Smith told me. “NASA has a long history of respecting religious speech. Why wouldn’t they allow us to put the name Jesus in the announcement about our club?”

Liberty Institute, one of the nation’s largest religious liberty law firms, threatened to file a federal lawsuit unless NASA apologizes and stops censoring the name ‘Jesus’.

Since 2001, employees had gathered during their lunch hour to pray and sing and read the Bible. There had been no censorship issues until last year.

Liberty Institute attorney Jeremy Dys told me the club had placed an announcement in the Space Center’s newsletter – announcing the theme of their meeting, “Jesus is our life.”

The club’s leadership was told that “NASA would be censoring all future club announcements that featured the name, ‘Jesus’,” Liberty Institute alleged in its complaint letter.

NASA’s legal department explained that including the name ‘Jesus’ within the club’s announcement made that announcement “sectarian” or “denominational.”

They also alleged such announcements would cause NASA to violate the Establishment Clause of the First Amendment to the United States Constitution.

Dys said the club organizers offered to provide a disclaimer, notifying readers that the announcement was private speech and was not endorsed by NASA or any other government agency. However, that offer was rejected as “insufficient.”

“The club members knew right away that NASA was censoring them and they were not comfortable with that,” Dys told me.


More from Liberty Institute: NASA Censors ‘Jesus’ from Employee Emails



Florida: Two arrested after illegal driver’s licenses distributed


Source: Two arrested after illegal driver’s licenses distributed | WFTV

PALM BAY, Fla. —  Two Palm Bay Tag Office workers are accused of giving valid driver’s licenses to people who hadn’t earned them.

Florida Highway Patrol said it looked into this when the Hillsborough County Tax Collector Office tipped them off.

Investigators said 11 people from Hillsborough County received licenses with discrepancies.

Investigators arrested Misty Ziminsky, a tag office worker, and Ahmad Alhayajneh, an interpreter, on Friday.

Each person who received a fraudulent license was found to have used the Ziminsky and Alhayajneh, according to investigators.

Investigators said Alhayajneh gave answers to applicants on test and licenses were handed out without applicants taking the required physical driving test.

Investigators found nearly two dozen cases.

The Tax Collector’s Office said Ziminsky was fired. Alhayajneh has bonded out of jail.

More: State, federal investigation underway after 2 accused of handing out bogus licenses in Brevard Count

A county worker and an interpreter are accused of handing out bogus driver’s licenses to people who never took the exam.

There are new concerns they were helping people stay in the country illegally.

The fraud scheme attracted people across the state.

Channel 9’s Blaine Tolison spoke to the Brevard County tax collector, Lisa Cullen, who said she’s not sure  how far the scheme goes.

She said she believes the people who received fraudulent driver’s licenses overstayed their visas in the United States, but she’s not 100 percent sure.

A state and federal investigation is underway.

Cullen said Misty Ziminsky worked in her office for four years, but Cullen only realized in November that Ziminsky was handing out fraudulent driver’s licenses.

She reported it to the state.

“I think early on, it might have been one or two. It just escalated. I assure you, I take it serious and I will address every record,” said Cullen.

Last week, state investigators arrested Ziminsky, an examiner at the office, and Ahmad Alhayajneh, an interpreter who was not an employee.

Investigators found licenses from the Palm Bay office with discrepancies, including some without pictures or signature.

Last month, they discovered that Ziminsky and Ahmad were allegedly working together with Ahmad giving applicants answers on tests, and Ziminsky letting them skip physical driving tests altogether.

Cullen said it’s not clear what people were doing with the driver’s licenses.

“I have no idea. I can’t answer that, but I can tell you they won’t have them for long,” said Cullen.

She said she is working with the state to cancel any fraudulent licenses, but she admits they don’t know how many are out here.

The Florida Highway Patrol and the Department of Homeland Security are investigating, but neither agency would say if the people who received the licenses were being monitored by the government.

Cullen said changes have already been made to prevent any more fraud.

“I look at this as, we need to learn from it, and we’ll institute anything we learn throughout the county,” Cullen said.

Cullen has 170 employees and she said members of her staff at the main office are being interviewed as a precaution.

The office manager was suspended.



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