Florida: Tampa Man Converts to Islam, Kills Roommates For Disrespecting Muslim Faith

Florida man recently converted to Islam killed his two roommates Friday for “disrespecting” the Muslim faith.

Florida: Brevard 9th graders stuck with biased, whitewashed textbook on Islam

Brevard school board sides with terror-linked Hamas front group CAIR, to push Islamic propaganda on Florida 9th graders.

Florida man – ‘devout’ Muslim – accused of fighting for Isis in Syria

46-year-old American accused of fighting for Islamic State, the terrorist group, and could face criminal prosecution on return to US.

Do Not Be Fooled by So-called “Moderates” in Florida

Pembroke Pines mosque's history is mired in violence and hate.

Florida: Muslim arrested for organized fraud in lottery cheating scheme

The ABC Action News I-Team has reported for the past three years how lottery retailer won big prizes dozens of times despite tiny odds.

Florida Keys: Muslim who plotted to bomb beach-goers gets life in prison

“When told the shrapnel would rip through people faster than bullets, he smiled and said, ‘Great, great.’ "

Florida: Muslim professor who told students Jesus was never crucified resigns

Zufari remains a full professor at @valenciacollege

Florida: Two Muslims Plead Guilty, Conspired to Support to ISIS

The defendants conspired to provide personnel to ISIS

Florida: Student Suspended for Disagreeing with Muslim Prof Who Denied Christ’s Crucifixion is Reinstated

Christian Student Reinstated After Muslim Professor’s Claims Debunked By Rollins College.

Florida: Panama City pediatrician arrested in $250,000+ Medicaid fraud bust

Elamir faces up to 70 years in prison and more than $1.5 million in fines and restitution

Lesbian judge grants bail to wife of Muslim who killed 49 in Orlando gay nightclub massacre

Salman's lawyer, Linda Moreno, said it was "extraordinarily rare" for bail to be given in terrorism cases.

Florida: Muslim Convicted of (Honor?) Killing Wife, Requests Release for Pilgrimage to Mecca

Convicted of killing his wife and son, he wanted the judge to allow him to get out of prison to go on a pilgrimage to Mecca.

Florida: Man Confronted at Home Depot Utters ‘Allahu Akbar’, Drops Large Knife & Flees (updated)

Detectives say the suspect returned and again selected items that would be used to make a pipe bomb.

UK: Somali Muslim Who Stabbed American to Death After Leaving Mosque Pleads Guilty

Somali Muslim was carrying copy of a book called Fortress of the Muslims and was heard saying 'Allah, Allah, Allah' after the jihad attack that killed one American.

Miami: Arab threatens to kill cops, do worse than Orlando massacre

Abdelkhaliq "screamed that the Orlando massacre was going to be nothing compared to what he was getting ready to do"