“Do you want more or fewer Moroccans?” Question is a Crime in the Netherlands

Source: No Justice in the Netherlands

A court in The Hague decided on October 14 that the charges of hate speech against Dutch politician Geert Wilders, for statements he made in March 2014 at a political rally, are admissible in a court of law. It thereby rejected the Wilders’ appeal to throw out the charges as inadmissible in a court of law on the grounds that these are political issues and that a trial would in fact amount to a political process. The criminal trial against Wilders will begin on Monday, October 31.

While campaigning in The Hague in March 2014, Wilders argued the need for fewer Moroccans in the Netherlands. At an election meeting in The Hague, he asked those present a number of questions, one of which was “Do you want more or fewer Moroccans?” After the crowd responded “fewer” Wilders said, “We’re going to organize that.”

Because of the “fewer Moroccans” statements, repeated again in an interview a few days later, Wilders will be prosecuted on two counts: First for “deliberately insulting a group of people because of their race.” Second, for “inciting hatred or discrimination against these people.”

Wilders’ defense attorney, Geert Jan Knoops, has argued that the trial amounts to a political trial against Wilders and his party, the PVV: “Sensitive issues must be judged by public opinion or through the ballot box,”, Knoops said “The Prosecutor is indirectly asking for a ruling over the functioning of the PVV and its political program. The court must not interfere with this.”

As a politician, Wilders can say more than an ordinary citizen, Knoops said, arguing that Wilders used his statements to point out shortcomings in the Dutch state. “It is his duty to name shortcomings. He takes that responsibility and proposes solutions.” Knoops argued that the prosecutor is limiting Wilders’ freedom of speech by prosecuting him for his statements.

The court’s response was that although politicians are entitled to freedom of expression, they should “avoid public statements that feed intolerance” and that the trial would determine where the border lies between politicians’ freedom of expression and their obligation, as the court sees it, to avoid public statements that feed intolerance.

Other politicians, notably all from the Labour Party, have uttered the following about Moroccans without being prosecuted:

The court discarded Wilders’ defense attorney’s argument that the failure to prosecute any of these politicians renders the trial against Wilders discriminatory. The court said that because of the different time, place and context of the statements of other politicians, they cannot be equated with the statements of Mr. Wilders and for that reason, the court considers that there has been no infringement of the principle of equality. Continue reading

Geert Wilders: “Recognize that Islam Is the Problem”

via Speech Geert Wilders during parliamentary debate in the Netherlands. h/t Diana West who kindly reposted Wilders’ short Fitna

Madam Speaker, actually I was expecting flowers from you. I am celebrating an anniversary these days. Exactly ten years and two days ago, I left a party whose name I cannot immediately remember. During these ten years and two days. I have been much criticized. Most importantly for always saying the same thing.

My critics are right. Indeed, my message had been the same during all these years. And today, I will repeat the same message about Islam again. For the umpteenth time. As I have been doing for ten years and two days.

I have been vilified for my film Fitna. And not just vilified, but even prosecuted. Madam Speaker, while not so many years ago, everyone refused to broadcast my film Fitna, we can today watch Fitna 2, 3, 4 and 5 daily on our television screens. It is not a clash of civilizations that is going on, but a clash between barbarism and civilization.

The Netherlands has become the victim of Islam because the political elite looked away. Here, in these room, they are all present, here and also in the Cabinet, all these people who looked away. Every warning was ignored.

As a result, also in our country today, Christians are being told: “We want to murder you all”. Jews receive death threats. Swastika flags at demonstrations, stones go through windows, molotov cocktails, Hitler salutes are being made, macabre black ISIS flags wave in the wind, we hear cries, such as “Fuck the Talmud”, on the central square in Amsterdam.

Indeed, Madam Speaker, this Summer, Islam came to us.

In all naivety, Deputy Prime Minister Asscher states that there is an “urgent demand” from Muslims to “crack down” on this phenomenon. Last Friday, in its letter to Parliament, the Cabinet wrote that jihadists are hardly significant. They are called a “sect”, a “small” group.

This is what those who look away wish, these deniers of the painful truth for 10 years and two days, the ostrich brigade Rutte 2.

But the reality is different. According to a study, 73% of all Moroccans and Turks in the Netherlands are of the opinion that those who go to Syria to fight in the jihad are “heroes”. People whom they admire.

And this is not a new phenomenon. Thirteen years ago, 3,000 people died in the attacks of 9/11. We remember the images of burning people jumping from the twin towers. Then, also, three-quarters of the Muslims in the Netherlands condoned this atrocity. That is not a few Muslims, but hundreds of thousands of Muslims in the Netherlands condoning terrorism and saying jihadists are heroes. I do not make this up. It has been investigated. It is a ticking time bomb.

Madam Speaker, is it a coincidence that for centuries Muslims were involved in all these atrocities? No, it is not a coincidence. They simply act according to their ideology. According to Islam, Allah dictated the truth to Muhammad, “the perfect man.” Hence, whoever denies the Koran, denies Allah. And Allah leaves no ambiguity about it what he wants. Here are a few quotes from the Quran:

Surah 8 verse 60: “Prepare to strike terror into the hearts of the enemies of Allah.”
Surah 47 verse 4: “Therefore, when ye meet the unbelievers, smite at their necks”. We see it every day in the news.
Another quote from Allah is Surah 4 verse 89: “So take not friends from the ranks of the unbelievers, seize them and kill them wherever ye find them.”

Madam Speaker, the Koran on the table before you, is a handbook for terrorists. Blood drips from its pages. It calls for perpetual war against non-believers. That Koran before you is the hunting permit for millions of Muslims. A license to kill. That filthy book is the Constitution of the Islamic State. What ISIS does is what Allah commands.

This bloodthirsty ideology was able to nestle in the Netherlands because our elites looked away. Neighborhoods, such as Schilderswijk, Transvaal, Crooswijk, Slotervaart, Kanaleneiland, Huizen, you name it. There, the caliphate is under construction; there, the Islamic State is in preparation.

During the past ten years and two days, the ostrich Cabinets did nothing. It has nothing to do with Islam, they lied to the people. Imagine them having to tell the truth.

But the people have noticed. Two thirds of all Dutch say that the Islamic culture does not belong in the Netherlands. Including the majority of the electorate of the Labour Party, the majority of the voters of the VVD, the majority of the voters of the CDA, and all the voters of the PVV.

The voters demand that, after ten years and two days of slumber, measures are finally taken. The voters demand that something effective happens. No semi-soft palliatives. Allow me to make a few suggestions to the away-with-us-mafia. Here are a few things which should happen starting today:

Recognize that Islam is the problem. Start the de-Islamisation of the Netherlands. Less Islam.

Close our borders to immigrants from Islamic countries. Immediately border controls. Stop this “cultural enrichment”.

Close every Salafist mosque which receives but a penny from the Gulf countries. Deprive all jihadists of their passports, even if they only have a Dutch passport. Let them take an ISIS passport.

Do not prevent jihadists to leave our country. Let them leave, with as many friends as possible. It it helps, I am even prepared to go to Schiphol to wave them goodbye. But let them never come back. That is the condition. Good riddance.

And, as far as I am concerned, anyone who expresses support for terror as a means to overthrow our constitutional democracy has to leave the country at once. If you are waving an ISIS flag you are waving an exit ticket. Leave! Get out of our country!

Madam Speaker, war has been declared against us. We have to strike back hard. Away with these people! Enough is enough!

Wilders: Freedom is Worth It (video)

Is there a Geert Wilders in the U.S.?

Is there anyone in America who will stand up not only to the increasing Islamic influence in the U.S. but more importantly to the tyranny of a corrupt, dictator-like government now imposing its will on Americans? 

Dutch to scrap blasphemy law, Denmark targets sharia marriages

via Dutch to scrap blasphemy law on insulting God – Yahoo! News.

AMSTERDAM (AP) — The Almighty will have to defend his own name from now on: Dutch parliament has accepted a motion that will scrap a law making it a crime to insult God.

A majority of parties said Wednesday the European Union nation no longer needs the law, which hasn’t been invoked in the past half-century.

The movement to decriminalize blasphemy gathered strength in the last decade amid a national debate about the limits of freedom of speech. The climax came at the 2011 trial of far-right politician Geert Wilders, when judges ruled he had the right to criticize Islam, even if his opinions were insulting to many Muslims.

And Government targets forced marriages via The Copenhagen Post  h/t to New English Review.

Increased punishment and the expulsion of imams among the efforts aimed at curbing forced religious marriages. The government is stepping up its battle against forced marriages.

TV2 News reported this evening that the government will announce a package tomorrow aimed at curbing forced Muslim marriages, also known as Sharia marriages.

The legislation is expected to further increase the criminal punishments for forced marriages, ban those married under Sharia law from utilising the Danish divorce system, and allow for the expulsion of imams who carry out forced religious marriages.

Everyone should have the same rights when they live in Denmark, regardless of whether one has Muslim parents,” the social affairs and integration minister, Karen Hækkerup (Socialdemokraterne), told TV2 News. “Everyone should have the same rights to freedom, and that is what we want to help people achieve.”

Although it was reported earlier this year that there had not been a single conviction for forced marriages since the former Venstre-Konservative government increased the punishment in 2008, LOKK, the association of women’s crisis centres, said that the number of women seeking help – either because of a pending forced marriage or the threat of one – rose six-fold between 2005 and 2010 from 101 women to 660.

The Copenhagen Post quickly backtracked so as not to offend any Muslims, changing its headline:

The headline was also changed to reflect that the government was targeting forced marriages, not simply religious Muslim marriages.

State Dept granted New York terror plotter student visa

We asked how and why Qauzi jihadi was let into the U.S. in our post yesterday. Josh Rogin at The Cable found the answer.

State Department granted New York terror plotter a student visa | 

Last December, the State Department issued a student visa to the Bangladeshi man arrested this week for trying to blow up the Federal Reserve building with what he thought was a 1,000-pound bomb, the State Department confirmed today.

Twenty-one-year-old Quazi Mohammad Rezwanul Ahsan Nafis, who was arrested Wednesday as part of an FBI sting operation, was reportedly in contact with al Qaeda before he entered the United States in January to attend Southeast Missouri State University, where he was studying cyber security. But the State Department’s system to check visa applicants didn’t find any reason to deny him entry, and the department issued his visa.

“The suspect did have a student visa to attend a legitimate academic program in the United States, for which he was qualified,” State Department spokesman Victoria Nuland said today. “Visa decisions are made in accordance with applicable law and department regulations. Each case is looked at on a case-by-case basis, taking into account all of the information contained in U.S. government databases and in consultation with other government agencies.”

The State Department has its own database for vetting visa applications, called the Consular Lookout and Support System (CLASS), which keeps a list of those foreigners who should not be granted a visa. There are 39 million records in that system but Nafis wasn’t one of the, Nuland said.

The State Department’s visa vetting program last came into question after the failed terror plot in December 2009 by “underwear bomber” Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab. In that case, the plotter’s father had warned the U.S. Embassy in Nigeria that his son was dangerous. In this case, the plotter’s father has said he can’t believe his son was an aspiring terrorist.

After Nafis entered the United States, the responsibility of monitoring his visa compliance was transferred to the Department of Homeland Security, a State Department official said.

“Students are tracked in the Student and Exchange Visitor Information System, an Internet-based system operated by the Department of Homeland Security,” the official said.

In fiscal year 2011, the State Department issued 476,000 type “F” student visas worldwide, 1,136 of them for Bangladeshis.

Preserve Liberty Corner (NJ), Stop the Mosque

Bernards mosque debate a 'complex situation,' Islamic Society head says | NJ.com

via Bernards mosque debate a ‘complex situation,’ Islamic Society head says | NJ.com.

BERNARDS — Passions are running high around a proposal to build a mosque in what residents call a historic section of the town. But the president of the group trying to build the house of worship says he’d rather just stick to the legal issues.

Ali Chaudry, president of the Islamic Society of Basking Ridge, said he does not want to speculate about why so many residents seem opposed to the mosque — about 120 reportedly attended a recent meeting, and the Star-Ledger recently reported some residents are posting signs urging people to “Preserve Liberty Corner.”

The proposal, though, doesn’t require any zoning variances — there’s no prohibition on a house of worship in the area where the society wants to build. Liberty Corner Presbyterian Church is located down the street from the proposed mosque.

“We’re doing everything according to the law,” Chaudry said Thursday. “At this point, we’re in the process right now, and we want to make sure (the planning board) remains our main forum. We’re working with a complex situation.”

The Islamic Society is seeking final site plan approval to raze a home on the 4.3-acre property at 124 Church St., in the Liberty Corner section of town, and build a 4,250-square-foot house of worship in its place.

A residents group — dubbed the Bernards Township Citizens for Responsible Development — opposes the project because its members fear the mosque will increase traffic congestion in a residential area, according to its website.

A similar situation occurred in Bridgewater last year, when a mosque construction proposal was successfully fought by township residents who cited concerns of increased traffic, and the issue has been stuck in federal court ever since. Bridgewater Administrator James Naples has told The Star-Ledger he believed there could be a trial by the end of the year.

And on its website, the citizens’ group lists various specific concerns over the mosque — most surrounding area traffic, lighting and parking issues in the residential neighborhood, as the plan calls for a 50-space parking area behind the mosque.
Among the concerns listed the website:
• Public safety and traffic congestion at the accident-prone intersection of Somerville Road/ Church Street and the surrounding busy intersections.
• The proximity of the development to the Liberty Corner Firehouse.
• The proposed hours of use, which include activities at least 5 to 7 days a week.
• Future growth.
The citizens’ group did not respond to repeated requests for comment.
Township planning board Secretary Frances Florio said while the board tries to pass judgement based on township ordinances, if someone comes up with an objection, and can demonstrate to the board that the objection is based on whether the application conforms to ordinances, the board will listen.
“However, if there is no particular ordinance or legal basis for taking a particular action, positive or negative, the board is very careful,” Florio said. “The fact that simply there are people who are objecting to the application, that may or may not be something the board should take into consideration.”
The Islamic Society of Basking Ridge is scheduled to present more specifics on its plan to build a mosque in Basking Ridge before the township planning board on Oct. 25.

Here are a few more concerns:

To wit, NJ.com reached out for comment to the Why Islam? dawah group whose founder wrote on his website that “showing happiness and joy on Christmas, Halloween, Easter, Good Friday is like shaking hands with Satan” and “Islam came to tear down the pillars of kufr and replace them with the pillars of Islam.”

So yes, now is the time to Preserve Liberty Corner!!!

You can show support on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/PreserveLibertyCorner

Please do those directly involved in this situation a huge favor and don’t leave rude, obnoxious comments like many leave here that will only give fuel to groups like CAIR and be used against the citizens of the area who are trying to preserve their quiet and still pristine neighborhood.

Muslims Murder More Christians in Nigeria

Almost always on Sunday and always during worship services at churches. via Islamists Murder Nigerian Christians.

More than nine months after Boko Haram, an Islamist terror organization in Nigeria, demanded that Christians immediately vacate the northern states of that African nation, Christians are continuing to be murdered while the government struggles to wage a campaign against the destabilizing guerrilla forces.

The most recent attack perpetrated by members of Boko Haram took place in the northern city of Bauchi, when a car bomb was detonated by its driver at the gates of St. John’s Church. For years, Boko Haram — a name which means “Western education is sinful” in the Hausa language — has waged a campaign of terror against the people of Nigeria in an effort to impose sharia law and to divide the nation between Islamic and Christian territories. As reported previously for The New American, the leadership of Boko Haram demanded in January of this year that all Christians immediately flee the northern states of Nigeria, which the Islamist organization believes should be inhabited only by Muslims. The demand came in the aftermath of Christmas Day bombings which killed dozens of people and left almost 100 wounded.

The September 23 attack on St. John’s Catholic Church was initially reported to have killed two people and wounded nearly 50 others; these figures were later adjusted to report four fatalities — not including the terrorist — with 48 wounded. The attack was the second such anti-Christian assault in Bauchi in one week.

According to the BBC, the attack came in the aftermath of government security forces killing Boko Haram spokesman Abu Qaqa in a gun battle in the state of Kano in northern Nigeria. Other reports mention that the spiritual leader of Boko Haram, Isah Abuja, was also killed in the same battle.

The deaths of Abuja and Qaqa could prove a significant development in the efforts of the Nigerian government to defeat the Islamist insurrection. According to The Sun, an additional 158 suspects have been arrested in the past few days in possession of “sophisticated weapons”:

A special joint task force of security operatives, comprising men of the State Security Services (SSS) the Police and the Armed Forces, codenamed, “Operation Restore Sanity” on Monday, unraveled the mystery of Boko Haram operations in Mubi, Adamawa State, as no fewer than 158 persons have been arrested with sophisticated weapons. Security agents also discovered a factory alleged to be manufacturing ammunition, guns and Improvised Explosive Devices (IED), daggers, bows and arrows, AK 47 rifles, gun smokers and dane guns and [these] were recovered by Operation Restore Sanity.

The factory, located at the Shagari Low Cost Housing Estate, in Yelwa Ward, Mubi was discovered, while the security operatives embarked on house-to-house search for culprits and suspects of the Boko Haram Islamist sect, following a dusk-to-dawn curfew imposed on Mubi Metropolis and its environs.

Undeniably, the arrest of so many individuals, and the discovery of a Boko Haram weapons factory is significant; what is unknown at present is what effect these events will have on the capacity of the Islamist organization to continue their campaign of terror. According to press reports, a common complaint in Nigeria is that the nation’s porous borders allow terrorists to smuggle weapons into the country with relative ease.

According to a story for the website AllAfrica, the attack on St. John’s Church came at approximately 9 a.m. on Sunday, September 23, as worshippers were leaving the church following the conclusion of the first service:

Sunday’s attack came nearly a week after nine persons were killed and seven others received various degrees of injuries from gunshots in the area.

Also, last week, the former Controller-General of Prisons, Alhaji Ibrahim Jarma, who was shot by some unidentified gunmen in Bauchi, died from gunshot injuries.

Sunday’s church attack elicited condemnations from the House of Representatives Speaker, Hon. Aminu Tambuwal, and a non-governmental organisation, Human Rights Writers’ Association of Nigeria (HURIWA).

HURIWA also “called on President Goodluck Jonathan to declare a state of emergency in Borno, Yobe, Bauchi, Adamawa and Kano States for six months to enable the government to combat the rising spate of bomb attacks in the states.” After nearly 1400 deaths caused by Boko Haram in the past two years, HURIWA’s appeal to Nigeria’s president is hardly an isolated event.

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