Amnesty Int’l Director of Faith & Human Rights linked to Muslim Brotherhood


Yasmin Hussein

via Times of London (h/t EoZ):

A senior employee of Amnesty International has undeclared private links to men alleged to be key players in a secretive network of global Islamists, The Times can reveal.

The charity was unaware that the husband of its director of faith and human rights featured in documents released after a criminal trial at which connections were revealed between British supporters of the Muslim Brotherhood and Arab Islamists accused of plotting to overthrow a Gulf state.

Yasmin Hussein was also linked to a Yorkshire-based aid agency that was banned by Israel for its alleged funding of Hamas terrorism; and criticised by colleagues for holding a private meeting with a Muslim Brotherhood government official during an Amnesty mission to Egypt, and staying overnight at his family’s home.

Ms Hussein, 51, was until recently the charity’s head of international advocacy and among its leading voices at the UN, where the organisation seeks to operate a strict policy of not siding with any government or political party.

Amnesty staff are asked to declare any links that may generate a real or perceived conflict of interest with its independence and impartiality.

The Brotherhood is banned as a terrorist organisation in Egypt, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates, but not in Britain. An inquiry into its role and influence in this country was ordered by David Cameron last year. The findings have yet to be published.

Ms Hussein, who is understood to receive a salary of more than £90,000, told The Times that she had “never had any association whatsoever with . . . the Muslim Brotherhood”.

Her husband, Wael Musabbeh, was one of several alleged British Islamists, none of them defendants, named in documents released after a 2013 trial in the UAE that led to the jailing of more than 60 Emirati citizens who were tried for conspiracy and sedition.

…In a separate incident in 2012, Amnesty staff alerted senior management after Ms Hussein held a private meeting in Egypt with a member of the Muslim Brotherhood government, shared an evening meal with his family and stayed overnight in their home.

Ms Hussein said she was not aware that any concerns were raised about her unofficial meeting with Adly al-Qazzaz, a ministerial education adviser who was blamed by a teachers’ union for instigating the “Brotherhoodisation” of Egypt’s education system.

The charity said it “examined and robustly interrogated concerns raised by colleagues”. Ms Hussein was subsequently told that her overnight stay with the al-Qazzaz family was inappropriate. She accepted that and promised that it would not happen again.

A long-serving employee said the charity had strict rules on overseas trips, adding: “For an Amnesty delegate to accept an invitation to stay at the residence of a government official is a serious breach of protocol.”

Mr al-Qazzaz’s son, Khaled al-Qazzaz, was the Brotherhood’s presidential secretary for foreign affairs. His daughter, Mona al-Qazzaz, was the official spokeswoman for the movement in the UK. Father and son were arrested in a crackdown that followed the toppling of the Islamist government in July 2013.

Ms Hussein said she had no knowledge of the senior Brotherhood positions held by members of the al-Qazzaz family. She was “a committed human rights activist”, was not an Islamist and was “vehemently opposed” to the raising of funds “by any organisation that supports terrorism”.


EoZ previously reported on AI’s terror-supporting staff:

…that Amnesty campaigner Saleh Hijazi’s Facebook profile picture was a photo of Leila Khaled, a PFLP terrorist and airline hijacker, while in 2012, his profile picture was a photo of Khader Adnan, a leader of the Islamic Jihad terror organization.


DC: Terror-linked Muslim Delegates Lobby Congress During First Muslim Capitol Day (video)

“This is just the beginning of the work, the actual work takes place when we meet and maintain relationships with members of Congress…” ~ Nihad Awad of the CAIR, named a terrorist group by UAE.

Previously, Awad has stated:

I am in support of the Hamas movement.”

“Address people according to their minds. When I speak with the American, I speak with someone who doesn’t know anything.”

Below is a follow up to warnings posted here and here. via Muslim Delegates Lobby Congress During First Muslim Capitol Day – YouTube.

Published on Apr 17, 2015

280 Muslim Delegates Lobby Congress on Historic First National Muslim Advocacy Day

In the first-ever National Muslim Advocacy Day on Capitol Hill in Washington D.C., over 280 delegates gathered from more than 20 states to meet with elected officials and congressional staffers. The US Council of Muslim Organizations, a coalition of leading national and local American Muslim organizations, sponsored the historic event.

No member of Congress should be meeting with the terror-linked, terror-named, unindicted co-conspirator to the largest terror finance conviction in U.S. history, who have had many members arrested and deported for terror offenses.

The USCMO is just an umbrella group of Muslim Brotherhood-linked organizations led by the sharia and jihad-approving CAIR, as we noted in, Newly Formed Muslim (Brotherhood) Coalition Seeks Greater Clout in U.S. Elections.

More on Awad and HAMAS-CAIR:



UPDATE: Politicians and LEO may not do anything about terror groups like CAIR, but you can actually make an impact with this one. So far in their quest to be recognized as a “Great Nonprofit” the terror group CAIR has one star. Keep it that way by commenting and voting.

Islamic Society of Greater Chattanooga is an Enemy Outpost (video)

What mosque isn’t? via Understanding the Threat

Mohammed Abdulazeez killed 4 Marines and 1 sailor on July 16, 2015.  He was a Muslim who attended the Islamic Society of Greater Chattanooga, which is a Hamas/Muslim Brotherhood center.

See the five minute video produced by UTT detailing the evidence of the Hamas/Muslim Brotherhood Islamic Societies in the U.S. supporting jihad, specifically, the Islamic Society of Greater Chattanooga.


The US v HLF (Holy Land Foundation for Relief and Development) (Dallas, 2008) was the largest terrorism financing and Hamas trial ever successfully prosecuted in American history. The evidence revealed the most prominent Islamic organizations in the U.S. are controlled by Hamas/Muslim Brotherhood. The list of Hamas/MB groups includes the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA), Islamic Circle of North America (ICNA), Muslim American Society (MAS), Hamas doing business as the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR), Muslim Students Association (MSA), Islamic Centers, Muslim Public Affairs Council (MPAC), International Institute for Islamic Thought (IIIT), American Muslims for Palestine, EMERGE, US Council of Muslim Organizations (USCMO), and many others.


Video Produced by UTT

Muslim Organizations in U.S. Protest Toothless Counterterrorism Measures

via New English Review.

Rose Nguyen writes in the Boston Globe:

Islamic and civil rights groups in Boston and two other cities spoke out Thursday against a federal government initiative to counter violent extremism, saying it unfairly targets the nation’s Muslim communities.

Boston, Los Angeles, and Minneapolis were chosen last fall as sites for the program known as Countering Violent Extremism, which is designed to reduce the risk of young people being recruited by extremist groups. The organizations that convened Thursday on City Hall Plaza — including the Council on American-Islamic Relations Massachusetts Chapter, the Muslim Justice League, and other social justice organizations — said the federal program is pocked with shortcomings.

“There’s no evidence programs like this are effective,” said Liza Behrendt, organizing consultant for Jewish Voice for Peace, an antidiscrimination group. “It’s a federal program that singles out Muslim communities and reinforces false notions of the link between Islam and terrorism.”

Nadeem A. Mazen, a Cambridge city councilor, called the program “authoritarian.” He urged an alternative approach that would increase community engagement and community policing, rather than using “violent practices like surveillance and racial profiling.”

Shannon Erwin, cofounder of the Muslim Justice League, said the program could rely on false indicators to identify potential at-risk youths, targeting people who grow beards, express interest in foreign policy, and adhere to strict religious beliefs.

But community organizations participating in the campaign to combat extremism denied that the initiative engages in discriminatory practices.

“I’m not aware of a checklist of indicators people are supposed to follow,” said Robert Trestan, regional director of the Anti-Defamation League in Boston. The initiative to counter extremism “is relatively new in this country. It’s not fair to judge it yet and be overly critical.”

According to Trestan, the Boston program is inclusive, “informed by all segments of society,” and incorporates the voices of community organizations, faith-based groups, neighborhood associations, Muslim organizations, and law enforcement officials.

Said Ahmed, founder of United Somali Youth, disagrees, saying the conversation between the government program and members of the community has been limited. The initiative, he said, “is not open to all people. Our community cannot give feedback,” said Ahmed, whose group aims to empower immigrant youths.

The office of US Attorney Carmen Ortiz rejected assertions that the Boston program is singling out groups.

“The local effort does not focus on any one form of violent extremism, and does not identify a particular community as being more vulnerable or at risk of engaging in violent extremism,” said Brandy Donini-Melanson, a spokeswoman for the US attorney’s office, in an e-mail.

Therein lies the problem. It SHOULD be targeted at Muslims. DHS was created to prevent MUSLIM terrorist attacks after the MUSLIM terror attack of 9/11.

Since this CVE charade was created, Muslim terror plots and attacks have increased significantly.

It should be noted that terror-linked Muslim groups have never supported stopping jihad in the U.S.:

Boston Muslim Leaders Boycott Obama’s Plan to Counter Violent (Islamic) Extremism


US-based Muslim Group CAIR’s Tax-Exempt Status Should Be Stripped: Pataki

Here’s a topic Faux News failed to bring up in their faux debate days ago. via CAIR’s Tax-Exempt Status Should Be Stripped: Pataki.

Republican presidential candidate and former New York Governor George Pataki would strip the tax-exempt status of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), a U.S. Muslim Brotherhood entity and designated terrorist group  by the United Arab Emirates, he told the Clarion Project.

“That’s just one of the organizations I have in mind,” Pataki answered regarding his proposal to strip the tax-exempt status of radical organizations and whether he had any thoughts on CAIR.

Who were the others?

 Pataki, who was the Governor of New York during the 9/11 attacks, has stated that the federal government needs to be able to prosecute those who use free speech protections to promote terrorist organizations and incite violence against Americans.

“We respect the First Amendment but anybody who promotes recruitment to any terrorist organization, anybody who incites their fellow Americans to violence against Americans should be arrested, prosecuted and convicted. And any organization, whether it’s an Internet site they are using or a mosque or a church, should lose its tax-exempt status,” Pataki said.

Read it all. Here’s some background on Hamas-CAIR:

Also check out Clarion’s scorecard on where 2016 presidential candidates stand on, as Clarion calls it – Islamism – here.

There is a choice quote from Carly Fiorina – whom the supposed War on Women activists at Fox Faux News relegated to their junior debate:

“…these fanatics who have nothing to do with the Muslim religion.”

See our post on Marco al-Rubio earlier today and vote in the poll.

Obama admin may intervene in court ruling & side with Palestinian terrorists over Americans


via White House mulling intervention in massive judgment against Palestinians in terror case

The Obama administration has signaled it may intervene next week in a civil lawsuit in which 11 American families won a potential billion-dollar judgment from the Palestinian leadership over a series of bombings and shootings that killed or wounded dozens of U.S. citizens, a move that critics say would find the government siding with terrorists over its own citizens.

The families won a $218.5 million judgment in February after a seven-week trial in Manhattan Federal Court in which a jury found the Palestine Liberation Organization and Palestinian Authority were responsible for a string of attacks from 2001 to 2004 that killed 33 and injured hundreds. A 1992 law that requires damages in such cases to be tripled, as well as interest on the award, would push it to as much as $1.1 billion. The judgment, which the Palestinians are appealing, would equal nearly a third of the Palestinian Authority’s annual operating budget.

Their budget is comprised primarily of tax dollars stolen from Americans.

Late last month, the Department of Justice, which had previously not been involved in the 11-year-old case, informed the court it was considering filing a “statement of interest” in the case by Aug. 10, but officials would not elaborate. A source said the Department of Justice was working with the State Department on the matter.

“As the filing states, the United States is considering whether to submit a Statement of Interest in the [Sokolow v. Palestine Liberation Organization] matter,” a DOJ spokeswoman told “Any filing would be made on behalf of the United States, not on behalf of any other party.”

The plaintiffs included the estates of four U.S. citizens who were killed and several dozen Americans who were physically or psychologically injured in the attacks as well as their families. Kent Yalowitz, the families’ attorney, has requested that the Palestinian leadership be required to place $30 million per month in escrow while the case is appealed. Yalowitz suspects the U.S. government is considering intervening to help the cash-strapped Palestinian leadership avoid the bond.

“An administration which claims to be fighting terror is planning to weigh in favor of the terrorists,” Yalowitz told “If our government actually came in favor of convicted terrorists, it would be a really sorry statement about the way our government treats terror.”

Families of the victims say the jury has spoken, and note the PLO and Palestinian Authority pays stipends to the very terrorists and their families who carried out the attacks.

“The U.S. government and the DOJ should be ashamed that they are even considering telling an American court that the PLO and the PA can afford to pay convicted terrorists, but cannot afford to pay the victims of those very same terrorists,” Alan Bauer, a family member, told Fox News.


U.S. taxpayers will pay either way.


Florida: Broward Women Judicial Candidates Cover Up For Muslim Event

Voluntary dhimmitude. Note: Islam means submission, not peace. via Broward Women Judicial Candidates Cover Up For Muslim Event |, for

State Rep. Gwyn Clarke-Reed and rumored judicial candidate Betsy Benson

Last week, several Broward Democrat politicians and candidates attended a Ramadan event at the Islamic Foundation of South Florida in Sunrise. The event was hosted by the Democrat-friendly Emerge USA group. Last year, REDBROWARD documented EMERGE USA’s strong support for Democrats Charlie Crist and Broward County Commissioner Barbara Sharief.

Pictures plastered all over social media show Wednesday’s event featured Broward County Commissioner Marty Kiar, Broward Sheriff Scott Israel and Sunrise Mayor Mike Ryan. While these gentleman appeared as they do at any community or political event, the Broward women running for office looked very different.

Pictures show State Rep. Gwyn Clarke-Reed and several women seeking to be Broward judges wearing scarves over their heads.

Before you say they’re showing respect inside of a mosque, many of the pictures were taken under a tent in the parking lot.

Broward Chief Judge Peter Weinstein attended the event in his normal attire. Would a sitting female judge cover her head? Would she politely decline and use the opportunity as a “teaching moment” on womens issues in the Muslim faith?

Did anybody tell Rhoda Sokoloff, Betsy Benson and Andrea Gundersen to cover their heads?

Most likely it was the terrorist-friendly, CAIR-linked group Emerge USA that told them to cover. From previous posts:

Emerge USA, an innocuously named Islamist lobbying and advocacy group that attempts to dupe politicians into attending its functions by seducing them with a “Muslim vote.”

In December 2014, Emerge co-sponsored an event for the Muslim Students Association (MSA) with a number of organizations which have been associated with Hamas and/or al-Qaeda financing, including the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), ICNA Relief, and Islamic Relief (IR).


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