NY: Briarcliff High School Students Submitted to Islamic Dawah, Taqiyya

Why do we allow our children to be subjected to the most subversive, hateful ideology in existence? via Muslim Women Present Facts About Islam To Briacliff HS Students | The Briarcliff Daily Voice. h/t Iron Burka

Photo Credit: Courtesy of the Briarcliff Manor Union Free School District.

BRIARCLIFF MANOR, N.Y. – Briarcliff High School freshmen recently had the opportunity to learn about Islam by engaging in a question and answer session with seven area women who are Muslims.

“We just finished studying Islam in class,” Jeanne Claire Cotnoir, a Briarcliff High teacher, said in a press release. “These women, who are all highly educated, go to schools and share a presentation about Islam.”

“They are just amazing and really just smash the stereotypes,” she said

Students asked why some of the female panelists wore hijabs, veils that cover the head and chest, and others did not.

“The women explained the Koran tells women to ‘dress modestly,’ which is open to interpretation,” Cotnoir said.

Some of the women discussed situations in which people had harassed them because of their appearance.

The students “got to see that Islam is not what’s on television,” Cotnoir said. “It really is a religion of peace.”

“The women said, ‘ISIS is not Islam; it is not who we are.’”

Get that? “Islamic State” is not Islam?  Yet these women are submitting American youth to the same dawah (see image above) and follow the same sharia that ISIS does.

By the way, who were these women? What group are they part of? Terrorist-named CAIR? ISNA? The notorious MSA? We don’t know because the reporter simply chose to pimp Islam and diversity rather than provide any real information.

If any parent or student has the entire slideshow – the school should have copies readily available – please forward a copy.

A few informational posts on taqiyya for Briarcliff students, faculty and parents:

Islam’s doctrines of deception (Raymond Ibrahim on taqiyya)

Taqiyya Revisited: A Response to the Critics (Part I)

A Response to the Critics: Taqiyya Revisited (Part II)

Video: Taqiyya – The Art of Deception

Share with the school:


 Debora French – Principal
Daniel Murphy – Assistant Principal


Britain’s Labour Party Vows to Ban Islamophobia


Imam Miliband

via Britain’s Labour Party Vows to Ban Islamophobia

by Soeren Kern

The leader of Britain’s Labour Party, Ed Miliband, has vowed, if he becomes the next prime minister in general elections on May 7, to outlaw “Islamophobia.”

The move — which one observer has called “utterly frightening” because of its implications for free speech in Britain — is part of an effort by Miliband to pander to Muslim voters in a race that he has described as “the tightest general election for a generation.”

With the ruling Conservatives and the opposition Labour running neck and neck in the polls just days before voters cast their ballots, British Muslims — who voted overwhelmingly for Labour in the 2010 general election — could indeed determine who will be the next prime minister.

In an interview with The Muslim News, Miliband said:

“We are going to make it [Islamophobia] an aggravated crime. We are going to make sure it is marked on people’s records with the police to make sure they root out Islamophobia as a hate crime.

“We are going to change the law on this so we make it absolutely clear of our abhorrence of hate crime and Islamophobia. It will be the first time that the police will record Islamophobic attacks right across the country.”

Miliband appears to be trying to reopen a long-running debate in Britain over so-called religious hatred. Between 2001 and 2005, the then-Labour government, led by Prime Minister Tony Blair, made two attempts (here and here) to amend Part 3 of the Public Order Act 1986, to extend existing provisions on incitement to racial hatred to cover incitement to religious hatred.

Those efforts ran into opposition from critics who said the measures were too far-reaching and threatened the freedom of speech. At the time, critics argued that the scope of the Labour government’s definition of “religious hatred” was so draconian that it would have made any criticism of Islam a crime.

In January 2006, the House of Lords approved the Racial and Religious Hatred Act 2006, after amending the text so that the law would be limited to banning only “threatening” words and not those that are merely abusive or insulting. Lawmakers also said that the offense would require the intention — not just the possibility — of stirring up religious hatred. They added that proselytizing, discussion, criticism, abuse and ridicule of religion, belief or religious practice would not be an offense.

Miliband’s renewed promise to make “Islamophobia” (a term he has not defined) an “aggravated crime” may signal an attempt to turn the 2006 Act — which already stipulates a maximum penalty of seven years in prison for stirring up religious hatred — into a full-blown Muslim blasphemy law.

According to British commentator Leo McKinstry, “Miliband’s proposal goes against the entire tradition of Western democracy, which holds that people should be punished only for their deeds, not their opinions.” In an opinion article, he added:

In Miliband’s Britain, it will become impossible to criticise any aspect of Islamic culture, whether it be the spread of the burka or the establishment of Sharia courts or the construction of colossal new mosques. We already live in a society where Mohammed is now the most popular boy’s name and where a child born in Birmingham is more likely to be a Muslim than a Christian. If he wins, Miliband will ensure that the accelerating Islamification of our country will go unchallenged.”

McKinstry says Miliband is currying favor with Britain’s three million-strong Muslim community to “prop up Labour’s urban vote.”

Muslims are emerging as a key voting bloc in British politics and are already poised to determine the outcome of local elections in many parts of the country, according to a report by the Muslim Council of Britain, an umbrella group.

The report shows that Britain’s Muslim population is overwhelmingly young and will exert increasing political influence as time goes on. The median age of the Muslim population in Britain is 25 years, compared to the overall population’s median age of 40 years.

An extrapolation of the available data indicates that one million British Muslims aged 18 and above will be eligible to vote in this year’s election. According to one study, Muslims could determine the outcome of up to 25% of the 573 Parliamentary seats in England and Wales.

Others say that although Britain’s Muslim community is growing, it is also ethnically diverse and unlikely to vote as a single group. One analyst has argued that the potential for Muslim influence in this year’s election “will remain unrealized because the Muslim vote is not organized in any meaningful way on a national level.”

A study produced by Theos, a London-based religious think tank, found that although Muslims consistently vote Labour, they do so based on class and economic considerations, not out of religious motives.

Indeed, a poll conducted by the BBC on April 17 found that nearly one-quarter of “Asian” voters still do not know which party they will support at the general election. Some of those interviewed by the BBC said that economic issues would determine whom they vote for.

In any event, Muslim influence in the 2015 vote will be largely determined by Muslim voter turnout, which has been notoriously low in past elections: Only 47% of British Muslims were estimated to have voted in 2010.

Senior female ISIS figure revealed as Muslim student…from Seattle

via Senior female Isis figure who helped recruit women from Europe to Syria is revealed as student from Seattle – Middle East – World – The Independent. h/t Jihad WatchUmm-Waqqas

A senior female Isis figure who reportedly helped recruit women to join the extremist group in areas under its self-declared caliphate has been exposed as a student from Seattle, who may have been living in the city up until March this year.

The person behind the influential @_UmmWaqqas Twitter account has been revealed by Channel 4 as a woman in her 20s who lived and studied in the US.

Her Twitter account had a following of over 8,000 before it was suspended and shows that British recruits, such as Aqsa Mahmood, and other women from Europe were in contact with her in the days running up their departure. Mahmood goes by the name of ‘Umm Layth’ online and tweets from the @_UmmWaqqas account included: “Legit I talk to @ummlayth everyday” and “Umm Layth has more BALLS than most men & more heart/iman to have left her home for Allah’s sake.”

She is also reportedly listed as a contact for recruits in a travel document explaining the best methods for reaching territories held by Isis in Syria.

The investigation found her Twitter account was accessed by someone in Seattle as recently as March, but her friends insist that she has since moved away. One told Channel 4 she may have relocated to Saudi Arabia, while another suggested she could be living in Denver, Colorado.

However, her social media accounts also presented a passion for American football, the Super Bowl, eating takeout food with her friends and going to the gym, while photographs of her day-to-day life were found to show locations in and around Seattle.

In another tweet, Umm Waqqas said she was studying journalism at university before switching to teaching, declaring: “I no longer want to be a journalist (considering the bias news agencies etc) I know [sic] want to be a TEACHER!”

Channel 4 said she refused to answer allegations about her activities and whereabouts when they approached her on social media. She now appears to have stripped her Facebook account down and changed the name of it.


Clinton Aide Gets Life in Prison for Brotherhood Activities

via Clinton Aide Gets Life in Prison.

An Islamic terrorist leader who jumped straight from his job at the Clinton Foundation to a post with Egypt’s jihadist Muslim Brotherhood has received a life sentence back home for seditious activities.

Professional propagandist Gehad el-Haddad, who worked for the Clinton Foundation for five years, was one of more than 35 other Islamofascist defendants in the case to receive life imprisonment for anti-government activities from judge Mohammed Nagi Shehata earlier this month. The court also confirmed death sentences for another dozen or so defendants. (Fun fact: Gehad is the Egyptian version of the Arabic word jihad.)

According to the New York Times, the defendants “were reportedly accused of joining a command center” during an Aug. 14, 2013 Islamist sit-in at Cairo’s Rabaa al-Adawiya Square “that sought to spread chaos across Egypt in defiance of the government.” The Muslim Brotherhood-led protest was in support of President Obama’s Islamist ally, the now-deposed Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi. Morsi, whose rhetorical repertoire seems limited to calling Jews “bloodsuckers” and “the descendants of apes and pigs,” himself received a 20-year prison sentence this month and his Muslim Brotherhood organization is now officially banned in the Arab republic.

Gehad el-Haddad was the lead English-language spokesman for the Muslim Brotherhood. He is the son of Essam el-Haddad, who was foreign affairs adviser to then-President Morsi. Gehad’s brother, Abdullah el-Haddad, serves as spokesman for the Muslim Brotherhood in London, England.

Hillary Clinton, of course, headed the U.S. Department of State during the “Egyptian Revolution of 2011″ that ousted longtime U.S. ally and anti-Islamist Hosni Mubarak and cleared the way for Obama pal Mohamed Morsi.

Haddad was “city director,” a senior communications post, at the Clintons’ charity from August 2007 to August 2012. Those who support the Global War on Terror should bear in mind that Haddad’s experience at the foundation undoubtedly helped him to gain the know-how to participate in building a state terror apparatus and other oppressive institutions that would be required to turn Egypt into a totalitarian theocracy, which is the Brotherhood’s objective.

The Clinton Foundation’s Climate Initiative, which he worked on in Egypt, “taught Haddad about managing [a nongovernmental organization] and the role that civil society takes between the state and private sector, lessons he is applying to the Renaissance Project,” according to the Egypt Independent.

Haddad “officially became a senior adviser for foreign affairs in Morsi’s Freedom and Justice Party in May 2011, when he was still claiming to be employed by the Clinton Foundation,” the news website reports.

It was also reported that Haddad’s tenure at the Clinton Foundation “overlapped with his official work for the Muslim Brotherhood, which began in Cairo in February 2011 when he assumed control of the Renaissance Project, a Brotherhood-backed economic recovery program.”


St. Louis: Bosnian Muslim died fighting with Islamic State in Syria

via Allegations of St. Louis terrorism support rooted back in Bosnian War. h/t Money Jihad

In one picture, Ramo Pazara is the picture of casual cool.

He straddles a gleaming Suzuki motorcycle, wearing torn jeans, a long-sleeved black T-shirt and a necklace. He sports a scruff of hair on his chin, and his collar-length blond hair is tucked beneath a black stingy-brim hat.

But something changed. Dramatically. After his marriage and trucking business in Michigan both failed, Pazara cut his hair short and grew his beard long. He began wearing a white Arabic-style thawb and head covering, and moved to St. Louis.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

After 17 months here, in 2013, Pazara left to fight in Syria, where he reportedly would rise to be a deputy to a top commander of the murderous, apocalyptic Islamic State terrorist group.

He was one among a tiny number of Americans fighting with extremists in Syria, perhaps a dozen by one FBI estimate in September.

What Pazara did is the linchpin of a federal criminal case here that led in February to the arrest of six people — three of them current or former St. Louis-area residents — on charges of supporting overseas terrorists.

The indictments claim they knowingly provided funds for Pazara and others in Syria, Iraq and elsewhere who engaged in violence “with and in support of” the Islamic State group, al-Qaida in Iraq and the Nusra Front.

Ramiz and Sedina Hodzic, a married couple living in south St. Louis County, also bought uniforms, rifle scopes and other gear, the indictments say. Nihad Rosic, of Utica, N.Y., allegedly was stopped on his way to Syria.

It is unclear what motivated Pazara, believed to have died last fall in Syria at age 37 or 38. His Facebook postings from overseas are gone. Friends, relatives and employers won’t talk. Court hearings for the others revealed little.

The Bosnian news magazine Slobodna Bosna reported after the charges that Pazara, who they dubbed an “Islamic fanatic,” briefly fought for the Serbs in the war before coming to the U.S.

His deep past is murky. He pops up in available records in 2003, living in an apartment just north of Detroit. He registered a company called R&A Express Trucking, and with his then-wife, Amela Pazara, bought a small brick house.

The company made just $10,000 in 2006, and $4,000 in 2007, records show. The couple divorced and lost the house. Pazara filed for bankruptcy in 2008, listing more than $36,000 in debts. He claimed his only income was money from his family, and that his ex-wife was taking over the company.

Pazara spent some time in New York, where he has relatives. On Dec. 15, 2011, he rented a one-bedroom, $520-a-month apartment in the Oakbrook Gardens complex in south St. Louis County. By then, his beard was long, and his clothing ethnic.

Lisa Albert, Oakbrook’s former manager, said Pazara was late several times with his rent but “always very, very friendly.” She added, “You never would have suspected anything.”

She said the news about him “gave me chills.”

A former Oakbrook maintenance worker, Izet Fejzic, said Pazara stood out because of his clothing. Fejzic, also Bosnian, speculated that Pazara might have fallen for a pitch from foreigners who fought for Bosnians during their war, something like: “We helped you guys, now you have to help us.” Or, he said, Pazara might have gone to help a different group and ended up on the wrong side.

Pazara left Oakbrook at the end of April 2012. It’s not clear where he stayed then.


On May 17, 2013, Pazara became a U.S. citizen and changed his name to Abdullah Ramo Pazara. Yara Holt, who also became a citizen that day, remembered Pazara as someone who came alone, was perhaps the only one who didn’t get a picture with the judge and “kind of took his certificate and ran.”

Eleven days later, according to the indictment, Pazara traveled to Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina before arriving in Syria that July.

According to court testimony, Pazara posted Facebook pictures of himself in military clothing, holding a rifle in front of the black flag associated with Islamic State.

Authorities began tracking him, using social media along with wiretaps, search warrants and other tactics authorized by the secret Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act court process.

The indictments claim that on March 20, 2014, Pazara told an unidentified person about a mission in which he and others killed 11 people and captured one, whom they intended to “slaughter” the next day. Pazara also allegedly said Islamic State was “spreading every day.”

Media reports say that at the time Pazara died, he was a deputy to Omar al-Shishani, one of Islamic State’s top commanders.

The FBI briefed some St. Louis-area Muslim leaders shortly after the arrests. Agents claimed that some images from an infamous Islamic State massacre of Iraqi soldiers were traced to Pazara, indicating he was there, Imdad said.

“That was pretty alerting — shocking to me that he was standing right there … as the massacre was happening,” Imdad said.

Hayat said she left the briefing with the impression that Pazara was the leader of the group that included the Hodzics and that there was a recent “ideological” change in Pazara and the Hodzics.

The FBI declined to comment about the briefing.

The indictment claims Hodzic was a conduit for money and supplies to Pazara and others.

The FBI should be arresting Muslim leaders and briefing everyone else. Not working with those who share the same ideology, preach jihad, recruit and fund jihadists.

Read it all for more on the Six Bosnian Muslim immigrants in U.S. charged with supporting Islamic State terrorists.

Also read this Twitter exchange on the now dead jihadi.


Where the Left and Islam Intersect

via Articles: Where the Left and Islam Intersect.

Curious how the godless left and Islam share a critical aim.  They both wish to subjugate infidels, though how infidel is defined differs.  But who the infidels are isn’t.  We are, of course, the infidels.  We of western virtues and values.  We who hold to Judeo-Christian beliefs.  We’re obstacles to glorious futures for both.  Both want us consigned to dhimmitude.  Yes, dhimmitude.  That’s second class status, with tribute being paid for the privilege.

Marked differences and tensions exist between the left and Islam, to be sure.  But is the left using Islam for its ends, and Islam — for the time being — willingly being used?

Wrote Stephen Schwartz for First Things in February of this year:

For some time, an argument has been made that the liberal left, in refusing to examine the problems of Islam, has betrayed its Enlightenment roots. That is, while secular, feminist, and protective of free speech in dealing with its Western peers, the liberal left has been accused of abandoning its heritage in its quest for political correctness regarding Muslims.

In truth, however, the left has a distinguished background of courting Islam as a weapon against Western capitalism. Its most representative figures from the past did so frankly[….]

Today, though, it isn’t just Western capitalism that the left wants Islam to sic.  It’s the totality of Western Civilization.  Leftism has expanded its agenda beyond Marx-focused economics.  For the left to get us to dhimmitude, that means “deconstructing” our culture and society; upending our mores and traditions; shattering our institutions; demeaning faith and marginalizing the faithful.  Its gains are evident all around us.

From Marx onward, the left has operated by a simple rule vis-à-vis Islam: the enemy of my enemy is my friend.  This, as Schwartz suggests, explains why the American left is unwilling to identify Islam as a foe.  It might explain — however darkly — President Obama’s recent push to admit 70,000 more Muslims into the U.S.

This from Jim Kouri at the examiner.com in January:

The Obama administration has already provided refuge for more Muslims than all the other nations in the world combined. In fact, it’s been proven repeatedly that Muslims who have been given citizenship have been arrested for terrorist plots, aiding and abetting terrorist acts, providing material support to terrorist groups, and some have even returned overseas to fight American armed forces.

Most Americans have a hard time accepting that fellow citizens might knowingly act in ways injurious to the security and welfare of the nation.

A fatal conceit exists on the left in its use of Islam. It’s this: leftists are in every way superior to Muslims. Islam, violent and useful, though dangerous, is primitive and no match for the great minds and godless certitudes of “progressivism.” Islam can be used and then dispensed with. But the left underestimates the power of an ancient faith — and its faithful — at its own peril.

Conceit was the first great sin, and led to a fall. Leftists may want to mull that.

What J. Robert Smith gets wrong in this article is that it’s not at the left’s peril that they underestimate Islam. It’s at everyone’s peril.

And while a few leftists did mull it over and woke up, the vast majority won’t, and all future generations will suffer because of them and do-nothings on the right.



Univ of Minnesota tries to censor speech, ban Charlie Hebdo event poster


apparently the school paper didn’t dare publish the poster, so we created one for this post


via Charlie Hebdo event poster spurs debate on censorship | mndaily.com – The Minnesota Daily.

University of Minnesota faculty members were instructed earlier this year to take down event posters that recreated a Charlie Hebdo magazine cover, spurring a campus-wide discussion on free speech within academia.

School leaders received complaints on the image, which depicts a caricature of Muhammad with the word “censored” stamped across it, prompting the request for removal. They later clarified that the request — which was made after the event was held — wasn’t mandatory.

In late January, the University’s College of Liberal Arts sponsored the panel advertised on the fliers that discussed issues regarding free speech, following the Charlie Hebdo office attacks in Paris. Posters promoting the event appeared in several CLA departments leading up to and after the event.

Eight people contacted the University’s Office of Equal Opportunity and Affirmative Action to express their concerns with the college’s use of the image, calling it “blasphemous” and harmful to Muslims. The office began an investigation into the issue.

EOAA also received a petition signed by about 260 Muslim students, staff members and people outside of the University.

The CLA Human Resources department contacted faculty members and college leaders a few weeks after the event to notify them of the complaints and requested that the remaining flyers be removed.

Several faculty members expressed concern that the request infringed upon their freedom of speech.

According to the EOAA’s report, panel organizers said they decided to use the image because it related to the event’s focus on discussing free speech and the representation of Muhammad.

A few days after the human resource department sent its email, CLA Dean John Coleman sent another to faculty members. His email said the posters’ message may have been misconstrued and that faculty members and CLA leadership could make the ultimate decision to keep the flyers up.

In late March, the EOAA completed its investigation and found that the use of the image was not in violation of University anti-harassment policies. As part of its findings, the office recommended that Coleman voice disapproval of the flyer.

Coleman said he will meet with concerned faculty members in the coming weeks to further discuss the issue.

Defining free speech on a college campus

Coleman said CLA prioritizes the right of its students and staff to discuss their viewpoints freely on campus.

“Even material that’s going to be upsetting is still worthy of being shared and being discussed,” he said.

Health services management freshman Aisha Hassan signed the petition against the caricature’s use.

Though she wasn’t offended by the image, she said she thinks it perpetuates Islamophobia.

Hassan said she has the right to be offended by the image, just as the event organizers have the right to use it.

“That’s one of the positive sides of living in a free society,” Hassan said.

Coleman said the University is responsible for creating an environment where one person’s speech doesn’t infringe on another’s.

Catherine Sevcenko, an attorney and the associate director of litigation at the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education, said creating a respectful environment, like the one the University aims to uphold, requires openly discussing topics that may be controversial, rather than avoiding them altogether.

“You’re not going to be producing ideas if you’re saying things that are safe and everyone agrees,” she said. “The constitution doesn’t protect you from being uncomfortable.”


You know the campus Muslim Brotherhood was actively engaged in this affair.

Not the first time: Univ of Minnesota chooses Islamic terrorists over free speech




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