Minnesota: After 2 sex cases dismissed, Muslim tries to rape student at Minneapolis college

Asad Abu Mohamed was charged with third-degree criminal sexual conduct, making a terroristic threat and assault in connection with the Friday midday attack.

Banned Muslim scholar given visa by Hillary Clinton faces 3rd rape charge, could face charge in U.S.

Hillary Clinton signed special orders to allow the reentry of banned Islamic scholar and Muslim Brotherhood protege now charged with multiple rapes, into the United States.

Wisconsin: Perp Arrested in Mosque Burglary CAIR Blamed on Islamophobia…Was Muslim

CAIR-Minnesota Executive Director Jaylani Hussein tried to blame the crime on a local company that fired Muslim workers that walked off the job.

Muslim on ‘jihad’ admits killing New Jersey student, 3 others

Ali Muhammad Brown stunned the courtroom today during jury selection for his murder trial, when he admitted to killing 3 men in Washington state for the purpose of jihad.

Muslim immigrant gets plea deal for supporting jihadists who killed 5 U.S. soldiers

Muslim sent money and provided long-distance support to Tunisian jihadists believed responsible for a 2009 suicide attack in Iraq that killed five American soldiers.

Ohio: Columbus PD Appoints Muslim to Work With Growing Muslim Population

Egyptian born Muslim appointed as liaison officer between the department and the city's growing (Muslim) immigrant populations.

Texas: Moore County had 5th-highest per capita Muslim population in the US

Moore County at one point had the fifth-highest per capita Muslim population in the United States

U.S. Mosques Are Secretly Giving Sanctuary to Illegal Immigrants

Imam Omar Suleiman was one of the people calling for mosques to join the sanctuary movement in response to increased deportation.

New Jersey: Seattle Muslim accused of terrorism standing trial in 1 of 4 jihad killings

Ali Muhammad – who was on a terrorist watch list – confessed that his jihad killings were ‘“vengeance” for the loss of innocent lives killed as a result of American military operations’.

Missouri: Muslim Woman Pleads Guilty, Threatened Military & Families On Behalf of ISIS

A Muslim woman has admitted to sending threatening tweets to FBI employees and former military members on behalf of ISIS.

Imams are spewing hate in mosques across the U.S. with impunity

Over the past six months, at least five prominent US imams have been caught on tape preaching violence in sermons at mosques across America.

Indonesia: Non-Muslims whipped for violating sharia law

Previously, shariah laws only applied to Muslims, but this changed in December 2013, when they became effective for members of all religious groups.

Muslim Persecution of Christians: “Don’t Dare Sit with Us if You Want to Live”

An ex-kidnapper, an ex-kidnapper explained the process of how Christian girls are targeted for abduction, forced conversions and "marriages" to Muslims.

Malaysia’s highest court dismisses appeal by 4 who wanted to be formally recognized as Christians

The five judges ruled that in matters of conversion away from Islam, it was necessary for them to consult the Islamic Sharia courts.

Video: The epidemic of fake “anti-Muslim hate crime”

Fake “Islamophobia” incidents and why they are so frequently manufactured.

Muslim tells judge: NYC jihad plot an acceptable response to rejection of “Islamic system”

Muslim immigrant who wanted next 9/11 in Times Square, urged the judge to “see the truthfulness of Islam and the falsehood of the current system.”

Europe: The Rapid Spread of Dhimmitude

Dhimmi, historically speaking, is the Arabic term for the conquered non-Muslim, who agrees to live as a second-rate, "tolerated" citizen

New York City to pay Muslims $180k for removing hijabs for mug shots

She credited the city and police, saying the end result was a “collaborative” effort and a “great first step.” (toward sharia)

Michigan: Muslims gets special use permit to build mosque in Coldwater

One issue to be determined is how many parking spots will be needed for such a large building.

College warns “Merry Christmas,” “Happy Easter,” and “God bless you” are microaggressions against Muslims

Librarians at Simmons College are warning Christian students that “Merry Christmas,” “Happy Easter,” and “God bless you” are microaggressions against Muslim people.