Arkansas: Gun range owner who banned Muslims announces candidacy for governor

She has accused Mr Hutchinson of 'campaigning like a conservative Republican but governing like a liberal Democrat'.

Creeping Sharia’s Islam in America, 2017: Part 2 (Apr – Jun)

Another quarter full of jihadi plots, Muslim immigrant perpetrated frauds, Islamic infiltration in public schools and more.

New York: de Blasio spends $50M to install 1,500 security barriers to prevent Muslim car attacks

Move comes as Muslim “Diversity Visa” jihadi drove his truck into people on a cycle path in Lower Manhattan, killing eight people and injuring 11.

San Diego School District Defends Notorious Islamic Syndicate (CAIR) Against Parents’ Lawsuit

'This motion is nothing more than a red herring. The superintendent and board of education cannot deny CAIR’s dangerous background'

Michigan: Muslim attorney drops frivolous $100M Little Caesars halal lawsuits

The first of three [frivolous] lawsuits Moughni brought against the pizza maker was thrown out in September.

Canadian formerly married to jihadi Khadr family faces 15 criminal charges incl sex assault

Joshua Boyle and his family met with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau on Dec. the middle of his crime spree!

New Hampshire: Despite no permits, mosque opens for worship in single-family home

Muslim has not filed for a change of use permit but opened a mosque in a single-family home.

Creeping Sharia’s Islam in America, 2017: Part 1 (Jan – Mar)

Arrests, indictments, jihad attacks, legal jihad, Islamic infiltration in public schools and more.

The Islamization of Britain in 2017

"I think we are heading towards disaster."

California Prosecuting Man for Insulting Comments on Mosque’s Facebook Page

Given that insults targeted to a particular person, related to a political message, are thus constitutionally protected, so are more general insults aimed at an ideology and all its adherents

London 2018: Vast areas of East, North and South London “no-go zones” because of acid attack epidemic

Moped riders say they won't go to the violent hotspots after 8pm because they fear being attacked with acid or knives.

New Year’s Eve 2017: Heavy weapons, bomb squad personnel, snipers, hotel spys, blocking trucks, drones…

Unprecedented: An increase in heavy weapons, bomb squad personnel, radiological detection teams, and technology to include over 1,000 cameras...

Texas: Immigrant Imam Preaches to Muslims About Killing Jews

"My brothers, the Prophet Muhammad brought the good tidings, when he said: 'Judgment day will not come until...The Muslims will kill the Jews'

Islamic group forced 135 children into suicide bombings in 2017

Muslim terror group forced at least 135 children to act as suicide bombers in 2017, almost five times the number in 2016.

Virginia: FBI conducts terrorism related raid at Sterling home, Muslim arrested

Neighbors said the man, Sean Andrew Duncan, would wear a long black robe and had a long beard, while the woman wore a burqa.

Australia: Sydney Harbour church forced to cancel New Year’s Eve party due to jihad security costs

Former chaplain said it was 'evil' how Islamist extremists had robbed people of their New Year's Eve joy.

Germany: New Year’s Eve party to have ‘safe zone’ for women victims of migrant rapists

Women who have been assaulted or feel harassed will be able to get support at a special "safety zone".

New York: Muslim Immigrant Was Hezbollah Sleeper Agent

After his arrest, Kourani wished to provide information to the FBI in hope of obtaining immigration benefits for certain of his relatives.

Univ of Houston Muslim professor jailed; transferred drug ring money to Jordan

After completing his prison term, Omar Maher Al Nasser, will serve two years of supervised release and pay a $10,000 fine.

ISIS Video Features ‘American’ Jihadi Who Urges Muslim ‘Brothers’ in U.S. to Kill Americans

ISIS jihadi vowed to raise the ISIS flag "over the White House" and threatened that the U.S. "will be overcome from where you least expect it."