Cleveland State Univ’s Muslim maintenance director erases 9/11 chalk memorial

Shehadeh Abdelkarim - the @CSU maintenance director who power-washed away the 9/11 memorial - is also the President of the Islamic Center of Cleveland.

NY: Muslim Who Made Up Story of Attack by White Trump Supporters Pleads GUILTY

Seweid’s older brother, Abdoul, was also charged with falsely reporting an incident back in 2012.

Teachers “scared” to teach about 9/11 for fear of being labeled “Islamophobic”

...teachers are scared that they will be accused by their students of being Islamophobic if they try to teach about 9/11 and its legacy….

New York: CEO Gets Prison, Conspired to Send Iran Steel Co Powder Used in Missiles

An intermediary in Turkey was involved with an Iranian steel company linked to nuclear and ballistic missile programs.

Detroit: ISIS-supporting Muslim sentenced to 45 months in fed prison

“When he [Abdurrahman Bin Mikaayl] walks out of prison, will he be anything else but an ISIS adherent?”

U.S. Muslims Claim Win Over Withdrawal of Legislation Banning Funds to Terror-Tied Islamic Charity

Legislation seeking to ban federal funding to a UK-based Hamas charity was withdrawn Thursday after Islamist groups advocated voting against the measure.

Iran Threatens Christian Children: Study Koran and Shi’a or Be Expelled From School

Iran's government has ordered children belonging to families of one of the country's largest house church movements to study the Koran and Shi’a Islam teachings or face expulsion from school.

Sudan: Christian refugee children must recite Islamic prayers before receiving food

Christian refugee children are conditioned to say Islamic prayers before being given food.

Girl, 2, disabled for life after being battered by Muslim babysitter who left her looking like 70mph crash victim

The child suffered 30 deliberate injuries, three were life threatening head injuries, a fractured skull, the force required would be consistent with a fall from a second story building.

Ohio: Columbus high school shooting suspect identified as Adan Abdullahi

Source: Columbus high school shooting suspect identified as 18-year-old student | COLUMBUS (WCMH) – Police have identified the suspect in the active shooter situation at Columbus Scioto High School as an 18-year-old student. Columbus police said Adan Abdullahi, 18, was arrested and charged with improperly discharging a firearm in a school safety zone, a second-degree … Continue reading Ohio: Columbus high school shooting suspect identified as Adan Abdullahi

Top Muslim Scholar: Western politicians should stop pretending terrorism has nothing to do with Islam

The West must stop ascribing any and all discussion of these issues to “Islamophobia.”

‘Can’t We Talk About This?’ The Islamic Jihad Against Free Speech

New film and follow-up video series detailing the concerted effort by international organizations to compel the U.S. to curtail the freedom of speech and criminalize criticism of Islam.

New York: Muslim in Brooklyn admits plotting to help ISIS

“I agreed with others to raise money in order for an individual to buy a plane ticket to Turkey to join ISIS and be trained as a fighter.”

US Special Ops apologizes to Muslims for ‘highly offensive’ leaflet dropped in Afghanistan

The image features a lion chasing what appears to be a dog or a goat with the shahada emblazoned over it.

Philadelphia: Muslim mom who planned to abandon her children to join ISIS gets 8 years in jail

A Philadelphia mother who planned to abandon her two children and travel to Syria to join ISIS was sentenced to eight years in prison Wednesday.