Creeping Sharia’s Islam in America, 2016: Part 4 (Oct – Dec)

Read and share Part 4 of our 2016 review of the Islamization of America.

Obama sends 3 more Gitmo jihadis to UAE, 1 to Saudi Arabia

Three detainees will be sent to the United Arab Emirates, and one will be sent to Saudi Arabia, on two separate military flights, the officials said.

Fort Lauderdale jihadi says he carried out attack for ISIS

Santiago claimed to be fighting for ISIS and that he'd been in touch via jihadi chat rooms with like-minded people who were planning attacks as well

Wife of Orlando jihadi arrested for role in deadly attack on gay club

Salman purchased ammunition with her husband, and FBI believe she drove with him as he cased the Pulse nightclub prior killing 49 people.

9 of 10 Countries Where Christian Persecution is Worst Are Muslim

Muslim nations dominate the list of Top 50 countries where persecution of Christians is the worst.

Jihadists Train, Plan U.S. Attack from Mexican Border State

according to a high-ranking Mexican police administrator, who said that men from the Middle East arrive regularly into the country to “train” jihadists

Creeping Sharia’s Islam in America, 2016: Part 3 (Jul – Sep)

2016 was a summer of terror with Muslims waging attacks in three U.S. states in one weekend alone. Read our 2016 review here.

‘Now Is Time to Behead Unbelievers’: Muslim Persecution of Christians, October 2016

Reports of Muslims torturing, raping, and forcing Christians to embrace Islam continued to mount...

Creeping Sharia’s Islam in America, 2016: Part 2 (Apr – Jun)

More arrests, convictions, at least 49 killed, child rapes, submission to sharia and Obama freeing terrorists and forcing Islam on Americans - all from April to June of 2016.

The Islamization of Germany in 2016

"Germany is no longer safe."

Creeping Sharia’s Islam in America, 2016: Part I (Jan – Mar)

A sampling, not all, of Creeping Sharia posts concerning events in the United States of America or attacks on Americans abroad in 2016. January 2016: ‘Muhammad’ baby boom in full swing in U.S. Another fake Muslim hate crime – hijabi fined for making up attack story Boston: Muslim immigrant arrested, again, for attacking bus driver California: Muslim Refugee … Continue reading Creeping Sharia’s Islam in America, 2016: Part I (Jan – Mar)

Civilization Jihad Explained (Video)

Watch: The Muslim Brotherhood's plan for conquering America, uncovered in 1991, is being played out daily.

New York: Muslim who joined ISIS had it all – a mansion, indoor swimming pool

ISIS terrorist lived in a big house with an indoor swimming pool on two acres in New York's bucolic Hudson Valley

30,000 deadly attacks by Muslim terrorists since 9/11

Muslims stepped up their killing in 2016, with almost 3,000 terror attacks this year alone

Northern Virginiastan: Islamic terror hotspot has spawned 9 recent ISIS jihadis

The Northern Virginia report shows that Muslims seeking to become mass killers live near the seat of American government.