For Islamic Terrorists, Jihad Does Not Stop When Jailed

Rather than fear the system, they milk it by demanding their rights under the Constitution they are seeking to destroy.

U.S. House Committee’s September Terror Threat Snapshot

Since 2013, there have been 159 homegrown jihadist cases in the United States.

VIDEO: What Is Hezbollah?

Islamic terrorist group bombed the United States Marine barracks in Beirut killing 241 Americans.

Death as Punishment for “Disbelief in Allah the Great”: Muslim Persecution of Christians, February 2018

The jihadi assault on and massacre of Christians continued unabated throughout the Muslim word.

New York: Court rules convicted Muslim immigrant terrorist is citizen, erases deportation order

In 2014, Mohammad Hassan Khalid was sentenced to five years in prison for aiding Muslim terrorists.

Florida: Haitian Indicted, Distributed Info on Explosives Online and Tried to Support ISIS

Baptiste started an online communication platform he called “Jihadi Gear,” and likened it to a preparation channel.”

New Mexico: Muslims who ran Islamic compound indicted on federal charges, prepared for “violent attacks”

They stored firearms and ammunition and engaged in firearms and tactical training "as part of their common plan to prepare for violent attacks."

A Month of Islam in America: August 2018

Please read and share this recap of the month of August and the joys of Islam in America.

Boston police captain’s son sentenced to 20 years for ISIS-inspired jihad plot

Ciccolo, who used the alias Ali Al Amriki online and appeared in court in traditional Muslim clothing, planned to set off the improvised explosive devices – he wanted to attack a college cafeteria with a pressure cooker bomb.

The History of Jihad: Proof Islamic Terror is as Old as Islam Itself (VIDEO)

Islamic terror is as old as Islam itself, as old as Muhammad, the prophet of Islam, who said, "I have been made victorious through terror."

Hawaii: Muslim in U.S. army pleads guilty, admits supporting Islamic State

Kang swore an oath of allegiance to Islamic State leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi and said he wanted to get his assault-style rifle, go to downtown Honolulu and the Waikiki strip and start shooting

New Mexico: Muslim teen from Islamic compound says he was trained for jihad against non-believers

Imam Siraj Wahhaj's son trained teenage boys and told them jihad meant killing non-believers on behalf of Allah.

Retired detective says NYPD monitored mosque and radical imam father of New Mexico terror camp suspects

“There was definitely guns being bought from that [Siraj Wahhaj's] mosque,” the detective said. When asked if he observed sales, the former undercover detective said yes.

Geert Wilders cancels Muhammad cartoon contest after Muslims threaten violence

The religion of [disturbing the] peace, strikes again.

New Mexico: Judge drops all charges against Muslims from Islamic terror training camp

Amateur hour? Charges against them were dropped because prosecutors missed the 10-day limit for an evidentiary hearing to establish probable cause.

Michigan: Dearborn Muslim caught pleads not guilty to ISIS charges, but agrees to be remain in jail

Ibraheem Musaibli was caught on the battlefield in Syria by anti-ISIS forces.

Illinois: Man in jail for plotting jihad attacks indicted for punching deputy

Authorities allege he communicated with an unspecified terrorist group about a plan to an attack on at least one area location.

Uganda: Church Closes after Months of Attacks by Muslims

“We cannot watch our children joining infidels’ church,” said the sheikh...

New York: Muslim charged in attempt to blow up Staten Island gas-station (VIDEO)

Islam was arrested in upstate Buffalo. Police could not provide a motive. Watch it all here.

Massachusetts: Taxpayers sue over anti-Semitic, pro-Islam public school lessons

The lawsuit stems from a controversy of Newton Public Schools use of what the group claims are "unvetted educational materials" produced by the Saudi...