Terror-linked CAIR leaders head to Mexican border Dec. 10 to support Muslims, illegals rushing U.S. border

"American Muslim leaders from across the nation will also take part in the solidarity event."

Pastor: ‘The floor of Congress is now going to look like an Islamic republic’

"Let's deal with truth and reality...Islam was birthed by a warlord...what I challenge anybody to do is to dispute the truth of the facts I've brought forth..." ~E.W. Jackson

“Bridge-Building” to Nowhere – The Catholic Church’s Case Study in Interfaith Delusion

Sayyid Qutb candidly reminded Muslims that such a ‘bridge’ is ‘only so that the people of Jahiliyyah [society of unbelievers] may come over to Islam.

Before and after Sharia Law: A Cautionary Tale (VIDEO)

...maybe a few years from now, maybe a few decades, you look out the window and say, “What the hell happened to my country?”

Michigan: Muslim arrested after threatening large-scale violence against former employer

Ahmed Anwarullah said he "has more ammo to blow up your desecrated country."

Miami Anti-Crime Groups Continue to Harbor Terror-Related Islamic Supremacist

Sofian Zakkout regularly posts Hamas-related propaganda onto social media. He, himself, has led pro-Hamas rallies

Muslim Minneapolis cop ‘intended’ to kill Australian woman, prosecutors seek new charge

Prosecutors are seeking to charge Mohamed Noor with intentional 2nd-degree murder in the death of Justine Damond, who Noor shot and killed in July 2017.

Terrorist Lawfare and the Dallas Morning News

"The paper [ @dallasnews ] just really rolled over, very timid and frightened about the whole thing. They just wanted it to go away."

North Carolina: Muslim immigrant convicted of supporting al-Qaeda is denied early release

As a green-card holder, Pakistani-born convicted terrorist Basit Javed Sheikh’s future in the United States will be up to another agency.

Silicon Valley Sharia

Loomer was kicked off @Twitter for calling out sharia...@SarahJeong sits on her perch on @nytimes editorial board after using @Twitter to spew hatred against all men, all cops, the entire white race

Hawaii: U.S. Soldier Who Converted to Islam Gets 25 Years for Attempting to Provide Material Support to ISIS

Kang spoke approvingly and in detail about...attacking large public gatherings, such as the Honolulu Christmas Parade, and a parade at Schofield Barracks.

Report: At Least 15 Suspected Terrorists Captured Enroute to and at U.S.-Mexico Border Since 2001

"...the number of suspects apprehended, 15, is likely an undercount because their data were culled from public information and not "government intelligence database systems"

A Month of Islam in America: November 2018

Please read and share this recap of the month of November and the growing threat of Islam in America.

UK police “recklessly ignored” decades of sexual abuse by Pakistani Muslim gangs on British Sikh women

The research has found verification demonstrating a history of predominantly Pakistani grooming gangs targeting young Sikh females for over 50 years.

New York: Pakistani immigrant pleads guilty to laundering bitcoin to aid Islamic State terrorists

Court documents state that Shahnaz traveled to Jordan in January 2016 to volunteer with the CAIR, MPAC, Muslim Brotherhood-linked Syrian American Medical Society.

Florida: Mosque Agrees to Multi Million-Dollar Legal Settlement with Girls Sexually Abused as Teens by Teacher

Tariq Ahmad sexually abused at least three female students in their young teens over a four-year period...a warrant is still out for Ahmad’s arrest.

Minnesota: Ex-Muslim Christian Pastor May Face Trial Next Month for Sharing Testimony at Mall of America

The Mall of America banned pastor Parsa for 6 months, including the hotels, and "If they don't drop the charges, it goes to trial."

Connecticut: Muslim illegals using churches as sanctuary to avoid deportation

Sajuti taught Koranic studies at community centers and mosques in the U.S. over the past 30+ years of his illegal residency.

“Our Children Were Screaming”: Muslim Persecution of Christians, 2018

Because these accounts of persecution span different ethnicities, languages, and locales—from Morocco in the West, to Indonesia in the East—it should be clear that one thing alone binds them: Islam

Videos: 3 Lessons of Jihad from History & Our Final Stand for The West

There's never been a shortage of non-Muslims who are willing to help the jihad. There have been plenty of them and never works out well for them.