Michigan: ‘Feminist’ lawyer vows to defend FGM doctor who ‘circumcises’ girls

The procedure is barbaric, painful, and has no place in America – no matter what the multiculturalists wish to call it.

California: Muslim supremacists suing café lose anonymity

“The claim that these women were asked to leave the café because they were wearing hijiabs is laughable given the number of hijab-wearing Urth Caffe customers.”

South Dakota: Terror-listed CAIR shutting down free speech

What CAIR and others are doing is called “tortious interference.” It can be viewed as a form of economic warfare.

Idaho: Christian university caves, drops ‘Crusaders’ mascot

@nwnazarene’s Facebook post announcing the mascot change was lit up with comments lambasting the university for bowing to politically correctness.

Nebraska: Muslim doctor who illegally distributed painkillers wants sharia compliant jail

Kahn was filling prescriptions for unusually high amounts of controlled substances in Wyoming, Arizona, Kentucky, Massachusetts and Washington.

Christian group intervenes to ‘protect’ Europe from sharia law

Christian Concern said it will highlight in court that Sharia law is out of line with European law.

Colorado: Muslim who tried to kill 289 for Islam, sues DOJ for more Islam

Abdulmutallab tried to blow up a Northwest Airlines flight on Christmas Day, which had 289 people aboard.

Arkansas: Muslim who murdered U.S. soldier in Little Rock attack demands halal food in prison

Devout Muslim Muhammad shot two soldiers, one fatally, outside a military recruiting station in Little Rock in 2009.

Dearborn: Judge tosses Muslim’s (frivolous) $100M lawsuit against Little Caesars

Pepperoni prevails: Judge dismisses Mohamad Bazzi's $100 million lawsuit against Little Caesars.

Pennsylvania: DOJ & CAIR Force Mosque on Residential Bensalem Neighborhood Not Zoned for Houses of Worship

Source: Mosque To Be Built In Bensalem As Township Settles Lawsuit - Bensalem, PA Patch BENSALEM, PA — The Justice Department and Bensalem Township have reached an agreement to resolve allegations that the township violated the law when it denied zoning approval for a mosque two years ago. As part of the agreement, the Bensalem … Continue reading Pennsylvania: DOJ & CAIR Force Mosque on Residential Bensalem Neighborhood Not Zoned for Houses of Worship

California: Muslims demand anonymity in legal jihad, but use Facebook, give TV interviews

“It is an odd, if not untenable position, to claim a fear of public exposure while exploiting public exposure to generate a social media firestorm,” explained the filing.

U.S. Muslims Claim Win Over Withdrawal of Legislation Banning Funds to Terror-Tied Islamic Charity

Legislation seeking to ban federal funding to a UK-based Hamas charity was withdrawn Thursday after Islamist groups advocated voting against the measure.

Michigan: Yemeni Muslims Suing KFC… For Serving Bacon

Yemeni-American Muslim couple from Dearborn, Askar Abubaker, and his wife, Hasinah Saeed, who wears an Islamic face veil, wage legal jihad.

Virginia: DOJ Subpoenas Christian Pastor For His Views on Islam, Fed Court Dismisses

Outlandish effort to shake down a Christian pastor about his views on Islam by the Justice Department in an Obama-era holdover case.

California: Muslim shoplifter gets $85,000 after hijab removed for mugshot

Laws for Americans and laws for Muslims. Step by step, it's becoming an Islamic state. Source: Long Beach to Pay $85,000 to Muslim Woman Whose Hijab Was Forcibly Removed by Police | KTLA The city of Long Beach will pay $85,000 to settle a 2016 federal lawsuit filed by a Muslim woman after an officer … Continue reading California: Muslim shoplifter gets $85,000 after hijab removed for mugshot