Abercrombie & Fitch forced to pay $25,000 to Muslim litigation jihadist

She’s a culture jihadist too…as many Muslims are, working to change American culture to be more Islamic. via Abercrombie & Fitch pays $25,000 to settle headscarf lawsuit 

Clothing retailer Abercrombie & Fitch has agreed to pay approximately $25,000 to a woman who was denied a job because she wore a Muslim headscarf during her interview.

The settlement follows a June Supreme Court ruling saying that the popular clothing chain was required to offer an accommodation to employees who wear headscarves for religious reasons, regardless of whether or not they ask specifically in advance.

Abercrombie defended its “look policy” during oral arguments, saying that questioning an applicant about religious beliefs was overly personal and the burden of seeking a religious accommodation under Title VII on the 1964 Civil Rights Act should have fallen on the applicant.

Justice Antonin Scalia, writing for the majority in the 8-1 decision, said that “an applicant need only show that his need for an accommodation was a motivating factor in the employer’s decision” for it to be unlawful.

“An employer may not make an applicant’s religious practice, confirmed or otherwise, a factor in employment decisions,” Scalia added.

Reuters reported that on Monday the 10th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals, pursuant with the Supreme Court’s decision, dismissed the retailer’s appeal.

Abercrombie & Fitch amended its “look policy” before the court’s decision to allow employees to wear headscarves.


Michigan: Court Again Tells CAIR to Pay Legal Fees For Harrassing Citizens Who Opposed Mosque

via Victory Against “Civilization Jihad” – Court Slams CAIR One More Time: Pay AFLC’s Legal Fees! | American Freedom Law Center.

On June 1, a Michigan federal judge once again held that the Muslim Brotherhood-Hamas front group, the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), must pay legal fees and costs after the American Freedom Law Center (AFLC) successfully “quashed” harassing and burdensome subpoenas issued by CAIR to Ms. Zaba Davis, a private citizen who received the subpoenas because she publicly expressed her opposition to the construction of an Islamic center in her neighborhood.  This was the third ruling by the court upholding what it termed a “sanction” for CAIR’s reckless violation of federal law.

“Apparently, hell hath no fury like a Muslim Brotherhood ‘civil rights’ organization scorned,” remarked David Yerushalmi, Co-Founder and Senior Counsel of AFLC.  “This was CAIR’s third bite at objecting to the sanction.  You’d think they’d concede this one rather than continue to run up our legal fees with each new frivolous objection they file.”

Robert Muise, AFLC Co-Founder and Senior Counsel, commented: “Private citizens have a fundamental First Amendment right to express to their elected officials their personal views on matters of public concern.  CAIR’s ruthless attacks demonstrate that its objectives are dangerously at odds with the Constitution.  Consequently, this reaffirmation by the court sanctioning CAIR’s lawless behavior was important not only for our clients, but for all private citizens who want to speak out against CAIR.”

“CAIR employs egregious lawfare tactics to frighten honest citizens so as to prevent them from exercising their constitutional rights,” Yerushalmi explained.  “Our clients opposed the new mosque construction, like many neighborhoods oppose new construction of any type, not because it was Muslim, but because it would wreak havoc on their neighborhood with un-remediated traffic and noise.”

Yerushalmi continued,  “CAIR’s abuse of federal subpoena power is analogous to Sharia-adherent jihadists threatening violence against anyone who, in their perverse view, insults their religion or Mohammed.  When you threaten people with enough violence or litigation, the media and the self-anointed talking heads on cable TV and radio begin to lecture us about ‘civility’ and ‘provocation’ not because criticisms of some fundamental aspects of Islam are wrong or in and of themselves uncivil or objectively provocative, but because these pundits are frightened themselves of standing up to these bullies—whether they be violent jihadists or lawfare jihadists like CAIR.”

In 2012, the Muslim Community Association of Ann Arbor (MCA) requested that Pittsfield Township, Michigan, rezone a parcel of land to build an Islamic School and community center.  The Township denied the request, citing infrastructure and traffic concerns.  Nevertheless, CAIR, which bills itself as “America’s largest Muslim civil liberties and advocacy organization” but is widely known in government circles as a Muslim Brotherhood front group, filed a federal civil rights lawsuit against the Township on behalf of the MCA, alleging that township officials denied the MCA’s rezoning application out of discrimination against Muslims.

The MCA’s rezoning request was opposed by a group of Township residents who live in the neighborhood of the proposed development.  The residents expressed concerns about the traffic congestion that the new construction would cause in their neighborhood.  Pursuant to their rights protected by the First Amendment, these private citizens circulated and submitted to their elected Township officials a petition expressing their opposition to the rezoning and several of them spoke out at public hearings held by the Township to discuss the matter.

As a result of the citizens’ involvement, CAIR served harassing subpoenas on a number of these citizens, demanding that they produce private emails and other documents, and in some cases, appear for a deposition.  In one instance, Township resident Zaba Davis and her husband came home to find several papers jammed in the crack of the front door of their home.  The papers included subpoenas demanding the production of personal emails and other documents and a subpoena commanding Ms. Davis to appear at a deposition.

In response to CAIR’s abusive discovery requests, AFLC, a national nonprofit Judeo-Christian law firm, which is representing seven of the targeted private citizens, filed a motion to “quash” and for a protective order against CAIR.  The court granted the motion, ruling that the subpoenas violated the First Amendment and caused undue burden.

CAIR files lawsuit to prevent ICE from asking Muslims entering US about jihad-related activities, relatives

 If these allegations are true, it’s about time. Now ICE must start preventing Muslims from entering the U.S. via Muslims Asked About Martyrdom, Religion By US Border Officials At Entry Ports. h/t D

U.S. border officials are using a questionnaire about religion to harass Muslim travelers, a Muslim advocacy group charges. The Immigration and Customs Enforcement questionnaire was released by the Department of Homeland Security in response to a lawsuit by the Council on American-Islamic Relations, the Intercept reports.

The questions that were revealed — the document was heavily redacted — include “Have you participated in any formal religious training or schooling?” “What house of worship do you attend?” and “Do you have any relatives or friends who have been martyred fighting in the defense of your beliefs?” Derek Benner, deputy executive associate director of homeland security investigations for ICE, said the document’s purpose is “to provide guidance to special agents who are called upon to conduct a certain type of investigatory review of persons.”

CAIR’s lawsuit argues that customs and border officials have unconstitutionally engaged in religious profiling, and that the questions contribute to a larger harassment of Muslim travelers. The suit was filed in 2012 on behalf of four Americans who say they were detained for their religious beliefs while crossing the U.S.-Canada border.

“There is very obviously a concerted effort to question and intimidate Muslim-Americans based on their religious beliefs,” Gadeir Abbas, one of the attorneys representing the plaintiffs, told the Intercept. “The types of questions specifically asked of Muslim travelers at borders across the country are far too consistent for there to not be some type of overarching framework and direction being used to target them.”

The questionnaire was revealed during a legal battle between CAIR and ICE over the information’s release. While CAIR says the documents surrounding the instructions given to border officials are critical to the case and evaluating institutional profiling, ICE asserts that the release constitutes a security risk.

“Asking Muslim-Americans questions about ‘martyrs’ in their family when they’re crossing the border doesn’t serve any constructive purpose, especially when there’s not even a clear definition of what the word means,” Dawud Walid of CAIR told the Intercept.

Muslims must be banned period. Future generations will thank you.

It is the only logical conclusion. Those who adhere to an ideology that requires them to fight and kill until there are only those who worship allah remaining on this earth – must not be permitted into the U.S. if the U.S. is to remain a non-Muslim nation.

Meanwhile, another CAIR leader has been caught up to no good, but following Mohammad’s example:  Florida: CAIR Official – former President of Muslim Student Assc. – Arrested in Pedophile Sting.

Media Support Muslim Cleric’s Soda Discrimination Claim; Ignore Radical Ties (updated)


via Media Support Muslim Cleric’s Soda Discrimination Claim; Ignore Radical Ties.

Liberals raged on Twitter yesterday, coming to the support of a Muslim woman who complained about how she was treated on a recent United Airlines flight from Chicago to Washington, D.C.

Tahera Ahmad posted on Facebook that she was “in tears” after being discriminated against United Airlines staff and passengers for simply asking for an unopened can of Diet Coke.

According to Ahmad, she asked for an unopened can of soda for “hygienic reasons” but was refused that request by the flight attendant. After several more requests by Ahmad, the flight attendant explained she couldn’t do that because it could be used “as a weapon.”

Of course the first reaction an overly-sensitive liberal  would be to cry “racism” or “Islamophobia” and that’s exactly what Ahmad and her online media supporters did. Despite the fact that it’s a common policy for airlines to serve complimentary beverages in cups instead of handing out full cans, no one batted an eyelash at Ahmad’s claims of discrimination. The hashtag “#UnitedforTahera”  and “#IStandWithTahera” were trending through Monday as many liberals took to social media to express their outrage and dismay at United Airlines. Many even claimed they would no longer use the airline and called for a boycott.

But that’s not the whole story. Ahmad then proceeded to claim that the passenger across the aisle from her started yelling anti-Muslim obscenities at her while passengers and the airline flight staff stood by and said nothing. After they landed, the pilot and flight attendant allegedly apologized profusely for everything that happened.

(Before reading what happened next, please note the airsickness bag in the seat pocket in front of you.) Allegedly the pilot then told Ahmad that “as a white male he recognized his privilege and said he didn’t know what it must feel like to be a minority and go through something hateful like this.”

It’s important to note that not even one passenger has corroborated Ahmad’s account, yet the still the media has chosen Ahmad’s account as the absolute unverifiable truth. Sound familiar?

But Ahmad isn’t just an ordinary civilian; she is a full-time activist with an agenda to push. As Breitbart uncovered, Ahmad has some disturbing ties to radical Islam. In December, she attended a conference hosted by Muslim Brotherhood leadership. She also recited the Quran at the annual ISNA (Islamic Society of North America) convention. The FBI describes the ISNA as a Muslim Brotherhood front group. In 2014, she joined the MPAC (Muslim Public Affairs Council), another group originally founded by members of the Muslim Brotherhood.

She also has boasted of her radical connections and viewpoints on social media.

Last November she posed in a picture with Suhaib Webb, Imam of the Islamic Society of Boston, which is partnered with the same radical mosque that the Boston Marathon bombers and other terrorists attended. Webb also was a known confidant to the mastermind behind the 9/11 attacks, Anwar al-Awlaki.

Last year, Ahmad tweeted support for stopping an “Islamophobe” “bigot” from receiving an Honorary Degree in Social Justice at Brandeis University. Who was this Islamophobic bigot? Ayaan Hirsi Ali, an ex-Muslim woman who has written extensively on the dangers of Islam particularly in its treatment of women. Because of this petition which Ahmad supported, Brandeis recanted their award to Ali.

Yasir Quadhi also came to Ahmad’s defense for her flight plight. Quadhi is a cleric who speaks frequently at Northwestern and who has called for jihad against non-Muslims and denied the Holocaust.

It doesn’t help matters that an Islamic radical group like CAIR (Council on American-Islamic relations) wants to file a lawsuit on her behalf either.

But Ahmad’s less than innocent agenda has been swept under the rug by the media and even the White House, which honored her in 2014.

There’s also precedent for Islamists staging incidents on planes in furtherance of an agenda, as with the case of the “Flying Imams.”

Did ABC NewsCNN, and The Chicago Sun-Times, report on Ahmad’s extra-curricular activities? No, of course not. Instead ABC simply described her as a “cleric from Northwestern” and The Sun-Times called her a “Muslim woman” and “a chaplain from Northwestern.” CNN did bring up the fact that Ahmad had been honored by the White House and was the first woman to recite the Quran at the nation’s largest Muslim gathering – with no mentions of the radical ties, however.

On the other hand, the media’s been quick to dismiss United Airlines’ side of the story. The airline gave a different account of the exchange explaining that the flight attendant tried “several times”  to give the woman what she wanted after the “misunderstanding” about giving her the soda. After the flight, the crew stayed behind to speak to the woman and tried to apologize for any miscommunication. But that apparently was not good enough. Ahmad took her complaints to Facebook where it was shared by other prominent Muslim activists and media outlets pounced on the alleged case of discrimination.

CNN mocked the “so-called” misunderstanding while Al Jazeera reporter Wajahat Ali tweeted a picture of himself and Ahmad together where he is giving her an “unopened can of Diet Coke to put a smile on her face.” Who needs an unbiased media when we have media outlets who will reward you for telling them what they want to hear?

Update: An eyewitness provides details of the account. This lady is not telling the truth:


Related: Flying Imams Redux: Tahera Ahmad – Muslim Chaplain Claiming Discrimination On Flight Is Radical Islamist – Works With MSA and ISNA

Washington Transit Authority Shuts Down Free Speech…To Protect Muslims

…from this:

Winning entry

Winning entry

via Assassin’s Veto: Atlas Shrugs

Following the cowardly policy change for the New York MTA, the Washington MTA has suspended all issue-oriented ads through the end of year after we submitted our free speech ad.

Oh, the irony.

This is an end run around the First Amendment.

These cowards may claim that they are making people safer, but I submit to you the opposite. They are making it far more dangerous for Americans everywhere. Rewarding terror with submission is defeat. Absolute and complete defeat.

More demands, more violence will certainly follow. The message is that terror works.

This is sharia in America.

The only upside is the antisemitic groups will not be able to run their blood libels.


California: City Official’s Job In Jeopardy From Terror-Linked Muslim Group CAIR

CAIR is not only terror-linked, but named a terrorist organization by the United Arab Emirates.


via City Official’s Job In Jeopardy For Sharing A Steven Crowder Article On Facebook.

Art Barrios is city planning commissioner for the town of El Monte in California. For now.

The former city councilman and mayor candidate is under fire from CAIR, a Muslim “civil liberties advocacy organization”(yeah, right), and the local media for sharing an article from THIS website regarding China’s policy toward Islam. Now he is paying a steep price.

For this posting, Barrios is now under fire and his job is in question, thanks to pressure from, and demands by, CAIR:

video omitted

Caving to the pressure, Barrios has been cornered into apologizing for sharing an article on his Facebook page in what appears to be a bid to save his job.

“I made a mistake. I wrote something that I didn’t mean to write,” the former city councilman said. “I read (the blog post). But I misinterpreted it. I was thinking Islamic terrorists, not the people of Islam, the religion.”

This attack on someone for sharing an article from this website comes in the wake of our recent article breaking the story on Osama Siblani, a Muslim businessman and activist based in Michigan who claimed, on television, that Pamela Geller is “worse than ISIS.” LouderWithCrowder.com also broke the fact that Osama himself had voiced known support to terrorist organizations, and expressed anti-semitic views. The most offensive part? That we weren’t even shocked.

It follows our wildly successful expose on Muslim bakeries and the left’s hypocritical stand on gay marriage.

And it comes just ahead of our very important interview with a convert from Islam that will be airing tomorrow on the Louder With Crowder program.

Freedom of speech has been in the news a lot lately, and it is more than apparent that the once hallowed and most fundamental freedom, is less valued and treasured today than at almost any time in American history. Organizations like CAIR are the reason why. There is an active, designed and coordinated campaign in America, supported wittingly or unwittingly by a cowardly and compliant media, to silence any who dare speak ill of the world’s most thin-skinned, backward, and barbaric religion.

But this should be no surprise. As you’ll hear in our explosive interview tomorrow, freedom and the constitution are not priorities for Muslim interest groups in America. Indeed it is commonplace to circumvent not only American values and traditions, but our very legal structure, in pursuit of Islamist ideals.

Art Barrios shared a Facebook post of an article from our website. And because of that he may lose his job. Will you be next?

Gallery of Terror-Linked CAIR Leaders


To Protect Islam, MTA Will Ban All Political Ads on NYC Subways And Buses

Banning ads that expose Islam and its violent ideology, banning politicians from entering the U.S., banning movies and cartoons about Muhammad. Are we not living under the initial phase of sharia law already? We are being forced into dhimmitude. Enslaved.

via MTA To Ban All Political Advertising On NYC Subways And Buses After Court Allows ‘Killing Jews’ Ad.

The Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) is expected to pass a resolution at a board meeting Wednesday banning all political advertising on its subways and buses after the agency’s finance committee approved it earlier this week. The move comes after a judge allowed a pro-Israel group to display an advertisement with a phrase, “Hamas Killing Jews,” on New York City’s buses.

The MTA said such advertisements accounted for less than $1 million of its annual advertising revenue of $138 million, leading to the approval of the ban by the finance committee. The decision was prompted by security concerns, the Associated Press (AP) reported. Several other cities such as Los Angeles, Chicago and Philadelphia have already banned political advertisements on public transit.

“Advertisements expressing viewpoint messages, regardless of the viewpoint being expressed, would no longer be accepted,” Jerome Page, MTA’s general counsel, told the committee on Monday, according to the AP.

MTA board member Charles Moerdler hailed the cash-strapped MTA’s decision. “Hateful speech, with its odious appeal to intolerance, is the incendiary that ignites violence and ultimately destroys free and democratic institutions,” he said, the AP reported.

However, board member Allen Cappelli said the agency should not take away the right of free speech just because a few “hateful people” tried to take advantage of the right. “I am really sad to see management attempting to go down this road,” Cappelli told the AP, adding: “I believe very strongly that the antidote to hateful speech is more free speech.”

In August, the MTA had notified the group behind the controversial advertisement — the American Freedom Defense Initiative — that it was willing to display three of the four proposed ads, but not the one with the “killing Jews” caption. Following this, the group filed a lawsuit challenging the agency’s decision.

The MTA had argued saying that the ad could incite violence, but Judge John Koeltl said last week that the ad was protected under the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution that allows free speech. Koeltl, however, gave the parties a month’s time to appeal the ruling.

The advertisement showed a man who had covered his face and the caption next to him read: “Killing Jews is Worship that draws us close to Allah,” attributed to Hamas MTV. The caption further said, “That’s his Jihad. What’s yours?”

Koeltl had said that the MTA and Chairman Thomas Prendergast “underestimate the tolerant quality of New Yorkers and overestimate the potential impact of these fleeting advertisements. It strains credulity to believe that New Yorkers would be incited to violence by ads that did not incite residents of Chicago and San Francisco.”

And if you think the MTA Board sides with the terrorists, via MTA Board Member: “[The ads] make me want to strangle the life out of the person who took them out” (minute 1:40).



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