Georgia: Note on car near military base: ‘mohammad will show no mercy, attacks will come, death to come to you’

via Chilling Note Found on Car Near Military Base Taking Aim at Service Members

Police are investigating a threatening note left on a car near Dobbins Air Reserve Base in Marietta, Georgia, Wednesday.

The note, found on the windshield of a service member’s car, was turned over to the Cobb County Police Department, which is working with military authorities in its investigation.

“dear american soldier,” the note read in all lowercase. ”death to you coward women child killer and all the american military mohammad will show no mercy on you attacks will come full force death is to come to you.”

The note was found on a car at an office complex near Powers Ferry Road, a news release from police stated, classifying it as a possible terrorist threat. Police noted that the victim might have been targeted because his license plate identified him as a service member.

WAGA-TV reported that the note it featured in its report is a reproduction of one that also is being shared on Facebook.

The note comes a week after a military recruiting center and a base in Chattanooga, Tennessee, were attacked. Four Marines and a sailor were killed in the shooting by 24-year-old Muhammad Youssef Abdulazeez, who was killed by police at the site of the second shooting.

Not far from the site of our post earlier this week in Alpharetta.

U.S. Attorney, who threatened Tennessean’s, was featured speaker at jihadist’s Chattanooga mosque opening

Bill Killian is the same U.S. Attorney who threatened Americans in Tennessee with arrest for speaking or writing about Islam. Days ago Killian was on television referring to the Muslim terrorist attack in Chattanooga as an “act of domestic terrorism.”

via Angry protesters in Chattanooga: When’s the government going to do something? – The Washington Post.

When the Islamic Society of Greater Chattanooga held a ­ribbon-cutting for its school and mosque complex in 2012, William C. Killian, the U.S. attorney for the Eastern District of Tennessee, was a featured speaker along with the mayor and chief of police.

“Bill Killian introduced us to the FBI,” said Bassam Issa, the president of the society. “It’s a very close relationship that we have with all law enforcement.” FBI officials and local law enforcement have come to the mosque’s open houses.

There are more than 100 FBI agents on the ground in Chattanooga, primarily from the FBI Knoxville Field Office, trying to piece together Abdulazeez’s path to radicalization and violence. “That’s going to take time,” one official said. “We may never know, but we are working toward that.”

At Carl Poston’s family-owned gun shop, a few miles from Abdul­azeez’s home, demand for concealed-carry classes doubled in the days after the shooting. Shooter’s Depot, a gun store on the other side of town, said it had seen a fivefold increase, with as many as 100 people a day requesting spots in the gun classes.

“I just can’t agree that the best we can do is pray for Chattanooga,” Hamilton County Public Defender Steve Smith wrote on his Facebook page. “I think the best we can do is ascertain who our enemies are, whether foreign or domestic, and then kill them. . . . This same thing will happen again, likely soon, unless our government can do a better job of identifying our enemies.”

Even the Marines, who have grown grimly accustomed to combat casualties over the course of nearly 14 years of continuous war, viewed these deaths as somehow different and more unsettling.

“When you’re in a combat environment . . . and someone gets killed by an IED or a direct-fire engagement, as horrible as that is, its easier to accept,” said Maj. Mike Abrams, who lost four of his Marines in the attack. “When they are stateside in Chattanooga, in the heartland of America, and they kiss their wife and kids and say goodbye and go to work and they get shot . . . the shock of that is much harder to accept and much harder to find meaning in.”

Abrams said the Marines killed in the attack were being considered for Purple Hearts, an award traditionally reserved for troops killed or wounded in war zones.

Many left church services Sunday, changed out of their formal clothes and headed out to the two sites where Abdulazeez opened fire. Some huddled in small groups and prayed. Carl Ball, 70, planted an American flag in the ground in front of the building where the four Marines and the sailor had been shot. “How do you stop someone who wants you to kill them so they can go to heaven?” Ball asked. “How do you deter that?”

A few miles away at the Armed Forces Recruiting Center, the other shooting site, the crowd was larger and angrier. “We need to be stronger,” said Tim Litt, a Gulf War veteran who came to the rally with a holstered Ruger pistol. “We need a stronger White House. We need to do more.”

There were boisterous chants of “U.S.A.,” roaring motorcycles and television anchors doing live stand-ups. Proxmire, who had traveled from Delphos, Kan., was still trying to make sense of what had happened to her son, who was in surgery when she arrived in Chattanooga. “He was my hero,” she said. “He was my world.”

Behind her, people were waving American flags and protest signs.

A stranger pulled Proxmire out of the scrum, guided her toward a quiet spot near the road and hugged her. “I’m so sorry for your loss,” Alaina Fitzner, an Air Force wife, whispered to her. “We’re all behind you. You’re part of our military family, and we love you.”

To many, Tennessee seems an unlikely place for jihad, or for AG’s and some FBI members to pave the way for Islam and jihad in America. Think again, as noted in this 2013 post:

Special Agent in Charge of the FBI’s Knoxville Office Kenneth Moore, happens to be the same FBI leader who was a part of the whitewash of training materials to ensure that Muslims are not offended by what FBI agents are learning about Shariah and the Muslim Brotherhood – ie he made sure FBI agents in the field do not get the truth about the threat we face.  He was the approving authority on the FBI memo detailing the information purged from the FBI training programs.  I believe if Mr. Killian looked hard enough in the Federal Criminal Code, there is a violation to go along with this as well.

Tenn. jihadist was Palestinian Muslim, returned from Mid East, quoted Koran before attack

And grew a jihadi beard. But not one law enforcement official in America can surmise a motive.

The shooter’s real name is Mohammad Youssuf Saeed Al-Hajjaj

via Probe into Chattanooga shooting suspect turns to Mideast travel

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn./WASHINGTON (Reuters) – U.S. authorities believe the suspect in the fatal shootings of four Marines in Tennessee visited Jordan last year and possibly Yemen as well, two U.S. government sources said on Friday, as investigators looked for any connection to Islamist militants.Mohammod Youssuf Abdulazeez, a 24-year-old Kuwait-born U.S. citizen, who the FBI identified as the shooter, died on Thursday in a firefight with police after he killed the Marines and wounded three other people in a rampage at two military facilities in Chattanooga.

A little more than 24 hours after the shooting, the FBI said it continued to investigate it as an act of terrorism and that it was “premature” to speculate on the motive. Abdulazeez’s travel was part of the investigation.

“We do know that he has traveled outside of the United States,” Ed Reinhold, FBI Special Agent in Charge, said during a news conference.

“We are exploring all travel that he has done and we have asked our intelligence partners throughout the world to provide us with any information they may have concerning his travel and/or activities while overseas.”

Born to Palestinian parents and raised in a Chattanooga suburb, Abdulazeez may have family in Jordan, investigators believe, making a visit to that country highly likely, one of the sources close to the probe said. He may have made several stops, and a visit to Yemen has not been ruled out.

A trip to Yemen, long viewed as a training ground for Islamic militants, would raise special concern.

Abdulazeez, who studied engineering at a local university, is believed to have traveled to the Middle East between April and November 2014, according to one of the sources, who was not authorized to speak on the record.

Years ago, his father, Youssuf Abdulazeez, who attended Texas A&M University, came under investigation by a Joint Terrorism Task Force for possible connections to a militant group, one source said, but he was cleared of any association with terrorism or wrongdoing. It is possible but not certain that the probe resulted in the father’s name being placed on a terrorist watch list, according to that source.

The Islamic Society of Greater Chattanooga, where the New York Times said the suspect and his family worshipped, canceled activities planned to celebrate Eid, marking the end of Ramadan, the Islamic holy month of fasting, according to its website.

An interview with one of Mohammod’s four siblings in the Chattanooga Times Free Press from 2010 suggested that as students at Red Bank High School, they encountered misconceptions of Islam and harassment by fellow students.

“There’s this misconception that Islam is a violent religion. Muslims are actually peaceful,” a 17-year old Yasmeen Abdulazeez said back then.

It’s not a misconception, and Muslims have been proving that for more than 1,400 years. Their inspiration? The Koran! via al-Reuters:

The suspected gunman in Thursday’s attack that killed four U.S. marines and a navy officer returned from a trip to Jordan in 2014 angry about conflicts in the Middle East and the reluctance of regional governments and the United States to intervene, a close friend of his told Reuters on Saturday. Hours before the attack, the suspect, Mohammod Youssuf Abdulazeez, sent a text message to the friend, seen by Reuters, which links to a Koranic verse that includes the text:

“Whosoever shows enmity to a friend of Mine, then I have declared war against him.”

More on the Palestinian jihadist:

As stated yesterday prior to media speculation, that the Tennessee shooter was Palestinian, now the government of Jordan confirms it as reported by CNN Arabic. Also, his real name is not Mohammad Youssuf Abdulazeez. The shooter’s real name is Mohammad Youssuf Saeed Al-Hajjaj born September 5th, 1990 and gained a temporary Jordanian passport. His father had changed his last name to Abdulazeez for unknown reasons in which his son then carried that last name as well. It is common for many Palestinians who are doing nefarious activities to change names.

While the media speculated his background and motive, his features, family Facebook, and connections were easy for us to establish that what we have here is a Palestinian pro-Hamas terrorist who went to Jordan and most likely got involved with ISIS affiliates. Jordan epecially is infested with a huge number of ISIS supporters as has reported previously.

More from a neighbor:

Karen Jones, who lived next to the family for 14 years, said she was somewhat surprised last weekend by his appearance when she saw him walking with another man in woods behind the house, where he liked to shoot pellet guns at a red target suspended in a tree. “He had this big beard, which was not how he used to be,” Jones said. She said he was typically clean-shaven. The women of the family always wore head coverings in accordance with their Muslim faith, Jones said.


Ahmed Saleen Islam, 26, knew Abdulazeez through the Islamic Society of Greater Chattanooga and saw him at the mosque two or three nights before the attacks.

The mosques, the imams, the foreign funding. Inspired by Islam. It must be prevented from growing in the U.S. if the U.S. is to survive as a free nation. 

PS: This is not new or based on a single act of terrorism. One of Creeping Sharia’s very first posts in 2008 highlighted the growing Islamic problems in Tennessee: Sharia Alerts: Tennessee. Now more Americans are dead. It’s happening in every state and at an unprecedented rate. Islamic history will represent this period of time as one of the greatest expansions in its bloody and destructive path to spread Islam. Who will stand against it?

Death toll in Chattanooga jihad attack rises to 5 as Navy officer, father of three, dies

via Chattanooga shooting victim Randall Smith dies, raising rampage’s death toll – CBS News.


A Navy sailor shot in the Chattanooga shooting rampage died Saturday, his step-grandmother confirmed to CBS News.

Darlene Proxmire told CBS Radio News that Navy Petty Officer 2nd Class Randall Smith died with members of his family by his side. Smith was a reservist serving on active duty in Chattanooga.

“He was a very passionate, loving young man, loved his family, and obviously he loved his country,” Proxmire told CBS Radio News.

The Navy issued a statement that didn’t identify the sailor but said that the petty officer wounded in the shooting died Saturday at 2:17 a.m. Four Marines were also killed in Thursday’s attack.

Smith was the father of three young daughters, Proxmire said.

He entered the Navy after losing a college baseball scholarship to a shoulder injury, Proxmire said.

“He loved the Navy,” Proxmire said. “As a matter of fact, just before this happened, he joined up again, and then this happened.”

More on yet another Muslim jihad attack in America here.

Idaho: Muslim Refugee Planned Suicide Bombing on U.S. Troops, Trained Others

 via Prosecutors: Muslim Refugee in Idaho Planned Suicide Bombing, Trained Others.

by Katie McHugh

Federal prosecutors told a jury on Tuesday that an Uzbekistan refugee, 32-year-old Fazliddin Kurbanov, had embarked on a “pathway to terrorism” after converting to Islam after our refugee program brought him into the U.S. from Central Asia.

The U.S. government charged Kurbanov with five felonies, and he has pleaded not guilty to them all, including one charge of attempting to support a terrorist organization. Federal authorities arrested Kurbanov in May of 2013—less than a month after Muslim refugees Tamerlan and Dzhokhar Tsarnaev deliberated planted homemade bombs behind children at the Boston Marathon, killing three and maiming over 264 other victims.

Assistant U.S. attorney Aaron Lucoff pointed out that Kurbanov’s Internet searches for bomb-building instructions and communications with Muslim militants overseas pointed a finger at his back.

“The defendants’ digital pathway became a trail of evidence. All stem from his travels on the pathway to terror,” he said.

His defense attorney, Charles Peterson, said he “struggled” to speak English and find a decent job. Meaning, Kurbanov made no effort to assimilate, and taxpayers likely footed the bill for him, his wife, his kid, his two sick parents, and his sister.

Disappointed that Christians in America worship only on Sundays, Kurbanov converted to Islam after arriving in the U.S., according to Peterson. America finally managed to import a Christian refugee—only to have him become a self-styled mujahid.

After authorities convicted a friend of his with terrorism-related charges, Kurbanov’s interest was piqued. Instead of looking for a job, he decided to declare war on the country that welcomed him and began to learn more about the terrorist organization Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan, while talking to another friend about how to build explosives. By now, the FBI had picked up the scent, and two informants regularly spoke to him.

Lucoff read Kurbanov’s online communications obtained by the FBI in court. Kurbanov planned to blow himself up and take out American troops with him in a suicide bombing.

“We are the closest ones to infidels. We have almost everything. What would you say if, with the help of God, we implement a martyrdom act?… There are military installations right here, targets, and vehicles are available as well.’”

According to an Associated Press report from 2013, Kurbanov taught unidentified people, likely fellow Muslims, how to build a bomb:

In count two, the indictment alleges Kurbanov provided material support to terrorists, knowing that the help was to be used in preparation for a plot involving the use of a weapon of mass destruction.

The indictment also alleges that on Nov. 15, 2012, Kurbanov possessed an explosive device, consisting of a series of parts intended to be converted into a bomb. Those parts included a hollow hand grenade, a hobby fuse, aluminum powder, potassium nitrate and sulfur.

Meanwhile, in Utah, federal investigators said that for a 10-day period in January 2013, Kurbanov taught and demonstrated how to make an “explosive, destructive device, and weapon of mass destruction.”

Idaho can still expect to receive more Muslim refugees as churches and other humanitarian organizations receive hefty commissions from the federal government to dump them on American communities. While the State Department insists it conducts rigorous background checks on refugees, determining whether or not a Third World Muslim from a war-torn state has terrorist connections is difficult.

The Washington Times reports that a southern Idaho refugee center expects to receive 300 more Muslim refugees from Syria in 2015. Taxpayers will not be notified when the refugees, who will live off their money and strain school district budgets with their inability to speak English or perform basic academic tasks, arrive in their town. Why they should be expected to embrace an alien presence of Syrians who will soak up resources meant to take care of their children and vulnerable members of the community is never explained.

Tennessee: Muslim immigrant kills 4 U.S. Marines in jihad attack on Chattanooga military installations (updated)

Updates below.



via UPDATE: 4 Marines killed, police officer shot in “act of domesti –

Four U.S. marines were killed Thursday by a gunman in Chattanooga. Mayor Andy Berke confirmed the fatalities in an afternoon news conference.

The Chattanooga shooting suspect has been identifed as Muhammad Youssef Abdulazeez, a naturalized U.S. citizen from Kuwait.


A Chattanooga police officer, identified as Dennis Pedigo was wounded, and is said to be in stable condition.

Berke called the shooting a “nightmare for Chattanooga.”

The lone gunman was killed, officials said.

The shooting started at 10:45am and ended within 30 minutes.

The U.S. Attorney Bill Killian called the shooting an “act of domestic terrorism” and pledged the resources of the FBI and Department of Homeland Security for the investigation.

Other military installations in the state have been notified and are on alert, but not locked down.

The FBI has not yet determined a motive for the shooting, saying that they will use any and all means to investigate the shooter.

Gov. Bill Haslam told WSMV, the NBC affiliate in Nashville, that lives had been lost, but he offered no further details.

The gunman fired 25 to 30 rounds at a military recruitment facility, a U.S. military official said. The gunman then drove about six miles to a Navy and Marines reserve center and opened fire there, officials said.

Officials from the city will have a news conference about 2:00pm, where we expect to learn more details about today’s shooting.

Chattanooga police officer shot is said to be in stable condition. No word on others.

NBC’s Pete Williams reports that five people have been shot: one police officer, and four Marines.

The shooting incident began on the U.S. Naval Recruiting offices on Lee Highway in Chattanooga ended at the U.S. Naval Reserve Center on Amnicola Highway Thursday morning about 11am.

A Chattanooga police officer was shot, according to Chattanooga Mayor Andy Berke. Both Berke and CPD Chief Fred Fletcher visited the shooting scene and went to the hospital to check on the officer.

The Hamilton County Medical Examiner is on standby, but has not been dispatched to either of the scenes.

Blood Assurance has send multiple units of blood to Erlanger; requesting donations to add those who’ve been injured, shot. The line is growing as people help those in need.

The Department of Homeland Security has activated their Chattanooga Strike Team, other district strike teams have been put on standby.

Tennessee Gov. Bill Haslam’s residence was shutdown temporarily, but has since re-opened. Additional security is in place at the Tennessee Capitol, and THP troopers are in place around the complex.

Roads around both areas are closed to traffic as the investigation continues.

A reported shooting at Bradley Square Mall has been ruled as to be false. Police are still on hand as they continue to investigate.

The FBI and ATF are at the scene to aid in the investigation.

Berke left a news conference early when he received the news of the shooting.

Police have set up a command post near the scene. There’s currently no word on the condition of those involved.

More info coming out via Twitter:

It’s confirmed that shooter’s father works for the City of Chattanooga Public Works Department.

Multiple people who said they went to Red Bank High School with Abdulazeez sent the Times Free Press photos of what appears to be his senior picture and senior quote in the school’s yearbook. “My name causes national security alerts,” the quote reads. “What does yours do?”



  1. Obama statement on the shooting – mentioned nothing about the killer, his name or the obvious.
  2. A U.S. official says Abdulazeez is believed to have been born in Kuwait, but it was unclear whether he was a U.S. or Kuwaiti citizen.
  3. Abdulazeez’s father, Youssuf Abdullazeez, was appointed as a “special policeman” for Chattanooga’s Department of Public Works in March 2005.
  4. The New York Times,citing law enforcement officials, reported  Abdulazeez’s father had been investigated several years ago for possible ties to a foreign terrorist organization and at one point was on – but later removed from – a terror watch list.
  5. Smith said that Abdulazeez was very religious, and that he would argue “back and forth” with the boys’ high school wrestling coach during fasting rituals. “His whole family was really religious,” Smith said. “His family, they all wore the drapes and stuff, all the women in his family wore the little hoods.” Andulazeez became an mixed martial artist after high school, Smith said. Smith did not know what motivated his former friend to attack the military installations in Chattanooga.
  6. Two women were led away in handcuffs from the suspect’s home. It’s not clear at this time who these females are.
  7. The jihadist wrote this on his blog: “We ask Allah to make us follow their path. To give us a complete understanding of the message of Islam, and the strength the live by this knowledge, and to know what role we need to play to establish Islam in the world.”
  8. As reader Gary notes, US Attorney Bill Killian lectured Americans on Islam – threatened to prosecute those who spoke out against Islam in Tennessee!!!! Blood on hands?
  9. Another reader provided info that the shooter is ‘Palestinian’ and today “Papers disclose that family were originally from Palestine and other relatives’ posted ‘Free Palestine’ messages on social media.
  10. The Marine Corps identified the four slain Marines as:
    1. Gunnery Sergeant Thomas Sullivan of Hampden, Massachusetts;
    2. Staff Sergeant David Wyatt of Burke, North Carolina;
    3. Sergeant Carson Holmquist of Polk, Wisconsin; and
    4. reservist Lance Corporal Squire Wells of Cobb, Georgia
    5. Randall Smith, 26, a logistics specialist in the U.S. Navy, and Chattanooga Police Sergeant Dennis Pedigo Jr. were injured
  11. Needless to say, in Islam it is the Month of Jihad – aka Ramadan

Tennessee is a dumping ground for Muslim terrorists “refugees” and immigrants.

Our archive on Haslam’s Islamic hamlet here.

Obama: “We’re speeding up training of ISIL forces” (video)

“with the additional steps I ordered last month, we’re speeding up training of ISIL forces.” ~ Barack Hussein Obama

Robert Spencer notes, “The thing is, we are training ISIL forces” and Obama’s Freudian Slip was true.

Days ago, Obama reassured ISIL that ‘We Will Never Be at War With Islam.’



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