New York: Muslim Brutally Beats Gay Couple in Restaurant (VIDEO)

via NY Daily News, h/t Atlas Shrugs who writes:

In the notoriously leftwing media, Muslim trumps gay.

NYPD identifies ‘career criminal’ as suspect in brutal anti-gay attack in Chelsea

Cops are hunting for a “career criminal” who bashed a gay couple over the head with a chair at a Chelsea barbecue joint, officials said Tuesday.

Police said Bayna El-Amin, 41, was wanted in connection with the May 5 beating at the Dallas BBQ at 261 8th Ave.

Chief of Detectives Robert Boyce said El-Amin is believed to be on the run.

“He is a career criminal,” Boyce said. “We believe he has fled the state.”

Video from the eatery shows a man smash a wooden chair over a gay couple, knocking them both to the ground.

Bayna Lehkiem Elamin

Bayna Lehkiem El-amin


NYC: Mohammed fleecing tourists with $30 hot dogs outside 9/11 Memorial

via NYC Hot Dog vendor charged tourists $30 outside 9/11 Memorial | Daily Mail Online h/t TROP

A crooked New York City food vendor has been caught on camera as he successfully rips off tourists.

Ahmed Mohammed is seen charging individuals anywhere from $3 to a whopping $30 for a hot dog, and as much as $15 for a pretzel.


Crook: Ahmed Mohammed (above) was caught on camera selling hot dogs for $30 to tourists in New York City outside the 9/11 Memorial


What’s more, he is doing this just outside the 9/11 Memorial in downtown Manhattan.

‘I just felt like I was getting ripped off, and it’s just making the 9/11 grounds like a big tourist trap,’ one woman told NBC 4.

Another man said the price of his hot dog kept changing, going from $15 to $10, prompting the man to hand back the food to Mohammed even though he had already taken a bite.

‘To rip-off somebody, to charge them $35 for a hot dog and a pretzel, that leaves a terrible impression,’ said Jessica Lappin of the Alliance for Downtown New York.

She became aware of the situation when fights began breaking out because of Mohammed’s prices.

That’s not the only problem either, as other customers say the vendor will shortchange them after their purchase.

When a reporter for the network confronted him about his prices, he suddenly declared he did not speak English, though he did offer to sell them a hot dog for $3, which is still far steeper than the normal $1 charged by most vendors in the city.

Mohammed is currently under investigation by the Alliance.


NYC: Sheen Center Enforces Sharia, Cancels Event feat Play About ‘Mohammed’

via Sheen Center Cancels Event Featuring Neil LaBute Play About ‘Mohammed’ – [“Mohammed” Gets A Boner by Neil LaBute]

A downtown Manhattan performance center has canceled an event featuring a new play by Neil LaBute with a title making reference to “Mohammed,” on the grounds that the play is offensive to Muslims.

The event, called “Playwrights for a Cause” and featuring four new short plays about censorship in the arts, was set to take place on June 14 at the Sheen Center for Thought and Culture in Greenwich Village, as the opening of the Planet Connections Theater Festivity, a monthlong arts festival at various locations.

On Tuesday, the Sheen Center canceled the contract for the event, which was organized as a benefit for the National Coalition Against Censorship.

William Spencer Reilly, the executive director of the Sheen Center, said in an email that the play and its title was not in keeping with the mission of the center, which opened last year with funding from the archdiocese of New York and is named for former Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen.

“When an artistic project maligns any faith group, that project clearly falls outside of our mission to highlight the good, the true, and the beautiful as they have been expressed throughout the ages,” Mr. Reilly said, referring to the center’s mission statement, which describes it as serving Catholic and non-Catholic audiences alike.

The Sheen Center, he added, “will not be a forum that mocks or satirizes another faith group.”

Mr. LaBute’s one-person play, which was written for the event, is about an actor asked to perform in an offensive satire. A description posted online reads: “The prophet ‘Mohammed’ stands on a barren stage, recalling the first time he made love to a white woman. Is this reality or a theatrical convention? Where do the lines between ‘satire’ and ‘censorship’ intersect or is nothing sacred when it comes to the theater?”

The play’s title refers to “Mohammed” as having an erection. In an email, Mr. LaBute said that the play did not depict “the actual prophet ‘Muhammad’ (spelled differently than my title),” but declined to say more, citing his desire to preserve the audience’s sense of surprise.

In an email, Glory Kadigan, the founder of Planet Connections, described the play as “a discussion of whether or not it’s all right to poke fun at religion or religious figures.” She said the group did not have titles or scripts for the plays when the contract was signed. “None of us knew what the writers would write,” she said. The group is seeking another stage, she said.

Mr. Reilly said he had signed the contract in February but had only become aware of the play’s title earlier this week, after a staff member noticed it on the Planet Connections website. After seeing the script, he decided to cancel the event in light of what he called the play’s “clear offense to Muslims.”

The other plays written for the occasion — by Erik Ehn, Halley Feiffer and Israel Horovitz — treat censorship issues relating to race, gender and sexuality, which were also set to be discussed in a panel discussion following the performances.

Mr. LaBute, in a statement, said the Sheen Center was “was absolutely within their right” in canceling the contract but said he was saddened by the decision.

“This event was meant to shine another light on censorship and it was unexpected to have the plug pulled, quite literally, by an organization that touts the phrase ‘for thought and culture’ on their very Web site,” Mr. LaBute said. “Both in life and in the arts, this is not a time to hide or be afraid; recent events have begged for artists and citizens to stand and be counted.”

Remind the staff at Sheen Center of that very point. Staff emails here.

NYC: Muslim Cabbie Gets Life For ‘Honor Killings’

via NYC Cabbie Gets Life For Pakistan ‘Honor Killings’ – NBC  h/t

A New York City cab driver was sentenced to life in prison on Thursday for orchestrating the “honor killings” of two members of a family in Pakistan who helped his daughter escape a forced marriage.

“If our daughter will not come back to the home, we will kill all five of you,” Mohammad Ajmal Choudhry told one the victims in a phone call before the slayings.

Choudhry, who lived in Queens, had ordered relatives to hold his daughter Amina Ajmal, a U.S. citizen, against her will in Pakistan — where she was forced into an arranged marriage, prosecutors said.

In January 2013, Ajmal managed to return to the United States with the help of a Pakstani man, Shujat Abbas — enraging her father, who vowed revenge.

Weeks later, Choudhry’s brother and other family members lured Abbas’ parents outside their village and opened fire on their car.

The couple escaped, but Choudhry made it clear the feud was not over.

“We will find your son and we’ll kill him,” he told them in a phone call. “This time we shoot on your car. It was threatening. But next time we will shoot in the chest all five of you.”

The Abbas family took to sleeping in a storeroom in the hopes that containers of wheat would shield them from bullets during an attack in the dead of night, prosecutors said.

“Every night I went to bed with fear in my mind, terrified that Ajmal’s family would find Shujat or kill my parents,” one of the Abbas daughters, Seemab, said in a victim impact statement. “I wept silently and asked myself, why is this world being so unfair to me and my family?”

Choudhry’s daughter remained in hiding but was in telephone contact with her father and recorded their chilling conversations.

“Now let me make it clear to you: If you don’t come back, I will kill each and every one of them,” he said during one call.

Prosecutors say he soon made good on the threat.

On Feb. 25, 2013, Abbas’ father and 21-year-old sister were shot and killed in their village, and Choudhry’s relatives were seen with guns, desecrating the bodies. The rest of Abbas’ family soon moved to the United States in fear for their lives.

“My father and sister were brutally killed right in front of my eyes,” Seemab said later. “I can never forget that moment.”

Choudhry, 62, was convicted of conspiracy to commit murder and other charges last June.

In a pre-sentencing memorandum, his lawyer argued for home confinement, citing his poor health and history of supporting his family. She called the conviction “an aberration in an otherwise upstanding life.”

U.S. District Judge William Kuntz gave him the maximum — and blasted him as “cold-blooded.”

“You were an egomaniacal force who revealed yourself to be self-absorbed and merciless in your pursuit of evil,” Kuntz said.


Syracuse: Muslim airport worker threatens to ‘get my gun and kill everybody’


via Syracuse airport worker made terrorist threat, said he’d ‘shoot everybody,’ police say |

SYRACUSE, N.Y. — A contract employee at Syracuse Hancock International Airport was charged Saturday with making a terrorist threat after he said he would bring a gun to work and “shoot everybody,” police said.

Mohammad Salak, a 33-year-old employee of the company Envoy, hired by United Airlines to handle ground services, became the focus of an investigation after fellow employees relayed what he had said on Friday, Lt. Eric Carr of the Syracuse Police Department said. The employees told investigators with Syracuse Police, airport security, FBI and TSA that Salak made threats to get a gun and shoot everybody, Carr said.

Salak, of Gordon Parkway, had gotten into a fight with another Envoy employee on Friday, Carr said in a news release. Carr provided the following account:

After the two employee exchanged words, another employee overheard Salak, upset, saying, “They don’t know where I’m from. I’ve been in wars. I’ve killed people and killing somebody is nothing to me. I’ll leave here and go get my mask and my gun and come and kill everybody.”

Syracuse officer working an airport security detail detained Salak. He was then removed from his position with the contractor and his security credentials were revoked while police investigated.

No weapons were found in Salak’s locker. Police determined the threats were directed at fellow employees, not travelers or members of the public passing through the airport.

Salak was charged with felony making a terroristic threat and held at the Onondaga County Justice Center.

NY: Briarcliff High School Students Submitted to Islamic Dawah, Taqiyya

Why do we allow our children to be subjected to the most subversive, hateful ideology in existence? via Muslim Women Present Facts About Islam To Briacliff HS Students | The Briarcliff Daily Voice. h/t Iron Burka

Photo Credit: Courtesy of the Briarcliff Manor Union Free School District.

BRIARCLIFF MANOR, N.Y. – Briarcliff High School freshmen recently had the opportunity to learn about Islam by engaging in a question and answer session with seven area women who are Muslims.

“We just finished studying Islam in class,” Jeanne Claire Cotnoir, a Briarcliff High teacher, said in a press release. “These women, who are all highly educated, go to schools and share a presentation about Islam.”

“They are just amazing and really just smash the stereotypes,” she said

Students asked why some of the female panelists wore hijabs, veils that cover the head and chest, and others did not.

“The women explained the Koran tells women to ‘dress modestly,’ which is open to interpretation,” Cotnoir said.

Some of the women discussed situations in which people had harassed them because of their appearance.

The students “got to see that Islam is not what’s on television,” Cotnoir said. “It really is a religion of peace.”

“The women said, ‘ISIS is not Islam; it is not who we are.’”

Get that? “Islamic State” is not Islam?  Yet these women are submitting American youth to the same dawah (see image above) and follow the same sharia that ISIS does.

By the way, who were these women? What group are they part of? Terrorist-named CAIR? ISNA? The notorious MSA? We don’t know because the reporter simply chose to pimp Islam and diversity rather than provide any real information.

If any parent or student has the entire slideshow – the school should have copies readily available – please forward a copy.

A few informational posts on taqiyya for Briarcliff students, faculty and parents:

Islam’s doctrines of deception (Raymond Ibrahim on taqiyya)

Taqiyya Revisited: A Response to the Critics (Part I)

A Response to the Critics: Taqiyya Revisited (Part II)

Video: Taqiyya – The Art of Deception

Share with the school:


 Debora French – Principal
Daniel Murphy – Assistant Principal


To Protect Islam, MTA Will Ban All Political Ads on NYC Subways And Buses

Banning ads that expose Islam and its violent ideology, banning politicians from entering the U.S., banning movies and cartoons about Muhammad. Are we not living under the initial phase of sharia law already? We are being forced into dhimmitude. Enslaved.

via MTA To Ban All Political Advertising On NYC Subways And Buses After Court Allows ‘Killing Jews’ Ad.

The Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) is expected to pass a resolution at a board meeting Wednesday banning all political advertising on its subways and buses after the agency’s finance committee approved it earlier this week. The move comes after a judge allowed a pro-Israel group to display an advertisement with a phrase, “Hamas Killing Jews,” on New York City’s buses.

The MTA said such advertisements accounted for less than $1 million of its annual advertising revenue of $138 million, leading to the approval of the ban by the finance committee. The decision was prompted by security concerns, the Associated Press (AP) reported. Several other cities such as Los Angeles, Chicago and Philadelphia have already banned political advertisements on public transit.

“Advertisements expressing viewpoint messages, regardless of the viewpoint being expressed, would no longer be accepted,” Jerome Page, MTA’s general counsel, told the committee on Monday, according to the AP.

MTA board member Charles Moerdler hailed the cash-strapped MTA’s decision. “Hateful speech, with its odious appeal to intolerance, is the incendiary that ignites violence and ultimately destroys free and democratic institutions,” he said, the AP reported.

However, board member Allen Cappelli said the agency should not take away the right of free speech just because a few “hateful people” tried to take advantage of the right. “I am really sad to see management attempting to go down this road,” Cappelli told the AP, adding: “I believe very strongly that the antidote to hateful speech is more free speech.”

In August, the MTA had notified the group behind the controversial advertisement — the American Freedom Defense Initiative — that it was willing to display three of the four proposed ads, but not the one with the “killing Jews” caption. Following this, the group filed a lawsuit challenging the agency’s decision.

The MTA had argued saying that the ad could incite violence, but Judge John Koeltl said last week that the ad was protected under the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution that allows free speech. Koeltl, however, gave the parties a month’s time to appeal the ruling.

The advertisement showed a man who had covered his face and the caption next to him read: “Killing Jews is Worship that draws us close to Allah,” attributed to Hamas MTV. The caption further said, “That’s his Jihad. What’s yours?”

Koeltl had said that the MTA and Chairman Thomas Prendergast “underestimate the tolerant quality of New Yorkers and overestimate the potential impact of these fleeting advertisements. It strains credulity to believe that New Yorkers would be incited to violence by ads that did not incite residents of Chicago and San Francisco.”

And if you think the MTA Board sides with the terrorists, via MTA Board Member: “[The ads] make me want to strangle the life out of the person who took them out” (minute 1:40).



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