NY: Muslim who lied about ISIS brother is rewarded with no prosecution

Muslims have been Punking the FBI for decades. Source: Brother of Islamic State fighter testifies at terror trial NEW YORK –  Tarek El-Goarany, 24, was called to the stand by prosecutor Negar Takeei as part of the ongoing criminal trial of Ahmed Mohammed El Gammal, 44 and from Arizona. The testimony was the first detailed … Continue reading NY: Muslim who lied about ISIS brother is rewarded with no prosecution

New York: Diplomatic immunity for Muslim arrested after subway sex assault

Mohammad Abdalla Ali was charged with sexual abuse and forcible touching but those charges were later voided and he will not face prosecution, police said.

New York: Sympathetic judge gives light sentence to ‘autistic’, wannabe jihadi

“I thought I finally found true friends at the mosque in Bay Shore,” he said about converting to Islam in his early teens.

Obama Returns Four Gitmo Jihadists Back to Saudi Arabia

They belonged to an elite guerrilla unit personally created by Osama bin Laden

Truck barricades, checkpoints, 1000’s of cops ring in U.S. New Year, thanks to Muslim terror

Thanks to massive Muslim immigration since 9/11, Americans need a massive security apparatus to protect them from the so-called religion of peace.

New York: Muslim who joined ISIS had it all – a mansion, indoor swimming pool

ISIS terrorist lived in a big house with an indoor swimming pool on two acres in New York's bucolic Hudson Valley

NYC: Muslim teen arrested, admits lying about white Trump supporters attacking her

Faked anti-Muslim crimes committed by Muslims are more frequent than actual anti-Muslim crimes.

Brooklyn: Feds raid businessmen linked to Penn. imam blamed for Turkey coup

“They told me not to talk about this with anyone,” he is quoted as saying.

New Jersey: Muslims arrested, forced illegal alien Muslim slave laborers to work in 24/7 halal slaughterhouse (updated)

All the slave laborers were illegal aliens and all were Muslim.

NY: Muslim terrorist who bombed Honolulu flight killing 1 teen, released to Mauritania

Mohammed Rashed who killed one and injured 15 others, was removed from the United States earlier this month.

Brooklyn: Uber-driving Muslim Immigrant Plotted Times Square Truck Rampage

Muslim: "If there is a truck, I mean a garbage truck and one drives it there to Times-Square and crushes them shshshshshsh… Times-Square Day….They want an operation in Times-Square.”

Undercover Journalist in Full Burka Allowed to Vote as Huma Abedin (Video)

In this video, a Project Veritas journalist is offered Huma Abedin's ballot while dressed in full burka in New York City. Alan Schulkin, a Democratic Elections Commissioner in NYC explains how voter fraud can be committed when people wear burkas inside polling locations on Election Day. h/t Jihad Watch who writes: This hesitancy to “discriminate” … Continue reading Undercover Journalist in Full Burka Allowed to Vote as Huma Abedin (Video)

Sharia Marches on in Florida and New York

Just like in Missouri and California. It's a coordinated attack in the U.S. by Muslims. Source: Articles: Shariah Marches on in Florida and New York On Friday, October 21st, the Miami, FL, Commission; the Monroe County, NY, Legislature; the Rochester, NY, Board of Education; and the Rochester, NY, City Council announced proclamations condemning hate speech … Continue reading Sharia Marches on in Florida and New York

New York Muslim millionaire strangled girlfriend to death after meeting on Muslim dating site

After meeting on MuslimMatch.com, the victim called police to say she had been raped by Almahri in New York - and claimed he had also attempted to strangle her.

New York: Muslim college student killed waging jihad for Islamic State

In a YouTube video, El-Goarany, clad in military fatigues, said he was in the "Islamic State."