Long Island: Muslim Sentenced To 25 Years For Plotting To Help Al Qaeda

An update we missed last April. Source: Marcos Alonso Zea Sentenced To 25 Years For Plotting To Help Al Qaeda « CBS New York

CENTRAL ISLIP, N.Y. (CBSNewYork/AP) — A Long Island man who was thwarted in his attempt to fly to Yemen to join a Middle Eastern terrorist group and then admitted continuing to plot with others to assist them was sentenced Monday to 25 years in prison.

Marcos Alonso Zea, 26, of Brentwood, pleaded guilty in September to attempting to provide material support to al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula, also known as Ansar al-Sharia, and obstruction of justice.

Federal prosecutors said Zea flew to London on his way to Yemen in January 2012. He was rejected by customs officials in London and returned to the United States. Once home, prosecutors say, Zea continued participating in the conspiracy. He was arrested in October 2013.

U.S. District Court Judge Sandra Feuerstein rejected an appeal for lenience from Zea’s attorney, Marc Bogotin, who argued that despite the guilty plea, his client had not actually committed any violent acts that would require him to receive the maximum penalty. Had he gone to trial, Zea could have faced up to life in prison. Bogotin suggested that Zea be sentenced to about 10 years in prison.

Feuerstein appeared dubious at that contention, noting that Zea admitted wanting to assist the terror group.

“Why, if not to support them?” she asked. “Then why was he going there?”

Bogotin countered that there “was no evidence that he intended to fight.”

Zea declined to comment when given an opportunity by the judge to make a statement.

Later, the judge told him his sentence should serve as deterrent. “I think there has to be a message to others that this is conduct that is absolutely unacceptable,” she said.

U.S. Attorney Loretta Lynch said in a statement that Zea “presents a chilling reminder of the danger presented to the United States by homegrown terrorists. Born, raised, and schooled in the United States, the defendant nevertheless betrayed his country by attempting to join al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula, assisting a co-conspirator’s attempt to join that terrorist group, and, after learning he was under investigation, attempting to destroy evidence of his guilt.”

Prosecutors said Zea, who converted to Islam several years before his arrest, gave money to and instructed co-conspirator Justin Kaliebe, also of Brentwood, on how to evade electronic surveillance by law enforcement as he discussed Kaliebe’s plans to wage jihad.

Zea, who worked as a clerk at a home improvement store, was inspired by terrorist propaganda, according to the FBI.

Among Islamic extremist materials found on Zea’s computer were issues of an al Qaeda publication that promotes violent jihad, authorities said. The publication contained articles such as “Which is Better: Martyrdom or Victory?” “Why did I choose al Qaida?” and “What to Expect in Jihad?”

Zea had tried to destroy his computer harddrive, WCBS 880’s Peter Haskell reported.

Investigators said they also found a video produced by al Qaeda depicting detonation of an explosive device on a vehicle carrying Western military personnel.

Zea also admitted giving money to and instructing Kaliebe on how to elude law enforcement surveillance.

Kaliebe, 20, pleaded guilty in a secret federal court proceeding in 2013 to attempting to provide material support to a terrorist organization. He faces a sentencing hearing next month. His attorney has said Kaliebe was diagnosed with a form of autism as a child and did not understand the gravity of what he was doing.

Both men appear to have been swept up in the New York Police Department’s ongoing investigation into the activities of Muslims throughout the region.

About nine relatives and friends of Zea’s sat stoically in the courtroom during the sentencing and declined to speak with reporters after the proceeding. They waved and blew kisses as he left the courtroom.

It seems the converts get more time than the natural born Muslims. As noted in our post on Zea’s co-conspirator:  New York: Another Muslim Pleads Guilty al Qaeda Support Case

According to court filings, on January 18, 2013, Kaliebe reaffirmed his commitment to jihad, telling an NYPD Intelligence Division undercover officer in a recorded conversation that he understood “there’s a way out, but for me, the only way out is [martyrdom].” Additionally, Kaliebe paid homage to several terrorist leaders, telling the undercover law enforcement officer:

“[My] standard is Abu Dujana. [M]y standard is Abu Mus’ab Al-Zarqawi. My standard is Sheik Anwar Al-Awlaki and Sheik Osama, both who bore witness to the truth for their blood.”

Finally, Kaliebe stated, “Oh Allah, please allow me, please allow me and my brother…to fight jihad in your cause, oh, Allah. Oh, Allah, please give us one of the two victories, victory on the ground or victory through [martyrdom.]”

New York: Husband killed wife…honor killing not even considered

Another honor killing in America? Source: Middle Island home where woman found dead, man hospitalized, cops say | Newsday

A woman was found slain in her Middle Island home, and her husband later died at the hospital from apparent self-inflicted stab wounds in a murder-suicide, police said Monday.

Police identified the woman as Fahriye Ugan, 54, and her husband as Erdem Gulay, 41. Family members could not be reached for comment Monday.

Suffolk County homicide Det. Lt. Kevin Beyrer said officers from the Seventh Precinct, along with Middle Island Fire Department members, responded to the home on Summersweet Drive just before 9 p.m. Sunday after a female relative of Ugan called 911. The relative, who had gone to the house to check on Ugan after not being able to reach her, smelled a strong odor of natural gas.

The first responders broke into the home and detected a gas leak, but they also found Ugan dead and Gulay with severe injuries to his head and chest, Beyrer said. His wounds “appear to be self-inflicted,” Beyrer said Monday morning.

Police declined to detail Ugan’s fatal injuries, saying an autopsy is being performed. In a later news release, police called her injuries “wounds.” A police spokeswoman would not specify the type of wounds.

Detectives had sought to speak to Gulay, who initially was hospitalized and had been expected to survive, police had said. But Gulay died of his injuries Monday night.

Police did not identify a motive.

Beyrer said police had been called to the home twice in 2014 for “verbal disputes” between the husband and wife, but he said no arrests were made on either occasion because police determined “nothing criminal” had occurred.

Neighbors Lisa Gray and Meagan O’Flaherty, who live a few doors from the couple, said they would wave hello when they saw the couple, who they estimated had lived there since the neighborhood was created in 2000.

“We were shocked,” said Gray, 34. “It’s crazy.”

The neighbors said the husband and wife’s son, daughter-in-law and granddaughter had lived in a home on the street until about two years ago.

Police said 41-year-old Erdem Gulay had killed his wife, 54-year-old Fahriye Ugan (pictured center) who they said was found bludgeoned to death upstairs, before stabbing himself in the chest on February 28

Police said 41-year-old Erdem Gulay had killed his wife, 54-year-old Fahriye Ugan (pictured center) who they said was found bludgeoned to death upstairs, before stabbing himself in the chest on February 28

No mention of religion, like the father who killed his gay son in L.A., but a Facebook photo of the Turkish family revealed a relative in a head scarf. Since the media doesn’t do its job, we’re left to speculate.

NYC: Muslim Woman Admits Lying About Being Slashed, Called Terrorist

Another in a long and growing list of faked “hate crimes” perpetrated by Muslims to make Americans look anti-Muslim. These are hate crimes against Americans and should be prosecuted aggressively. h/t Dee

via: Woman Who Claimed She Was Slashed Admits Lying; Wounded Herself: NYPD « CBS New York

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — A woman who claimed a man called her a terrorist and slashed her in the face in Lower Manhattan has recanted her statement.

Police said Friday she has now admitted it was lie and said their investigation found her wound was self-inflicted.

The woman was taken to Bellevue Hospital for a psychiatric evaluation.

The 20-year-old woman, who is of Middle Eastern descent, claimed a man grabbed her, called her a terrorist and then slashed her on the face while she was walking on Broadway near Wall Street Thursday afternoon.

The joys of Middle East immigration.

Police said her injuries were not life-threatening.


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Video: Neighbors Say East New York Mosque Call to Prayer is “Too Noisy”

Religion of peace…disturbing the peace.

Source: Video: Neighbors Say East New York Mosque Is “Too, Too Noisy”

Masjid-Al-Aman is a mosque that sits near the border of Queens and Brooklyn in East New York, and offers prayers five times a day. But some residents say the mosque’s azan, or call to prayer, is a nuisance—neighbors have filed 156 noise complaints against Masjid-Al-Aman.

“They have to have some consideration for us—it’s noisy. Too, too noisy,” one neighbor gripes, adding that she can’t get used to the azan “because you have no idea when it’s going to happen.”

Not true, says one of the mosque’s congregants: “Calling to prayer for a Muslim, five times a day, is a no-brainer. It’s an absolute necessity.”

Stop Muslim immigration or this will be happening in thousands of neighborhoods across the U.S. and it’s clear that Muslims don’t care about U.S. laws and regulations. As seen in the video posted this morning, Muslims care about the sharia and want it to supersede the U.S. Constitution.

It’s already happening. East New York is just one example:

East New York: Muslim Judge Sworn in on Koran as Muslim Kid’s Choir Sings

Video: Muslims in NYC Say Sharia Law Supersedes the U.S. Constitution

Unfortunately Faux News’ Hannity didn’t let the on-the-street videos speak for themselves and followed it up with apologists.

There will be no reformation of Islam. The only valid option is banning Muslims because as the video demonstrates clearly, many Muslims have no intention of fulfilling their Naturalization Oath of Allegiance to the United States of America and likely lied when taking it:

Sec. 337. [8 U.S.C. 1448]
(a) A person who has applied for naturalization shall, in order to be and before being admitted to citizenship, take in a public ceremony before the Attorney General or a court with jurisdiction under section 310(b) an oath
(1) to support the Constitution of the United States;
(2) to renounce and abjure absolutely and entirely all allegiance and fidelity to any foreign prince, potentate, state, or sovereignty of whom or which the applicant was before a subject or citizen;
(3) to support and defend the Constitution and the laws of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic;
(4) to bear true faith and allegiance to the same;

 Hussein Obama Altered (5) in the U.S. Oath of Allegiance in Compliance with Islamic Law so Muslims would not have:

(5) (A) to bear arms on behalf of the United States when required by the law

Video from the streets of Minnesota also show clearly that Muslims in America want sharia law.

Related: Time to replace Communism with political Islam on immigration application? Swearing In the Enemy – Why the U.S. Needs a New Loyalty Oath


New York: Muslim immigrant who recruited for Islamic State terrorists gets 22 1/2 years

Mufid Elfgeeh outside federal court in Rochester, NY

Source: Pizzeria owner who recruited for IS group gets 22 1/2 years – CBS News

ROCHESTER, N.Y. — A New York pizza shop owner who admitted he tried to recruit people for the Islamic State group was sentenced Thursday to 22 1/2 years in prison.

Mufid Elfgeeh, 32, had pleaded guilty in December in federal court in Rochester to attempting to provide material support to a terrorist organization in 2013 and 2014.

A naturalized U.S. citizen born in Yemen, Elfgeeh was operating a convenience store and pizzeria in Rochester when he was arrested by the Joint Terrorism Task Force in May 2014.

Investigators said he had bought two handguns and silencers that he planned to use to kill returning U.S. soldiers. Authorities said he also tried to recruit three people to join the Islamic State group to fight in Syria.

“Thanks to today’s sentence, one of the first ISIL recruiters ever captured has been brought to justice and will now serve a very long jail sentence,” said U.S. Attorney William Hochul. “But while this case strikes a significant blow against ISIL killers and wannabes, our ongoing efforts to eradicate terrorist groups will continue until all are brought to justice.”

Elfgeeh did not speak at his sentencing, but his lawyer read a statement that included a renunciation of the Islamic State group.

“I watched ISIS carry out acts of violence, such as beheadings and burning people alive,” Elfgeeh said. “They say they do this for religion, I believe they are wrong.”

He also discussed his motivation.

“Like many, I was interested in the Arab Spring in Tunisia, and how it spread through Africa and the Middle East,” Elfgeeh said. “I wanted to help my Muslim brothers fighting the horrors of the Assad regime. I was an early supporter of ISIS, as they were the first to address the crisis in Syria.”

His sentence includes more than 27 years of supervision after his release, including monitoring all of his Internet activity. Assistant U.S. Attorney Brett Harvey said that was because of Elfgeeh’s active social media use during his plot.

Elfgeeh was accused of creating 23 Facebook pages, under various aliases, in order to contact ISIL members and recruit, as well as a WhatsApp account to arrange a contact for two people, referred to as “individuals A and B,” to travel to Syria.

“The defendant showed use of social media, through various aliases, to support ISIL and help encourage other members,” Harvey said. “The defendant worked to send three people to Syria to fight with ISIL, and though he did not fight on the ground, he considered himself a fighter to help form the Islamic State and impose Shariah Law.”

U.S. District Judge Elizabeth Halford sentenced Elfgeeh after saying, “Political beliefs are all fine and good, but you went far beyond. You were sending money, and since you had limited resources, while it’s not a significant amount, it shows how dedicated you were to this cause.”

The judge also said she believed Elfgeeh has mental health issues that have gone untreated.

In his statement, Elfgeeh offered insight into his background.

“I came to America with my father at the age of 13, and when he returned to Yemen when I was 14 and I was left alone in New York City,” Elfgeeh said. “I couldn’t go to school, partly because I didn’t know the language and partly because I always had to work to support myself.

“I became isolated, I began drinking and using marijuana,” he said. “I traveled around the country working at convenience stores, but I had no one, no door that I could knock on.”

So the poor little Muslim immigrant who couldn’t speak English or go to school found a way to open a pizza shop? Whose door did he knock on to get that started? 

Ban Muslims or sharia law will eventually be the law of the land.

U.S. Air Force Vet Guilty of Trying to Aid Islamic State Terrorists

Source: Tairod Pugh, Ex-U.S. Serviceman, Is Found Guilty of Trying to Aid ISIS – The New York Times

A federal jury on Wednesday found a former United States serviceman guilty of trying to travel to Syria to join the Islamic State, the first such case involving the terrorist group to reach a verdict in a United States courtroom.

The former serviceman, Tairod Pugh, 48, hung his head momentarily after the jury foreman in Federal District Court in Brooklyn announced the guilty verdict on the top charge, trying to support a foreign terrorist organization.10pugh-blog427

Mr. Pugh is among dozens of people arrested by the authorities over the past two years on charges that they tried to travel to Syria and Iraq to join the Islamic State or had plotted attacks on behalf of the organization in America. Another man accused of conspiring to support the group, also known as ISIS or ISIL, is now on trial in Phoenix.

Mr. Pugh, a skilled airplane mechanic from his time in the Air Force about 25 years ago, had been drifting across the Middle East in the year before his arrest in January 2015, finding work at small American airlines that flew in and out of far-flung military bases on Pentagon contracts.

Evidence presented at the trial, which began on Feb. 29, showed that Mr. Pugh had researched border crossings to Syria before boarding a flight to Istanbul, a common jumping-off point for would-be foreign fighters seeking to make their way to Islamic State-controlled territory. But much was left unsaid about how Mr. Pugh, a convert to Islam, had originally fallen under the sway of extremist ideology. By 2014, however, he was watching slickly produced Islamic State propaganda and defending the group on Facebook and in conversations with co-workers.

Shortly before his arrest, Mr. Pugh had even drafted a letter to his wife in Egypt, promising to bring her along to paradise after he died a martyr. In the letter, he pledged to “use the talents and skills given to me by Allah to establish and defend the Islamic State.” But he did not appear to have actually sent the letter, giving his lawyers an opening to argue that though Mr. Pugh was an ardent ideological supporter of the Islamic State, any thoughts he harbored of joining the group were fantasies.

The jury rejected that defense, convicting Mr. Pugh of crimes that carry a potential 35-year sentence. In addition to the terrorism-related charge, he was also found guilty of obstruction of an official proceeding, for destroying several flash drives that the government claimed contained evidence against him.


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