Muslim Brotherhood Arrive In U.S. For Anti-Sisi Rallies

muslim-brotherhood-jfkSource: MB Apologists Arrive In U.S. For Anti-Sisi Rallies :: The Investigative Project on Terrorism

by John Rossomando

Three Muslim Brotherhood supporters who caused a row in Egypt last year after they met with Obama administration officials and members of Congress returned to the U.S. Wednesday, according to the Facebook page of Egyptian Americans for Freedom and Justice (EAFJ).

[CS: It should be noted that in 2014 an Egyptian court dissolved the Freedom and Justice party, the political wing of the banned Muslim Brotherhood. So EAFJ is actually Egyptian Americans for the Muslim Brotherhood].

During their 2015 trip, Brotherhood leader Gamal Heshmat, former Egyptian Judge Waleed Sharaby and Maha Azzam, head of the Egyptian Revolutionary Council (ERC) lobbied State Department and White House officials for help against the government of Egyptian President Abdel Fatal al-Sisi.

The ERC formed in 2014 with the aim of toppling Sisi and bringing the Brotherhood back to power in Egypt. Sisi took power in 2013 after the Egyptian army ousted President Mohamed Morsi, the leader of the Muslim Brotherhood’s Freedom and Justice Party.

Heshmat has a long history of supporting Palestinian terrorists and was photographed in June 2014 with Hamas political chief Khaled Meshaal.

The State Department agreed with the delegation’s position that Sisi had not brought stability to Egypt, and that his removal would pave the way for a transition to democracy, Sharaby told Egypt’s Mekameleen TV in an interview last February. But that has not translated into concrete action to topple Sisi.

EAFJ leaders Mahmoud El-Sharkawy, Hani Elkadi and Aber Mostafa greeted Heshmat, Sharaby and Azzam at New York’s JFK airport and posed for a picture with them displaying the Brotherhood’s four-fingered Rabaa salute which has become representative among those wanting the Brotherhood’s return to power in Egypt.

The three are scheduled to speak Friday at an event titled “Egyptian Revolution from Sacrifices to Victory” in North Bergen, N.J.

The event is timed to commemorate the Jan. 25 anniversary of dictator Hosni Mubarak’s fall from power in 2011. Heshmat wrote that his group had no plans to meet with Obama administration representatives during this visit, due to their “position biased” toward Sisi’s regime. They hope to speak with some congressmen, academics and others.

El-Sharkawy is a Brotherhood member and serves as liaison with Brotherhood members exiled in Turkey, Egypt’s Al-Bawaba newspaper reported last April.

He frequently reposts Muslim Brotherhood communiqués on his Facebook page. In December, El Sharkawy encouraged “all youth and revolutionaries” to distribute the official page of Brotherhood spokesman Muhammad Muntasir.

Elkadi seemed to self-identify as a Brotherhood member in a March 9 Facebook post showing an cartoon of a man holding a sign with the Brotherhood logo and the words which translate to, “I am [Muslim] Brotherhood and I’m not threatened.”

Last year, Elkadi, El Sharkawy and Mostafa posted graphics on their Facebook pages seeming to support violence in Egypt.

El Sharkawy and Elkadi posted a Feb. 10 communiqué from the Popular Resistance Movement (PRM) which has launched attacks against Egyptian police and other targets. It features an image of a blood-red map of Egypt with a fist superimposed over it. It claims responsibility for targeting two police cars. “God, martyrs, Revolution,” it said.

Mostafa posted the personal information of a pro-Sisi owner of an Egyptian soccer team with the word “Attaaack!” the same day.

NYC: Muslim Uber driver & Army National Guard member arrested, attacked pregnant woman’s service dog

Update below.

More Muslim Uber driver problems. Source: Uber driver attacks pregnant woman’s service dog: cops | New York Post

An Uber driver yanked a nine-months-pregnant passenger’s service dog from her and slammed the pooch onto a Manhattan street because he did not want the animal in his car, cops said on Tuesday.

The 30-year-old Manhattan woman got into Muhammad Qayyum’s cab with her dog, named Brooklyn, at around 7:25 p.m. on Broadway near West 56th Street on Jan. 21, police said.

“I will not take your dog in my car,” Qayyum, 23, told the woman, according to cops.

Mojeh Adams Schaniel told the driver that the silky terrier is her service dog, but Qayyum didn’t care. He got out of the vehicle, opened the rear passenger door and snatched the dog out of the woman’s lap by its leash and threw it to the ground, police said.

The dog suffered a dislocated hip and an injury to its right back leg, according to a criminal complaint filed with the Manhattan DA’s office.

The owner took her service dog to Blue Pearl Veterinary Partners on West 57th Street, where the animal underwent surgery, police said.

Qayyum was arrested on charges of aggravated cruelty to animals and harming a service animal in the second-degree.

He was released without bail and an order of protection was placed against him, the DA said.

Qayyum denied harming the pooch and claimed that the woman punched him in the face multiple times and made “racist, religiously disparaging slurs,” said an Uber spokeswoman, who noted that all of its drivers are required to accommodate service animals.

According to the spokeswoman, Qayyum’s and the woman’s Uber accounts have been suspended pending an investigation into the matter.

“Any mistreatment of animals is abhorrent, and we do not tolerate violent behavior on the platform,” Uber said in a statement.

The woman gave birth to a baby boy Monday night, a doorman at her building told The Post on Tuesday.

“He is a nice, little dog. Sometimes I pet him. I play with him,” the doorman said. “It makes me sad to hear [what happened to Brooklyn]. It’s a small dog. I didn’t know [the Uber driver] did that to him . . . I hope he gets better.”

The woman and her husband moved into the Midtown building about a month ago, the doorman said.

Update via NY Daily News

Qayyum is due back in court March 29 after he was released without bail last week. That means he’ll miss his upcoming deployment with the New York Army National Guard, which he joined in September, according to a state Division of Military and Naval Affairs rep.

Does the Army National Guard really want members who adhere to sharia law so strictly that they – the Muslims – won’t allow dogs in their cars? Imagine how he feels about and treats women. At what point will he choose Islam over his supposed brothers in arms?

Ex-con who threatened to kill NY, Philly cops pledged allegiance to ISIS

Source: Ex-con who threatened to kill NY, Philly cops turns self in – NY Daily News h/t Jihad Watch

The NYPD put the entire force on alert Wednesday morning after an ex-con who allegedly pledged allegiance to ISIS threatened to kill a cop.

But Marcus Shelton, 36, surrendered hours later — unarmed and without incident — before he was carted off to court to answer two open warrants on parole violations. He hadn’t been charged with making a threat by Wednesday night.

“There is no belief that he was a threat to anyone,” a high-ranking police source with knowledge of the incident told the Daily News.

Shelton’s parole violations include an August 2015 arrest for pot possession and a pinch for bending a MetroCard to get free rides.

The man’s father said Shelton’s brother, Jason Paige, who died about a decade ago, was a Marine and a city cop. It was inconceivable that he could hurt a police officer, the dad said.

“I’m glad he turned himself in and that he’s cooperating with authorities,” Jason Paige, 72, told The Daily News at his home in Cortlandt Manor, N.Y.

Paige, who shares the same name as the son who died, said the siblings were very close.

“They got along very well,” he said. “It just doesn’t add up.”

The drama began Tuesday when an anonymous tipster called the 32nd Precinct detective squad, claiming Shelton was plotting to shoot a cop. Someone later called the Philadelphia police and said the same thing. One of the callers said Shelton pledged his allegiance to ISIS.

Philadelphia cops traced the call to an address in upper Manhattan and notified the NYPD.

The NYPD took it seriously, issuing an Officer Safety Alert across the department, according to Thomas Galati, chief of the NYPD Intelligence Bureau.

“We are taking it serious based on what happened in Philadelphia a couple of weeks ago,” Galati said of the threat.


Islamic Kuwait Air Halts New York Flights Rather Than Allow Jews to Fly

Islamophobia, racism, bla bla bla. via: Kuwait Air Halts New York Flights over Flying Israelis

Kuwait Air has announced it will halt passenger service from New York’s JFK airport to Heathrow in London by January 18, due to a requirement by the United States Department of Transportation that it cease discrimination against Israeli travelers.

“The US Department of Transportation will not tolerate unlawful discrimination, and has mandated that the airline immediately cease that practice and allow Israeli passengers to travel between the US and London,” Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx said on Friday.

The Times of Israel reports that DOT notified Kuwait Air its policies violated American law in September, after reviewing a complaint filed by an Israeli named Eldad Gatt.

Gatt wanted to buy a ticket from JFK to Heathrow in 2013, but Kuwait Air refused, saying the laws of Kuwait prohibit its citizens from “entering into an agreement, personally or indirectly, with entities or persons residing in Israel, or with Israeli citizenship.”

According to USA Today, Kuwait Air’s lawyers argued the Department of Transportation was not authorized to enforce consumer-protection provisions against the airline, in violation of Kuwaiti law.

Gatt’s lawyer worried that the case could slog through years of litigation, if treated as an administrative enforcement action, asking for a U.S. District Court injunction against Kuwait Airways’ “reprehensible behavior” instead.

Although Kuwait Air gave up the fight against DOT on the New York-London route, the New York Times notes the airline’s three weekly non-stop flights between Kennedy International Airport and Kuwait City are unaffected, because “Israelis are not allowed to visit Kuwait and are not granted visas.”

The New York Times also mentions two formal complaints lodged with DOT against Qatar Airways and Saudi Arabian airlines. Saudi Arabia has a ban on visitors from Israel similar to the one in Kuwait.



No non-Muslims allowed!!!

NYPD submits, will pay $2M in legal fees to Muslims, remove terror report from website

Will de Blasio appoint a Muslim from one of the Muslim Brotherhood-linked litigation jihadists to spy on the NYPD for Muslims? via: NYPD will yank terror report from website to settle case over spying h/t Ed

The city has agreed to more stringent regulations on anti-terror cops in ­order to settle two federal lawsuits that claimed the NYPD violated constitutional rights by spying on Muslims.

The city will pay $2,033,416 in legal fees to the plaintiffs, but no monetary damages, and will add another layer of review to a committee that monitors its intelligence gathering. The NYPD will also remove a 92-page report, “Radicalization in the West: The Homegrown Threat,” from its Web site.

And the department agreed to formalize spying rules that it says are already in place — such as not considering “race, religion or ethnicity” motivating factors in investigations.

“New York City’s Muslim residents are strong partners in the fight against terrorism, and this settlement represents another important step toward building our relationship with the Muslim community,” Mayor de Blasio said in a statement.

The mayor will appoint a lawyer who has never worked for the NYPD to a five-year term to monitor the committee that oversees intelligence inves­tigations.

“That person will sit in on the meetings, review materials and if that person has any concerns that the NYPD are not complying with the current guidelines . . . can and must go to the police commissioner and bring their concerns to his attention,” Deputy Commissioner of Legal Matters Larry Byrne said, adding: “And if they’re not satisfied with the discussion with the police commissioner, they can and must go to the mayor.”

The appointee could also take his or her concerns to a federal judge.

But a police source said that kind of meddling could be dangerous.

“That could put lives at stake if we’re waiting for a civilian to make a decision about what we’re about to do,” the source said.

Or for the civilian to leak information to the terrorists and their defenders – CAIR, ISNA, Muslim Advocates, etc.

“A terrorist isn’t going to wait for him to go make his complaints. He’s going to go blow up a train station or some s–t.”

The suits were filed over police surveillance on Muslims as part of a broad effort to prevent terrorist attacks after 9/11.

The settlement adds restrictions on surveillance set by the court-ordered “Handschu decree,” which was put in place in response to surveillance used against war protesters in the 1960s and ’70s. The NYPD relaxed the ­decree after 9/11 to give cops more power to monitor political activity in public places.

Muslims forced the NYPD to reword the report
NYPD_Report-Radicalization_in_the_West (pdf)
NYPD Cop Killer Worked for US-based Muslim Group ISNA

NYC: Muslim cabby fined for sharia, refused to allow woman front seat

Source: Muslim cabby fined for not allowing woman up front

A Muslim taxi driver refused to let a woman ride up front with him as her family piled into his yellow cab at Penn Station — later claiming that his religion forbids him from being that close to a female stranger.

But a city judge didn’t buy the Islam argument and socked the driver with a $350 fine for his discrimination.

Fellow Muslims on Friday said Tamsir Drammeh’s excuse was a stretch.

“There’s no such rule in Islam,” said the manager at his garage, J and I Maintenance Corp. in Boerum Hill, Brooklyn, who refused to give his name. “There’s no such thing.”

A driver at the garage added, “Maybe if she was drunk and wearing a skirt hiked up to here,” as he pointed to the tops of his thighs. “He wouldn’t have her in the front, but only if she is alone.”

Drammeh, 64, was at a taxi stand on Eighth Avenue when the family of four walked up. He popped the trunk from his seat so that the family could stow their luggage.

The husband and kids, 6 and 11, got into the back, and the mom went to the front passenger door, which Drammeh refused to unlock.

The woman asked whether there was a problem, and all Drammeh would say is that her husband could sit up front, but that she was not welcome.

The family snapped a photo of Drammeh’s medallion number and hailed a different cab.

The wife filed a complaint alleging sex discrimination, and Drammeh lost the case twice — once in a regular city hearing and again on appeal.

At his hearing, the driver claimed that the woman was belligerent and cursed him out — and he said he still came around and reluctantly invited her to sit up front.

The hearing’s judge, Laura Fieber, told the cabby he needs to keep his religion to himself when serving the public.

“That his religion did not allow him to sit next to a woman is not an acceptable defense in an occupation that is operated to serve the public,” she wrote. “Of significance, respondent made it clear that the husband would be welcome in the front seat, while the wife/complainant would not be.”

The city fined Drammeh in September and also suspended him for one day. He still has an active hack license.

Hossein Kamaly, a Middle Eastern studies professor at Columbia University, said Muslims often make up their own interpretations of the legitimate laws of Islam.

“There are some Muslims who wouldn’t be comfortable with that and some who would,” he said. “He’s an older man and probably an immigrant, so it’s closer to the way that he was brought up.”

All the more reason to halt Muslim immigration to the U.S. Those who abide by Islam do not believe in the American dream, have no plans to assimilate and are at complete odds with American culture and norms.

This is one of many cases that happen regularly and never reported, this family had the courage to fight the sharia. As did the judge.

In another recent case, it was Islamic supremacist versus black racist and the black racist won: NYC Muslim taxi driver fined $25K for refusing ride to black family.

For those hailing cabs in Manhattanstan, remember, at least Half NYC cabbies are Muslim immigrants.

NYC Police Commish: Real jihadist wouldn’t spell “Allah” with a lowercase “a”

The real Islamophobes canceled school for more than half a million students in Los Angeles yesterday. Hundreds of thousands, if not millions of dollars in disruption were caused. Fortunately, no one was killed, unlike San Bernardino, UC Merced, Oklahoma City, Fort Hood, Seattle, and Little Rock just to name a few examples.

Yet this is what Islam does. It’s why Muslim immigration to the U.S. should be halted and all visa processing should be reassessed. 

Maybe all that’s need for vetting Muslims, according to NYPD brass Bill Bratton, is a spelling test.  via Bratton says LA overreacted: NYC schools got same threat | New York Post

New York City school officials received the same bomb threat early Tuesday that prompted the closure of the Los Angeles school system, but police quickly concluded that it was a hoax.

Mayor Bill de Blasio told reporters that he is “absolutely convinced” that there was no danger to schoolchildren in New York.

“There was nothing credible about the threat. It was so outlandish,” de Blasio said.

New York Police Commissioner William Bratton said he thinks Los Angeles officials engaged in a “significant overreaction” by deciding to close the nation’s second-largest school system.

The threat, they said, came in the form of a “generic” email sent to many cities around the country. In New York, it was received by a school superintendent early Tuesday.

Bratton said the person who wrote the note claimed to be a jihadist, but made errors that made it clear the person was a prankster, including spelling the word “Allah” with a lowercase “a.”

Bratton, who once ran the Los Angeles Police Department, quipped that it looked like the sender watched a lot of the Showtime show “Homeland.”

“We cannot allow ourselves to raise levels of fear,” Bratton said.


A telltale sign that the threat was bogus, Bratton said, was the spelling of Allah with a lowercase “a.”

“That would be incredible to think that any jihadist would not spell Allah with a capital ‘A,’ ” Bratton noted.




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