NYC: Muslim cabby ordered to pay $14K for cursing at kissing lesbians

The gay mafia trumps the Muslim mafia in NYC…for now. Source: Cursing cabby to pay kissing lesbians $14K — unless he learns his lesson | New York Post  h/t TROP

A cabby ordered by the Human Rights Commission to pay $14,000 to two lesbians at whom he cursed for kissing in the back seat can keep the money if he takes lessons in why discrimination is hurtful, the victims said Friday.

Mohammad Dahbi was told to pay $7,000 each to Christina Spitzer and Kassie Thornton for a 2011 incident, where he allegedly flipped out and called them “whores” and “bitches’’ for violating his “no-kissing policy.’’

“We never wanted to financially ruin him,” said Thornton. “We want him to acknowledge what he did, say he’s wrong, do the training, and be a better human.’’

Dahbi did not return calls.

That’s classic. The lesbians didn’t want to ruin him financially…just humiliate him and force him to accept their gay agenda…and if he doesn’t accept that then they have no problem ruining him financially.

Human Rights Commissions are a joke and should be abolished. They create special rights for classes of people and punish anyone who doesn’t agree with them. New York is becoming Canada.

Interestingly, no one reached out to terror-linked CAIR – who uses the same totalitarian tactics – for comment. 

New York: JFK Int’l Airport Has a Complete Mosque Inside



JFK (NY) airport lit green for month of jihad (aka Ramadan)

This is separate from the “little mosque in JFK — in the parking lot, taxi lot.”

Source: Meet the Worshipers at America’s Busiest Airport Mosque | TIME

The mosque at JFK Airport is more than just a prayer space—it’s a community

The mosque, a maroon-carpeted room where an imam leads daily prayers, is one of only seven Muslim prayer spaces in America’s largest airports, according to a recent Pew Research Center report—and it’s the busiest in the country, according to the International Association of Civil Aviation Chaplains.

It’s the only mosque of its kind in the country,” said Ahmet Yuceturk, the imam at the JFK International Islamic Center and a chaplain with the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, which runs New York City’s airports. “It’s its own mosque, not just a room, which is what most airport mosques are,” Yuceturk continued. “We are our own place, we have our own services, we are our own community within the chapels here. It’s very different from anything in America.”

The mosque holds services five times daily, welcoming Muslims of all backgrounds and beliefs, whether they are New Yorkers who work in the airport or travelers who are stopping to pray in between flights. Depending on the time of day and whether there is a holiday like Ramadan, attendance ranges from just a few people to a crowd of more than 50 spilling out into the hallway; usually about three-quarters are airline passengers while the rest are local workers. In addition to holding services, the mosque doubles as a community center, offering Arabic lessons, Koran discussions and communal meals—along with an occasional wedding.

The mosque also provides aid to passengers who are lost or stranded, in keeping with the Muslim belief in the value of helping strangers.

The JFK International Islamic Center is part of a larger chapels area at JFK’s Terminal 4, which was built in 1955 to house a general Christian place of worship. It was remodeled in 1966 to include Catholic, Protestant and Jewish prayer spaces, and in 2001 a separate multifaith room was built to meet rising demand for a prayer space for the terminal’s Muslim, Hindu and Sikh travelers and workers, nearly a decade after the United American Muslim Association first proposed the idea. Services were intermittent and run by volunteers at first, but when Yuceturk joined as the prayer space’s first full-time imam in 2008, the room became a full-fledged mosque. Since then attendance has risen steadily, with Muslim airport workers spreading the word.

Father Chris Piasta—a Catholic chaplain at JFK and LaGuardia airports, who is also a spokesman for the International Association of Civil Aviation Chaplains, the governing body for airport chapels around the world—said he has never seen a mosque like JFK International Islamic Center in his travels across America’s air transport hubs.

What we have at JFK is rather unusual compared to other airports,” Piasta said. He hopes to bring more diversity to the largely Christian prayer spaces in airports across the country. In October, the aviation chaplains association will convene in New York to discuss “bringing the world together” through their work, Piasta said.

“We are trying to be open to everybody,” Piasta said. “We have to answer a broad, important question: How can we serve people who are different from ourselves?”

Yuceturk, the imam, sees the JFK mosque as an opportunity to contradict stereotypes about Islam.

“When you look at politics or you look around the world, a lot of negative things are being said about Islam,” Yuceturk said. “But we’re not representing anyone…. We are just regular Muslims. We have no political agenda. We’re just living our lives, earning our living for our families.

“This is how we act. This is who we are.”

That is how they act. After 9/11 – when Muslims killed nearly 3,000 Americans – they demanded and got a mosque built inside the JFK airport. Separate, apart from the rest of the world. Supremacist. Muslim only.

A story on the mosque website indicates they are also recruiting at Riker’s Island prison.

Volume alert:

Deblasio’s wife dons hijab as Muslims takeover Brooklyn park (video)

Imam de Blasio panders to Muslims and lists his Islamic achievements and his wife submits to sharia…in Brooklyn, New York. h/t Martin

Chirlane McCray DeBlasio Hijab

Notice that the Muslims in attendance barely even acknowledge de Blasio’s comments about the Islamic violence around the world and about not tolerating hatred of any community. Muslims are diametrically opposed to de Blasio’s comments and it’s not even clear that de Blasio believes his own words.

She even tweeted how wonderful it was:

Chirlane McCray DeBlasio Hijab3

For those who want to know:  Mayor de Blasio and wife defend Black Lives Matter (terrorist cop-killing) movement

Mayor de Blasio and wife Chirlane McCray called the Black Lives Matter movement a “force for good”



Muslim drug ring flooded NYC with a ton of synthetic pot aka “K2” (updated)

“The 10 alleged members of the ring — who were mostly of Yemeni descent” … “millions of dollars being wired overseas to countries like Yemen”

No word on the immigration status of the ten, mostly Yemeni’s arrested. Source: K2 drug ring flooded NYC with a ton of synthetic pot: cops – NY Daily News

A 10-man drug ring that distributed over a ton of synthetic marijuana to city bodegas has gone up in smoke, authorities announced Wednesday.

The operation, spearheaded by Adullah Deiban, Faris Nasser Kassim and Morad Nasser Kassim, involved chemicals shipped from from China to at least one processing facility in the Bronx where they would be mixed and then sprayed onto leafy materials like tea leaves, according to an indictment.

The materials were then packaged into flashy packets, distributed to bodegas around the city and sold for around $5 each, documents charge.

Between Sept. 2014 and this month the drug crew imported enough chemicals to produce 260,000 packets of the drug, commonly known as K2 or Spice, worth over $30 million on the street, Manhattan U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara said.

Six of the 10 suspected members of the drug ring were in custody.

The 10 alleged members of the ring — who were mostly of Yemeni descent — face drug conspiracy charges, which carry a maximum of 20 years in prison. The chemicals allegedly used by the men are considered controlled substances.

Even more disturbing, PIX 11 learned there was great concern about millions of dollars being wired overseas to countries like Yemen.

Federal agents were investigating whether the synthetic pot sales were being used to finance terrorism.

Bharara said the 10 men indicted Wednesday — Abdullah Deiban, Faris Nasser Kassim, Morad Nasser Kassim, Nageab Saeed, Walide Saeed, Mohammed Saeed, Hamid Moshref, Mohamed Salem, Mohamed Almatheel, and Fikri Nagi — were members of an international organization that trafficked, manufactured, and distributed smokeable synthetic marijuana (SSC) in New York City. Continue reading

Brooklyn: Muslims teens harass woman for 40 minutes, boyfriend teaches them brutal lesson

A man defends his girlfriend from two Muslims who – while taking a break from Ramadan prayers – spent 30 4o minutes hitting on harassing the girl and attempting to get in or get her out of the car she was in and the NY Daily News refers to the Muslims (would-be rapists?) as victims? The actual victim was the woman trapped in a car while two Muslims from the mosque sexually harassed her.

Source: Cops don’t see Brooklyn attack of two Muslim teens as hate crime – NY Daily News

Police said the 16-year-old victims were hitting on a woman inside a parked vehicle for more than a half-hour when her boyfriend emerged and attacked them. The boys had tried to open the woman’s door and poke their heads into her window, said police spokesman Sgt. Brendan Ryan.

“The hate crimes unit investigated it and determined that this incident is not a hate crime,” Ryan said. Police are still investigating the alleged assault and are looking for the man, he said.

Rape prevention is not a hate crime but that didn’t stop the terrorist-named Muslim group CAIR from trying, as they have many times before, to fabricate a hate crime (and possibly witnesses – who did nothing to stop the harassment of a woman).

On Monday, a statement on CAIR’s Facebook page said one teen was taking a break from late night prayers when he and the second teen were attacked by a man who yelled, “You f—ing terrorist” and “You Muslims are the cause of all the problems in the world.”

The man punched one of the teens, threw him to the ground, kicked him and stomped him, according to CAIR.

He suffered a concussion, cuts, bruises and a bad swelling, and went to Lutheran Hospital, while the second teen suffered a black eye, according to the group.

Thanks to Space Kraken for the video adding new details. The Muslims spent 40 minutes harassing the girl, calling her a hooker and trying to open the car doors. But again, the media paints the Muslims as victims (war on women anyone?) and says the police are hunting the violent attacker (who defended his girlfriend from Muslim attackers).

Former CAIR Director, Now NYPD/NYU Muslim Chaplain Led Orlando Jihadist’s Trip to Mecca

NYPD chaplain Imam Khalid Latif [Photo by Andy Katz/Pacific Press/LightRocket via Getty Images]

Source: NYU Helped Organize 2nd Saudi Arabia Trip For Orlando’s Mass Shooter Omar Mateen h/t

An Islamic center in New York has determined that in 2012, Omar Mateen traveled to Saudi Arabia during a trip which was organized by the Islamic Center at New York University. There was approximately 80 people who went on the trip with Mateen for an annual pilgrimage.

New York University spokesman John Beckman told the Wall Street Journal in a statement that people from Columbia and Yale universities also attended the trip with some members of the NYPD.

NYU claims that they learned about Mateen through the Wall Street Journal, and will work with authorities and will help assist with the investigation.

California’s Congressman Adam Schiff, top Democrat on the House Intelligence Committee, is demanding answers to the mass shooting. Schiff wants to know who sponsored Mateen’s trips to Saudi Arabia in which one visit Mateen stayed in a four star hotel, according to BREITBART News.

Republican Sen. Ron Johnson of Wisconsin wants to learn more about Omar Mateen’s job. Johnson also wants to know more about the security company that employed Mateen. He is also interested in what responsibilities Mateen had with the company that he worked for, according to TUCSON News.

Imam Khalid Latif, executive director of the NYU Islamic center and an NYPD chaplain, led the pilgrimage to Mecca to perform an umrah in Mecca. An umrah is considered the lesser pilgrimage compared the Hajj. Latif was appointed the first Muslim chaplain at NYU in 2005, and was selected as one of 60 NYC leaders to serve on Mayor Bill De Blasio’s Transition Team.

“Based on his blatant extremism and ties to a convicted Orlando imam known for facilitating international jihadists traveling, the strong likelihood is that these trips were not benign,” said Ryan Mauro, national security analyst for Clarion Project, a New York-based research institute that tracks global terrorism, according to FOX News.

As Creeping Sharia has noted previously, Khalid Latif was a CAIR executive as was his sister (now scrubbed from CAIR’s site but see prior posts below). He infiltrated the NYPD and he holds strong sharia beliefs giving Islamic blasphemy laws (and presumably punishments) priority of the Constitutional rights of Americans.

NYPD’s Muslim chaplain hosting unindicted co-conspirator to ’93 WTC bombing

NYPD’s Muslim chaplain keynotes fundraiser for terror-linked mosque

NYPD’s Muslim chaplain seeks new policies for Muslim cops

NYC: Incoming Democrat Mayor Appoints CAIR-linked Imam to Transition Team



Muslim NYPD Officer Refuses to Shave Beard, Sues When Suspended

The legal jihad. via: Muslim NYPD officer sues after being suspended for refusing to shave his beard | Daily Mail Online

A Muslim New York Police Department officer was suspended without pay and escorted out of police headquarters for refusing to shave his beard which he said he grew for religious reasons.

Officer Masood Syed, who said he has maintained about half-to-one-inch beard (13-25mm) for most of his 10-year career, has sued the department saying its no-beard policy is unconstitutional.

The department says it bans beards as a safety measure so gas masks fit tightly across faces, but allows beards for religious reasons up to one millimeter in length.

On Wednesday during an emergency hearing, a federal judge ordered the city to continue paying Syed his salary and benefits.

U.S. District Judge P. Kevin Castel criticized the city repeatedly before finding it was probable Officer Syed would succeed, issuing a temporary restraining order that will remain in place until a July 8 hearing.

On July 8, another judge will consider whether Syed should be allowed to work until the matter is resolved.

The judge, who is bearded, said one millimeter of hair exists when a man is unshaven for a day or two. He said it seemed the policy is enforced haphazardly.

‘I am very relieved,’ Syed said following the hearing, as he celebrated his 32nd birthday with a half dozen fellow officers supporting him in the Manhattan court. 

Syed said on Tuesday, two uniformed supervisors escorted him from Manhattan NYPD headquarters where he works as a law clerk to administrative judges, sometimes preparing legal documents for the police commissioner about disciplinary issues.

His attorney, Joshua Moskovitz, said the department also took Syed’s shield and weapon before he was ‘escorted out in front of his friends and colleagues.’

‘It was extremely humiliating,’ Syed said. ‘I felt insulted, frankly.’

Does this Muslim look humiliated or does he look like the cat who ate the canary?

The NYPD was infiltrated long ago and shaken down by terror-linked CAIR and has a separate Muslim Society!

NYPD Muslim Officers Society links from its website to all the major Muslim Brotherhood organizations in the United States

Raymond Ibrahim has more in Why the Muslim Beard Bodes Trouble.

Update: While he awaits his big payday from taxpayers, Muslim NYPD officer reinstated as department reviews its beard policy.


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