Obama FBI-DOJ Replace “Allah” with “God” on Orlando Terror Attack Transcript

Local, state and federal governments across the U.S. are cowering from and covering for Muslim terrorists. Here’s the second of three examples we’ll post today.

via “sundance” at The Last Refuge: Incredible Manipulation – Obama Administration Replaces “Allah” with “God” On Released Orlando Terrorist Transcripts

A few stunning aspects stick out from the carefully released partial and redacted transcript from the Orlando terrorist attack.

  • First – this release proves law enforcement, the FBI and the Obama administration knew the motive and intent was Islamic terrorism from the very first second contact was made.  When LEO stepped up to the first media press conference they knew it was an Islamic terrorist attack.
  • Second – this release confirms allegiance with ISIS proclaimed in the specific manner that is required by the Islamic State in order to be given ideological and financial credit by ISIS.  [Which compounds the concern for why the Obama administration would release it].
  • Third – the manipulation of the transcript by the Obama administration is sickening, replacing the word “Allah” with the word “God”.  As Pam Gellar states:  “Not only did Obama’s sharia compliant Department of Justice censor Islam and the Islamic State from Orlando jihadi Omar Mateen’s 911 call transcripts, they changed Allah to god as if we worship the same diety. And this was done in the name of every religion“.

transcript Orlando-shooter-2

Has the FBI ever redacted transcripts for any group criminal enterprise other than Islam? Even the FBI couldn’t answer that question. The entire Obama administration is influenced by Muslims and operates to promote Islam.

Michael Savage covered it on his show and had an interesting call from a Muslim around the 1-hour mark.

Obama Admitted Nearly 1 Million from Muslim-majority Countries from 2009-2014

The data doesn’t include illegals or other categories of so-called immigrants, so the number is likely more than a million and steadily increasing each day. Literally.


Source: 1M Immigrants From Muslim Countries Admitted During Obama’s Presidency

The Obama Administration is on track to issue 1 million green cards to immigrants from countries where Muslims are in the majority, according to an analysis of Department of Homeland Security data released Friday.

According to the DHS Yearbook of Immigration Statistics, green cards were issued to 832,014 people from Muslim-majority countries in the first six fiscal years of the Obama administration, from fiscal years 2009-2014, the Senate Subcommittee on Immigration and the National Interest report shows.

In addition, the numbers of green cards increased dramatically in the last two fiscal years of the report, for 2013 and 2014. The records show that 117,423 green cards were issued in fiscal year 2013, compared to 148,810 in fiscal year 2014, for an increase of nearly 27 percent.

The reports show that in the first six fiscal years President Barack has held office, the United States issued green cards to an average of 138,669 migrants from Muslim-majority countries every year, and if the trends continue, the United States will have issued green cards to at least 1.1 million migrants from such countries by the time Obama leaves office in January.

According to census data published by the Center for Immigration Studies in September, Muslims make up the fastest-growing group of immigrants. The foreign-born population of the United States hit a record high of 42.4 million in July 2014.

According to Friday’s report, the 832,014 green cards issued so far do not include temporary nonimmigrant visas for people coming in to simply work, or for people overstaying their admission periods.

The green card totals from Muslim countries for fiscal years 2009-2014 are:

(Led by the Muslim countries that hate us the most)

  • Pakistan, 102,000
  • Iraq, 102,000
  • Bangladesh, 90,000
  • Iran, 85,000
  • Egypt, 56,000
  • Somalia, 37,000
  • Uzbekistan, 30,000
  • Turkey, 26,000
  • Morocco, 25,000
  • Jordan , 25,000
  • Albania, 24,000
  • Afghanistan, 21,000
  • Lebanon, 20,000
  • Yemen, 20,000
  • Syria, 18,000
  • Indonesia, 17,000
  • Sudan,15,000
  • Sierra Leone, 12,000
  • Guinea, 9,000
  • Saudi Arabia, 9,000
  • Senegal, 8,000
  • Algeria, 8,000
  • Kazakhstan, 8,000
  • Kuwait, 6,000
  • Gambia, 6,000
  • United Arab Emirates, 5,000
  • Azerbaijan, 4,000
  • Mali, 4,000
  • Burkina Faso, 3,000
  • Kyrgyzstan, 3,000
  • Kosovo, 3,000
  • Mauritania, 3,000
  • Tunisia, 2,000
  • Tajikistan, 2,000
  • Libya, 2,000
  • Turkmenistan, 1,000
  • Qatar, 1,000
  • Chad, 1,000

More via Obama Admin Increases Green Cards For Migrants From Pro-Sharia Countries

The Department of Homeland Security granted Lawful Permanent Resident — green card — status to 103,901 migrants from countries in the Middle East in Fiscal Year 2014. (RELATED: Afghan And Iraqi Migrants Big Winners In Newly-Revealed Green Card Spike)

That represents a 32 percent increase from the 78,917 issued in Fiscal Year 2013. Fiscal Years extend from October 1 of one year to September 30 of the next.

The biggest increase in green cards came for migrants from Afghanistan, Iraq, and Pakistan.

 Afghanistan and Iraq are the number one and two countries, respectively, when it comes to citizens who support making Sharia law the official law in their nation, according to a 2015 Pew study. Pakistan is fourth when it comes to this measure.

Ninety-nine percent of Muslims polled in Afghanistan, 91 percent of Muslims polled in Iraq, and 84 percent of Muslims in Pakistan supported Sharia law becoming their countries’ law.

CIA Director Admits ISIS Infiltrating West Through Refugees, As Obama Imports Thousands

We’ve been posting on Muslim terrorist refugees since at least 2011 when 2 Muslim “refugees” from Iraq were charged with terrorism. The CIA is just figuring this out now? Source: CIA Director: Islamic State Attempting to Infiltrate the West Through Refugee Flows – Breitbart

Thursday at a hearing on CIA intelligence activities, CIA Director John Brennan said ISIS is attempting infiltrate operatives into the West through “refugee flows, smuggling routes and legitimate methods of travel.”

“Since at least 2014, ISIL has been working to build an apparatus to direct and inspire attacks against it’s foreign enemies, resulting in hundreds of casualties. The most prominent examples are the attacks in Paris and Brussels, which we asses were directed by ISIL’s leadership. We judge that ISIL is training and attempting to deploy for operatives further attacks. ISIL has large cadre of western fighters who could potentially serve as operatives for attacks in the West. The group is probably exploring a variety of means for infiltrating operatives into the West, including in refugee flows, smuggling routes and legitimate methods of travel. Furthermore, as we have seen in Orlando, San Bernardino and elsewhere, ISIL is attempting to inspire attacks by sympathizers who have no direct links to the group. Last month, for example, a senior ISIL figure publicly urges the groups followers to conduct attacks in their home countries if they were unable to travel to Syria and Iraq. At the same time, ISIL is gradually cultivating the global network of branches into a more interconnected global organization.”

Like Farah Pandith, who directed DHS not to use the words sharia and jihad among other Islamic terms, John Brennan is also a Muslim.

Meanwhile, now that the CIA confirms Muslim terrorists are embedded with Muslim refugees and the FBI Director Admitted the US Can’t Vet All Refugees For Terror Ties, 441 Syrian Refugees Admitted to the U.S. Since the Orlando Attack, with Dozens Going to Florida.

In the days since an Islamic radical murdered 49 people at an Orlando gay bar, the Obama Administration has admitted hundreds more Syrian refugees to the United States, including placing dozens in Florida.

According to State Department data, since June 12, 441 Syrian refugees have been resettled in communities across the U.S. Just five of the recent arrivals are Christian the rest are Muslim, including 434 Sunni Muslims and one identified as simply “Moslem.” One is listed as having “no religion.”

The 441 new arrivals have been resettled across 26 states, with Illinois (60), Florida (49), and Arizona (38) taking in the most Syrian refugees over that four-day timeframe.

Of the 49 new Syrian refugees resettled in Florida since the attack, 10 have been resettled in the greater Orlando area — with five resettled in Orlando proper and five resettled in Kissimmee. The rest of the refugees settled in Florida were placed in Clearwater (six), Delray Beach (five), Miami (five), Pensacola (five), Tampa (18).

Florida Gov. Rick Scott says he is opposed to resetting Syrian refugees in his state amid ongoing vetting concerns. Tuesday, following the attack, Scott expressed frustration that the administration is refusing to share information about the Syrians placed in his state.

“The White House said they will not share that information with the Florida law enforcement. They said, oh, that — those people have privacy rights,” Scott said during an appearance on Fox News.

“What about our security rights?” Scott continued. “The security and making sure if you live in my state, you’re gonna be safe. I’m responsible for the safety of the people in my state. I’m fed up with the fact that we’re not destroying ISIS. We’re not vetting these people; we’re not taking care of our own citizens.”

Florida has been the top destination for sharia-adherents invading the United States, via Afghanistan Migration Surging into America; 99% Support Sharia Law:

The Tampa Tribune reported last year that Florida now leads the nation as the number one state in resettling refugees.

According to the federal government, Florida resettled 43,184 refugees in 2013.

While most of these refugees settling in Florida arrive from Cuba, many arrive from Middle Eastern countries. According to the U.S. Office of Refugee Resettlement, the next largest countries to resettle in Florida are (in order) Iraq, Myanmar (Burma), the Democratic Republic of Congo, Sudan, Somalia, Colombia, Afghanistan, Jordan, Pakistan, Syria, and Palestine.

According to data from the Office of Refugee Resettlement (ORR) in the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, 91.4 percent of recent refugees from the Middle East are on food stamps and 68.3 percent of recent refugees from the Middle East are on cash welfare.

The Tampa Tribune reported that many of these Muslim refugees are carving out their own Muslim communities within Florida (similar to what refugees have done in Dearborn and Minneapolis): “Many of the refugees finding homes in the Tampa Bay area are Muslim because the region has an established Muslim community.

Between 2001 and 2013, the U.S. permanently resettled nearly 30,000 Afghan migrants on green cards. According to Pew, nearly all Muslims in Afghanistan (99%) support sharia law as official law.

To recap, thousands of Muslims have been imported to Florida against the will of the citizens of that state – where a Muslim shot and killed 49 people last week, and where ISIS ‘kill list’ targets Palm Beach, Treasure Coast residents:

A pro-Isis group has released a hit list with the names of more than 8,000 peoplemostly Americans.

More than 600-people live in Florida, and one security expert believes that many of those targeted live in Palm Beach County and on the Treasure Coast.

The “United Cyber Caliphate” that hacked U.S. Central Command, 54,000 Twitter accounts and threatened President Barack Obama is the same pro-Isis group that’s reportedly created a “kill list” with the names, addresses and emails of thousands of civilian Americans.

Reports of the list came to light online when Vocativ reported the list was shared via the encrypted app, Telegram, and called on supporters to kill.

We reached out to the FBI, the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office and Martin County Sheriff’s Office to see how credible they view the threat and what action they might be taking.

We are awaiting their response.

At least one source states, “The list is old data and really has no value.” Regardless, common sense is prevailing among average citizens and a Majority of Americans Back Donald Trump’s Muslim Ban in Post-Orlando Poll. Continue reading

Walt Disney World and Gun Shop Reported Orlando Jihadi to Authorities Prior to Terror Attack

via Disney Warned FBI about Mateen, Wife back in April as they Cased Theme Park Resort for Potential Attack

Karla Ray with WFTV is reporting via Twitter that Walt Disney World had contacted the FBI back in April to warn them that Mateen and his wife might have been casing the place.

A gun store owner also reported Mateen to authorities: Gun Shop Reported ‘Suspicious’ Omar Mateen to Authorities

Robbie Abell, owner of a Florida gun shop, says he alerted authorities that a suspicious man had come in asking about body armor. Five weeks later, Omar Mateen – equipped with weapons he bought at a different shop after Abell’s employees refused to sell to him – killed 49 people and injured as many at Pulse night club in Orlando.

The Wall Street Journal quotes Abell as telling them that his store, Lotus Gunworks of South Florida, “shut him down on all sales” after be began asking bizarre questions about body armor and bulk ammunition. “The questions he was asking were not the normal questions a normal person would be asking… He just seemed very odd,” Abell said. The armor Mateen asked about is not traditionally available to civilians.

Abell noted that he made a phone call during his time in the store, and appeared to be speaking in Arabic. Mateen is from an Afghan family, and his father – a prolific pro-Taliban Youtuber – is known to speak at least two Afghan languages, Dari and Pashto. Mateen’s wife, Noor Salman, identifies as “Palestinian,” which would make her a likely Arabic speaker. She has confessed to shopping for weapons with Mateen.

Update: After first denying any contact, then having no comment:

The FBI is confirming that agents spoke last month with a Florida gun shop where Orlando shooter Omar Mateen asked to buy body armor and about 1,000 rounds of ammunition. But the FBI says store employees did not provide any information about him, preventing “any meaningful investigative follow up.”

Meanwhile, the head of the FBI and Obama and their media lackeys seem to be the only people who can’t figure out a motive, via Investigators say Orlando shooter sought out Islamic State propaganda, repeatedly visited Disney sites – LA Times

The same morning Omar Mateen killed 49 people at a gay nightclub in Orlando, Florida, he posted on Facebook his allegiance to ISIS, ordered America and Russia to “stop bombing” the terror group and warned of attacks to come, FBI officials said.

“You kill innocent women and children by doing us airstrikes..now taste the Islamic state vengeance [sic],” Mateen posted, according officials in the FBI’s Counterterrorism Division. “In the next few days you will see attacks from the Islamic State [ISIS] in the usa.”

At a news conference Tuesday at Florida Hospital in Orlando, one survivor, Patience Carter, described cowering with two friends inside a handicapped bathroom stall at the club while Mateen stood nearby, chatting. Among other things, she said, he announced: “This is about my country.”

Mateen was born in New York to Afghan immigrants. Although he was a U.S. citizen, he appeared to be talking about Afghanistan.

“He said that the reason why he was doing this was he wanted America to stop bombing his country,” Carter said.

Mateen was investigated by the FBI in 2013 and 2014 after he told co-workers that he planned to kill people and wanted to die as a martyr in a police raid. He was removed from the FBI’s terrorist watch list in 2014 after investigators concluded he was full of bluster and not a real threat.

He was questioned again by the FBI after Moner [Muneer] Mohammad Abusalha joined Al Nusra Front, an Al Qaeda affiliate in Syria, and killed more than a dozen people in a truck bomb suicide attack in Syria in 2014.

The FBI concluded that Mateen and Moner attended the same mosque but knew each other only casually.

And by the way, as Democrats and some Republicans try to wipe out the 2nd Amendment, here’s a Fact Check: An AR-15 Wasn’t Used In Orlando, And It Wouldn’t Have Mattered Anyway


Obama appoints Muslim who praised 9/11 attacks as positive to Homeland Security committee!


The number is now well beyond six

Source: Obama taps Muslim who praised 9/11 attacks – puts her on US Homeland Security committee!

As the country still reels from the terror attack on a Florida nightclub perpetrated by a radical Muslim, news of another radical Muslim has emerged – only this one was hired by Barack Obama and placed on a U.S. Homeland Security subcommittee.

One of the new members of Obama’s Homeland Security Advisory Council’s (HSAC) Subcommittee on Countering Violent Extremism is a 25-year-old Syrian immigrant who has not only outright rejected ever accepting the idea of truly being an American, but has praised the 9/11 attacks as a positive good, and indulged constant racist attacks on white people on Twitter.

As Daily Caller documents, Laila Alawa was hired by Barack Obama to join the Department of Homeland Security–an agency set up to stop another 9/11 attack–even though she has praised 9/11 as a good thing.

In September of 2014 Alawa insisted “9/11 changed the world for good and there’s not other way to say it. I just hope we keep having open conversations about our differences.”

 Obama’s new member of Homeland Security also recently said that she will never consider herself an actual American. Even though she came to the U.S. as a 10-year-old child, Alawa says she will always consider herself a Syrian. “But I will always be Syrian. I will always be from Syria. I will always be of Syria,” she wrote in an article in November of 2015. In the same piece she called Syria her “homeland.”

In a tweet from 2013, Alawa slammed anyone who might say that the U.S. is a great country.

To further prove how little she thinks of America, she also has posted numerous tweets attacking white people.

On September 10, 2015 she attacked the U.S. as a place where being American means “being white.”

In September of that same year she attacked those who didn’t want to bring in untold numbers of Syrian “refugees” into the U.S. as shedding “salty white tears” over Obama’s plans to flood the country with unscreened Muslims.

She again attacked the U.S. as racist and anti-woman in July of 2015.

In 2013 Alawa took to Twitter to celebrate the Boston Marathon bombing and disparage anti-Jihadi activist Pam Geller for marking the murders committed on that terrible day.

There are many, many more tweets just like these, tweets attacking the U.S., some tweets slamming the American concept of freedom of speech, many more attacking whites–especially white men–and others celebrating terrorism.

This is the person Barack Obama has put on a committee of our Homeland Security Department. And is it any surprise that this committee is advising the U.S. government to eliminate Muslim words such as “jihad,” “sharia,” “takfir‘ or “umma” when talking about the problem of radical Islamist terror all in order not to “offend” Muslims?

US Muslim Leader: “Allahu Akbar…Islam Is Here to Dominate”


h/t Pamela Geller who writes:

Haitham Ibn Thbait, of the American chapter of Hizb Ut-Tahrir, is honest where most American Muslim leaders tell credulous audiences everything they want to hear. Note how neatly Ibn Thbait’s words coincide with the words of Hamas-CAIR’s co-founder, Omar Ahmad, who said: “Islam isn’t in America to be equal to any other faith, but to become dominant,” and “The Koran, the Muslim book of scripture, should be the highest authority in America, and Islam the only accepted religion on Earth.” This is no accident or coincidence. These are two Muslim leaders who let the mask slip.

Video at the link above or via “An American Hizb Ut-Tahrir Leader Exhorts Muslims to Refrain from Voting in U.S. Elections, Says: Islam Is Here to Dominate,” MEMRI:

Haitham Ibn Thbait, of the American chapter of Hizb Ut-Tahrir, recently exhorted American Muslims to avoid falling into the “electoral trap” and called upon them not to vote in the U.S. elections, saying that getting Muslims to vote was part of an effort to assimilate them and that they had been “tricked” into voting for Clinton, Bush, and Obama in the past. Speaking at the Khilafah 2016 conference, held in Chicago on May 15, Ibn Thbait further called Obama a “terrorist” and said that “Islam is here to dominate.” The address was posted on YouTube by Hizb Ut-Tahrir on May 20.

Following are excerpts

Haitham Ibn Thbait: The Prophet said: “There is no god but Allah.” Instead the [elites of Mecca] rejected. They offered the Prophet wealth, status, and political representation – a seat on the executive branch within Mecca’s secular order – all to avoid this statement and its implications. Yet he rejected their offers and continued his journey towards radical change, providing us with step-by-step instructions on how to make this religion supreme. Continue reading

Arabic is the fastest-growing language in American homes

Thanks to Hussein Obama and Hillary Clinton, the world is witnessing the largest hijra in history.

via This is the fastest-growing language in American homes | New York Post   h/t Dee

Arabic is the fastest-growing language in American households — and that’s leading the US Census Bureau to explore the tricky task of adjusting its questionnaires to ­accommodate the language’s right-to-left script.

The bureau is using focus groups to explore possible changes to the 2020 census questionnaires for Arabic speakers who are not English-proficient, the Pew Research Center reported Friday.

Arabic is now the seventh-most commonly spoken non-English language in US households. An estimated 1.1 million people ages 5 and older speak Arabic at home, an increase of 29 percent between 2010 and 2014.

The number who speak Spanish at home has grown only 6 percent during the same period.

Of those who speak Arabic at home, 38 percent are not proficient in English, according to census estimates.

That’s just below the 42 percent English proficiency rate among the 39.3 million US residents who speak Spanish at home.

The growth in Arabic is linked to continued immigration from Middle Eastern and North African countries, according to the Pew Research Center.

One major challenge facing census officials is whether to require a response in English and when to allow an Arabic response.

A focus-group study recommended that the address fields require people to use English, because an American address might not be accurately translated into Arabic, according to the Pew Research Center.

Arabic names present another complication — as they can be transliterated into English in different ways because the letters of the Arabic ­alphabet don’t necessarily have direct English equivalents.

For example, the Arabic name Hussein can be transliterated into English at least five additional ways: Hussain, Husein, Husain, Houssain and Houssein.

The census will be the least of the challenges non-Arabic speaking Americans face in the coming decades. Islamic supremacism, sharia and the infamous Arabic shriek of jihad slaughter – allah akbar – this will be the challenge Americans are forced to fight.


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