Flight 93 hijacked again – blogburst updates

Flight 93 - hijacked by Islamic terrorists on September 11, is now being hijacked again. This time it is the Memorial which has become a memorial to the Muslim terrorists complete with a giant islamic crescent and star pointing to Mecca, and much more disturbing design flaws.

Flight 93 Islamic Memorial Update

Radio DJ "Mancow" is organizing listeners to boycott the islamic memorial to Flight 93 which crashed on 9-11 in Pennsylvania, possibly making a trek to PA to speak with politicians.

Creeping Sharia Absurdities of the Day

From the use of muslim clothing in crimes to banning the word "mosque" in law enforcement drills, the absurdities of Islamic supremism continue in the US of A.

Flight 93 Memorial Hijacking on Fox News

Seven years after the largest Islamic terrorist attack against America, and many smaller attacks, many American's just don't get it. And for their apathy and ignorance towards Islam and its symbolism, the United States continues to appease Muslims, submit to sharia-like laws. We will even go so far as to memorialize Muslim hijackers who killed American's in the name of Islam - because we really don't get it.

Pennsylvania’s police prepare for radical Islam – CAIR counters

Wherever the police are trying to counter Islamic terrorists and train officers to recognize and prevent terrorist activities, you are sure to find CAIR doing their best to reveal police tactics to the public and therefore to the same terrorists who have the most to benefit from knowing those tactics.