Flight 93 hijacked again – blogburst updates

Flight 93, hijacked by Islamic terrorists and brought down in a Pennsylvania field, is now being posthumously hijacked. This time it is the Flight 93 Memorial and a tremendous amount of excellent research and advocacy has been done by a few individuals, including the father of one of the victims, bringing critical light to this appalling situation.

If you’re not up to date on this controversy here is the crux of it: the Flight 93 Memorial has become a memorial to the Muslim hijackers and takes the form of the islamic crescent and star making it a giant outdoor mosque. This may sound like paranoia or an online urban legend, but one only need review the detailed diagrams, research, and absolute refusal of the architect to completely scrap the design.

Therefore it is left to the people, the American people, to not let a memorial to innocent Americans become an obvious memorial to islamic terrorists, and a future symbol of the islamic conquest of America.

Read it all, sign the petition, attend the rally, forward the info to your friends – enemies even, and also read previous posts on this shameful act of dhimmitude. If you have a blog, join the blogburst.

9/11 date to be placed as star on crescent and star flag Continue reading

Flight 93 Islamic Memorial Update

From the Stix blog comes an update on the memorial to the Flight 93 terrorists. Some well known personalities are starting to address the issue as more disgusting details about the actual ‘memorial’ get out. Extremely hard to believe some of the design elements that are clearly Islamic and degrading to the passengers who were killed by Muslim terrorists. Read and listen to it all.

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Radio talk show host Mancow Muller is asking his listeners to help SHUT DOWN the crescent memorial to Flight 93. (Audio 27 seconds.)Crescent of Betrayal - Memorial to Killer Muslim Hijackers in USA

Mancow describes how the giant crescent points to Mecca, and how the four terrorists are consistently placed in the symbolic Islamic heavens (the crescent and star parts of the design), while the 40 heroes are consistently depicted as symbolically damned (placed outside of the symbolic Islamic heavens). Good stuff (1 min, 21 sec).

“You have to see it to understand…” says the pro-war libertarian host, directing his listeners to CrescentOfBetrayal.com where they can find pictures like this (a familiar sight [read this link] for our blogburst readers):

The Tower of Voices. 40 symbolic souls, literally dangling down below an Islamic shaped crescent, soaring in the sky overhead.

Using Islamic symbol shapes invites an Islamic interpretation, and in Islam, if you don’t go to heaven, you go to hell (the fate of ALL unbelievers). Forty symbolic souls, never to rest in peace, gonging for eternity in their symbolic Islamic damnation.

Mancow on civil disobedience

Congressman Tancredo was scheduled to come on Tuesday’s show, but got stuck in a hearing. Near the end of the show, Mancow says Tancredo will be rescheduled, then he lays it on the line. He thinks his show and his listeners have the power stop this atrocity from being built, but if the crescent memorial does get built, he is going to take a sledgehammer to it. They can send him to jail. At that point it won’t matter. There are limits to what Americans should stand by for (1 min, 21 sec).

Last week’s show was good too, with segments from Tom Burnett Sr. (45 sec) and Alec Rawls (2 min, 49 sec). (Alec also did an hour long interview with Tracy at No Compromise blog radio last week. To listen, scroll down to May 15th.)

Robert Spencer

An unexpected extra came in the middle of Tuesday’s show when Robert Spencer was on to talk about Islam. Continue reading

Creeping Sharia Absurdities of the Day

Pennsylvania Gov. Ed Rendell wants to re-enact a federal assault weapons ban after a Philadelphia police Sgt. Stephen Liczbinski, was shot at least five times with a Chinese SKS rifle while responding to a bank robbery. What Rendell, and the reporter in this story, failed to mention was that the three suspects were Muslim converts dressed in full Islamic dress to conceal their identity. Full story.

More from Atlas Shrugs here on the growing trend of veil and hijab use in crimes. Rather than banning guns, which only affects those who make legal purchases, why not address the fact that these thugs were converts to Islam in prison and used muslim clothing to conceal their identities?

And from Illinois – Muslims are outraged because city officials held an emergency drill and stormed a fake mosque. Why the outrage? CAIR has done its best to claim this paints all mosques as potential terror threats. In a string of similar efforts, CAIR has challenged the NYPD and law enforcement groups in Pennsylvania to ignore the Islamist threat in the U.S. while revealing their training tactics. Be sure that similar emergency drills will be curtailed and the U.S. will fall even further behind in preparedness for the next Islamic terrorist attack. It bears repeating, CAIR is a group that was founded by convicted Islamic terrorists and is an unindicted co-conspirator to the Holy Land Foundation trial.

But what did the Illinois officials do? Bow down to Islamic supremacy, submit in fine dhimmi fashion, and apologize. Can someone explain how this was misused? He said “fake mosque” and it was a practice drill.

In response to concerns over use of the fake “mosque,” Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office Undersheriff Rick Robbins told the Journal-News newspaper: “I apologize for the message that was received by many. After reviewing statements made regarding the use of the word mosque, I understand the misuse of the word.” Robbins helped plan the drill.

Sadly, stories like these are becoming a daily event as Muslims continue to use freedom of speech to stifle any discussion of Islam, any preparation for Islamic terrorist attacks, and conceal the non-peaceful aspects of Islam.

Flight 93 Memorial Hijacking on Fox News

Fox News, and many other media outlets and newspapers are now reporting on the Flight 93 Memorial controversy.

Unfortunately, most media are only reporting that ‘some’ family members are tired of the controversy and simply want the design approved. They also fail to report the details of the controversy, and one source falsely reports the memorial is for 40 passengers even though four Islamic hijackers are included in the memorial.

The controversy over numerous aspects of the Flight 93 Memorial the design include it being the shape of an Islamic crescent, the crescent pointing directly toward Mecca, and including 44 glass stones – one for each passenger on the airplane. Four of the passengers however were Islamic terrorists, and hence four of those stones, are memorials for the Islamic terrorists who hijacked the plane and killed crew members while intending to crash the plane into an unknown target likely in Washington, D.C.

Previous Creeping Sharia story with links to online and paper petitions, and backstory here. The Ft. Hard Knox blog has the latest coverage and videos. JunkYardBlog is on it as well.

Christine Fraser, of New Jersey, whose sister died in the crash said, “I don’t get it. I really don’t get it.”

Seven years after the largest Islamic terrorist attack against America, and many smaller attacks, many Americans just don’t get it. And for their apathy and ignorance towards Islam and its symbolism, the United States continues to appease Muslims, submit to sharia-like laws, and relinquish our freedoms. We will even go so far as to memorialize Muslim hijackers who killed American’s in the name of Islam – because we really don’t get it.

Pennsylvania’s police prepare for radical Islam – CAIR counters

Wherever the police are trying to counter Islamic terrorists and train officers in the US to recognize and prevent terrorist activities, you are sure to find CAIR doing their best to reveal police tactics (see NYPD here) to the public and therefore to the same terrorists who have the most to benefit from knowing those tactics.

The article below discusses a training program in Pennsylvania. Less than a day after this article appeared, CAIR issued a press release seeking to add a “Muslim perspective” to “balance” the training. Considering the founders of CAIR have been convicted on terror related charges and the organization is an unindicted co-conspirator in another case, PA would be wise to consider CAIR’s objectivity. Mr. Hoffman, if you read this – here is probably the most thorough research available on CAIR from the Investigative Project on Terrorism. It would be an interesting case study to add to the PA police training.

By Donald Hoffman

April 24, 2008

A tradition in the politics of American presidential campaigns is the increase in disingenuous rhetoric, often with minimal regard for recognizing the realities of the day. Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton fight to emulate the ”real deal” as presidential candidates who will ”end the war” in Iraq. It’s as if the outcome in Iraq has no consequence to the future of the human political rights in the Middle East, or anywhere else on the globe. Oddly, Jimmy Carter rises from the ash heap of presidential politics past, proclaiming that Hamas is ready to ”accept Israel as its neighbor.” Might America also be ready for a new understanding of Islamic terrorism? Is it all much ado about nothing?

As the campaign for the White House in 2008 more and more emulates the simple-minded myopia of ”Support the Troops, Bring them Home” yard signs, there’s a different message being brought to bear upon the ”thin blue line” protecting the residents of Main Street and Elm Street America. Some in the endless 2008 presidential campaign promise a departure from the ”politics of fear.” However, training mandated by Pennsylvania’s Municipal Police Officers Education and Training Commission (MPOETC) tells a different story, as municipal law enforcement learn to comprehend the real threat of radical Islam.

Understanding this threat is a complicated quest that still evades the United States, even after 9/11. Continue reading

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