Pentagon hosting invitation-only RAMADAN feast today

You’re paying for it, but you’re not invited (like the taxpayer-funded FBI meetings with terror-linked Muslims). h/t: Pamela Geller

Not the first governmental submission for “Imam” Zia Makhdoom as this article notes: Local Government Promotes Islamic Propaganda:

Makhdoom, whose Alexandria, Virginia, mosque has featured various extremist affiliations…


Wisconsin: Paul Ryan’s Challenger Unveils Anti-Jihad Immigration Billboard


Source: Brexit Comes to America: Ryan Challenger Mounts Immigration Billboard – Breitbart

House Speaker Paul Ryan’s primary challenger, Wisconsin businessman Paul Nehlen, seems to have taken a page from the playbook of the U.K. Independence Party (UKIP) with the launch of a new billboard campaign.

On Friday morning, Nehlen’s campaign went live with a new billboard in Ryan’s hometown of Janesville, Wisconsin that is reminiscent of the distinctive UKIP-style campaign.

The ad reads: “Radical Islam Kills Americans. Vote YES for Immigration Control. Vote NO for Paul Ryan.”

The billboard then directs viewers to Nehlen’s campaign website,

“This is the first of many billboards our campaign will be launching to inform the voters about what’s at stake on August 9th,” Nehlen told Breitbart.

As Nehlen’s billboard suggests, Paul Ryan has a two-decade long history of pushing for open border immigration policies – including his 2015 effort to fund President Obama’s expansion to the U.S. refugee resettlement operation.

In speeches, Ryan has made the case for policies that would effectively dissolve U.S. borders — declaring that the U.S. “is more than [its] borders.” Ryan has even articulated his support for implementing an immigration system similar to the open borders policy of the European Union — calling for “an economic-based immigration system where… labor and supply can meet each other so we can help fuel our economy and create jobs.”

The phrase “labor supply and demand can meet each other,” is a centerpiece of open borders thought. Under this global, one-world theory, any willing employer should be able to hire any willing worker regardless of what country he or she lives in. This view, that America is an “idea” and not a “nation,” sees borders as an obstacle to commerce.

With regards to Islamic migration, Ryan’s controversial omnibus spending bill funded U.S. visas for nearly 300,000 (permanent and temporary) Muslim migrants in a single year.

While polling data shows that the Republican electorate overwhelmingly backs proposals to temporarily pause Muslim migration, Ryan has rejected such proposals.

He has repeatedly ruled out the possibility of making any cuts to Muslim migration— insisting that “that’s not who we are,” and that such a proposal is “not reflective of our principles.”

However, Ryan has not explained how importing hundreds of thousands of migrants from nations that hold sentiments that are anti-womenanti-gay, anti-religious tolerance, and anti-America benefits the United States or helps to protect our Western values.

As NumbersUSA president Roy Beck has explained, “Open borders is in his [Paul Ryan’s] ideological DNA … He’s an ideologue and has spent his whole life working for ideologues. Open borders seeps out of every pore of his being … Ryan is the heart and soul of crony capitalism.”

Video: DHS Whistle Blower Testimony Exposes Obama’s “Great Purge” of Jihad

…and the infiltration of the Muslim Brotherhood in the Obama administration.

Above: DHS whistle-blower displays Muslim Brotherhood logo for the record and explains its meaning: 

“prepare yourself to terrify your adversary with steeds (weapons) of war.” [Koran 008.060]

Source: Phil Haney DHS Whistle Blower testimony | Xanthippa’s Chamberpot


Do Loretta Lynch’s Ties with ‘Muslim Advocates’ Org Explain Her Whitewash of Jihad?

Source: Do Loretta Lynch’s Ties with ‘Muslim Advocates’ Org Explain Her Whitewash of Orlando? | PJ Media

By J. Christian Adams [bio]

Top Justice Department officials, including Attorney General Loretta Lynch, have worked with an organization dedicated to interfering with law enforcement efforts to monitor activities at the most radical mosques.

Lynch and DOJ Civil Rights Division head Vanita Gupta have appeared at gala events for an organization called Muslim Advocates. The George Soros-funded charity has badgered the New York City Police Department away from monitoring the most radical mosques in the city.

The organization is also responsible for rewriting training materials for federal law enforcement to decouple the role of radical Islam from terrorist acts. An inter-agency working group comprised of multiple federal law enforcement agencies in 2014 adopted this whitewash urged by Muslim Advocates.

The DOJ’s short-lived effort to airbrush Islam out of the 911 tapes from Orlando shows you how far they will go to twist the truth about what is causing these attacks. I appeared on Fox and Friends today to discuss the organization and the latest. (Video here).

Civil Rights Division head Gupta appeared at the sold-out annual gala event for Muslim Advocates in Millbrae, California. Muslim Advocates lobbies the administration heavily to oppose any link between terrorist acts and radical Islam, and opposes monitoring of radical mosques. Gupta told the crowd:

To anyone who feels afraid, targeted, or discriminated against because of which religion you practice or where you worship, I want to say this — we see you. We hear you. And we stand with you. If you ever feel that somehow you don’t belong, or don’t fit in, here in America, let me reassure you  you belong.

Muslim Advocates also conducts recruitment and training for lawyers designed to help FBI terrorist targets and interviewees navigate the interviews. Their annual report states:

Throughout the year we grew our internal volunteer referral list for FBI interviews. Today, the list is over 130 lawyers nationwide who are ready and able to assist community members contacted by the FBI.

The purported non-partisan tax exempt 501(c)(3) charity is conducting a campaign against corporations like Coca-Cola to hector them into not sponsoring the Republican convention in Cleveland.

Muslim Advocates gave Vanita Gupta their Thurgood Marshall Award “for her commitment to criminal justice reform and to holding perpetrators of anti-Muslim hate accountable at the California gala.

Attorney General Eric Holder also appeared at a Muslim Advocates gala event on December 10, 2010.

The DOJ’s Vanita Gupta appears to be following up on Muslim Advocates 2010 request to the DOJ to start enforcing sharia blasphemy laws.

As for Holder, he not only appeared at a Muslim Advocates event, he was the KEYNOTE SPEAKER! Then-AG Holder reassured Muslims, the DOJ focus is protecting Muslims and Arabs!

Loretta Lynch is following in Eric Holder’s corrupt footsteps. After her 911 Islamic whitewash, Lynch gave her own reassurance: AG Lynch to Muslim community: You ‘are under our protection’.

As Creeping Sharia has written about since at least 2010, the the infiltration operation is well-named: Muslim Advocates…for sharia law.

Muslim Advocates, the sister organization to the National Association of Muslim Lawyers (NAML). NAML, which aims to install Islamic elements into the American legal system, has close ties to the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR). NAML petitioned the U.S. Attorney General to remove both CAIR and ISNA from the list of co-conspirators named in the Holy Land Foundation terrorism case that went to trial in 2007.

On their website, Muslim Advocates has a “Community Alert” advising Muslims not to talk to the FBI:

Seek Legal Advice Before Talking to FBI

The FBI is contacting Pakistani, South-Asian and other Muslim Americans to solicit information and advice about addressing violent extremism.

Muslim Advocates strongly urges individuals not to speak with law enforcement officials without the presence or advice of an attorney.

Further, the group actually teaches Muslims how to avoid drawing the attention of the FBI working with the IRS and BBB to teach Muslims how to fulfill Islamic charitable funding ‘without drawing attention of the FBI’. Great advice for those Muslims dedicated to funding jihad, right?

Among the Muslim Advocates other openly Islamist efforts are:



Canada: Muslim “refugee” men now “students” in school, “hitting on 14-15 year old girls” & celebrating terror attacks

Faith Goldy of reports: After my investigation into reports that migrant children in Nova Scotia were bullying other students, set up a tip line — — for parents whose children were also being bullied.

Using that tip line, a New Brunswick parents says there are migrant “children” at her child’s school as old as 22. These adult males “with full beards” are “hitting on the 14-15 year old girls.” filed a freedom of information request to get to the bottom of this — and over 2000 documents came in, and more are on the way. Emails between teachers reveal what’s going on in their classrooms, and what they say will shock you.

On Thursday, I’ll present my full report, but throughout the week, more previews like this one will be posted.

And this – again ignored by Canadian media, again via The Rebel: INVESTIGATION update: NB teachers report “excitement” among “students of a certain culture” on day of Brussels terror attack

Muslims-only Cemetery Buries Orlando Jihadist: “We Don’t Know His Side of the Story”


Source: “We Don’t Know His Side of the Story”: All-Muslim Cemetery Buries Orlando Jihadist | Frontpage Mag

by Daniel Greenfield

Alongside all the #NotAllMuslim stories, here’s a small dose of reality.

Omar Mateen, the Orlando Jihadist who murdered 49 people, got his burial at Florida’s only All-Muslim cemetery.

His death certificate lists his final resting place as the only fully Muslim cemetery in South Florida. Others, including private cemeteries in Opa-locka and Sunrise, have sections where Muslims are buried, but the Muslim Cemetery of South Florida is dedicated entirely to Muslim burials.

The Hialeah Gardens graveyard is on a desolate stretch of Northwest Miami-Dade just off of Okeechobee Road, on a street where people dump unwanted furniture and other clutter. The cemetery and funeral home is guarded by a fence topped with barbed wire, and has video surveillance, according to a sign posted on the property. Access is controlled by an electrically operated fence that, on Thursday, was closed. A sign says “Peace be Upon You, Oh Inhabitants of these Graves, Believers and Muslims.”

 And the All-Muslim cemetery thinks that maybe the shooter had his side to the story.

Another cemetery official, Bilal Karakira, said he had been out of town was unaware of Mateen’s burial. Karakira said he did not expect the cemetery would face any problems because it took Mateen’s body. Asked what would happen if the family of anyone else buried there objected, the official said, “Too late.”

He called Mateen “a bad guy” but defended the decision to accept his remains, saying, “Everybody deserves a place and we don’t know his side of the story so he is entitled to be buried like anyone else.”

What’s his side of the story? Don’t expect any public elaboration. But it’s a little slip. A slight moment of truth.

Yesterday we learned that a Former CAIR-NY Director, Now NYPD/NYU Muslim Chaplain Led Orlando Jihadist’s Trip to Mecca.



FBI hunts Muslim doctor from Flint, Michigan area tied to Islamic State

There goes the poverty causes terrorism excuse, again. Source: – FBI hunts doctor from Flint area tied to Islamic State

Federal agents are hunting for a suburban Flint medical school graduate who has fled to Syria and is believed to be working as a doctor for Islamic State extremists, The Detroit News has learned.

Sealed federal court records involving 24-year-old Flushing native Mohamed Maleeh Masha reveal an international search stretching from the battlefields of war-torn Syria to downtown Flint. The records, emerging while the city copes with fallout from a water crisis, offer a rare peek inside a federal terror investigation that could yield insight into Islamic State recruiting methods.

Mohamed Maleeh Masha (Photo: East High School yearbook)

Mohamed Maleeh Masha (Photo: East High School yearbook)

The manhunt was revealed in a sealed search warrant that was briefly posted on the federal court online case database. [CS: Briefly? Was it then removed?] The records indicate the FBI is looking for evidence Masha is supporting Islamic State groups, including the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria — known as ISIS.

The terror investigation is likely focused on determining if Masha is recruiting people in the Flint area and elsewhere to join ISIS, counterterrorism experts said.

“I imagine the FBI is trying to figure if he is a recruiter and having contacts with anyone back in Michigan,” said Seamus Hughes, deputy director of George Washington University’s Program on Extremism.

Until last year, Masha lived in an orange-brick, two-story colonial in a leafy subdivision in Flushing, eight miles northwest of downtown Flint. His driver’s license expires next month.

Masha’s mother and several siblings live there today. Weeds poked above the backyard deck during a recent visit and the swimming pool appeared damaged, the blue liner peeling and hanging like drapes.

A woman who answered a knock on the front door and identified herself as Masha’s mother declined comment.

The U.S. Attorney’s Office in Detroit and the FBI declined comment.

The investigation dates to at least Oct. 2, when U.S. Magistrate Judge Michael Hluchaniuk in Flint gave the FBI permission to execute at least one search warrant involving Masha.

Agents were looking for evidence Masha or others were providing money, personnel and material support to terrorists or “designated foreign terrorist organizations,” according to a copy of the search warrant. It is a federal crime, punishable by up to 20 years in prison, to provide material support or resources to designated foreign terrorist organizations.

Investigators specifically were hunting for evidence Masha was helping ISIS and the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant — known as ISIL.

Agents also were searching for evidence Masha helped al-Furqan, the Islamic State’s primary media operation. Continue reading


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