The Dangerous Folly Of “Interfaith Dialogue” Between Christians And Muslims

The National Prayer Breakfast has increasingly become a forum in which Islamists can pursue civilization jihad against the Judeo-Christian foundation of constitutional liberty.

South Dakota: Sioux Falls mayoral hopeful criticized for calling out terror-linked Muslim org

Mayoral hopeful, himself an immigrant, would seek to ensure foreign-born residents aren't overstaying their visas or being harbored by local organizations or businesses.

Why hasn’t this Muslim Brotherhood fugitive in the U.S., wanted for murder, been arrested?

Nidal Sakr has been living in the US since he escaped Egypt, in March 2014, days before he was sentenced to death for murder...

Australian Judge: We’re Under Attack by Muslim Men Who Want Kill Unbelievers, Impose Sharia

Australia had "been under attack for 15 years by about 40 Muslim men, to kill as many unbelievers as they can and impose Sharia law," a supreme court said.

Wisconsin: Muslim mother beat daughter leading to her death, but judge rebukes absent father

Ababneh is Muslim, charged with child neglect resulting in death, child abuse, intentionally causing harm and three counts of misdemeanor child neglect.

FBI Investigating South Philly Hit-and-Run as Possible Terrorism

Lawal's Facebook page showed a combination of Quranic verses, pictures of guns, money...items related to the bombing of Muslims overseas

25 Disturbing Facts About Refugee Resettlements from Somalia

"the truth is the Somali community has not been able to assimilate and has proven to be a major terror threat in the United States"

New York: Muslim with ISIS propaganda from Chelsea bomber laughs in court

Alimehmeti stands accused of attempting to provide material support to ISIS, as well as making a false statement when applying for a U.S. passport.

Kansas: GOP rep introduces bill to save Muslim visa scofflaws from deportation

Syed Ahmed Jamal is a leader of the terror-linked Islamic Center of Lawrence, Kansas. He and his wife were both ordered deported years ago but have remained in the U.S.

Muslim plan to infiltrate U.S. schools, book publishers & force Islam on American students (video)

Video of Muslims describing how they will infiltrate U.S. schools and rewrite text books to include Islamic propaganda and advance Islam in America.

Muslim immigrant who bombed NYC injuring 30, gets life in prison

"Rahimi just stood here for the last 10 minutes and blamed everyone else for his actions...He is unrepentant. He shows no sympathy for his victims."

Virginia: Muslim who wanted jihad tried to join military, pleads guilty

Shivam Patel pleaded guilty to charges he hid information from military recruiters.

U.S. Terror Attacks & Convictions: December 2017

Arrests and convictions for terror charges in the U.S. in December 2017.

Maryland: Muslim Was Looking to Bomb Federal Buildings in Baltimore

ISIS plan was to assassinate a Texas businessman, or plan an attack here in the U.S., where he would place a bomb that would “kill a lot of people.”

Arizona: Muslim gets just 1 year in prison for planning ISIS-inspired jihad attack in Phoenix

Abu Talib Al-Amriki previously posted on his Google Plus account, “We need to get down with this ISIS S***.”

West Palm Beach Muslim pleads guilty to federal charge of aiding ISIS

Hubbard was arrested at Miami International Airport where he intended to travel to Syria to join ISIL, also known as ISIS.

California: 43-year-old youth counselor converted to Islam, joined ISIS

He also admitted to engaging in combat on two occasions, the report said, citing the court documents.

Texas: Muslim substitute teacher sent his resume to, then joined ISIS

The George Washington researchers believe that Abu Muhammad al-Ameriki successfully joined ISIS in Iraq, where he is still believed to be alive.

Democrat’s Muslim Congressmen Met with Iran’s president & NOI’s Farrakhan

Keith Ellison of Minnesota, Andre Carson of Indiana and Gregory Meeks of New York attended the private dinner, along with black Muslim supremacist Louis Farrakhan

New Jersey: Muslims, Feds bully Bayonne into accepting first mosque

After citizens rejected a mosque in their town, the Federal government forced them to accept it and imposed a $400,000 fine (aka settlement).