U.S. Muslim Brotherhood Backs Turkey on Armenian Genocide

Genocide-denial flyer distributed by Dar al-Hijrah (Virginia) mosque


via US Muslim Brotherhood Backs Turks on Armenian Genocide.

By Ryan Mauro

The U.S. Council of Muslim Organizations, a coalition of groups linked to the U.S. Muslim Brotherhood, defended Turkey ahead of Armenian Genocide Remembrance Day on Friday (April 24).

The Virginia-based Dar al-Hijrah mosque is going a step further and promoting a rally on that day to thank the Turkish government for its support of the Muslim Brotherhood.

The coalition published a statement on Monday, April 20, opposing any recognition of the genocide of Armenian Christians in 1915 by the Ottoman Turks. The USCMO claims that there hasn’t been a “proper investigation of these events by independent historians” and that the holiday risks alienating the Islamist government of Turkey.

The USCMO says it is “the largest umbrella group of mainstream Muslim American organizations.” It includes the Islamic Circle of North America (ICNA), Muslim Alliance in North America, Muslim American Society (MAS), American Muslims for Palestine (AMP), the Muslim Legal Fund of America, the Muslim Ummah of North America, The Mosque Cares and, of course, the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR).

Additional Council members include the Mosque Foundation, Baitul Maal, the Islamic Center of Wheaton, United Muslim Relief and the American Muslim Alliance.

CAIR is recognized by the Justice Department as a U.S. Muslim Brotherhood entity with Hamas links. The United Arab Emirates banned CAIR and MAS as terrorist groups last year. ICNA teaches subversion and has a war criminal as one of its leaders.

The flyer distributed by Dar al-Hijrah lists a website: LetHistoryDecide.org. The website is dedicated to denying that the Ottoman Turk massacre of Armenian Christians qualifies as genocide. That is the purpose of the walk.

Read it all.

South Carolina: Muslim Teen Plotted to Kill American Soldiers, Jailed on Gun Charges

“The teen was “wholeheartedly sincere in his beliefs…”

His Islamic beliefs. via South Carolina Teen Plotting To Join ISIS And Kill American Soldiers Sentenced To Prison On Gun Charges.

A South Carolina teenager, who authorities believe wanted to join the Islamic State group, was sentenced to five years in prison on gun charges, a prosecutor said Tuesday. The 16-year-old, whose name was not revealed, reportedly plotted to kill U.S. troops in North Carolina to avenge the U.S.-led coalition’s military action against ISIS in Syria.

The teen, whose family is reportedly from Syria, had plotted, with a Muslim militant from North Carolina, to rob a gun store near Raleigh, North Carolina, and attack a U.S. military base, before traveling to Syria. However, prosecutors could only charge the boy with possession of a weapon by a minor because South Carolina does not have a terrorism law, York County Solicitor Kevin Brackett said, according to the Associated Press.

The teen was “wholeheartedly sincere in his beliefs, and we are very concerned for the safety of the community and the country,” Brackett reportedly said. “He had a plan to randomly shoot American soldiers.” He was “seduced by the radical ideology known in the Middle East as ISIS. He wanted to join,” Brackett added.

Local police reportedly went to the teenager’s house in February after receiving reports that he had a gun, and later found the firearm, ammunition and a rifle. Investigators also found an ISIS flag during the search, local news network WBTV reported.

More:  The boy “embraced the ideology” of ISIS, Brackett said, and his intent was to “join this violent, guerrilla, insurgent movement.”

The teen, an American citizen whose family is from Syria, wanted to join the terror organization and was scheming with a Muslim militant from North Carolina to rob a gun store near Raleigh, with plans of killing soldiers in retribution for American military action in the Middle East.

And Obama is importing thousands of Syrian Muslims to the U.S. without proper vetting.

After police found the boy with the gun in February, he admitted to York police detectives and FBI agents that through social media, the teen was part of a multi-state plot to kill troops because of the American presence in the Middle East. ISIS espouses the killing of Americans and American sympathizers and targets and recruits young Muslims all over the world.

The teen first told police he bought the gun for safety after the death of his father, but police searched his home and found the ISIS-related materials on his computer.

The boy later admitted that his plan was to arm himself and join fighters in Syria after he and the other man – charged in North Carolina but not named in court – robbed the store to get automatic weapons to gun down troops at one of many military bases in central and eastern North Carolina. That plot was stopped before it was ever set in motion, prosecutors said.

Family Court Judge Michael Holt of Darlington County imposed the maximum sentence allowed under state law for juveniles, meaning the boy will be in juvenile prison until he turns 21. If he shows changes in behavior, he could be eligible for early release.

Holt praised the teen for pleading guilty and cooperating with police, saying “you manned up.” He said he “regretfully” sentenced the teen to the harshest sentence because of the severity of the crime and the plot to kill Americans at home and abroad.

“You live in the greatest country on earth,” where no one is persecuted and murdered without consequence, as in Syria, the judge told the teen. “You have a wonderful life.”

Holt said the teen allowed militants to subvert his mind.

“You are better than that,” he said. “Your faith is better than that.

“The life you were talking about is a life of death.”

A common refrain in Islam is “we love death more than you love life.” So exactly what evidence does Judge Holt have that the teen’s Muslim faith is “better than that?”

L.A., Houston Nuke Contractors Indicted for Smuggling $24M in Missile Tech to Iran


via L.A., Houston Nuke Contractors Indicted for Smuggling $24M in Missile Tech to Iran – Breitbart.

Five individuals and four companies, including Iranian government and Centrifuge Technology company contractors, have been indicted for illegally exporting technology frequently used in military systems such as surface-air and cruise missiles to Iran. This technology is “frequently used in a wide range of military systems, including surface-air and cruise missiles,” according to the Department of Justice. $24 million worth of technology was allegedly sent to Iran starting in July 2010.

“The nine defendants charged in the indictment allegedly circumvented U.S. sanctions and illegally exported controlled microelectronics to Iran,” said Assistant Attorney General for National Security John P. Carlin. The elaborate path detailed in the indictment follows the technology on a route from the U.S. to Taiwan, then to Turkey and finally to Iran.

In a Friday Department of Justice (DOJ) release, the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Southern District of Texas details the indictment and those charged, which include: Houston-based Smart Power Systems Inc. (SPS); Bahram Mechanic, 69, and Tooraj Faridi, 46, of Houston; Khosrow Afghahi, 71, of Los Angeles; and Faratel Corporation, co-owned by Mechanic and Afghahi in Iran. These individuals are described as “members of an Iranian procurement network operating in the United States.”

Mechanic and Afghahi are described in the indictment as “co-owners of Iran-based Faratel and its Houston-based sister company SPS.” The DOJ release continues: “Faratel designs and builds uninterruptible power supplies for various Iranian entities, including Iranian government agencies such as the Iranian Ministry of Defense, the Atomic Energy Organization of Iran and the Iranian Centrifuge Technology Company, according to the charges.”

Today’s unsealed indictment alleges, according to the release:

Between approximately July 2010 and the present, Mechanic and the others engaged in a conspiracy to obtain various commodities, including controlled U.S.-origin microelectronics. They then allegedly exported these to Iran, while carefully evading the government licensing system set up to control such exports. The microelectronics shipped to Iran allegedly included microcontrollers and digital signal processors. According to the indictment, these commodities have various applications, and are frequently used in a wide range of military systems, including surface-air and cruise missiles. Between July 2010 and the present, Mechanic’s network allegedly sent at least $24 million worth of commodities to Iran.

“The proliferation of sensitive U.S. technologies to Iran and the direct support to their military and weapons programs remains a clear threat to U.S. national security,” said Assistant Director of the FBI Counterintelligence Division Randall Coleman.

Seven foreign nationals and companies are also being added to the Department of Commerce Bureau of Industry and Security (BIS) Entity List in conjunction with the indictment. These individuals and companies allegedly “received, transshipped or otherwise facilitated the illegal export of controlled commodities by the defendants,” according to the DOJ release. “Those persons present a greater risk of diversion to weapons of mass destruction (WMD) programs, terrorism or other activities contrary to U.S. national security or foreign policy interests.”

Also charged as part of the scheme are Arthur Shyu and the Hosoda Taiwan Limited Corporation in Taiwan; Matin Sadeghi, 54, and Golsad Istanbul Trading Ltd. in Turkey.

Why hasn’t Hussein Obama been arrested for circumventing U.S. sanctions?

Video: The Truth About the Armenian Genocide by Turkish Muslims

And this documentary that includes Hussein Obama – at the 1:29 mark – stating that “a genocide did take place against the Armenian people.”

New York: Street to be named in honor of cop killed in Harlem mosque

 But not the street in Harlem that fellow officers and Cardillo’s family wanted. Muslims and NY democrats wouldn’t allow that.


via Motorcycle ride to honor cop killed in ‘Harlem Mosque’ incident | New York Post. h/t TROP

It’s billed as the “last ride.”

Sunday morning will mark the 10th — and likely last — memorial motorcycle ride by the Blue Knights Law Enforcement Motorcycle Club of Nassau County to honor murdered Patrolman Phillip Cardillo.

Cardillo was fatally shot 43 years ago in the so-called Harlem Mosque incident that occurred on April 14, 1972, when he responded to a phony 911 call that claimed an officer needed assistance.

Members of the Blue Knights began their annual pilgrimage to honor Cardillo a decade ago, by riding from the NYS Trooper barracks in Valley Stream to Calvary Cemetery, in Queens, where Cardillo is buried.

The caravan will continue to the 28th Precinct in Harlem, where many had once hoped a street would be renamed in his honor.

The motorcycle ride is being deemed the “final” one because city officials are naming a street outside the new Police Academy in Queens in Cardillo’s honor in late June or early July, sources said. A new NYPD Harbor launch is also expected to be named in Cardillo’s honor later, sources said.

Previously, NYPD told to get Muslim leaders’ blessing to name street after cop killed in mosque

NYPD Officer Philip Cardillo was shot dead in an infamous 1972 incident in which police responded to a fake “officer down” call from Muhammad Mosque No. 7, the New York headquarters for the Nation of Islam. The accused gunman was later acquitted, and the city’s perceived unwillingness to back the police has long been seen as a low point in relations between city government and the police department. After four decades, NYPD Inspector and local Precinct Commander Rodney Harrison wants a section of 123rd St. named after Cardillo.

“It’s been 40 years,” retired NYPD cop Randy Jurgensen, who was at the mosque when Cardillo was killed, told FoxNews.com. “It would be closure for the Cardillo family and the police officers there that day.”

CB 10 Chairwoman Henrietta Lyle told FoxNews.com Harrison had not completed his application properly. But at the public meeting, she said the board needs to hear from the mosques and that it is up to the NYPD to arrange a meeting with the imams, according to an observer at the meeting.

“They seem to be making a lot of excuses not to do this for a cop who died trying to protect that community,” said a source familiar with the issue.


Alabama: Muslim woman joins Islamic State

And Hamas-linked CAIR is the spokesman for the family. via Hoover woman joins ISIS: Meet Hoda Muthana who fled U.S. to Syria | AL.com.


The 20-year-old woman from Hoover who abandoned her family and fled to Syria a few months ago to join the radical Islamic group called ISIS was quiet and reserved in the halls of Hoover High School, a former classmate said.

Hoda Muthana, who graduated from Hoover High School in 2013 and went on to study business at the University of Alabama at Birmingham before skipping the country in November, was not someone her former classmates suspected would have joined up with a violent Islamic group, said Jordan LaPorta, who graduated with her.

Muthana, who seemed harmless in high school, has shared violent contempt for the United States and non-Muslims in posts she made on Twitter under a different name.

“Terrorize the kuffar [derogatory term for non-Muslims] at home,” she tweeted. “Americans wake up!” “Men and women altogether. You have much to do while you live under our greatest enemy, enough of your sleeping! Go on drive-bys and spill all of their blood, or rent a big truck and drive all over them. Veterans, Patriot, Memorial etc Day parades..go on drive by’s + spill all of their blood or rent a big truck n drive all over them. Kill them.”

It’s that kind of talk that is most shocking to her former classmates.

“To know that someone from your own city can get involved in something so evil, it’s an eye-opener,” LaPorta said. “When you hear about these things on the news, it seems like just an overseas problem. It really opens up your eyes that there are people in this country that sympathize with people like that and think it’s OK … I don’t think anybody saw this in her.”


Really? Look at the above picture. Which student would you have chosen as most likely to adhere to the sharia and/or support jihad?

She’s not the first Muslim living in Alabama to act on Allah’s commands: Former Muslim Student Association president from Alabama identified as al Qaeda-linked Somali terrorist.

The Forgotten Genocide – 100 Years Ago

via The forgotten genocide

For most people April 24th is just another day, not very different from any other, but for various Armenian communities around the world, including the large community of Armenians living in the greater Los Angeles area, it is a day of remembrance of their 1.5 million countrymen who were victims of brutal mass murders during World War I. Armenia is a nation that has had its hills painted with the blood of its people for thousands of years. Yet, though its song and dance have helped it overcome its horrific past, the Armenian Genocide perpetrated by the Turkish Ottoman Empire is a page of its past that just simply cannot be turned with ease.

First, the Ottoman government demanded the peaceful resignation of weapons from the Armenians, including all types of knives. Armenian notables were called to a meeting at which they were arrested. The mass arrest of Armenian political leaders is carried out. Armenian intellectuals and community leaders are arrested in Constantinople, sent to nearby cities and later slain. Deportations slowly began and soon there were multiple reports of starvation and spread of disease. Shortly after the Ottoman empire proclaimed jihad against England, France and Russia, unfounded accusations were made against Armenians that they were planning to join the Russian forces. From the Central Prison of city of Sivas where many Armenian intellectuals, political leaders, and the leading men of the villages surrounding Sivas were imprisoned, 15,000 Armenians were taken out and slain in the 36 extermination centers of the region.

Some of the inhabitants were sent to the Konia Desert in central Anatolia. The rest were sent to Der-el-Zor (Deir el-Zor) in the Syrian Desert. To further cut off the flow of information Azadamart, the leading Armenian newspaper in Constantinople, was closed by an order the government issued through the office of the police commissioner of Constantinople. Mass executions of Armenian soldiers in the Turkish army took place in various public squares for the purpose of terrorizing the Armenians, while with voluntary contributions, Armenians were building several hospitals for the use of the Turkish army through the Red Crescent Society.

The Armenians working in labor corps in Sivas were instructed to convert to Islam. At least 95% refused and were murdered. In order to further the Islamization and Turkification of the Armenian remnants in the Hawran District, all the Armenian clerics found there were murdered by the Turks.

On September 14, 1915 The New York Times reported that there were already at least 350,000 Armenians who were murdered. By August 19th of that same year British Ambassador to the United States, Lord Bryce, reported the number murdered to be 500,000. Shortly after, interim ChargÈ d’affaires for Germany, Wilhelm Radowitz, reported to the German Chancellor, Theobald von Bethman Hollweg that of the 2,000,000 Armenians in Turkey, 1.5 million had been deported. Of these 1,175,000 were dead; 325,000 were still living.

Toward the end of WWI the Ottoman leaders were held responsible for the atrocities, court martialed and sentenced to death, but not before leaving an indelible mark of blood and gory resulting in the death of up to an estimated 1.5 million people. The irony of it all is that today the Armenian genocide is still not recognized by Turkey and not formally recognized by most nations who have more interest vested in political gains than humanity and justice.

Many today would deny that the Armenian Genocide ever took place, attributing the massive loss of life to wartime casualties that inflicted all nations during the time. But various reports from foreigners in the area at the time paint a different picture that verify the intentional atrocities.

Please visit www.genocide1915.info for more information about the Armenian Genocide including a detailed timeline.

Remember, Obama Preventing Smithsonian from Displaying Genocide-era Armenian Artwork.


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