Twitter Suspends Bosch Fawstin Over Criticism of Marvel’s Muslim Superhero

This Muslim superhero barely sold 13,000 copies of her comic book last month, which are cancellation numbers, so she’s unpopular, no matter Marvel’s propaganda

YouTube suspends Canadian anti-terror expert…before first video even posted

Techno-fascists @YouTube removed Quiggin’s new podcast from its platform before he even posted the first episode.

Islamic terror groups continue to operate openly on Twitter, despite ‘crackdown’

Islamic terror groups Hamas, Hezbollah, and the Muslim Brotherhood tweet freely on @Twitter.

YouTube Shooter Was Wearing Headscarf, Identified as Nasim Aghdam

Nasim Aghdam of Southern California identified as suspected shooter at YouTube headquarters

Video: Amazon Echo Calls Muhammad a Hypocrite!

Alexa was completely willing to accuse Muhammad of hypocrisy for marrying more women than his own revelations allow!

Missouri: Muslim Woman Pleads Guilty, Threatened Military & Families On Behalf of ISIS

A Muslim woman has admitted to sending threatening tweets to FBI employees and former military members on behalf of ISIS.

California Man Arrested For Trying to Join Islamic State

Augustine repeatedly expressed his support for the Islamic State group and violent jihad

Google demonetizes Christian website’s Sharia law and Taqiyya pages

An unofficial alliance has developed between Google and pro-Muslim, anti-Christian groups.

Barnes & Noble Offered al-Qaeda Bomb Instructions as Free Download for Years

Shortly after the PJ Media story publication, Barnes & Noble appeared to have removed the content from their website.

Google Fired Conservative for Questioning Muslim’s Anti-Trump Rant

To no one's great surprise, Google is run by lefties like a radical campus.

800 US school websites hacked with ‘I love Islamic State’ message

"Everything that happened occurred at the web host's companies server farms in Atlanta, Georgia and Florida."

Twitter becomes a Shariah ‘safe space’, bans ex-Muslim anti-FGM campaigner

Author Shazia Hobbs has been from the Twitter platform with no explanation.

Google changes search results to conceal criticism of Islam and jihad

Muslims help bring Google (and Youtube) in line with Sharia blasphemy laws forbidding criticism of Islam.

Facebook Suspends Priest After Post About Islamic Jihad

They're spiking "the very information the community needs to understand current events.”

Day after Manchester jihad attack, Twitter and Facebook roll out hijabi emoji

Twitter adds headscarf emoji day after Muslim kills dozens in Manchester, England.

Congressional Aides: Dem Members of Congress Being Blackmailed By Fired Muslim IT Workers

“I don’t know what they have, but they have something on someone."

Dem’s Muslim IT Staffer Suspected of Security Breach Fled to Pakistan

Criminal suspect in investigation into major security breach on House of Reps computer network has abruptly left U.S. and gone to Pakistan

Hezbollah terror group launches Twitter donation campaign: ‘Arm the Jihadist’

Twitter continues to enable Muslim jihadists while silencing the voices of those who oppose Islamic terror.

Twitter Suspends Comic Strip For Lampooning Islamic Law

Twitter suspends user that posted comic strip about hijab and sharia law Submits, Removes ‘Allah’ Doormats After Complaints

a handful of Muslims had complained about the mats on Twitter