Amazon scheme supports Islamic extremists

Under its charitable programme, internet giant will make donations to Muslim group described by the government’s counter-extremism commissioner, Sara Khan, as “the main Salafist organisation in the UK”.

Google Employees Discussed Rigging Search Results for ‘Islam,’ ‘Muslim,’ and ‘Iran’

The email traffic shows that employees proposed ways to “leverage” search functions and take steps to counter what they considered to be “islamophobic, algorithmically biased results

Mastercard Enforces Sharia, Forces Jihad Watch Off of Patreon

Is MasterCard operating according to Sharia blasphemy laws now?

Twitter Hires So-Called Academic ‘Experts’ To….Enforce Sharia Blasphemy Laws

It has selected two teams of academics to begin a project aimed at silencing the wrong type of speech on the social network.

New Jersey: Police Investigate, Town Council Shuts Facebook Page Over Anti-Muslim Comments

The Verona Police Department will now monitor social media so that incidents such as these may be known and measures may be taken if appropriate.

DOJ Agrees Not To Prosecute Dem’s Pakistani IT Admin For House Cybersecurity and Theft

Capitol Hill officials involved in oversight of the case stated the reason the DOJ was not pursuing the case was because the Democrats were refusing to press charges.

Google Plus ignored flagged posts of jihadist content for more than 9 months

A trio of pro-ISIS communities were active on Google Plus after the company was notified of them more than nine months ago.

Missouri: Muslim woman gets 9 years; used Twitter to solicit jihad against ex-military and their families

Safya Roe Yassin used several Twitter accounts to solicit violence against two FBI employees and two former members of the military and their families.

American ISIS supporters are organizing on Facebook

“We believe that the 1,000 accounts collected here represent only a small fraction of those on the site”

Google Plus hosting scores of pro-ISIS accounts, including overt calls to violence

Scores of pro-ISIS accounts and communities have found a home on Google Plus

Twitter Suspends Bosch Fawstin Over Criticism of Marvel’s Muslim Superhero

This Muslim superhero barely sold 13,000 copies of her comic book last month, which are cancellation numbers, so she’s unpopular, no matter Marvel’s propaganda

YouTube suspends Canadian anti-terror expert…before first video even posted

Techno-fascists @YouTube removed Quiggin’s new podcast from its platform before he even posted the first episode.

Islamic terror groups continue to operate openly on Twitter, despite ‘crackdown’

Islamic terror groups Hamas, Hezbollah, and the Muslim Brotherhood tweet freely on @Twitter.

YouTube Shooter Was Wearing Headscarf, Identified as Nasim Aghdam

Nasim Aghdam of Southern California identified as suspected shooter at YouTube headquarters

Video: Amazon Echo Calls Muhammad a Hypocrite!

Alexa was completely willing to accuse Muhammad of hypocrisy for marrying more women than his own revelations allow!

Missouri: Muslim Woman Pleads Guilty, Threatened Military & Families On Behalf of ISIS

A Muslim woman has admitted to sending threatening tweets to FBI employees and former military members on behalf of ISIS.

California Man Arrested For Trying to Join Islamic State

Augustine repeatedly expressed his support for the Islamic State group and violent jihad

Google demonetizes Christian website’s Sharia law and Taqiyya pages

An unofficial alliance has developed between Google and pro-Muslim, anti-Christian groups.

Barnes & Noble Offered al-Qaeda Bomb Instructions as Free Download for Years

Shortly after the PJ Media story publication, Barnes & Noble appeared to have removed the content from their website.

Google Fired Conservative for Questioning Muslim’s Anti-Trump Rant

To no one's great surprise, Google is run by lefties like a radical campus.