Virginia: FBI Top Official Panders to Muslims at Notorious Terror Mosque

Fort Hood killer Major Nidal Hasan, as well as 9/11 hijackers, attended the mosque while Awlaki was the imam

Are Mosques Muslim “Churches”?

The mosque was a war-room where decisions and planning for wars were made.

9 of 10 Countries Where Christian Persecution is Worst Are Muslim

Muslim nations dominate the list of Top 50 countries where persecution of Christians is the worst.

‘We will all be Muslim because of our stupidity’ Catholic leader blasts ‘WEAK’ church

“Giving money to migrants wandering around town is not only wrong, but morally harmful"

Minnesota: Muslim gets 3-years for lying about ISIS contact

Abdul Raheem Ali-Skelton maintained secret contact with "the worst of the worst of terrorist organizations."

Jihadists Train, Plan U.S. Attack from Mexican Border State

according to a high-ranking Mexican police administrator, who said that men from the Middle East arrive regularly into the country to “train” jihadists

Virginia: Terror-linked mosque adding new location in Prince William County

“The ADAMS Center has been a documented hub of extremism that even in the most generous interpretation has a poor record of dealing with terrorists in their midst”

Canada: Somali Muslim is New Immigration Boss; Syrian Muslim New Secretary for Foreign Affairs

Ahmed Hussen has been appointed Minister of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship.

Minnesota: First Somali-Muslim Legislator Takes Oath…on Giant Koran (Video)

The Islamization of Minnesota - started by Bill Clinton - is well under way.

New York: Diplomatic immunity for Muslim arrested after subway sex assault

Mohammad Abdalla Ali was charged with sexual abuse and forcible touching but those charges were later voided and he will not face prosecution, police said.

UK: Almost half of all Bradford child sex crimes committed by Muslims, report finds

Report showed almost half of the alleged perpetrators (48 per cent) were Asian (aka Muslim).

New York: Sympathetic judge gives light sentence to ‘autistic’, wannabe jihadi

“I thought I finally found true friends at the mosque in Bay Shore,” he said about converting to Islam in his early teens.

Canada: Almost half of all murders in Ottawa last year involved Muslims

Despite forming some 5% of the population, almost half of the total murders in Ottawa involved Muslims the last two years.

South Dakota: Newspaper failed to report, then hid sex offender’s identity as Somali ‘refugee’

The Somali Muslim "refugee" had only been in the U.S. for a week when he attempted to rape a disabled woman in Aberdeen, South Dakota.

Crowdfunding Terrorism Through Islamic Halal Food Certifications

The Western corporate media has been entirely sympathetic to the halal certifiers and their scam industry that lines the pockets of militant jihadists.