UK church holds joint birthday celebration for Muhammad and Jesus

But note how this event is “Marking the birthday of Prophet Mohammed”, but not looking forward to the birthday of the Lord Jesus Christ, the Son of God.

Britain 2017: Record 400 terrorism arrests; 500 open investigations

These probes involve around 3,000 “subjects of interest”, while there is a further pool of more than 20,000 individuals who have previously been investigated.

Prince Charles: This Christmas… Let’s Not Forget to Remember Muhammad

Prince Charles continues his downward spiral, pandering to Islam and its violent, hateful ideology.

Britain: Books saying it’s OK to beat wife found in Islamic schools

Library books claiming hell is mostly full of women because they are 'ungrateful to their husbands' have been found in British Islamic schools.

Britain’s Christmas markets 2017: Armed guards, concrete barriers and metal detectors

Muslim-proofing: To thwart Muslim terrorists, armed police, large concrete barriers and stop and search checks carried out at festive markets across UK.

The Real Victims of “Islamophobia”

This fear of being called an Islamophobe or a racist seems to have become deeply ingrained in the Western psyche.

UK: More than 2,000 Muslim children referred to govt’s counter-terror program – incl 500 girls 

In one case, a nine year-old boy was referred to Prevent by his teacher after he stood up in class and announced he supported Isis.

Muslim woman who fantasized about beheading Katie Hopkins convicted over terror plot

“I fantasise about Katie Hopkins’ head,” Taheer told her husband. “She’s the biggest kuthi of them all.”

A Month of Islam and Multiculturalism in Britain: September 2017

Britain is home to up to 35,000 "Islamist fanatics," more than any other country in Europe

UK: Lloyds Bank drops overdraft fee on Islamic accounts, charges non-Muslims

“We are removing the monthly overdraft management fee of £6 from our Islamic Account, Islamic Student Account and Islamic Graduate Account."

UK: Convicted jihadi given top job at London council

A jihadi jailed for helping the London July 21 bombers got a high-profile council job after lying about her past.

London bomb blast leaves 29 injured in ISIS-claimed terror attack, Muslim teen arrested (updated)

Muslim terrorist Yahyah Farroukh, 21, was arrested on Saturday night.

Teachers “scared” to teach about 9/11 for fear of being labeled “Islamophobic”

...teachers are scared that they will be accused by their students of being Islamophobic if they try to teach about 9/11 and its legacy….

Girl, 2, disabled for life after being battered by Muslim babysitter who left her looking like 70mph crash victim

The child suffered 30 deliberate injuries, three were life threatening head injuries, a fractured skull, the force required would be consistent with a fall from a second story building.

UK: Posters Warning of Grooming Gangs Investigated by Police as “Hate Crime”

The threat the decent British people face is not only from people hostile to our way of life, but the government that’s brought them here.