Video: ISIS destroys churches, graves, museums

Different technique, but the same goal as Muslim groups like CAIR, ISNA and Hamas...spreading Islam and sharia.

Congresswoman Introduces Bill to Stop Arming Islamic Terrorists

    More via: Rep. Tulsi Gabbard Introduces Legislation to Stop Arming Terrorists Background: The Stop Arming Terrorists bill prohibits U.S. government funds from being used to support al-Qaeda, ISIS or other terrorist groups. In the same way that Congress passed the Boland Amendment to prohibit the funding and support to CIA backed-Nicaraguan Contras during … Continue reading Congresswoman Introduces Bill to Stop Arming Islamic Terrorists

Documentary on “ex-Muslims” sparks contentious debate at Portland State

Leftist intolerance. Watch the documentary "Islam's Non-Believers" here.

Video: Italians speak candidly about opposing new mosque, Muslim invasion

Source: - Interviews with displaced and angry Italians about Islam, Muslims, and immigration  h/t shoebat A trip to Torpignattara [Rome, Italy], where the Muslims want the opening of a new mosque and the neighborhood does not. (Monica Raucci) On Liveleak. And if you want to translate some of the comments on the … Continue reading Video: Italians speak candidly about opposing new mosque, Muslim invasion

Video: Vetting the Migrants (for sharia)

Our vetting needs to focus on the Sharia, not just Islamic violence. The US has taken a stand against racial hatred, why not take a stand against Kafir hatred?

Video: Yet another “Islamophobic hate crime” hoax

Like many (most?) supposed hate crimes against Muslims, there was just one problem: it didn’t happen.

Keeping Up with CAIR’s Islamic Radicalism (Video)

CAIR statements and actions has in no way changed its radical spots—a fact that ought to call into question its continuing respectability in media and politics.

George Mason Univ has artist arrested, faces 5 YEARS in jail for anti-terror posters (updated)

Selective enforcement is now the main tool of the modern tyrant. Laws are interpreted to prevent any kind of opposition to Marxist and Islamic domination

New CIA director: ‘Silence of Islamic leaders across US potentially complicit in terror attacks’

Pompeo: "silence has made these Islamic leaders across America potentially complicit in these acts and more importantly still, in those that may well follow"

Undercover Journalist in Full Burka Allowed to Vote as Huma Abedin (Video)

In this video, a Project Veritas journalist is offered Huma Abedin's ballot while dressed in full burka in New York City. Alan Schulkin, a Democratic Elections Commissioner in NYC explains how voter fraud can be committed when people wear burkas inside polling locations on Election Day. h/t Jihad Watch who writes: This hesitancy to “discriminate” … Continue reading Undercover Journalist in Full Burka Allowed to Vote as Huma Abedin (Video)

10 Reasons Clinton Aide Huma Abedin Should Terrify You (Video)

If @HillaryClinton makes it to White House, so will the Muslim Brotherhood.

Video: Hillary Clinton Funded by “Human Rights” Violators

"The Clintons Sold Out Millions of Women Already"

France: Armed ‘migrants’ fight running battles in Paris streets (video)

Life here has become unbearable. The streets are littered with rubbish and faeces. We can hear blood-curdling screams coming from the camp in the middle of the night.

Video: What mass Muslim immigration with zero integration looks like Molenbeek, Belgium. For more examples see what Muslim invaders are doing to Paris, France.

US Muslim leader at Chicago conference: “Islam is here to dominate”

Video: "As Muslims you need to stand as carriers of an alternative way of life. An alternative political system...This is about Islam versus Capitalism."