Video: Muslims turn U.S. Capitol into mosque for Friday prayers

Ellison's Muslim prayer group has hosted known, U.S. designated Muslim terrorists and terror-linked groups and individuals.

Illinois: Peoria high school makes private space for Muslim prayers, teachers don hijabs (video)

The Muslim Brotherhood-founded MSA is now proselytizing and pushing sharia in American high schools.

Pennsylvania: Resolution to Halt 143-acre State Property Sale to Shady Islamic Org (Video)

The company claims only one employee in an apartment in Newark, New Jersey, and has not reported income of more than $50,000 in each of the past three years.

Video: Five Truths about Sharia

"The sharia allows sex slaves, why, because Mohammed had sex slaves."

Muslims Smash Statues and Crucifixes, Set Fire to Church in Philippines (Video)

...toppling and smashing statues and crucifixes, tearing up pictures of the Pope, and setting fire to the church.

Michigan: Muslim Jihad Preacher Beyond FBI’s Reach (Video)

London Bridge attacker was inspired by Muslim preacher's online videos.

Ramadan Bombathon 2017: Five Takeaways (Video)

David Wood discusses five takeaways from this year's Ramadan Bombathon which saw more than 1,500 killed by Muslims.

Video: Muslims Takeover Anaheim Angel’s Stadium to End Ramadan

Muslims celebrate the end of Ramadan - the month of jihad and conquest - in an American baseball stadium.

Muslim Fakes Christianity to Infiltrate, Spy on Apostates at Swedish Church (video)

Somali Muslim in Sweden spies on families who converted to Christianity and shares the information with Muslim jihadists abroad.

Video: Polish woman destroys Islam and its deception

English version of Miriam Shaded's short interview on Islam by

Tennessee: Somali Muslims point gun at imam’s head outside Memphis mosque (video)

Somali Muslim tribes bring their Islamic violence to Memphis, Tennessee. Police are investigating.

Canada: Syrian Muslim Refugees Fight New Neighbors with Rocks, Bricks

Source: EXCLUSIVE: Refugees Fight Canadians with Rocks, Bricks - The Rebel Over one thousand Syrian refugees were welcomed into Hamilton, Ontario. However, one year after the newcomers arrived, local attitudes are shifting. In one Hamilton neighbourhood 12 months ago, neighbours gathered bicycles and patio furniture for the newly arrived refugees. They even bought soil to … Continue reading Canada: Syrian Muslim Refugees Fight New Neighbors with Rocks, Bricks

Scenes from U.S. anti-sharia marches and sharia-supporting protesters (videos)

Photos and videos from various 6/10/2017 anti-sharia marches in the United States.

Canada: Syrian Muslim beat wife with hockey stick for 30 minutes, starred in refugee documentary

Muslim refugee beat his wife with a hockey stick on May 18 and threatened to kill her if she ever left him.

Pennsylvania: Lawmakers Ask Gov to Void 143-acre Property Sale to Shady Islamic Org

New Jersey has revoked HIRA’s non-profit status for failing to submit required financial reports for two consecutive years.