Imagine This Speech at CPAC (video)

via The Death of the Grown-Up

You can’t. It’s not possible.

Yes, Europe’s Islamization is more overtly advanced — from de jure sharia courts in England to de factos sharia courts in Germany, no-go-zones in all major cities, halal food galore, sharia speech curbs everywhere, mosque proliferation — but the US is being Islamized, too, maybe more neatly and more quietly, but with no such vocal and passionate political opposition.


C-PAC’s Muslim Brotherhood Problem

CPAC’s latest purge has won praise from the uber-left organ Mother Jones

U.S. General: Muslim Brotherhood has infiltrated Pentagon in “high security clearance” positions

via The Right Scoop and Atlas

Related: Muslim Brotherhood Leader Meets Obama in White House

LA gangbangers fight for regime, against Obama, in Syria (video)

via MEMRITVVideos

More via LA gangbangers fight alongside Hezbollah in Syria

Two gang members from Los Angeles have apparently been fighting in Syrian war zones alongside Hezbollah combatants and soldiers loyal to the Bashar Assad regime.

Nerses Kilajyan, a member of the Westside Armenian Power gang who also goes by the alias of Wino Ayee Peeyakan, along with a GW-13 gang member who identifies as Creeper, can be seen toting AK-47s and boasting of being on the “front lines” in the war-torn country.

A recent status on his page accuses US President Barack Obama of being a “moron punk” attempting to overthrow the Syrian regime.

“Evry time i chach one of the terrorist im lovin it, you dont even know,” the post addresses the president.

“[I]f you want i sent couple of vidios do you see how your ppl dying.”

Memphis Islamic Center plans $6.5M expansion

Another massive Islamic compound in middle America.

via Memphis Islamic Center plans $6.5M expansion – Memphis Business Journal. h/t Vinenco

The Memphis Islamic Center plans this summer to launch construction of the first phase of a $6.5 million recreational center in Shelby County.

The MIC is accepting bids from general contractors to build a multifunctional hall as part of a planned Family Life Center on vacant land at 10299 Humphrey Road, next door to its current 6,000-square-foot facility.

The three-phase, 63,144-square-foot project will eventually include an indoor gym, exercise rooms, classrooms, a daycare area, a library and more worship space, said Dr. Bashar Shala, chairman of the MIC board.

The MIC’s 55-acre campus could also eventually have an elderly care and community medical facility, Shala said.

Memphis-based Pickering Firm Inc. is the project’s engineer and architect.

Back in 2010, a news article noted: Plans to Build Massive Islamic Centers Raise Concerns in Tennessee

At the end of the first Iraq war, the United States designated Nashville, Tenn., to be a “gateway city” for refugees fleeing their war-torn country, setting the stage for what has become, less than 20 years later, a rapidly growing Muslim population in the Volunteer State.

This is happening all over the U.S. and within 40-50 years your children and their children will wonder why Americans let this happen as they fight for their lives.

As the Muslim population grows and their communities spread throughout the state, religious leaders say their places of worship must do the same, spurring the construction of mosques and the massive Islamic centers that host them in several Tennessee cities, including Murfreesboro, Memphis and Antioch.

But the physical size of these Islamic centers – and the associations and writings of some of the leaders behind them – are raising some concerns nationwide.

One of those leaders is a favorite guest of the MIC, an imam who calls Christians and Jews filthy and that their lives hold no value in the state of jihad.

The latest video on their website is entitled the Conquest of Makkah.

The real conquest is taking place right here in the United States.

Muhammad Commands His Followers to Kill Critics of Islam (video)

via Answering Muslims

Everyone seems shocked when Muslims riot over a poorly made Youtube video or some silly cartoons. But violent responses to criticism are a tradition in Islam, and Muhammad himself started the tradition. Let’s look at an example.

California: Egyptian couple held teen slave for years (video)

More via Shyima Hall opens up about being sold into slavery by her parents | Mail Online.

A 24-year-old new mother calls her life ‘heaven’ now, but it didn’t always used to be that way.

In 1998, at just 8-years-old, Shyima Hall was sold into slavery by her parents in Egypt.

She spent the next four years working 20 hours days for a family that hit her, called her stupid, and kept her in a cell-like bedroom.

Hall finally got her taste of freedom two years after the family she worked for moved to California, and child services received an anonymous tip about her existence.

Now she has written a book, Hidden Girl, shedding more light on her dark years as a servant and how she’s bounced back to create a life of her own.

‘I want people to know this can happen. Slavery is not in the history book. It’s right next to you,’ she told People magazine.

Hall spent the next two years working for Ibrahim and Motelib who she called ‘the Dad’ and ‘the Mom’, caring for the couple’s pair of twins three years younger than her and a daughter about the same age.

She says the children ‘knew what I was and reminded me all the time’ while the Dad would smack her with his fist and the Mom would call her ‘stupid slave’.

The terrible treatment seemed endless for Hall, who would call her mom crying asking when she could come home.

‘She’d always say, “You need to pay off your sister’s debt”‘

Two years later, the family relocated to Irvine, California and their abuse got even worse.

In Cairo, the family had a staff, but in the smaller California home Hall was the only doing all the work.

She got up at 5:30am every day to get the kids ready for school and proceeded to work on the upkeep of the house for the rest of the day, scared the Mom would come home and criticize her cleaning.

She never took a break for eating either since she was only allowed one meal a day – whatever was leftover from the family’s dinner.

As for Hall’s part of the house, the family kept her in a room without heat, air-conditioning or lighting with only a bare mattress to sleep on.

She had to wash her clothes by hand after she learned the lesson not to use the washing and drying machines.

When the Mom discovered her using the dryer one day she screamed, and said: ‘Your clothes are never to touch ours. This bucket is what you wash your clothes in, behind the house.’

Hall never considered escape out of fear of what would happen if she was found.

‘The Mom and the Dad would tell me “If you walk out the cops are going to get you and beat you and you’ll never see your family again”‘ Hall remembers.

She got through each day by focusing on seeing her three younger siblings again – it ‘was all I thought about’.

Her lucky day came in 2002 when someone sent an anonymous tip into child services and a group of police, social workers and immigration officials stormed the house and took her away from her abusers.

After years as a slave, Hall’s only reaction to her freedom was fear. Ibrahim even had the nerve to order her to conceal her identity from police.

The last thing he told her in Arabic was: ‘Don’t tell them you work for us, say you’re here for a visit’.

Both Ibrahim and Motelib were convicted and sentenced to two to three years in prison. Motelib was deported back to Egypt but her husband may still be living in Southern California.

Why hasn’t he been deported?

Her book here Hidden Girl: The True Story of a Modern-Day Child Slave

Idaho: Muslim cop shoots resident’s dog, placed on leave (video) (updated)

He then went on to harass the dog’s owner. via Filer officer on administrative leave pending dog-shooting investigation | h/t LUTBOI

He clearly wasn’t afraid of the dogs and he is clearly unstable and should not be reinstated.

Filer Police Officer Tarek Hassani was placed Tuesday on administrative leave following Saturday’s shooting death of a resident’s dog, said city Mayor Rick Dunn.

The city’s move follows local and national outcry stemming from a video recording of the black Labrador’s demise, including many calls from Magic Valley residents for his job.

“We want (Hassani) fired,” said Rick Clubb, Hooch’s owner. “He had other options. He didn’t have to kill my dog.”

After the Times-News posted the police department’s video of the shooting — from Hassani’s dashboard-mounted camera — on on Monday, calls began to flood City Hall, city officials said.

Deputy City Clerk Debbie McMahan said Tuesday she has received about 60 calls from concerned residents. McMahan said she asks callers for their contact information and promises that the mayor will call them back.

“I’m looking forward to talking to him,” said Ryan Magnelli, a two-year resident of Filer, who delivered a letter Tuesday demanding Hassani’s termination.

Magnelli said he is “disappointed” in the police department and now “embarrassed” to claim Filer as home.

“I don’t feel secure with a police officer running around being a cowboy,” he said. “Why didn’t he just pepper spray the dog?”


Update: Cop Shoots & Kills Service Dog During Child’s Birthday Party

A 9-year-old Idaho boy did not expect to lose his family pet while he was celebrating his birthday at his family’s home — but that’s just what happened.

Rick Clubb, the dog’s owner, claims the shooting happened right outside of his son’s window during the boy’s birthday party.

Clubb suffers from Parkinson’s disease — Hooch was his service dog. He said, “He didn’t have to pull out his .45 and shoot my dog.”

But the Filer Police Department claim the dog was being aggressive and that Hassani was justified when he pulled the trigger.

Fed Judge: PC Censorship of Seattle Anti-Terrorism Ad Trumps 1st Amendment (video)

Restated: Any ad or speech Muslims find offensive is prohibited. This my friends is the definition of “creeping sharia.” The bias and dhimmitude brought into the courtroom by this judge and displayed immediately and throughout is frightening. Federal Judge Richard A. Jones defends JIHAD!!!!

via American Freedom Law Center.

The American Freedom Law Center (AFLC) has filed a notice of appeal to the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit, seeking review of a lower court ruling that denied AFLC’s motion for a preliminary injunction which requested that the court order the King County transit authority to display an anti-terrorism bus advertisement that it censored.

The proposed advertisement (directly below), which was submitted by the American Freedom Defense Initiative (AFDI) and its executive directors, Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer, included pictures, names, and a similar message from an earlier anti-terrorism advertisement sponsored by the U.S. State Department, which was accepted for display on King County buses.  The State Department advertisement depicted the “Faces of Global Terrorism” in an effort to “stop a terrorist” and “save lives.”  In addition, the advertisement offered an “up to $25 million reward” for helping to capture one of the FBI’s most wanted terrorists.

AFDI Terrorism Ad [AFDI Advertisement]

FBI Terrorism Ad[State Department Advertisement]

Moreover, in the State Department advertisement (directly above), thirty out of the thirty-two listed terrorists had Muslim names or are wanted for terrorism related to organizations conducting terrorist acts in the name of Islam.  After complaints from a Washington State politician and two Muslim-American advocacy groups that claimed the list of wanted global terrorists appeared to include only Muslim terrorists, the federal government terminated its “Faces of Global Terrorism” advertisement campaign.   Continue reading

Video: Obama’s Family Ties to Terrorism

via Video shows U.S. President’s Family Ties to Terrorism | Walid ShoebatWalid Shoebat.

For more information, click here.

Flashback: Jihad in Central Ohio (video)

For newer readers.

CBN News counterterrorism correspondent Erick Stakelbeck investigates the network of Islamic extremism tied to HAMAS in Central Ohio. (2007)

Sultan’s son was recently arrested in a Muslim Brotherhood crackdown.

And circa 2008 in Toledo, Ohio:

All three suspects in the Toledo terror trial have been found guilty on all counts. They were charged with conspiring to kill or maim U.S. troops overseas. Their maximum sentence is life in prison.

* 26-year-old Mohammad Amawi, a citizen of Jordan and the U.S.
* 42-year-old Marwan el-Hindi, a naturalized U.S. citizen who was born in Jordan
* 24-year-old Wassim Mazloum, a UT student from Lebanon

Seattle: Police arrest Muslim in New Year’s arson of gay nightclub

via Police arrest Neighbours arson suspect on way to airport — UPDATE | CHS Capitol Hill Seattle.

Following a month-long investigation, a suspect has been arrested in the New Year’s arson attempt at Neighbours, according to Seattle Police.

Musab Mohamed Masmari, 30, was arrested Saturday morning as police say he was on his way to the airport. Masmari, who has not been charged with the crime, was booked into King County Jail for investigation of arson, according to police.

Masmari has been a resident living near Broadway and Roy, but at a recent sentencing hearing he said he had since moved to the Eastside. His Facebook profile lists Benghazi, Libya as his hometown. He was listed as living in Lynnwood in early 2009. CHS learned Masmari has had a U.S. passport since at least 2010. Masmari has a string of assault and no contact violations in the neighborhood over the last year.

Masmari was scheduled to appear in court Monday for a hearing following his conviction and jail sentence on an assault charge stemming from an incident last summer. Municipal court officials told CHS the hearing was planned to discuss the probation office’s monitoring of Masmari while he received court-ordered mental health treatment. CHS was the only media in the courtroom in mid January when Masmari received what added up to a 30-day jail sentence. Masmari told the judge he intended to participate in a work-release program to allow him to keep his job at a gas station. He was also ordered to undergo a mental evaluation. His lawyer said he planned to appeal the decision. At the time, Masmari declined to speak with CHS under advice of his attorney.

On January 1st, a man poured gasoline over a staircase inside Neighbours and lit it on fire as the nightclub was packed with more than 700 New Years revelers.  Detectives from SPD’s Arson/Bomb Squad, along with members of the Joint Terrorism Task Force, have since been investigating the case.

Masmari’s arrest comes after a month-long investigation that had frustrated some police tipsters who suspected Masmari might be the man shown in security footage. Last month detectives released surveillance images of a man seen acting unusually inside the club as the flames broke out. SPD said the man was a person of interest in the investigation, but would not confirm his identity.

Masmari has a record of Seattle assaults and arrests that increased in frequency starting last spring. Since the January 1st incident, several business owners in the north Broadway area told CHS they have had run-ins with the man.

Last April, Masmari put a cigarette out in a man’s cheek as he entered the Lookout bar, one employee told CHS. “He was trying to come in with a cigarette, and the guy just told him he couldn’t do that, so he put it out in his cheek,” said Stevie Gayle, who was bar tending at the Lookout that night.

A fight broke out outside the bar, but Gayle said Masmari fled before the police arrived.

CHS spoke with a north Broadway business owner familiar with Masmari who said he talked with police after the pictures were released and tips began coming in to SPD’s arson and bomb squad detectives. The Broadway business owner said that he and others were forced to “86″ Masmari from their venues after run-ins in recent months.

Here’s is the report on the arrest from SPD:

Seattle Police made an arrest this morning of a 30-year-old suspect wanted for the arson at Neighbours on January 1st.

This morning, Seattle Police arrested the 30-year-old man near Seattle as he was enroute to the airport. Detectives from our Arson/Bomb Squad, working along with members of the Joint Terrorism Task Force (JTTF), have been investigating this case since the early morning hours of January 1st. Detectives would like to thank the public for all the tips they have received on the person of interest. Following his arrest, the suspect was interviewed by detectives and later booked into the King County Jail for Investigation of Arson.


Masmari’s Facebook page says he is from Benghazi. Several attempts to reach the owner of Neighbours, Mona Elassiouti, via the club’s attorney were unsuccessful. Calls and an e-mail to Neighbours general manager were also not returned.

The owner’s of the bar are Egyptian although it’s not clear if they are Muslim:

Moe Elassiouti, Neighbours’ owner, was born to a poor family in a small town in Egypt.

Why is the Joint Terrorism Task Force investigating? Jihad?

A Muslim hate crime so you won’t hear about this on national news.

Debbie Schlussel reports: Muslim Arsonist of Gay Club Was Obama State Dept Arab Cultural Ambassador!

Mosque building and Islamization of Germany (video)

via Ban Koran

Saturday Night Cinema: The Wave

Based on a true story.

In 1960’s California, young history teacher Ron Jones wanted to deter his students from the allure of totalitarianism and groupthink. Instituting a daring social experiment, Jones succeeded beyond his wildest dreams–or rather nightmares–creating a virtual fascist state on campus. Replete with salutes and Gestapo-like informants, 30 students grew to 200 as this exercise in fascism spiraled out of control, re-enacting the roots of the Third Reich.

More: “The Third Wave” – the original short story by Ron Jones, 1976



Texas: Islamic Association building vast ‘Islamic Village – A Muslim Neighborhood’ (video) *updated

*Note: After this sharia village was exposed, the terror-linked IANT made the video private and deleted the page from the internet.

Thanks to all the readers who send links to us – the amount of information from informed citizens flowing in is increasing each week. This one from Texaswhere 200 imams will be taught how to implement sharia in the U.S. and where a sharia court already exists. (Note: In Maryland Muslims are building a Muslim village too)


via Islamic Association of North Texas – Islamic Village.



(image from now deleted web page)


(screen shot from now private video)

More than thirty years ago, the Islamic Association of North Texas (IANT) was established to serve the local Muslim community. Since then, our community has grown considerably, and so have our needs. As we inaugurate our next quarter-century in North Texas, we introduce a novel community idea: the Islamic Village Project, a Muslim neighborhood.”

 Project Overview

The Islamic Village Project is a multi-million dollar project that will foster great change in the Muslim community of Dallas. It will house a senior center, Youth center, Social Services department, residential quarters, play area for the children, retail center, clinic, and a separate building for IQA and Suffa Islamic Seminary classes. The project will extend from the current Masjid facility at Abrams, on the North and South side of Spring Valley across from the masjid, and West towards Greenville.

Educational Complex

One of the cornerstones of the Islamic Village will be it Educational Complex housing our IANT Quranic Academy and Suffa Islamic Seminary under the leadership of Imam Yusuf Ziya Kavakci. In addition, the Educational Complex is expected to have a Youth Center, Day Care Facilities, and playground areas for children of all ages.

Where is IANT?

IANT is located at 840 Abrams Rd. Richardson, TX 75081

Click herefor directions.

For the uninformed, Richardson, Texas is a Hamas hotspot. See our previous mentions of Richardson here – home to the Muslim charity convicted in the largest ever terror financing case in U.S. history. The group above IANT, also met with the FBI:

Pay attention to the Islamization in your neighborhood and state and send us links at our Contact page.


IANT is also known as the Dallas Central Mosque (DCM). The  DCM has been described in a 1999 article in a Counterterrorism Journal as:

… considered to be one of the most active centers of Hamas activity in the United States and hosts the leadership and members of both the Islamic Association for Palestine (IAP) and the Holy Land Foundation (HLF). Both organizations are the primary conduits for Hamas activity and fundraising in the United States. (See Note 2)

Note 2 The Journal of Counterterrorism & Security International 1999 Fall “The Kavakci Affair: Headscarves, Religious Rights, and Terrorist Front Groups”

Kavakci is the current imam at IANT as shown on their web page.

A reader also informed us that:

Nabil Elibiary is the Director of Islamic Association of North Texas, Incorporated

Nabil’s past corporate interests include the Member of The Islamic Association of Carrollton, Inc.

If the name Elibiary sounds familiar it might be because it is also the name of an infamous Muslim from the Richardson, Texas area who is now a member of the Department of Homeland Security – despite having illegally accessed (i.e., stolen) data from a classified database. That Elibiary recently claimed:

It appears that the director of IANT, the group building a Muslim neighborhood, is the father of the DHS advisor:

My oldest son Mohamed Elibiary became politically active, and started a political empowerment organization, for Muslims and non-Muslims “The Freedom and Justice Foundation (F&J)”

The Freedom and Justice party is also the name of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt.

Is the picture getting clearer?

A Tale of Two Mustafa’s in America

via Best Buy commercial points way to greater Muslim acceptance | Religion News Service.

Viewers watching the American Football Conference championship game between the Denver Broncos and New England Patriots earlier this month may have seen a Best Buy commercial for a Sharp 60-inch television that seemed ordinary, but in one way was extraordinary.

The ad shows a young, clean-shaven salesman named Mustafa talking about the television, advising customers and relaxing at home watching movies and football with his friends.

“I’m never going to get these guys out of here,” he jokes to his girlfriend at the end. [note the scarf suggesting the girlfriend is a pious Muslim]

While the commercial never identifies Mustafa as a Muslim, many might assume that given his name, a diminutive for Muhammad. For viewers used to seeing negative images of Muslims on television, the commercial was a rare exception.

“He has all the right stuff,” said Timothy de Waal Malefyt, a longtime advertising executive who now teaches at Fordham University in New York. “He has a girlfriend. He has Anglo friends. And he’s watching ‘Despicable Me’ and football. It’s very American.”

Muslims in commercials are still rare, but that could be changing as the acceptance of Muslims accelerates across America.

Is Best Buy being influenced or advised by terror-linked Muslim groups? Keep in mind that Best Buy sponsored Hamas-linked CAIR’s annual banquet. When questioned about it, Best Buy Affirmed its Support for the Hamas front group. The terror-linked group even went so far as to threaten a survey website for hosting a petition against Best Buy but their legal jihad failed when the facts were proven true. One has to wonder if Mustafa supports CAIR, Hamas or other terror groups.

And now another Mustafa – one you probably won’t hear about in the regressive media outside Baltimore, via Bare Naked Islam: Suspect arrested for a brutal brick attack that fractured the skull of Baltimore Sun editor

Mustafa is the primary transliteration of the Arabic given name, Arabic: مصطفى‎, Muṣṭafā. The name is an epithet of Muhammad that means, The Chosen One. It is a very common male given name, throughout the Muslim world.



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