Video: UC-Berkeley Students React to the U.S. Flag Versus the ISIS Flag

@UCBerkeley students hate on the American flag and America but silent on ISIS flag flown on campus.

NYPD Deploying Heavily-Armed Anti-Terror Squads to Major Sports, Concert Venues

The department has trained local officers in the Midtown South and 78th precincts and have armed them with semi-automatic Colt M4 Commando rifles.

Video: Sharia “Ghayra” Violence and Islamic ‘Honor Killings’ in Canada

Sharia lawyer: How Muslims in the West cover up 'honor killings'

Video: Minnesota’s Mall of America…looks like Somalia

The Mall of America - where 2 Somali Muslims have gone on stabbing sprees - is looking more like Somalia every day.

Islamic indoctrination creeps into school curriculums (video)

Liberals used to preach the need to tolerate Islam, now their making Islam mandatory.

Islam rains on Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade – banned items, massive security, 50 blocks shut down

"There will be no cross-town traffic from 86th Street down to 34th Street." Large sand-filled dump trucks will be placed at all intersections.

Univ of Illinois instructor arrested for attacking conservative students

Tariq Khan is a PhD candidate and is also involved with anarchist and communist organizations including Black Rose Anarchist Federation and Antifa,

Canada: Liberals to “reintegrate” ISIS fighters (while our allies kill theirs abroad)

60 of the 180 Canadians who have left to fight abroad have thus far returned home

Texas: Teen nearly lured by Muslim into sex trafficking in Kosovo

The man called himself Aadam was a Muslim and lived in Kosovo.

Geert Wilders: “What Kind of Madness is Occurring in Our Country?”

Video: Wilders speaking on November 2, the 13th anniversary of the assassination of Theo van Gogh by a Muslim terrorist.

Video: Police Response to Honor Violence, Child Brides, FGM

Sharia-sanctioned criminal behavior against women needs to be understood by women and by local law enforcement personnel sworn to protect them.

Terror suspect’s Paterson, NJ mosque on NYPD radar since 2005

Jihadist's mosque was under surveillance until terror-linked CAIR waged legal jihad on NYPD.

“Allahu akbar” shouting Muslim kills 8, injures dozen more in NYC jihad terror attack

Sayfullo Habibullaevic Saipov - an Uzbek national who entered the U.S. in 2010 - yelled "Allah Akbar" after mowing down dozens, killing eight.

Video: Women & Sharia – Honor Killing / Violence

Sharia-sanctioned criminal behavior against women needs to be understood by women and by local law enforcement personnel sworn to protect them.

Video: Steve Bannon on Qatar, Iran, and the Muslim Brotherhood

Steve Bannon's keynote address on Qatar, Iran, and the Muslim Brotherhood, on October 23, 2017 at Hudson Institute.

New Hampshire: Why are police ignoring evidence that mosque is preaching jihad? (video)

Manchester, New Hampshire police themselves don’t want to appear “Islamophobic,” and put that imperative above any responsibility they may have to protect their citizens.

Atlanta: Muslims get bloody in brutal ritual at mosque (video)

Muslims at the Dar-e-Abbas Islamic Shia Center in Atlanta, Georgia perform brutal, bloody ritual.

Kansas: “Devout Muslim” teenager pregnant with ISIS jihadi’s baby hopes to return to U.S.

A Muslim teenager from Kansas who was forced to join Isis by her father hopes to return to U.S.

New York: Muslim immigrant who bombed New Jersey & NYC sites found guilty

Afghanistan-born Ahmad Khan Rahimi was convicted Monday of planting two pressure-cooker bombs on New York City streets.

New York: Muslim calmly hails cab, abandons woman to die in burning car

The suspect was charged with manslaughter, criminally negligent homicide, leaving the scene of a fatal accident, speeding and driving with a suspended license.