The Islamization of Naples – a documentary

(by Francesca Bellino)

ROME – Alessandra calls herself Amina.

Francesco chose Muhammad. She has chosen to wear the Islamic veil, with her mother’s disapproval, while he has grown a beard and hides his tattoos under a long white tunic. Both recite the Koran in Arabic fluently.

The two Neapolitans, who have converted to Islam, star in a documentary by Ernesto Pagano – ‘Napolislam’, which is debuting on Saturday, June 13, at the Biografilm Festival in Bologna, explaining how the ongoing Islamization across Europe had been rooted in Naples for a while.

The famous market square, a place of worship of the Virgin Mary Madonna del Carmine, is now covered every Friday with Muslim prayer mats. Hundreds of barefoot men recite the sermon of Imam Yassin, or Agostino Gentile, who is convinced that ”there were Communism and Che Guevara before, now there is Islam”. His speeches, delivered in perfect classic Arabic, are requested across the whole province, where places of worship are increasing month after month.

via Cinema: the Islamization of Naples in a documentary – Italy – h/t EuropeNews.

Video: The Media and Jihad

via Political Islam

Every time that there is a major jihad attack, the media responds in the same way. There is now a routine that the authorities tell us:

Islam is the religion of peace
Muslims that do jihad are extremists and not real Muslims
Authorities must watch out for retaliation against Muslims
All religions are the same
The Christians are as bad or worse
We have not done enough to welcome Islam
Concessions will reduce jihad; we need to give Islam more concessions

The truth:


Canada: Muslim Church Attacker, Out on Bail and Thinking About Killing a Priest

When hate crimes don’t count. h/t Gates of Vienna.

A Catholic church in Brampton, a suburb west of Toronto, was vandalized by a culturally enriched young fellow named Iqbal Hessan. Based on surveillance videos, Mr. Hessan damaged and desecrated St. Catherine of Siena church. And he also told police investigators that he wanted to kill a priest.

So what did the magistrate do? Why, he let the miscreant out on bail, of course!

Ezra Levant of talks about the incident in the following clip:

Elsewhere in Canada: QUÉBEC CITY’s LARGEST CHRISTIAN CEMETERY – Unprecedented vandalism to at least 170 tombstones

At least 170 and perhaps as many as 200 tombstones were knocked over and/or completely destroyed last night at the St-Charles Cemetery, in an unprecedented and appalling act of vandalism, says the outraged manager of the premises.

 (FYI: There are five mega-mosques in Quebec City and more than 80% of the taxi drivers are Muslim…Just sayin’)


According to cemetery officials, they do NOT intend to increase security for the premises.

Video: Senate “Jihad Caucus” to bring 65,000 Syrian Muslim refugees to US

Back story here, Senate Dems tell Obama to resettle 65,000 Syrian Muslim refugees.

Norway is finding out the hard way. UN quota refugees had terror links: Norway PST

According to the service, between five and ten of the 1,000 Syrians chosen to go to Norway by the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), were discovered to have links to the one of the two terror groups.

The jihadists will be flooding the U.S. too unless you Contact Your Elected Officials and/or call the United States Capitol switchboard at 1-2022243121. The switchboard operator will connect you with the office you request.

Boston Muslims plotted to behead cops, anti-jihad blogger (video)

via Court documents: Boston suspect plotted to kill cops –

(CNN)Usaamah Rahim, who was fatally shot after waving a military knife at law enforcement officers in Boston, was originally plotting to behead Pamela Geller, an activist and conservative blogger, law enforcement sources told CNN on Wednesday.

But Rahim, a 26-year-old security guard who officials believe was radicalized by ISIS and other extremists, decided instead to target the “boys in blue,” a reference to police, according to court documents.

“I can’t wait that long,” he said of the original beheading plan, according to an FBI affidavit filed in federal court in Boston on Wednesday.

Geller drew national attention last month after an off-duty police officer working security thwarted an attack at her organization’s contest for Prophet Mohammed drawings in Garland, Texas. She’s president of the American Freedom Defense Initiative, which includes subsidiary programs Stop Islamization of America and Stop Islamization of Nations.

“They targeted me for violating Sharia blasphemy laws. They mean to kill everyone who doesn’t do their bidding and abide by their law voluntarily,” Geller told CNN’s Erin Burnett.

“This is a showdown for American freedom. Will we stand against this savagery or bow down to them and silence ourselves?”

Geller said that she’s had an “army of security” since last month’s thwarted attack.

“This is what is required just to show a cartoon in America, 2015,” she said. “It’s striking. It’s devastating, and people need to understand what’s at stake. I mean, if we surrender on this point, what will we surrender next?”

About two hours before Rahim’s confrontation Tuesday with officers on a Boston street, he allegedly told an associate he was “going to … go after them, those boys in blue. ‘Cause … it’s the easiest target,” the documents say.

Rahim’s alleged associate, David Wright, 25, appeared in U.S. District Court in Boston on Wednesday to face a charge of obstructing a federal investigation by destroying electronic evidence on Rahim’s smartphone. A detention hearing was scheduled for June 19 after prosecutors said he was a flight risk.

Wright allegedly attempted to destroy co-conspirator Rahim’s cell phone and conceal evidence of their plans, according to the documents. Wright faces a maximum penalty of five years in prison if convicted.

Rahim purchased three military fighting knives with blades longer than 8 inches on, the court documents said.

“I just got myself a nice little tool,” Rahim allegedly told his associate, according to the court documents. “You know it’s good for carving wood and … carving sculptures.”

In a recorded conversation, the two men are then heard laughing.

Rahim was not on the phone at the time of the shooting and was not shot in the back, as had been reported by a relative, according to clergy and civic leaders who met with authorities earlier Wednesday.

Authorities showed surveillance video of the incident during an unusual meeting with religious and civil rights leaders in an attempt to allay community concerns about the shooting.

“What the video does reveal to us very clearly is that the individual was not on the cell phone, the individual was not shot in the back and that the information reported by others that that was the case was inaccurate,” Darnell Williams, president and chief executive of the Urban League of Eastern Massachusetts, said at a news conference with the police commissioner and others.

Rahim’s brother has posted on social media that the suspect was on the phone with their father Tuesday and was shot three times in the back during the confrontation with police.

Williams said prosecutors want Rahim’s family to see the video before showing to the public.

The religious and civic leaders said Rahim appeared to be shot three times — in the shoulder, abdomen and chest. Police had earlier reported that he was struck two times.

The FBI-led task force had been watching Rahim and two associates also believed to be radicalized, according to a law enforcement official. Rahim had been monitored for at least a couple of years. Investigators were talking to the associates, and various locations in Massachusetts and Rhode Island were being searched, officials said.

The Rhode Island raid was connected to a third person believed to be associated with David Wright and Usaamah Rasim, according to two federal law enforcement sources. The third person was connected by more than just an “Internet relationship,” one law enforcement source said. The sources did not provide a name for the individual they were investigating.

The FBI is still investigating whether more people are connected with the three.

More via: Anti-Islam activist Pamela Geller blames mosque for radicalization of Boston terror suspect who was plotting to behead her

In a phone conversation recorded by the FBI, Rahim told Wright: ‘I’m just going to, ah, go after them, those boys in blue’.

A sworn affidavit from an FBI terrorism investigator also revealed on Wednesday that Wright and Rahim laughed about extremist beheadings as they plotted to carry out an imitation killing with a local cop. 

Wright appeared in federal court on Wednesday where he was ordered to be held on a charge of conspiracy with intent to obstruct a federal investigation after allegedly conspiring to destroy Rahim’s smart phone.

The 25-year-old advised Rahim to destroy his computer and smartphone to ensure there was no record of the plot, the affidavit said.

Boston Police Commissioner William Evans defended Rahim’s fatal shooting, saying it “could have saved not only police officers’ lives, but who knows where it could have gone also.”


 Much more at Boston Globe:

Muslims seek to indoctrinate US public school teachers, then students (video)

Creeping along. via Islam in Education: Educating Teachers and Students on Vimeo. h/t BNI

Early childhood education major Sauda Abdullah is looking at Muslim Americans and their influence on American history. She proposes that American teachers be educated on the contributions of Muslims in America.

We propose Abdullah research the history of Arab and Muslim slavery of black Africans.


DC: Muslims, Hamas-CAIR Give Muslim Brotherhood Prisoner Freed by Obama a Hero’s Welcome

h/t Iron Burka

Note the Muslim sporting none other than a Muslim Brotherhood rabia t-shirt.


In a sane world, authorities would be all over this like they were mafia funerals. However it was the Obama administration that secured the release of the Muslim Brotherhood operative and bring him back to the U.S.

R4BIA: The symbol of solidarity with Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood.

R4BIA: The symbol of solidarity with Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood.


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