Video: Gays Must Die Says Guest Sheikh at Orlando, FL Mosque

This was posted by the United West in April 2016, weeks before the Orlando nightclub jihad that killed 49 gays.

The United West investigative team uncovered a story so disturbing Field Sutton of Channel 9 news in Orlando, FL broke the story on their newscast.

The United West investigative team uncovered a story so disturbing Field Sutton of Channel 9 news in Orlando, FL broke the story on their newscast.

The Husseini Islamic Center, 5211 Hester Ave, Sanford, FL 32773, invited Sheikh Farrokh Sekaleshfar to speak at their Mosque. Dr. Sekaleshfar says the killing of homosexuals is the compassionate thing to do.

In a 2013 speech Sheikh Sekaleshfar said this regarding gays, “Death is the sentence. We know there’s nothing to be embarrassed about this, death is the sentence…We have to have that compassion for people, with homosexuals, it’s the same, out of compassion, let’s get rid of them now.”

When Sheikh Sekaleshfar calls for the death of all homosexuals based on the tenets of Islam it can not be ignored, he is an expert on Shariah Islamiyya or Islamic Law.

Islamic Law also mandates a death sentence for blasphemers and apostates, does Sheikh Sekaleshfar and the Husseini Islamic Center Mosque advocate those legal rulings as well?

What’s equally disturbing is the response to this call for killing gays from Rev. Bryan Fulwider of the Interfaith Council of Central Florida. Rev. Fulwider said, “These issues around homosexuality and the decrying of it or denouncing of it by religion takes away, often, from our really important task of helping our community to be a better community…and wishes congregations would focus more on helping the homeless, poor , and abused instead of persecuting a group that can take care of itself.”

This tepid response from Rev. Fulwider is problematic because he refuses to denounce the Husseini Islamic Center Mosque for promoting a speaker who calls for the murder of homosexuals. Rev. Fulwider can’t even say that calling for the murder of gays is wrong. Fulwider concludes by adding insult to injury, saying don’t worry about the gays they can take care of themselves.

Florida terror imam on Fox justifies stoning women, beheading journalists (updated)

He also said, “As a Muslim, I object to Hillary Clinton, though. I don’t believe a woman should be the president of a nation…” Islam’s perpetual war on women.

Fox News has a tendency to give the enemy air time and promote Islam. This jihad-preacher will only become more popular among Muslims in the U.S. and recruit and train more jihadists who kill Americans as Fox invites him back like they do terror org CAIR.

More on Abu Taubah aka convicted felon Marcus Dwayne Robertson.

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Muslim pleads guilty, trained to kill high ranking US military by Florida imam

WFTV first reported about the arrest of Imam Abu Taubah last year on a weapons charge just days before the tenth anniversary of the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks.

He’s a former prayer leader of the Masjid Al-Ihsaan mosque in East Orange County. Federal agents said the Imam is really convicted felon Marcus Dwayne Robertson.

New documents allege Robertson was training Jonathan Paul Jimenez, who had moved to central Florida from New York, in skills necessary to “participate in violent jihad overseas,” skills like martial arts, firearms and knife training.

Federal prosecutors said in June 2011, Jimenez, with the help of Robertson and others, was making plans to travel overseas.

According to documents, during a recorded call, Jimenez told a confidential government source that Robertson told him “it was permissible or obligatory to kill members of the armed forces, specifically generals” and that Robertson showed him what a general’s stars look like.

Jimenez also was recorded saying Robertson told him suicide bombings were “permissible,” according to documents.

Update: Orlando Jihadi’s Preferred Cleric: Spongebob Turning Muslim Boys into ‘Faggots’

Fox News reported that Mateen was enrolled in the online “Fundamental Islamic Knowledge Seminary,” recently renamed the Timbuktu Seminary, which is run by a fire-breathing cleric named Abu Taubah, a.k.a. Marcus Dwayne Robertson.

Robertson was just released from prison last year, despite “warnings from prosecutors that he would recruit people to carry out violent acts.” He was in prison for weapons and tax fraud charges. Part of his tax fraud scheme involved illegally obtaining a tax refund to finance sending one of his students abroad for terrorist training.

“He was considered so dangerous that he was kept shackled with his own security detail away from other inmates,” the UK Daily Mail writes. “Whenever he was transported to court, authorities had a seven-car caravan of armed federal marshals escort him. He was eventually moved to solitary confinement after prison officials discovered that he was trying to radicalize his fellow inmates.”

He was, in fact, successful in radicalizing at least 36 of those inmates. Before his prison stint, he was an undercover FBI informant on the terrorism beat, until he got bounced for “allegedly attacking his CIA handler.”

Before thatRobertson, a former U.S. Marine, worked as a bodyguard for “Blind Sheikh” Omar Abdel Rahman, mastermind of the first World Trade Center bombing, and ran a bank-robbery operation that was dubbed “Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves.”

CounterJihad offers a taste of what online video instruction at Abu Taubah’s Fundamental Islamic Knowledge Seminary is like:

In the videos—which date from 2008 and feature almost 17,000 views—Robertson argues strongly for separation from non-Muslims. His strict opposition to western culture is not the result of an upbringing abroad, or “Internet radicalization”; Robertson is, himself, a Muslim convert from New York.

It is, instead, a reflection of his adherence to strict Islamic doctrine which holds homosexuality sinful, illegal, and ultimately, worthy of the death penalty, a position held not just by relatively small time internet preachers like Robertson, but even mainstream clerics with massive followings and deemed “moderate” by many.

In the first video, Robertson invokes the Quranic story of Lut (Lot), and Allah’s destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah, before telling his audience (which consists of adult men and young boys) that the Muslim community has been “too weak and not ready” to address the issue of homosexuality “in a proper manner”. (Part 1, 8:16) Robertson criticizes the Muslim community for being “afraid” to deal with the issue, for fear of upsetting the American majority.

Robertson goes on to criticize American Muslims for providing their children with clothing and toys which he describes using the slur “f**got.” In particular, he denounces Nickelodeon cartoon character Spongebob Square Pants as “gay,” warning that it was “put into this society” to promote homosexuality. At one point Robertson puts the question to the audience: “Are you raising Muslims? Or are you raising f**gots?” (Part 2, 2:21)

Robertson also accuses public schools of promoting homosexuality, and urges parents to send children to Islamic schools, and for the community to create new Islamic schools.

Robertson goes on to blame homosexuality on the American ideals of freedom, saying, “The concept of America is that you are God: you do what you want to do; you follow your desires” (Part 2: 8:29)

He also thinks 80% of American men were sexually molested as children, and believes overfeeding and spoiling children makes them gay.

Immigrants turned back by the Australian navy filmed yelling ‘fuck Australia, remember 9-11’

Religion of disturbing the peace.

Immigrants turned back by the Australian navy were filmed yelling fuck Australia, remember 9 11.

Aussies must again be asking How The Hell Did We Let This Happen?

Islamic State Blows Up 2,500-Year-Old Nabu Temple

Source: Islamic State Blows Up 2,500-Year-Old Nabu Temple

SIGN UP FOR OUR NEWSLETTERA new video making the rounds of Islamic State social media forums allegedly shows operatives of the terror state blowing up a 2,500-year-old temple to Nabu, the Babylonian god of wisdom, along with other historic sites near the captive Iraqi city of Mosul. The video ends with a threat to give the legendary pyramids of Egypt the same treatment.

Vocativ describes the ten-minute video as showing the demolition of the temple to Nabu, using powerful explosives. Nabu was one of the gods in the Babylonian civilization, which was a regional power from roughly 4,000 years ago to roughly 2,500 years ago. The video also depicts the bulldozing of the ancient gates of Adad and Mashki at Nineveh.

According to Vocativ, the video concludes with footage of the Great Pyramid of Giza, which an Islamic State jihadi promises to “demolish with the help of [Allah] God” because the pyramids are “ancient sites built by infidels.”

ISIS says their destructive practice is tangible evidence of Islam’s earthly supremacy over other belief systems. That’s straight out of the Koran, which warns Muslims that “systems have passed away before you … [so] travel in the land and see the nature of the consequence for those who did deny” Islam’s supposed truth.

That is an old and very orthodox Islamic practice. For example, the nose on the Sphinx was destroyed in 1378 because some Egyptians were still worshipping the pre-Islamic Egyptian deities.

International Business Times reports the name of the video is “The Axe of Ibrahim, the Intimate Friend of Allah,” and notes that the destruction of the temple of Nabu has not yet been independently confirmed.

After the UK Daily Mail circulated a clip from the ISIS video, Egyptian security sources assured local media that “Egypt’s antiquities and tourism sites are highly secured and monitored, ruling out the possibility of any attacks,” according to Egyptian Streets.

Terror-linked CAIR to Muslims: Defy Customs Agents

Source: CAIR to Muslims: Defy Customs Agents – Breitbart

(THE UNITED WEST) The Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR) has called on Muslims to openly defy U.S. Customs Agents when questioned on travel from Islamic controlled countries by saying, “None of your Damn Business.”

Hassan Shibly (Executive Director CAIR, Florida) also encourages Muslims to agitate Customs Agents by saying Islamic prayers “very loudly” when questioned. Shibly also stated that he was, “Asked to do this by our friends from within the government.” Hassan Shibly was awarded by Nihad Awad (CAIR co-founder and National Executive Director) as “CAIR Chapter of the Year” in 2013.

CAIR’s open defiance of law enforcement has been well documented. In 2011 CAIR, California posted flyers on their website featuring a sinister looking FBI agent with the headlines, “Build a Wall of Resistance,” and “Don’t Talk to the FBI.”

The FBI has reportedly cut ties to CAIR after the Holy Land Foundation trial during which CAIR was listed as an unindicted co-conspirator along with its co-founder Omar Achmad as supporters of the terrorist group HAMAS.

In November 2014 the United Arab Emirates specifically listed CAIR as a “terrorist organization,” saying the group is linked to the Muslim Brotherhood, promotes extremism and incites and finances terrorism, adding that it wears “a cloak of democracy and liberalism.”

In July 2014, Breitbart released a story showing video of Shibly’s CAIR, FL group sponsoring an pro HAMAS rally in Miami where members were chanting, “We are HAMAS. We are Jihad.”

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Video: Stop Muslim Migration

Leading Muslim group in US, CAIR supports terror and calls for revolution

Last week, the Louisiana House of Representatives passed and adopted a resolution calling on law enforcement and government agencies in Louisiana to avoid and suspend contacts and outreach activities with the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR).


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