What can I do?

Our elected representatives need to understand these issues.  At present, there appears to be a worrying lack of knowledge surrounding sharia law in public life or an even more troubling ignoring of facts, and in many cases aiding, abetting and promoting Islam by elected officials.

We recommend some of the following actions:

Write to your elected officials (and candidates)

Call, e-mail, or mail U.S. state and federal elected officials and government agencies.

If you send an email to him/her, it would be helpful to include downloads or links from our Key Reports and Hamas-CAIR sections on the right hand column of our homepage.

Write to the media

Stories regularly appear in the media on matters related to Islam and sharia. The editorial sections of your local papers are likely publishing pro-Islam content from Muslim Brotherhood-linked groups and individuals as well.

Write to newspapers, tweet television channels, leave online comments – it is vital that the public voice is heard.


Talk to people – friends, family etc – when you learn about issues surrounding sharia.

Start local, stay local.

Understand who is on your local school, city and other community boards. Are they being infiltrated? Understand who owns, funds and attends local mosques. What is being taught in local mosques and Islamic schools. Don’t think there are any in your area? Search online and you might be shocked by what you find.

Understand the refugee/illegal/immigrant flow to your area and who controls it. You will need to confront them, expose them and stop them to save your neighborhood and the country..

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Send Tips!

Use our Contact page to send information and links on acts of stealth jihad and creeping sharia in your local areas so we can publish to a wider audience.

Other Ideas!

Sign Up as a Pro Bono Attorney

Teach your kids the truth about Islam and its history of conquest, subjugation and killing of non-Muslims.

Keep Islam out of your schools.

More Ideas:

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